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Librarian in Search


Maria hadn't thought about sex since her last boyfriend get her pregnant during her high school graduation trip to Chiapas three months ago. She noticed her full breasts had swelled greater than their full c-cups, as she gazed with her deep brown eyes into the mirror. She lifted up on her toes, arching her feet as she patted her growing torso, her waist swelling beyond her usual 29 inches.

Juan, had promised to stay with her and marry her.

She even bought a pale blue dress to hug her 5-foot-3 frame. But her hopes were swept aside like the wind through her chestnut hair as she waited for hours with her mama at the altar.

Now, all Maria wanted to do was to read her books, working at the library in Mexico City as she studied law. After getting dressed in her knee-length gray skirt, simple white blouse, and black stockings, she raced onto a bus with her books in hand.

The head librarian, Olivia, always teased her about the latest chosen suitor upon seeing Maria: body-building economists, handy obstetricians, or Olivia's nephews. Maria just gamely smiled, and patted her boss on her motherly shoulder. She grabbed her spill-proof mug of coffee before taking her place at the reference desk.

Maria perched on her chair and unbuttoned the first two buttons of her blouse to acquire some relief amid the climbing heat of the August Friday. Her hands maneuvered her wavy hair into a conservative bun, as some tendrils snuck out to graze her cheek.

The occasional kid would come running to her, asking for the bathroom as a frantic mother trailed, asking for resources on trucks, weather balloons, reptiles, or 14th century alien hunters. Maria just wanted to pull out her tort books, to read about possible defenses to assault and battery. She hated marriage law, the idea that she would have to share resources and tax breaks in return for a feigned fidelity made her frown with her supple red lips after brief thoughts of Juan.

Elian came through the door at his usual time around 11:30, just before her lunch break, looking well with his jet black hair, 6 foot frame, and brown eyes. He was moderately built, being a mechanic working his way into junior college.

"Hi there, Maria" Elian said as he passed by her desk. "I'm looking up some do-it-yourself work on hydraulics. I know your busy, but could you find some time to point me in the right direction."

Maria's non-interest in sex would temporarily wane when she saw Elian. He was handsome, polite, and had a way with machines. Still, she felt a bit reserved, with a few droplets of sweat sliding down her cheeks. What could he possibly want anyway with a pregnant, career-woman?

"Sure, follow me this way," she gamely replied.

The halls led to a vacant part of the library, where Maria led Elian to some stairs.

"We'll have to go to the third floor," Maria said. "We don't usually get a lot of requests for home mechanics."

Elian nodded in ascent, following her up the stairs. He enjoyed the view: her behind shifted back and forth as her relatively firm, shapely legs climbed the stairs. Once they got to the top, Maria took a brief glance back at him and gave a friendly grin as if she knew about the attention she was drawing.

Towards the back of the third floor, Maria knelt down, her butt shifting to the floor as she balanced on her hips. Scanning a shelf, she looked up at him with her big brown eyes.

"You should be able to find everything right here," she said, looking at his strong hands and slightly bulging biceps.

"Thanks, darling," he responded, offering his hand to help her up, which she took. Upon getting up though, Maria shifted her weight. Her balance was slightly off from the slight extra weight and extra inches of her belly. Twisting her ankle, her face flushed light with red.

"You okay?" said Elian. The concerned look on his brow, was met with a wincing nod from Maria. "Maybe you should sit on the table over there and let me take a look at it."

Though no one was around, Maria felt embarrassed and hesitated.

"No, no, I should get back down to my desk. I'll just walk it off and it'll be fine."

"I insist," he said as he picked her up, cradling her in his arms before walking over and setting her on the table.

Maria's ankles set on the edges of the table, on her back, she began to protest.

"Elian, I can't, please stop and let me just get back to my studies."

"You stay right there, I'm gonna take care of you,," Elian replied. "You want me to tell Olivia how you seduced me and lose your job, or are you gonna just be quiet while no one can see how sexy you really are."

Her brown eyes getting much larger, Maria nodded, somewhat scared, but more curious and fascinated by Elian's determination. She looked around to find that they were alone at the time. But anyone could just walk in.

Elian took off her pumps delicately, tearing the stocking on her left ankle away. He could catch a glimpse of the red lace panties under her skirt as her toes remained as frozen as the gaze in her alert eyes.

Maria found herself gasping out as he massaged her ankle and kissed her tanned shins. She tried to get up but he pushed her back down firmly, but not too aggressively.

Her ankle was throbbing slightly, but nothing she couldn't have walked off. She curled her toes as Elian expertly massaged her calves and eventually shifted the rest of her stockings off of her curvy, smooth, tan legs.

"Elian, please," Maria mumbled.

"You do as I say and everything will be fine," Elian said.

Elian grasped Maria by her right ankle and pulled her bottom to reach the end of the table. After hiking up her skirt, he breathed in her fragrance as his head nuzzled the space between her juicy thighs. Only a small strip of lace between him and Maria's lips.

Maria was somewhat ashamed to find that her pussy was growing moist, beginning to pulse lightly at the thought of being touched again. She let out a soft gasp as Elian tore away the crotch of her panties. That was when it hit her.

Elian's tongue graced Maria's freshly-trimmed labia as his hot breath brushed around the tuft of hair at the top. When he inserted his right index in her vagina, his tongue flicked her clitoris before he sucked it into his mouth. His finger gently put pressure on her g-spot as her juices began to flow.

Maria no longer felt her ankle as heat rose in her abdomen. Jolts of electricity shot from her toes to her thighs as she felt incredibly free and primal with the second touch of a man in her life. Her apprehensiveness faded as her lips set forth soft moans.

"Elian, no. Yes. I need this, she said."

No sooner had Elian begun to moan, and hum with her clitoris in his mouth than did Maria lose control of all senses. Heat shot throughout her body as she feel her nipples harden and back arc. Maria came as a flood of her juice dripped into Elian's mouth. She gasped for air as her mind spun in pure extacy. She was careful not to raise her voice too much in the library.

Elian quickly unbuttoned the rest of Maria's blouse after rising up between her thighs. They locked gazes as he shucked his jeans and boxer-briefs to his knees, lacking the patience to undress further.

Elian waited for Maria's nod before prodding his hard penis into her. Her legs wrapped as much around him as much as they could as he positioned himself above her on the table. His lips locking with hers, he began to thrust as his right hand cupped her breast.

Maria's pregnant belly was unhindered as Elian made sure to carry his own weight. Every second was matched with his hard shaft penetrating her pussy. Her skirt and underwear waist lay loosely on Maria's frame as she rocked back an forth.

Elian shifted so that he grazed Maria's clitoris on thrusts, looking deeply into her brown eyes as her cheeks became flush. Her muscles clenched down on him as he thrust. The formerly business-like updoo of her hair now came undone as sweat streaked her light brown face, her long eyelashes fluttering as she breathed between thrusts.

Maria's second orgasm shot through her again as her eyes grew wide and she clutched her legs against Elian's butt. Her lubrication again leaking out of her lips, she gathered her euphoria into hard gasps. Her tightening pussy muscles gripped Elian's hard shaft as his eyes rolled back into his head and he began to lose control.

"Where do you want it," Elian whispered to Maria as they looked each other right in the eyes.

"Inside me," responded Maria without hesitation.

Now Elian felt a heat rise in his groin as sperm pulse through his cock. He locked his lips on Maria's, as their eyes closed and she grasped the back of his head.

It was the second time she felt the sort of head rise in her cervix, but first time that she actually enjoyed it. Maria could feel Elians head flooding her insides, sending more spasms as she gripped him with her legs, her arms, and her gaze.

Elian supported himself above her as he gasped for air and felt tingling sensations lessen in is arms and legs. He made sure to keep his voice down as breath returned to his lungs.

Elian gave Maria a quick kiss on the lips before gathering her shoes and slipping them back on her feet. He pulled up his pants as she sat back up, before pinning her hair up, and re-buttoning her blouse.

Elian checked her ankle again, seeing that it was still a bit swollen.

"You should probably take the day off and rest in bed," Elian said. "I have a king size bed in my home and could take care of you all night and into the weekend.

"I'll meet you outside in 20," Maria replied as she tore off the rest of her panties and used it to collect the milky froth coming out of her vagina.

Elian nodded and left as Maria deposited the panties in nearest wastebasket.

She wiped the sweat of her face and refreshened herself before taking the elevator downstairs.

Maria was just happy that no one saw her dalliance with Elian. Or so she thought.

She limped slightly over to Olivia and explained that twisting her ankle reshelving books would maker her have to take off the rest of the day.

"Would it be possible for you to cover the library the rest of today?" Maria asked. "I'll make it up to you next week."

"No problem, sugar," Olivia said with a wink. "You two have a lovely weekend."

Maria smirked back before leaving out the door, her books over her shoulder.

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