tagInterracial LoveLife in the Seoul Ch. 02

Life in the Seoul Ch. 02



While in the cab, Michelle had so many emotions. Should she have stayed with him? Why did she even sleep with him? What will he tell his friends? Michelle had always been like this, she worried too much about what other people thought of her. She hopes he's not mad right now. She really liked Jae Hwa.

Jae Hwa-

Finally waking up from his post good sex slumber. He went to grab Michelle and realized he wasn't there. Was this just a good wet dream? No. It couldn't be. He remembered going to sleep inside of her warmth. Was it bad? Did she have to go some where? The he saw the note that said I'm sorry. What was she sorry for? He really liked being with her. He had to talk to her. He left her a text message saying "I miss you. Please talk to me soon". Jae Hwa he didn't chase her away somehow. He wanted this relationship to go far. He could go to music to religion and she wouldn't miss a beat. He loved her sweet smile , that showed her dimples. He just loved her. Maybe love was too soon, but it was at first sight for him.


As her phone ringed she grabbed it and saw Jae Hwa's text message. So it was more than a one night stand? Maybe she should text him back. She was just too embarrassed. She would just let him go as much as it hurt. Like she would find love in Korea.

Jae Hwa-

He went to the coffee shop were they met, but she wasn't there. She was probably at work anyways he thought. He didn't want to become a stalker, but he loved being with her. He didn't want to forget but maybe it was better to...

2 weeks later

Michelle was having déjà vu. She was at the coffee shop were they met. She hadn't been there in a while, she wanted to see him. He wasn't there. Michelle knew she was stupid for not texting him back, but her own insecurties. Well at least she's learned from her loss...


"Jae Hwa"?

"I've been looking all over for you, I thought you just tried to dissapear. Was your phone not working?"

She didn't want to tell him the truth but she had to. If she really liked this man, she should tell him. But what would he think of her after he told the truth. She just was going to have to rely on fate.

"I'm sorry I left, it was just... I... thought would think badly of me after we had... you know sex."

There she got it out, but Jae Hwa was still silent, oh fuck she thought. He really doesn't like me she thought.

"Michelle if I thought badly of you at all I wouldn't have let you in my apartment, I wouldn't have had sex with you, I also wouldn't have been searching for you all the time. I like you a lot. I hope you like me too. But of all things I think you are, you're not a slut."

He bended down slighty to kiss her. At first she was caught of guard, but she started to kiss him back. Her lips were soft and plump he thought. He loved her lips. She was so small and warm. Finally regaining some self control he pulled his lips away from Michelle's.

"Can we go to my house please"?

"Yea, sure"

They left out of the café holding hands. It seemed everyone stared at them. Jae Hwa didn't seem to care. It bothered Michelle, but she decided to ignore and pretend they weren't even there. They were finally at his house. As soon as he closed the door, he started to kiss her attacking her lips with his mouth. All Michelle could do was moan. She broke the kiss.

"Why did you do that, sweetie?"

"We can't have sex today, I'm on my period".

"Oh, fine. But that doesn't mean we can't kiss does it"?

"Well no it doesn't it's just that you were..."

Michelle's sentence was cut short by Jae Hwa's mouth. He just couldn't help himself he loved her lips, he could just kiss her like this for hours.

"Jae, you gonna suck the breath out of me".

"I'm sorry sweetie, it just that your lips are wonderful".


She was so happy to be in his company. He was so sweet and funny. She felt the world was at peace with him. Soon Michelle fell asleep on Jae Hwa's lap. It was so cute they way she lay there, he thought. He loved being with her. No woman compared to her. She was perfect to him. He was starting to feel love for her. Did she feel love for him?

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