tagGroup SexLilac's 18-year-old Friend: Anya's Fetish

Lilac's 18-year-old Friend: Anya's Fetish


Apparently, some 18 year old girls fantasize about being tied up and fucked relentlessly all day or night by perverted, animal grownup studs who don't care about the girls but just want to get off on young pussy. I wouldn't have guessed that, until an 18 year old girl told me it was her fantasy -- and proved it with sexy detail!

My name's Xavier, I'm just an ordinary, horny, married guy who trolls for younger women online. I thought other guys like me would get a kick out of an email that a chick sent me last spring. She's 18 years old, her name's Anya (so she says), she's from Russia originally but has been living here for so long you can't tell from the way she writes that she still has a little accent. I love that accent when we phone fuck, it's hot hearing a Russian bitch get horny and talk about my "cock" and her "pussy" with that dialect -- comes out more like "coke" and "poosy."

I met Anya through a chatroom on Literotica. At first she said she was 23 years old, but when we got to chatting, she admitted she was only 18. That's still okay, obviously. Actually, I liked 18 better than 23, to be completely honest. We had some hot cybersex, and struck up an online friendship. We've traded emails, had cybersex a few times, send naughty pictures of each other, and done the phone thing too three times.

From the photos she sent me, I can guarantee you Anya was pretty hot. Think Maria Sharapova or Anna Kornikova, just, not as facially pretty nor as busty. But, I mean, a tall, slim Russian girl, super-long blonde hair, and a hot, tight ass that looks so fuckable. Her face was bony, with high cheeks and a long, slim nose, and thin lips too. Anya wasn't model-quality, but no guy would push her out of bed. Her tits were proportionate to her lanky frame, she probably wore a 34B bra, I'd think. Nice tits, not huge, but not tiny. Just -- well, nice. Her ass, though, was probably her best, shall I say, asset. Tight, round, creamy, soft. Couldn't ask for a better 18 year old butt than hers!

And the girl is kinky, at least, her mind is. She harbors lots of deep, sexy thoughts that she would never act on, or so she says. But some of the emails we traded, and some of the chat stories, were pretty perverted. She knew her way around a cock, she had a boyfriend who fucked her -- but, as she told me many times, she didn't cum as hard from him as she did masturbating, such as during cybersex or reading nasty porn stories. I guess the kid just didn't bring out the kink in her enough.

I told her she needed a REAL man to fuck her, and she didn't disagree. She wishes for it, frankly. But she lives like 1,500 miles away and I'm married and can't get away to see her, so, I won't be able to give her what she wants, an adult penis. Some other lucky prick is going to have those honors.

So with that explanation of her, let me just block-copy the email she sent me. It's in the second person, and I didn't bother changing any of it. It's also based on some cybersex we did, so it wasn't a surprise. But seeing her words and ideas? You know this bitch wants to get screwed good and hard.

Here are her words, in (shall I say) her own words!

* * * * *

Xav: That was hot sex today. I'm still sore from rubbing myself like a whore. I came so many times! You're the best!

I can't stop being horny. Here's a fantasy I am thinking about, sitting here at the computer still, yes my panties are still around my ankle. I haven't bother to take them off all afternoon.

You're my neighor, a sexy and married guy who can't stop looking at girls my age. I come home from high school every day, right past your house. You see me in my tight jeans and tight sweaters, you know I have nice tits a tight pussy. A married man like you wants that, right, you keep saying that to me. You know it's tight and would make you cum so hard, way more than your old wife.

But I'm shy. You try to talk to me, I don't really want to talk to a stranger. I mean I do, you're hot, but I feel I can't. You're more than twice my age, and married, and I'm just an 18 year old high school student.

But you see me look at you, maybe sometimes when you wear tight pants so I can see the size of your crotch. I know you have a big cock, it makes me wet thinking about it. I lie awake at night picturing you naked, leaning over me, hammering my tight pussy with that fat grownup cock I want so bad. My boyfriend can't fuck me like I want to be fucked, I need a real man to fuck me. You can see that in my eyes, an animal like you knows what a girl wants. You can just tell, from the way I look at you, that I need to be ravaged like a fucktoy. Only, I'm not going to ever say that to you, because I shouldn't.

You tell your buddies about me, other virile married guys who would love to fuck a tight teenage cunt like mine. Maybe you take pictures of me walking past your house and say, see, this girl wants to get fucked, but she's too scared to ask. She won't even talk to me very long. But she looks at me and my dick, and I know she's dreaming of it.

Your friends are going to help you, and they want some too. They say, when do you see her? They get their wives to invite your wife out to a party or to go shopping, so you are home alone -- well, alone with your buddies. It's just the three of you.

Then I come walking by. You come out to say hi, and introduce your friends, Mike and Vic. They are both like you, very handsome, with hot bodies, and married so they want a young pussy to fuck. They are nice to me, smiling, but I see the size of their pants and get wet in my panties, thinking how sexy their big dicks must be, just like yours! You three try to talk to me, but I get nervous, I say I have to be going -- but my eyes keep looking at your pants.

We're not taking no for an answer, you three tell me. Mike grabs my school books, Vic takes my hand, and you lead me into the house. I'm not resisting, I go along, but I'm nervous. In your house, you three stand around me, cornering me, I feel helpless. But I'm really wet, you three can smell it, can't you? You can tell I love this, even though I'm scared to be alone with three hot, grownup men much stronger than me.

You tell me how sexy and pretty I am, how much you like me, and you wished I would come into your house. I'm scared and quiet but smiling at you. Then you say, you have a real nice body Anya, can we see it? I can't believe you ask and I say, no I have to be going. But you can tell my nipples are hard just from you asking. So even though I say no, you can tell I mean yes. You three brutes reach out and grab my wrists, and unbutton my blouse, pulling it off, then you rip off my bra. I can't believe you're looking at my tits! The three of you reach out and manhandle them, groping them, rubbing my boobs and nipples in your big hands, telling me how sexy they are, feeling how soft and fleshy my firm teen breasts are in your married hands.

Come over here, you say to me, and your friends make me follow you into a bedroom. I'm telling you I need to go home, I'm too young for you, but you all say I'm 18 so I'm ready for this. I stand in the middle of you three as you pull off my jeans and panties, and now I'm totally naked, I can't get away, my hands are pinned to my body and your hands are wandering my body. I feel your hands clutching and groping my buttcheeks, and other hands sliding up and down my thighs, until hands and fingers are rubbing my wet pussy. You feel how drenched I am, how horny I am from this, even though I keep saying you have to stop, that I have to be going home.

I can't stop what you are doing. You three pull me onto the bed, and I see one of you take some ropes. I yell, no, no, don't do that, but you can see that my pussy is getting even more wet. I try to pull my hands away, but you men are so strong, you wrap up each of my wrists up in the thick ropes, then tie each wrist to my ankle on that side of my body. So now I'm lying on my back on your bed, naked, my hands down by my ankles, I can't get away, my legs spread open with my feet to my sides, bound to my arms. I'm completely exposed, I can't move a muscle, all I can do is beg that you have to stop, I'm not supposed to be here.

You don't care, you know what I really need, and it's what you want too. I watch you take off your clothing, so after all these weeks, I see your body -- and your amazing cock. It's huge, it's like 8 inches, I love it the moment I see it. But I scream that you're too big! You smile and say, you think you're big, what about Mike and Vic? They take off their clothing and I see they have bigger cocks, like 9 and 10 inches, and I'm now so scared to be alone with three men with such large dicks. But my cunt is sopping wet, you see it dripping as I lie on your bed, tied up.

You mount me first and rub your penis on my pussy, feeling how wet I am. You know I want it. You tell me to shut up and start pushing your dick in my pussy! It's soooooo tight! I scream, because its tight, yelling that you have to stop! You tell me to shut up, and Mike comes over to put his cock in my mouth, making me choke on it. It's huge! I can't get my jaw open enough to swallow nearly enough, his penis fills my mouth, all I can smell is his huge dick. It's such a turn-on! I look up at him, trying to show him I don't want to do this, but I am sucking and licking his huge penis like I love it!

I feel you fucking me, moving your big cock deeper in my pussy, while you men are still groping my teenage breasts, pinching my nipples. I've never had attention like this, three horny men just wanting to get off on me. Soon someone is rubbing my clitty while you are fucking me, and I can't take it. I have a huuuuge orgasm, screaming around Mike's cock. I look down as see you staring at my pussy, where your penis is filling me, stretching me wide open. I've never had a boner as big as yours in me, not even a toy, my cuntlips are stretched so wide, I can't believe you can actually get inside me.

Vic wants me to suck his dick now, he's kneeling on the other side of my head. I roll over to his side, and he puts his huge penis in my mouth. It tastes amazing too! I start sucking it, the men holding my head forcing me to. They make me swivel my head back and forth, sucking both of their dicks, one then the other, over and over. Meanwhile you are lying over me, your hot body all sweaty, while you are shoving your dick in my cunt over and over. I feel how deep you are, I can't believe it, I feel like I'm going to explode!

But you explode first! You moan and yell at me that you're cumming, and suddenly, your big cock erupts and spews your sperm deep in my pussy! I scream around the cock in my mouth, feeling you filling me with your lovely cum.

Now Mike takes your place, he's got the 9 inches of cock and he's pushing as much of it into my pussy as he can. I'm screaming more, but sucking Vic's cock so I can't talk much. I watch you staring at me, seeing the pretty teenage girl tied up nude on your bed, fucking Mike's amazing cock. He is telling you how tight I am and how much of a good fuck I am. I feel so proud to hear it! He pushes more inside of me, as much as he can, I can't imagine he is going that deep! Then he screams and cums inside of me too, filling my unprotected pussy with even more cum.

Of course now Vic wants to fuck me, he gets on top of me and uses me for his pleasure. His cock is 10 inches and I just can't believe it, I can't even dream of a big dick like that forcing its way into my tight teen cunt. You and Mike hold me down, my body is writhing around violently as Vic leans into me, pushing his cockshaft farther inside my vagina, as much as he can. You hold me head up, so I can see Vic penetrating me, you tell me I should be proud to fuck a big adult dick like his.

Vic fucks me until he too has to cum, squirting his load into my vagina, making my gasp and cry at the amount of semen I now have in my teen pussy.

I cry that my arms hurt from being tied to my ankles, but you men tell me it's for my own good. Then you roll me onto my tummy, so my face is pressed against the bed and my ass is up in the air. I feel your cum dripping out of my pussy, leaking down my creamy thighs. I look back and you three men are laughing at what you're going to do to me! I see you take noit one but TWO huge dildos and also a vibrator, and you carry them over to me. I can't move away, I'm tied up. I feel you take one dildo and shove it into my tight butthole, then take the other, bigger dildo and cram it into my vagina. Now I have the two toys inside my holes, I can feel them stretching me, and feel them rubbing together inside my body. Then someone takes the vibrator and snaps in on "maximum" speed, and grinds it against my aching clitoris. It hurts so much, but I love it! I have both my holes stuffed full, and someone is vibrating my clitty, and I can't help it but have some huge orgasms. I can't hardly breath, my face is in the bedsheets, but I'm having the most incredible cums of my life!

Then you men have to fuck me again, my ass and my cunt, from behind. You go first, Xav, pushing your hot cock into my cunt from the rear, then also fucking my tight butthole. You say I have the tightest butt you've ever fucked. Then Mike and then Vic go next, each taking turns fucking my cunt and asshole.

Mike says I am so sexy that I need three cocks at once. You untie me for a little while, but don't let me wrest. Mike gets on his back on the bed, and I am made to climb on him and fuck him in my pussy, so his 9 inches are way inside of me. I feel you bend me over and watch you get behind me, and with Mike already inside my cunt, you shove your big dick, Xav, into my asshole. Now I have both holes filled! I feel like you two studs are going to rip me apart! I'm screaming, gasping for air, feeling both of your huge dicks entering my holes, giving me what I need! Then Vic joins us, he stands in front of me and feeds my mouth his 10 inches of meat. I have all three holes filled, sucking and fucking, and I love it, I have your hands all over my tits and ass and body, and I can't hardly move, you men just hold me tight and ram your pricks into my body over and over. I gag and choke on Vic's cock, it's so big, but I'm so turned on.

Each of you needs to cum. You squirt your semen into my tight asshole, while Mike shoots his sperm into my pussy, so deep. Vic jerks off his cock and squirts his sperm all over my face, coating me in his jism. It's warm and gooey, running down my face! I feel like such a slut!

After all that sex, you men need some food and want to rest, but don't want me to leave you. So you tie my ankles and wrists to the bed's four corners, so I'm lying in an "X" shape in the middle of the bed, cum dripping out of my ass and pussy, and down my face. I moan, what about me? But you leave me there and go down to eat for a while. I can't believe this is happening, but it's the best sex I ever had.

Later, you three come back, and have your way with me again. You lie on top of me, fucking my cunt. I'm sore but moan because it's so hot. You say to me, admit it Anya, you love this? I say no, no, I don't, I have to be going! But I cum hard around your cock, even tied up, and you know I'm lying! Then Mike gets on me, and says, tell us you want to be our slut? I pout and whimper, I can't say that, I'm not supposed to! Mike keeps fucking me, until it's Vic's turn. He puts his 10 inches into my cunt and makes me scream the loudest. He says, Anya, just tell us you love us all and want us to keep fucking you. I can't take it anymore! It's true! So I open my eyes and scream, yes, yes, it's true, I love all of you, I want you all to fuck me so hard!

So you untie me, and all take turns with me for hours. HOURS. I kiss each of you, kissing you better than your wives have ever kissed you. I feel your hands all over my slutty body, groping my tits and ass anytime you want. I'm fed your pricks for dinner, sucking your poles and drinking your protein you squirt into me, that's all I get to eat. I drink your sweat and my pussyjuices off of your cock and hands. I even lick your assholes, all of yours, which makes me feel like such a slut. All the time, you three are taking turns fucking me, teaching me what a young slut needs to learn from hot animals like yourselves! That my cunt is made to get fucked hard!

I can't believe how late it is. I've been at your house for hours getting fucked! You let me call my mom, and tell her I'm with friends, I'll be home late. I can't believe we're going to fuck again! Mike and Vic have to leave to go to their wives, but you can fuck me, your wife called to say she is going to her family because someone is sick. How lucky you are!

So now its just you and me, and you tie me up again, liking how I look. I'm sore and can't move, but you tie my wrists together anyway, above my head, and anchor them to the headboard. Then you mount me and feed my teen pussy more of your meat, and I cum so hard from it over and over. I can't believe how hard you still are, my teenage boyfriend would have gone soft hours ago!

But it doesn't end, you have no desire to stop using me like a sex toy. In the morning, I'm still tied up, and Mike and Vic both come back over, their wives think they are out playing golf or something. Now its the four of us again, and I am passed around from one man to another, being fucked like a whore. I kiss each of you, telling you I love you, while I ride you or you put me on my back, every position, I get filled with cock for hours all day. I can hardly breath, my lungs hurt, my butt and leg muscles are aching with pain and I can't even walk or crawl. But you men keep my legs open, holding me for sex, jamming your huge dicks in my pussy relentlessly until the afternoon. Over and over I fuck all three of you, you each have like four orgasms that day! I am just covered in sperm, and my pussy is so full, there's a river of cum flooding out of it.

Hours later, you three dump me on the porch of my house. My mom finds me. I can't hardly move or even stand up, and I'm messy with cum. I lie that I've been at the gym and need a bath. But I see you three snickering in the bushes, knowing that actually I've been fucked senseless for over a day!

Well, Xav, I have to stop typing this. My pussy needs to cum, and my fingers hurt. I'm going to my bed to get off (again)! I hope you liked this story, and I hope I made you cum a lot. Write me an email, tell me your fantasy!

Love, Anya

* * * * *

I agree, her story was over the top. Something a sex-crazed 18 year old would imagine. It's not even close to being realistic. But that's not the point, right? Its a view into her mind. She really needs to be fucked well, and she wants it badly. I just wish I could give it to her!

Someday, I know, someone will. He'll be the luckiest prick on Earth!

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