tagMind ControlLily Ch. 01

Lily Ch. 01


Lily hated the power she had. She really did. In elementary school she thought it was cool that she would think of something and it would come true. It was great when the school bully thought it was funny to tease her during gym class. She had wished him to stop and he did. She thought it was just a coincidence, but when she was able to stop someone else from being bullied by him, she knew it was her power.

She wished she did not have control over others. It was embarrassing sometimes. She had gone through high school being quiet, reserved, and shy. She did not dare think that she liked a person. She was worried that she would make him like her. She wanted him to like her for her and not because of her power.

"You dropped your drink." Lily looked up and blinked. She had been daydreaming again. She ran through her head all the times when she had controlled others. She was in her own zone and had not noticed that her half full bottle of pop had spilt on the ground.

"Oh shit. I am sorry. I am such a klutz. You have no idea." Lily was babbling away and did not even notice that the guy was cute in a geeky looking way.

"No, it's fine. I mean it's your drink right." I am Luke by the way. We're in English together."

"Oh we are? How do you know that?" Lily was not thinking. She was blurting out random thoughts. Normally, she would be quiet and shy around guys.

"Because you sit one row ahead of me and spend the entire class typing up stuff on your laptop. I also know that you type even when the professor isn't talking so I know you can multitask very well since you must be working on something else." Lily intrigued Luke.

"Oh yeah. I have seven courses this semester so I'm pretty busy."

"Seven? Shit, I thought I was crazy with taking six. I will walk you to class. Neither one of us can afford to be late." Lily packed up her things and eagerly walked down the path towards their English class.

"I'm Lily by the way."

"That's a sweet name. I bet people try giving you lilies all the time."

"No. Why would they?" Lily was confused and was happy that they had entered the auditorium. She went to her own seat and was surprised when Luke sat down next to her. She was going to say something, but thankfully, the professor started on time.

Today's lecture was on Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet', but neither Luke nor Lily was paying any attention. There was electricity running through them and neither was brave enough to explain to the other why that was. First, Lily thought to herself how nice it could be for Luke to hold her hand. Luke did exactly that. Luke stroked Lily's left hand softly between typing out notes himself. The professor ended class a few minutes early to answer questions for the upcoming midterm.

"Do you want to go see a movie sometime. She nodded and his smile lit up his whole face.

"Really? You really want to go out with me?" Luke knew he sounded geeky, but he didn't care.

"Yeah. Is that bad?" Lily bit her lip. He was actually attracted to her and that made her happy, but it also scared her.


"Oh God. Right there." Lily was squirming on his bed, her mind racing with thoughts. She was so aroused at this moment that she knew she was controlling him. Luke was eagerly licking her pussy while his fingers stroked her inner thighs gently. She desperately wanted to tell him to stop but she knew that her mind was telling him to continue. He thrust his tongue deep inside her pussy and wiggled it around.

"Luke. Wait. Stop." Lily sat up and tried to push her skirt down. Luke was kneeling beside the bed, his lips and goatee covered in her juices.

"What?" Luke was confused. They had been watching a movie in his room and as the evening continued, he had wanted to do more and more with her.

"I'm controlling you. This is wrong."

Luke looked carefully at Lily. She really didn't believe that he wanted her. She had the look of a hurt puppy. Luke opened his mouth to respond but she cut him off.

"I'm ugly. I am fat. My breasts are saggy. Who would want me?"

Luke frowned. He saw why some people would think that of her. He knew she had been hurt in the past and wanted to make her forget that.

"I want you. You are not ugly. Your face is round and cute. You are not fat. You have curves. Stick women are disgusting. Your breasts are enormous and so sexy. Women pay thousands for breasts that size. I like that you are short. It means I have to lean down to kiss you."

"Oh." Lily could not think of a response.

"If you want to start arguing, we can argue why the hell you think I'm attractive. I'm thin, too tall, my teeth aren't straight, and I'm barely twenty and already going bald."

Luke smiled and then burst out laughing. Lily was laughing as well. He was being melodramatic and they both knew it.

"I like that you're tall and you're not that thin. I plan to be kissing you so much I will not even be noticing your teeth. As for you going bald, you'll save on shampoo and can buy me jewelry."

Luke kissed Lily. It was a passionate kiss. It was completely different from the horny desperate kissing that they had been doing on the bed before. Lily wanted to tell him the truth but couldn't, not just yet.

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