tagIncest/TabooLike Rabbits Ch. 01

Like Rabbits Ch. 01


The day Jackie Robinson walked in on her son, her world changed forever. It was a Saturday night, and troubled with a lack of sleep she had gotten up for a glass of water. As she walked down the hallway towards the kitchen, she noticed a flickering light coming from the den and initially thought nothing of it, knowing that her son Jake often stayed up late watching television. But then she noticed there was no sound coming from the TV, and immediately became curious as to what was going on. Instead of turning right to the kitchen, she turned left and quietly entered the den, careful not to wake her son if he happened to be sleeping. The second her eyes landed on the image on screen she nearly yelled out in surprise.

Displayed before her was a man who looked to be early twenties, vigorously fucking a woman from behind who was clearly a few years older than himself. She then noticed Jake, sitting upright and facing the screen, his head moving ever so slightly. It didn't take Jackie long to figure out what her teenaged son was doing.

She was standing directly behind him, and as she had managed to remain quiet knew he wasn't aware of her presence. Initially she thought to simply turn around and leave her son to his business, that it would be wrong of her to invade his privacy (despite the location of his activities), but that same curiosity hit her again and she had to know for sure what she assumed he was doing on the couch. Her couch. She crept closer, desperate not to make a sound, and peered timidly over Jake's shoulder. Her eyes grew to the size of golf balls, he was sitting naked, dick in hand, stroking it to a steady rhythm. "Oh my god!" she mouthed, almost hypnotized by the sight.

Now this wasn't the first time she had caught her son masturbating. He had a computer in his room, and more than one time she had all but barged in while assuming he was studying or chatting with his friends. It was never a big deal, she knew that's what boys his age do and on some level she was happy he had a healthy sex drive. But she'd never actually seen him masturbate, and especially not without his knowledge. And watching him now, it seemed so natural, so beautiful, she realized that she liked it. It was the first of many realizations that night.

As she watched her son, she felt a familiar tingle in her stomach. Seconds later she noticed the heat building beneath her nightgown and moments after that felt a trickle running down her thigh. Almost subconsciously she moved a hand to her crotch and was amazed at how wet she was. Even through the fabric of her gown she could tell that her juices were flowing more than ever before. She pressed her hand firmer into her soaking mound and had to stifle a moan as a wave of pleasure swept over her. Her free hand moved to her chest and she lightly pinched one of her nipples, which were hard as bullets. Another wave flowed through her, so strong it made her legs weak. "Holy shit," she thought, "I've never felt this before! I'm close to cumming and I've barely touched myself! This is unreal..."

Jackie knew she had to leave the room before she had an orgasm right then and there, so she turned and left the den as quietly as she could manage. Once in the hallway she practically ran to her bedroom, locking the door and whipping her gown off in a flash. She threw herself on the bed and plunged her fingers in her pussy, finger-fucking herself to a mind-numbing climax within seconds. The image of her son burned vivid, and as she lay there panting on the bed she played and replayed in her mind what she had just witnessed. She could see everything, the bulge of his bicep, the sweat beading on his chest, the firm grip of his hand on his very erect penis. She could see the elegant curve of it, the swollen head, every vein bulging from it's thick shaft. Again she sank 3 fingers deep inside herself, lost in a haze of lust and arousal. She came a second time, eagerly squeezing her 32d breasts and tugging on her prominent nipples. Satisfied, she lowered her legs to the mattress and brushed her hair from her face. And then the guilt set in.

"What did you just do?" Jackie anxiously thought to herself. "You just got off while thinking about your son! Twice!" Her emotions were going haywire. "You just watched your son jacking off and it turned you on! This is wrong, you're not meant to have feelings like that for your children!" She felt like a mess, as if she had committed a horrible crime. Was it because of the porn? Was it because she hadn't had sex in months, since that one drunken one night stand? She struggled to keep the thought from her mind, that she had become sexually attracted to her Jake.

But then she remembered what first stirred those feelings, seeing her son in that natural and personal state, and feeling immensely close to him. She remembered thinking how much she loved her sweet boy, and how he'd grown into a man that would make any mother proud. Was it love that caused her to react that way, and not simply sinful lust? The more she thought about it, the more it began to make sense. She knew she was sexually attracted to her son, but knowing it was out of love made it seem so much more acceptable to her, more...natural.

And just like that, it was like a fire had been lit inside her. She wanted to be intimate with Jake, to feel his cock in her hands and suck on it with a deep passion. She wanted to pleasure him and show just how much she loved him, and that she would do anything for him. And if he wanted to do the same, they would be closer than ever before, she thought. "Would he though? Would he want to fuck his own mother?" She would find out sooner than she expected.

Jackie awoke the next morning, refreshed and with a plan in her mind. She would seduce Jake, nothing too overt of course, just a bit of playful teasing and a few choice outfits would do the trick she thought. She had drawers full of skimpy skirts and sexy underwear, plus some lingerie for good measure. Her first step would be switching to thongs and occasionally going braless, her tits still (for the most part) held their firm round shape and she was positive that having them sway and jiggle with little to no restraint would catch her son's eye. She grinned a devilish grin as she got up and headed for the bathroom, thinking how fun the next few days would be.

She showered and shaved, leaving an alluring patch of pubic hair in the shape of an arrow. She picked out a sexy black thong, and wore it beneath a tattered pair of daisy dukes that hugged her ass perfectly. Jackie was proud of her ass, knowing that a tight, round bum would turn any man's head. She'd do squat thrusts most mornings to maintain and develop it's shape, and as she examined it in the bedroom mirror was glad she made the effort. She picked a modest bra and a nice white blouse, making sure to leave the top 2 buttons undone. "Mmmm, sexy Mama!" she exclaimed, then blew herself a kiss and made her way to the kitchen.

Jake was still asleep so she got busy making breakfast, wanting to cook up a delicious breakfast banquet for herself and her prospective lover. As was usual for a Sunday morning, she turned on the radio, but this time dancing a little as she cooked. She was feeling on top of the world. The smell of bacon woke him, and he groggily got to his feet and threw on a shirt. He went straight to the kitchen, sat at the table and mumbled "Morning Mom".

She spun around and exclaimed "Morning sweetie! Did you sleep well?"

Taken aback, he stammered "Y-yeah, I guess so", his mother not usually this chirpy so early in the morning. She gave him a quick smile and turned back to the stovetop, checking the french toast and turning the bacon. Suddenly a naughty idea came to mind, and she 'accidentally' dropped the spatula, causing it to bounce off into the corner. "Oops!" she said with a smile, walking over to it at a deliberate pace and bending to pick it up, giving her boy a nice view of her taut backside. She straightened up and looked back at him, saying "Your Momma's such a klutz" with a giggle. His face turned red, she knew that it worked.

"I hope you're hungry, baby" she said as she brought the pan over to the table, filling his plate without a hurry. Jake was still in his boxers, and she snuck a peek at his crotch, her heart nearly skipping a beat seeing a developing bulge hidden beneath the silk. "This is gonna be so easy..." she mused, filling her own plate and sitting down. As they ate, both mother and son made cautious glances at each other, Jake wondering what had put his mother in such a good mood and Jackie thinking how sexy her boy looked with his dark brown hair laying messily atop his head.

"So what do you have planned for today sweetie?" Mom asked.

"Not much, I gotta go buy some new work clothes but that's about it" Jake replied.

"Y'know you gotta be careful while you're working honey, I don't want you coming home sunburnt all the time." Her motherly nature wasn't going anywhere.

"I know Mom, I am careful"

"And try not to hurt yourself lifting all those heavy boxes, I'm not gonna take care of you if you do!" Jackie teased.

"Yes you will Mom, you won't be able to keep your hands off me!"

"That's cos I know how much my baby likes his Mommy taking care of him" she said with a cheeky smile.

"Oh yeah, it's totally awesome..." he said with obvious sarcasm. They loved teasing each other this way.

"Besides, you gotta take care of me when I get all old and fragile, I might break a hip or sumthin!"

Jake laughed at this comment, looking up at her with his piercing gaze.

"Mom that'll never happen, you'll always be young"

"Well! Look at Mr. Smooth Talker! You'll get a woman into bed with lines like that young man..." Jackie punctuated the remark with a sultry wink. She saw him starting to go red again and laughed, "Oh you're too easy! Now go and clean yourself up, I can't have my handsome young man walking around like that." Jake smiled and shrugged it off, getting to his feet and making his way to the bathroom. Again Jackie noticed a distinct bulge in his shorts, and sat peacefully at the table thinking some very unmotherly thoughts.

As Jake wandered down the aisle of the clothing store, he couldn't get his mind off his mother. He'd jerked off in the shower, but from the second he left the house to the present moment, she was all he had thought about. As he was leaving she gave him a kiss goodbye, something she rarely did. And those shorts! He knew he'd be picturing her in them when he jacked off from now on. "If only she knew..." he thought to himself as he browsed. "If only I could have her". His mother was the woman of his dreams, he'd been fantasizing about her since the day his father left.

Many nights he would lay awake, creating scenarios in his head. Imagining her knocking on his door, strutting in wearing a sexy nightgown, saying she was lonely and asking to stay with him for the night. Or "accidentally" walking in on her in the shower, only for her to invite him to join in. He wished he was brave enough to try something, to make a move, but knew that her reaction would almost definitely be a negative one. Even last night while watching porn, it was his Mom he was picturing on screen, moaning with delight as he passionately fucked her from behind.

After finally finding the clothes he needed, Jake made his purchase and strolled through the mall, trying to kill some time. He passed a lingerie store, and looked up at the mannequin in the window wearing a sexy black nightie. It was near see-thru and stopped at the waist, and instantly he tried to picture his mother wearing it, lying on her bed striking an inviting pose. Little did he know she had that very item, hanging unused in her closet. His cock was growing fast as he pictured it, so he quickened his pace and made for the exit.

Back at home, Jackie had been trying to keep busy. She had cleaned the house, did a few loads of laundry and tried a bit of reading, but her thoughts would inevitably return to the night before. She could still see Jake sitting by the TV, stroking his gorgeous cock to the couple on screen. She imagined kneeling before him, licking his pole and taking as much of it as she could in her mouth, blowing him 'til he came wherever he wanted to. She had tried to hold off from masturbating as long as she could but with nothing left to do, she found herself without any other option. After rubbing her pussy to a quivering orgasm, she started drifting off to sleep. But before she did another naughty idea came to mind, and after double checking the view from the hallway, fell asleep wearing just her bra and thong, above the covers with her bedroom door wide open. Her last thought, "My baby's so lucky..."

She awoke later that afternoon, well rested. She slipped on a bathrobe and strolled to the den, noticing how messy Jake's room had gotten as she walked by it. "That boy..." she thought to herself, "maybe he needs an incentive to keep it clean." Many possibilities came to mind. She entered the den and saw Jake lying on the couch, watching one of his shows.

He looked up at her and smiled, "There she is! Where've you been sleepyhead?"

Jackie playfully swatted her son's arm, "Don't get cheeky mister, or I might have to give you a spanking!"

He looked her up and down then sat up, replying "Oh I think you're the one who's been cheeky..." with a knowing smile.

His comment made her pussy tingle, she'd hoped he had seen what she put on display for him. "Yeah, so? What are YOU gonna do about it?" She quickly turned, wiggling her butt at him. "Go on, I dare you!" She turned and faced him, the look in his eyes making her weak at the knees. "That's what I though-" she began to say, but in a flash he had grabbed her hand and pulled her over his knee, his free hand grabbing the bottom of her robe and flicking it up on to her back. Seconds later, she felt his hand come down on her bare cheek with a sharp SMACK.

Again and again he lifted his hand and brought it swiftly down, alternating between her left and right cheek, just hard enough to cause a light sting. Jackie turned her head and looked up at him, giving him a mock pout. Jake looked down at her, barely believing what was happening despite being the one that started it. He gave her one last smack, and let his hand linger on her fully exposed ass. He squeezed her cheeks one by one, briefly but deliberately, before grasping her robe once more and draping it back down her legs.

They looked at each other in silence, neither knowing what to say or do. Jackie slowly got to her feet, unsure if her son could tell how much she had enjoyed her 'punishment'. Jake gave her a cautious smile, "I hope you learned your lesson young lady..." It was all she could do not to jump him right then and there.

She forced a serious look and replied "We're gonna have a talk about this." Jake went pale, he knew he had crossed the line, and then some. "You naughty boy..." she added in the sexiest voice she could muster. She turned and left the room, adding an extra sway to her step knowing that her son was watching.

Jackie sat at the kitchen table, nursing a cup of tea and thinking about the day's events. She hadn't planned on things escalating so quickly, and she felt a sudden pang of guilt. What must her son think of her? Yesterday she was same ol' Mom, today she was parading around like a cheap tart. Did he know what she was doing? Sure she excited him, but with a 19 year old male it's not exactly difficult. Will he lose all respect for her if she continues to act this way? Is all this behaviour messing with his head, leading to all kinds of untold psychological issues? The last thing Jackie wanted was to hurt her darling boy, but if there was something more between them could she live with herself for not taking the chance? "God his hands on me felt so good..." She absentmindedly sipped her drink, all these thoughts and more spinning in her head. She realized that she simply couldn't take that risk, that if she tried and failed then it would damage their relationship forever.

"But..." she mused, "I could wait and see if he makes a move. If he tries to get closer to me, that must mean that he wants it too, right? Should I cut out the flirting and simply wait for a sign?" The thought made sense, after all wouldn't that make their coupling all the more beautiful? It had only been one day, surely she could keep a handle on her desires for a while. "Yep, that's what I'll do."

Her mind decided, she focused on the evening ahead. She still wanted to treat her son as best as possible, and figured that pizza and movies would be the way to go. "Sweetie, can you come here a minute?" Jackie called out. Seconds later Jake appeared, looking a touch uncomfortable to be there. "Honey I was thinking we get pizza tonight. Sound good?" He nodded, a slight smile appearing. "Do you wanna go and get some movies for us to watch? Whatever ones you want."

"Um okay, sure" he replied, not sure what to think, considering what had just occurred in the den.

Jackie got to her feet and walked over to him. "Thanks baby, I love you" she replied, giving him a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"I love you too, Mom."

"Really? How much?" She looked up at him with wide eyes and an adorable smile.

"More than anything in the world..."

She beamed, giving him another kiss on the cheek. "I hope so. Now go on, scat" she joked, playfully swatting his butt.

While Jake was out getting the movies, Jackie had a shower and got herself ready for him. She applied some light make-up, and after much trial and error found the perfect outfit. She wanted to look casual yet sexy, and decided that pyjama pants and a tank top would make a good combination. She wasn't wrong. The thin fabric of the pants highlighted her ass perfectly, magnified by her lack of panties. Not only that, but a lack of a bra made her nipples slightly visible through the faded yellow of her top, her silver dollar-sized areolas looked very alluring. She knew that just being in the same room as her sexy son would make her horny, and knew that her soon to be erect nipples would not go unnoticed on him. The top had the added bonus of showing off her tight waist, another reward from hours of morning exercise. Yes she had decided not to make the first move, but she'd made no such decision about her choices of clothing (or lack of, for that matter).

Jake sat in his car, staring at the front door. All day he'd been thinking of his mother and every moment they'd shared, each one seeming more surreal than the last. He wanted to believe she was flirting with him, and was running out of reasons to think she wasn't. She'd always been affectionate, something he secretly loved, and they would often tease each other about things a mother and son wouldn't. It was one of the reasons he felt this way about her. To him she was a goddess. She was graceful, beautiful and sexy all at once.

And sitting there in the driveway, he didn't know what to expect next. When he playfully spanked her, she didn't even get mad, he thought. Hell, she almost seemed to enjoy it! Jake could still feel her soft skin, the firmness of it, the way it jiggled so slightly with every smack of his hand. His cock was still hard from the experience, screaming at him for relief. What would she do if he tried that again, he wondered. After thinking to himself for a few more minutes, all sorts of depraved things running through his mind, he decided to simply go with the flow, while of course staying alert for any more 'signals'.

The second he walked through the door, he could tell he was in for an interesting night. The lights were dimmed, a faint smell of scented candles hung in the air and on the couch sat his mother, sipping wine. Their eyes met and she grinned."Perfect timing! The pizza should be here any minute." He moved over to her and sat down, closer than he normally would.

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