tagInterracial LoveLife's Little Curves Ch. 05

Life's Little Curves Ch. 05


I actually finished long before I thought I would, I'm trying to stay on top of it for all of you. I am almost done with chapter six, it will be longer than this chapter, and there will be sex. This is more of a transition in Neveah and Vince's relationship, but it is also a way to show you more about their life. Don't judge me too hard I don't have an editor. I hope you enjoy.




"Vince you're not listening to me. I'm not stepping a foot out the house while looking like this," Neveah stood at the top of the stairs looking down at Vince.

"Why not, Babe? You look freaking amazing! How could you not grace the rest of us mere mortals with your presence?" He stared right back at her with a dopey smile on his face.

Neveah was not going to let him make her laugh at the moment. She was trying to be serious and he was messing with her, "Because I look like a prostitute in this dress."

When he had told Neveah about them all going out to dinner, she was perfectly fine with the idea.

It had been a few weeks since they hung out with their friends, all together. Problems only arose when she heard about where the restaurant they were going to. Then the issue became that she didn't have a dress suitable enough to wear to such a fancy restaurant. Being the doting husband he was, Vince went out and bought a dress that he knew would look good on Neveah, and fit the upscale vibe of the restaurant.

When he had saw the beautiful lacey white dress hanging on the mannequin he knew that it would hang beautifully on her slim frame. Looking at her now he knew he was right. He just didn't understand how she couldn't see what he was seeing.

When he had saw the beautiful dress hanging on the mannequin he knew that it would hang beautifully on her frame. Looking at her now, he knew he was right. He just didn't understand how she couldn't see what he was seeing.

On any other person this dress might have looked amazing, but on Neveah's taller fuller frame she thought it looked all wrong.

She didn't like the length of the dress for one. It had looked so long on the hanger but it really only went to three inches above her knee. She was sure she couldn't go the whole night knowing that her legs were exposed to anyone who walked by their table . She also felt as if she would bend over then her breast might just pop out the top of the sweetheart cut strapless dress. She was never sure if her breast were going to be enough to hold up the material.

"I look as if I'm trying really hard," she scowled down at him.

Vince trudged up the stairs to meet her. They were going to be late if they didn't leave soon "You look beautiful honey, what are you talking about?"

"You can see everything," she whined," I have so much skin exposed. I feel as if my boobs and my cooch are both popping out. "

"If you think you're showing a lot of skin now, you would have cringed at the dress I wanted to get you. It would have been nice and tight on your ass and you look good in royal blue. Trust me; the skin you are showing is nothing but flawless and smooth. "

"Are you sure? " Neveah looked over herself.

"Come with me," he led her into the corner of the bathroom where the only full length mirror stands. "What do you see when you take a close look at yourself."

So many thought pass through her head. What exactly does she see in her reflection? Progress perhaps? Some progress had been made since she decided to change her appearance all those months ago.

"Princess, I wish you could see how gorgeous you look. The dress perfectly enhances your already beautiful body. It hugs your breast making them look straight delicious, "he wrapped his large hands around her little waist. " The way the big purple belt shows how small your waist is now. The hem is short enough that I can peek at those toned legs of yours all night. And with how simple you do your makeup. You couldn't look better, "he leaned into her neck getting a whiff of her natural scent. "I don't think it's possible for you to look any more beautiful. "

"Are you sure? " She asked as eyes started to water.

"Now don't cry," He whispered as he wiped a fallen tear, "We don't need you ruining your eyeliner. You already complain about it smudging easily"

That seemed to put the humor back in his princess as she laughed at his knowledge of her makeup.

"You always make me feel better," she said as she gave him a quick peck. "Now we must get going before we end up late."




Walking into the overcrowded restaurant Neveah was so happy Vince had bought her the new dress. If he hadn't, she definitely wouldn't have fit into the upscale atmosphere that the place possessed. The woman at the maître desk was dressed in a silky hot pink dress with kimono sleeves and hair in a severe bob.

"Hello, do you have reservations? "

"Yes. We are part of the Wilson party We were supposed to be here about five minutes ago." Vince was the one to speak up. He knew that everyone was probably here a more like fifteen minutes ago.

"Of course," she quickly exited from behind the desk.

"Mr. Wilson had informed me that there were two more members of his party that had yet to arrive. Follow me back to your private room."

She led them through the large dining room until they arrived at a frosted painted wall. She slipped open the frosted glass wall, that was really a door, where there was a large table sitting Christina, Matt, Tyler, and Tyler's pretty date. Tyler was the first to stand up and greet them.

"You two are always on CP time. What... too busy playing around in bed to come join us for dinner?" Tyler stood up to give them both hugs. He knew from his conversations with Vince that they weren't. Tyler just wanted to fluster Neveah some.

"Naw man, we had a dress issue and were only halfway on CP time," Vince gestured at Neveah.

"If we were fully on CP time we wouldn't be here for another twenty minutes."

"I know that's right," Tyler's eyes flickered from Vince's face to Neveah's curvy form." You look great tonight Neveah. New dress?"

"Thank you. Actually Vince bought this dress this morning while I was at work."

"Wow. I didn't know you has such style, Vince. And you guys look so cute with your matching colors, "Christina ran from her spot at the table to embrace Neveah in a hug.

"You always look beautiful, "Neveah's eyes took in Stina's sleek form.

Christina and Neveah had known each other since preschool, but it wasn't until the girls were in fifth grade that they became friends. For a long period before that they hated each other, and had spent much time antagonizing each other.

"I told you it would look good if we matched," Chris cut her eyes over at Matt who was walking over to give the other couple a hello.

They all chatted about how things had been going. Until Tyler brought over his date for them to see. The pretty brunette reached her hand out to give Neveah's hand a shake. "Hi I'm-"

"I know exactly who you are. You're Jessie Stein off of HOT90.7. My name is Neveah and this is my husband Vince. I love listening to your morning show on my way to work, or even around the house. I even follow your blog on working out," Neveah was nothing but smiles as she pump the woman's hand.

Jessie looked sincere as she thanked Neveah for her compliments. "It's funny that you follow my blog. I was going to ask you how you get your legs to look so good, later." The women went on and on about their different regiments

Eventually all the men got bored listening to the women rambling, they all liked to work out as well, but they were hungry.

"Neveah, you should come sit down. All this talk of working out is making me hungry," he patted her seat.

"I completely agree with you, Vince," Tyler looked over at Jessie. He hadn't expected her to get along with his friends' wives so easily, but their she was holding her own in a conversation against Christina-she's a vicious one.

Vince watched the way that Neveah looked over her menu. He knew that all she was seeing was calories, starch, and grams of protein, judging by the grimace that was on her face.

"Maybe we should just split a platter, that way we can have a variety of things," he leaned in as he looked over to see what page she was on. That would allow her to have more options, and he could monitor what she was eating without having to call her out to everyone. Vince had been really worrying about her eating habits lately, and he hadn't put his finger on what was triggering it.

They all put their orders in when the waiter came back. Tyler just went ahead and ordered some sake for all of them.

"Actually, I'll just have some iced sweet tea," she asked the waiter just before he left.

Neveah and Vince both looked at each other. Christina was an event planner, and over the last few years she had been getting more and more popular, meaning she also got extremely stressed out with the boost of clients she got. She was known to have a drink or two whenever they all went out, just to take off the edge of everything.

Vince looked over at Matt, and he had a smile from ear to ear. Vince raised his eyebrows at him, but Matt just shook his head. "No way," Vince couldn't help but laugh.

"Yeah, we just found out. We were planning on telling you guys soon," Matt put his arm around Stina's shoulders.

"What are you guys talking about," she looked at Vince.

"She ordered a sweet tea instead drinking sake with everyone else," he looked at her expectantly.

Neveah looked at Christina and she looked to be glowing. "Wait, are you for real. Congratulations," she got up and walked back around to where Chris was sitting. She had no clue how Vince had picked up on if before she did. Christina and Neveah held on to each other and did that happy hug that girls do when they bounce from foot to foot.

Congratulations were going around, and talks of what they were going to be up too soon.

"Now we really need to drink, "Tyler said as the waiter came back with their drinks. "Well, except for you pregnant lady," the waiter went around passing out cups and setting pitchers on each end of the table.

When everyone had a filled cup Tyler got their attention and stood up," It's been quite a long time since all of have been able to be at the same table. We all have our jobs and problems with our family that need to be dealt with. It's just a coincidence that the first time we are able to carve out time together, we have good news to celebrate. Congratulations to Chris and Matt. I know I speak for myself, Vince, and Neveah when I say I can't wait to have a new niece or nephew to spoil. To Christina and Matt," they all touched glasses then he took a long sip of his drink.

It was easy for the friends to all chat over dinner about work and what they had been doing since they last spoke. Everyone tried to include Jessie in their conversation.

Vince knew that Jessie had been out with Tyler already a few times this week, but what he didn't know was how long it was going to last. The longest time Tyler had been with any girl was about two weeks. His first week was almost done with Jessie and they hadn't sex at all, yet. She still called over on a daily basis, and Tyler always took the call.

"So Neveah, how did you and Vince meet? I heard earlier about Matt and Christina, and I know that they met each other because you guys were going out. I have to know how you guys met. " Jessie sounded generally interested

Neveah smiled over at Vince, "Sure," she racked her brain for information. "Well both of us were born here, even though our families came to the town in different time periods. We always went to the same schools, but it wasn't till we were in sixth grade that we were forced to work on this project together for our history class," it was nice to think back on such a happy time.

"See the thing is that Neveah didn't like me till about freshman year. She said she felt as if I was always staring at her," Vince had to interrupt her and tell his side too. "Of course she was right, but I didn't want her to think that, so I waited till later tell her that-,"

"No you never told me anything. I've asked you so many time since that happen-," Vince shed her and everyone else laughed. Now he can continue the story.

"So, every time we wrote an essay, our English teacher would take the time to read our essays out loud, just so other kids could hear what other people think on certain topics, but also so the weaker writers can be influenced by stronger writers. Anyways, her favorite book of all time is Pride and Prejudice. And of course her teenage mind only could focus on the different relationships. The next few days I spent time some reading the story, just so I could approach her. The thing was that when I approached her she asked me all these questions I had no answers to her questions. The thing was that when I couldn't answer, she then started to walk away. The only reason I was able to get her to stay was by asking her to read it with me so I could see what she saw in the book. Not going to lie I enjoyed the book way better with her, and it worked. "

Everyone else had heard the story before, but Jessie had really been into the story. "Wow that's cute. Tyler and I met at the gym, but it was nowhere near as cute of a story as that. Actually, in about two weeks we are going to do a segment on how couples met. I would love to have you all call in. "she looked backwards and forth between the two.

"Of course we will, "Neveah answered looking over at Vince who nodded his head. It would be fun for them to go on air and him to tell their story.




"Great I will have to get your number before we leave, "Jessie saw how touching their story was and she just wanted to hear more.

When you go an eternity without seeing your friends and you finally get to see each other again, it always seems as if you had never went through that period of separation.

The night was perfect for Vince, he couldn't remember the last time he had seen his baby smile so much, and all of his friends were going through a good time in their life. Things were definitely starting to look up for them all. He just hoped they could stay on their track of goodness.




I know it was short, and that there has a been a long lawl between sex scenes, but I hope that you have learned some things about our couple and that you didn't mind meeting their friends for a moment. More should be coming soon. Please vote, write comments, and send my feedback.

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