Mother & Son

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Helen, wife and mother, sees her husband off to work.
Giving her spouse a loving kiss and smile with lots of perk.
She's milked hubby's dick like good wives do for all their faithful mates.
Then she locks the door and heads upstairs, where her other cock awaits.
This one is much larger, in its length and in its girth.
This prick belongs to Jason, the one to whom she gave birth.
Jason's pecker is naked and waiting, 11-inches in its might.
His mother struts through his bedroom door, her breasts swaying left and right.
She grabs him by his monster, nails scratching at the head.
And leads him down the hallway, to mommy and daddy's bed.
She slams the door and locks it, for this is where she'll stay.
Sucking-and-a-fucking, while hubby works all day.
Jason's dick is swallowed, buried to the balls.
Surrounded by wet softness, mother's coital walls.
His face is smothered in the flesh of mom's enormous tit.
She's using his great pubic bone to grind against her clit.
Up and down, she bobs her ass, as she rides his mighty pole.
The plumb-sized head, nudging at her womb, as it plunges up her hole.
Helen screams and trembles, tightning her cuntal walls.
Jason's mother is creaming, soaking his cock and balls.
Hours pass and as Hubby works, Helen has her pussy reamed.
By her son's fat shaft and plump young balls that constantly need recreamed.
For hours these two lovers hump and before the day is through.
Gallons of spunk entered Helen's womb, her throat and asshole too.
And as the man of the house came through the door, when his working day was done.
Little did he now, his cock was second, to his 18 year-old son.

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