tagBDSMLina Gets Caught in the Act

Lina Gets Caught in the Act


Sandi was glad to finally get an afternoon off of work. She practically kissed her boss when she said to take the rest of the day off. She flew out the door and back home, intent on enjoying a rare day away from the office.

Lina's car was in the lot so she was hoping they could hit the beach to unwind. She bounded up the stairs and into the apartment.

"Lina! Grab your bikini -- we're headed to the beach, damnit!"

She knocked on her bedroom door and opened it without waiting for a response. "I've got the day off, let's go..."

The sight in front of her was something she couldn't have conjured up from the darkest corners of her imagination. Lina was hog-tied on her bed in bright red rope -- red that matched the manicured nails on her hands and feet pinned behind her back. Red that matched her bright red lipstick. Whore red. Her mouth was stretched wide and filled with some sort of red ball, effectively gagging her. Her long, dark brown hair was spread out wildly on the bed -- probably from her thrashing and struggling on her side.

Naked. Her roommate was completely fucking naked and tied up on her bed. The red theme continued with a deep blush spreading through her cheeks and her chest. Her pink nipples were tight and erect. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly as she took deep breaths through her nose. The wild look in her eyes said it all -- caught in the act. She was trying to form words but all she could manage was moaning into the gag.

"Oh my god, I'm sorry! The door wasn't locked." She made no move to leave, just openly staring at the naked woman in front of her. A buzzing sound caught her attention; a red plastic butterfly topped her neatly trimmed mound, strapped on top of her clit. The butterfly was blissfully unaware of the awkward moment the two roommates were sharing and buzzed along, doing its simple but important job.

Sandi couldn't look away. As Lina noticed where Sandi's eyes had gone she couldn't pretend any longer that the embarrassment of being caught in her most private act wasn't turning her on. The threat of getting caught had always added to the thrill and now it was finally happening. Her frantic, panicked noises gave way to a deep moan that came from the back of her throat. She'd been close before Sandi had barged in and now she was back on the edge.

The change in Lina's tone brought her gaze back up to Lina's face. The two friends made eye contact just as Lina's orgasm overtook her and her eyes closed in pleasure and shame. Her hips bucked against the air, fucking an imaginary cock as the butterfly tirelessly buzzed on. When it was over, Lina was shiny with sweat and sobbing softly into her gag.

Sandi was no longer in the doorway. Coming down from the rush of her climax, the horror of what had just happened started to set in. She started wiggling closer to the edge of the bed where her release rope had been just out of reach. Before she could reach it, Sandi was back.

"Oh... is that how you get out? Not just yet, I think." She moved the length of rope off the bed, seeing how it looped around the post and returned to the knots binding Lina's arms and legs.

Lina became even more terrified when she saw the camera in her hand. A full-length shot, followed by close-ups of her sloppy pussy and tear-filled face, completed the impromptu photo session. "Be right back. I have to upload these before I let you loose. You understand..."


Lina was wrapped in a short robe while the two sat at the dining table, mostly staring at her feet, unable to look her friend in the eye.

"I... I... I had no idea you would be coming home and I forgot to lock the door."

"I" -- with stress on the 'I' -- "had no idea that you got your freak on the minute I left the apartment." She was clearly enjoying this.

"Please delete those pictures, Sandi -- I don't want anyone else to know about this. Please keep it our secret. I've never told anyone about this."

"Maybe... First, you have to tell me why. There's certainly no shortage of guys who'd be willing to scratch your itches."

"I don't know why, really. Somewhere along the way getting off by myself lost its thrill and I came up with little ways to make it more exciting. The thrill of being tied up, the loss of control -- even if only imagined -- make it so much better. The threat of getting caught always adds an urgency that makes me cum hard and fast. I imagine myself helpless, being used by whomever finds me."

The empty wine glass in front of her held her gaze like it was the most interesting thing in the world.

"Well, now you've been caught. Was it everything you dreamed it would be?"

"Yes and no. Getting caught has consequences -- real life and fantasy life aren't always meant to connect. I do have to admit, though, that I haven't come that hard in a long time, so... yes, it was a big rush. But now you know and think that I'm a freak, so I'm going to lose a friend."

Sandi sipped her wine and smiled. "Hold on... no one said anything about us not being friends anymore."

"Then please delete those pictures..." Lina finally looked at Sandi with pleading eyes.

"I don't think so. I have another idea. You said that you were turned on by losing control. Now that I have those pictures tucked away, I have you in MY control. I think we should see where that leads us. Maybe play a couple games?"

"I don't know if I like the sound of that."

Sandi looked triumphant. "I don't think it matters whether you like it. I'm in control and I'll come up with some fun games we can play where you get to live out your fantasies for real. No imagined loss of control. No rope just out of your reach if you get in over your head. Real control. You do as I say or I'll email everyone the pictures. When you've jumped through enough hoops, then I'll delete the pictures. Now I think you'd better give me a tour of your toy box so I can get some ideas."


Sandi tested the ropes, having tied the knots exactly as Lina had shown her. Proud of her handiwork, she stepped back to admire her victim. Their dining room table was flipped up-side down, legs pointing in the air. Lina was naked except for a leather collar, tied spread-eagle to the table, also with her legs pointing in the air. It was the most obscene centerpiece that Sandi had ever seen. Lina's pussy was stretched open, leaving nothing to the imagination. Her lips were already wet, betraying her excitement through the anticipation.

"I've decided not to gag you because I want to hear you beg me to untie you. Rest assured that I won't change my mind." With that she placed the first of the nipple clamps on a pert, pink nipple.

"Fuck! Take it off! Oh god, it hurts," Lina cried out. Sandi just smiled and placed the second one on its equally sensitive twin. The groaning was equal parts pleasure and pain.

Moving back to the counter, Sandi picked up the phone and a kitchen timer. "So... I think your risks are always a little too calculated. You're always complaining how Pizzeria Mangia is always late. Let's play a little game of chance, shall we?"

"No... no... no... please, you can't let the pizza guy see me like this!" Ignoring her, Sandi dialed the phone and placed the order.

"Ok... they're on their way! 30 minutes on the clock! When the timer chimes I'll untie you. If the doorbell rings first, you stay where you are while I pay for the pizza."

Lina thought about her position -- the apartment door opened into a large combo living / dining room. The angle of the table was such that when Sandi opened the door the pizza guy would be looking right into her wide open pussy.

"Oh... I almost forgot." Sandi picked up a bright pink vibrator, switched it on, and sat down next to the table. She began lazily running the buzzing wand over Lina's aching nipples for several minutes before scooting down and running it around her thighs.

As the pink tip reached her lips, Lina gasped, "Oh god that feels good." Sandi smiled in satisfaction and alternated between stroking her wet lips with the vibe and teasing her extended clit.

"20 minutes to go!" Sandi announced as she slowly probed Lina's wet hole. Lina was already on the edge, sweating and squirming on the cool, wooden table. Pulling at her ropes didn't allow any movement in her limbs, but deliciously reminded her of her captive position.

"15 minutes to go!" She slowly pushed the pink toy all the way into Lina's pussy, spinning and twisting it in and out. When Lina started to get too close, she quickly pulled it out with a wet plopping noise. "Open up..." Grinning from ear to ear she gently forced the vibe into Lina's mouth, forcing her to lick and suck on it like a hard plastic cock.

"10 minutes to go!" It was crunch time now. Sandi alternated between rimming her pussy and teasing her clit, keeping her just on the edge of climax as the timer ticked away. Each time Lina got close and started to work her hips, the pink toy was pulled away, depriving her of her relief.

Leaning close to her ear, Sandi whispered in a husky voice, "Only 5 minutes now. I think you might get away with it tonight."

Ding! The chime of the doorbell made both of them jump as if Big Ben had just struck in the room with them. "PLEASE! Please untie me. Don't do this. Oh god, don't let him see me like this."

A wicked smile came over Sandi's face. "Hold this for me, would you please?" She slipped the vibrator deep into Lina's pussy and walked slowly to the door.

"Hi. I was just in the middle of something. Could you put the pizza on the counter please?" The door swung open wide and the pizza guy froze in the foyer, staring unbelievingly at the scene unfolding before him. She nudged him toward the dining room. "On the counter please."

As soon as he was close enough Sandi snapped a picture, capturing the disbelieving, leering stare directed toward Lina's stuffed pussy. Lina heard the camera and spun to look at her, as did pizza boy. Click! A perfect shot of both of them looking directly into the camera.

"I hate to leave my friend here hanging. If you don't mind, let me finish her off and then I'll grab my purse." She grabbed the pink vibe and began fucking Lina's pussy furiously. Pizza guy stared open mouth at the sloppy fucking in front of him; Lina stared open mouthed at pizza guy. Lina was getting seriously close now. Her moans were getting louder and faster. Her hips bucked into Sandi's hand to increase the force of each thrust.

"Watch this!" Sandi flicked her fingers hard into the clamp squeezing Lina's left nipple, sending it flying off into a corner. Lina shrieked in surprise and went over the edge from the combination of pain and pleasure. Sandi waited nearly ten seconds, still pumping the toy with all her might, and then repeated the flick on the right nipple. Lina cried out again in agony and rode directly from one climax to the next, drawing it out so long she thought she might black out.

Slipping the vibrator from the abused pussy in front of her, Sandi turned her attention back to pizza guy. His khakis were obscenely tented out with a small wet spot at the tip of his cock. Stuffing a few bills into the front of his pants, Sandi grasped his hard-on through his pants.

"I bet you enjoyed that, didn't you? She's pretty fucking hot, splayed out like that for all to see, huh?" She leaned in close. "Would you like to taste her?"

Sandi produced the slick, sticky vibrator and held it up to his face. Uncertain of himself, he cautiously extended his tongue but Sandi would have none of that. She slipped the fake plastic cock deep into his mouth, surprising him. At the same moment she snapped another picture -- a nice close up of his face, full of pink cock. He tried to spit it out, but she held it there firmly.

"I hope you enjoyed watching me get my friend off. You'll never know if you're going to get another show next time we get a pizza, but I want to make one thing absolutely clear. If I even get a hint of an idea that you've told anyone about what you saw here tonight, I'll print a thousand copies of this picture and plaster them to every bus stop and phone pole in town. I hope we understand each other clearly, because I'd love to play more games with you."

"Yes... miss. I... I won't tell a soul." Sandi was guiding him to the door as he was talking.

"I'm glad. I hope to see you soon." With a final wink and a last squeeze of his cock, she closed the door and they were alone.

"Well... one upside of your little kink, Ms. Lina, is that I don't think we will ever again, have to wait more than 30 minutes for a pizza!"


Lina was lying in bed thinking over the events of the evening. Her arms and legs were sore but that was nothing compared to the lingering ache in her nipples. Yet, despite the soreness, the spectacle for the pizza guy had been deeply satisfying. Perhaps surrendering control to Sandi had not been too bad an idea at all. She couldn't recall the last time she had felt so sated.

Staring up at the ceiling, recalling the look of shock on pizza guy's face, she couldn't help but shiver with a delicious thrill of the forced exhibitionism of the whole thing. A faint sound brought her out of her contemplation. She thought she heard a voice but couldn't quite make it out. Switching off the fan, she strained to pick out any noises from the silence.

There it was again. It wasn't a voice -- it was a moan... coming through the wall. She sat up in bed and pressed her ear to the shared wall between her bedroom and Sandi's. At least the question of what Sandi got out of the experience was semi-answered.

The moans became more frequent, more frenzied... louder. She'd never heard her roommate through the walls before. Even if she hadn't been silently pressed to the wall, there would have been no question what the noise was now. There were even a couple loud thuds as Lina assumed the bed frame had been bumped into the wall.

Finally, Sandi's voice cracked out through the guttural expressions, "Yes! Yes! Fuck me... oh god!"

And then it was silent...

Strangely, there was almost a sense of relief in hearing Sandi's private moment through the wall. After all, Sandi had seen her cum on two occasions now. What an odd way to bond...


"Tonight we will have a test of your determination!" Sandi announced triumphantly as she spread out both their yoga mats on the living room floor. Lina shifted nervously back and forth watching the preparations. She was completely naked except for a pair of black 4" peep-toe pumps. Well, there were also the handcuffs securely attached to her wrists behind her back, but they didn't provide much consolation.

Emerging from under the sofa sleeper was a long, iron chain. Once Sandi was satisfied with the length she motioned for Lina to come closer. Once the small padlock closed around the chain and cuffs, Lina was effectively chained to the couch but able to move freely around the yoga mats, save for the use of her hands.

"And now we wait."

"I'm sorry... what? What are we waiting for?" Lina's anxiety level was slowly starting to climb.

Sandi's smile spread into an evil grin. "A sign to get started -- you'll see. Have a seat and relax!"

Time seemed to stand still as they stared at each other across the room. Sandi was dressed in a simple skirt and blouse while her roommate was chained to the furniture like a slave. The tension was thick as they both tried to pretend they weren't dying with anticipation.

The phone ringing, startled Lina, but Sandi hopped up, obviously expecting the call. "I think this might be our sign!" Yet she made no effort to answer the phone.

After the fourth ring the answering machine played their brief message and beeped.

"Hey Sandi. It's Paul. Sam, Tracey, and I are just leaving Tracey's apartment on Vine. She seems to think that with traffic it is going to take us around 20 minutes to get to your place. I'm guessing that since we got your machine that you're not home yet. Hopefully, you'll beat us there. Can't wait to see you -- it has been waayyy too long. Bye!"

Sensing Lina's confusion Sandi explained, "Three friends from school that I haven't seen in years are on their way over. Two are in from out of town and they're just getting in the car now to come over for a drink before we head out to dinner."

"So, you're just going to leave me chained up on display for your friends?"

"Nope -- I've got something more nefarious planned. I'm going to give you a fighting chance to get free." She removed a large paper bag from the freezer and carried it to the center of the yoga mats.

"You're familiar with ice timers, I'm sure... Well, this one is a little different!" Removing the bag with a flourish revealed a decent sized ice cock frozen on to a small wooden base. "The only key is frozen inside this cock. I did a test run and it takes close to an hour to melt all by itself. You've got less than 20 minutes, so you'll need to get creative."

Lina stared at the icy cock for a few moments and then fell to her knees, taking it in her mouth. "That fine specimen belongs to pizza guy -- he came over and made a mold for me. Real nice boy..." Lina looked up at Sandi with wide eyes while she worked her lips and tongue all over.

"I want you to think about him. Picture him sitting on the floor in front of you while you blow him. Suck his hard cock! I did promise him that you wouldn't use your teeth, sweetie. He seemed concerned you'd try to bite or chew on it and I knew that we couldn't have that! "

"Fuck!" she spat out through a full mouth that was rapidly going numb.

Sandi leaned in close and took a couple quick pictures of the icy phallus filling Lina's previously warm mouth.

Lina paused long enough to spit out, "You're NOT going to share those with him, right?"

"Of course not... but I did promise a slide show on his next visit."

Lina moaned loudly, but not the throaty moan of a woman in lust -- no, this was a woman who had just given herself serious brain-freeze. Figuring that she had little time to wait for this little development to go away, she hopped up and moved on to Plan B. Kneeling over the icy cock, she took a deep breath and lowered her dripping pussy onto it.

"YEEEEOOOOOWWWWWW! Fuck, that's cold! Mmmmph... I can't believe that you're doing this to me!" She was panting to keep from yelling out as her pussy screamed out to her in pain, even though her mind was wild with the excitement of the scene. At first she thought she'd just impale the cock in her pussy and hold it there to melt, but the cold sensation was too much. Hence she fucked it, keeping her body in constant motion, lest some delicate part get stuck to the ice!

"So... while you're working your magic, why don't I share how I managed to come into possession of one ice cold pizza guy cock." She snapped a few more pictures for the album of Lina's spread pussy stuffed full of cocksicle.

"Last week I ordered a pizza while you were out and, wouldn't you know, pizza guy was at our door in 15 minutes flat! He was a little disappointed that you weren't here, but I explained that I needed a favor -- a custom-molded dildo for our next adventure. He was so cute and uncomfortable, not really sure what I was asking."

"I showed him the kit I'd bought online and explained that I needed him to make his cock as hard as he could and hold it inside the mold while it formed to his shape. He hesitated, but ultimately caved as soon as a I casually remarked that we'd have to start calling other pizza places to find a new playmate."

"He stripped out of his uniform and stood completely naked in our kitchen. Right over there..." Sandi pointed for effect, noticing that Lina had frozen her naughty bits solid and had switched back to slurping the cocksicle in her mouth.

"He started to get hard immediately, although with my dirty chatter and gentle caresses of his back and butt, I shouldn't have been surprised. I think he thought I was going to strip for him to give him some motivation, but instead I just tweaked his nipples and rubbed his ass until he was hard and proud. Not a bad package, if I do say so... Well, it looked better than it does right now, I see."

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