tagLoving WivesLincoln Park Mommy Ch. 01

Lincoln Park Mommy Ch. 01


Chapter 01 (Dan Meets Kelly)

Being one of the last big summer events before Labor Day, the Chicago Air and Water Show always provided for a fun weekend. Marc, one of Dan's best friends, owned a condo in Bucktown just north of Division Street, and every Saturday of the Air and Water Show, he threw an all-day party. He lived on the top floor, and a stairway from his living room led up to a private deck that spanned the entirety of the roof. The party would usually start in the late morning and continue throughout the afternoon and evening. The great thing about Marc's Air and Water Show parties was his proximity to one of the flight paths: his condo sat just below one of them, and throughout the afternoon, all manner of planes – from streaking F-15 fighter jets to World War II-era prop planes – passed directly overhead.

True to form, Marc's party for the 2004 Air and Water Show was another great one. Dan went over early on Saturday to help him at the grocery and liquor stores, and then to set up. Several trunk-sized coolers on the roof deck supplemented a beer refrigerator inside. A large gas grill smoked most of the day, laden with hamburgers, brats, chicken and steaks. From beginning to end, about seventy five people would attend this party.

Midway through the afternoon, Dan was sitting at one of the tables on the roof deck, talking with a group of friends. Some of these had gone to college with him and Marc, others they knew from their respective jobs. Marc's older sister, Belinda, was also at the table talking with some of her friends. As a lumbering Air Force C-130 passed overhead, Dan turned west and watched its image recede.

He was about to turn back to the conversation at the table when a striking blonde walked through the door and out onto the roof deck. She glanced around, as though looking for someone, and a bright smile took over her face as she waved in Dan's general direction. Looking behind him, Dan heard Belinda shriek, and saw her wave back, and get up. Dan leaned toward Jeff, who was sitting next to him. "Who's that?"

Jeff turned to look toward the blonde newcomer, and said, "Not sure. I've seen her before. I think she's friends with Belinda." Dan turned his attention back to the athletic body bearing an angelic, almost regal, face, and felt a stirring in his groin. As she walked toward the table, he took in the tanned and toned legs that protruded from beneath a white, pleated tennis skirt; footy socks and Nike tennis shoes covered her feet. She wore a pale blue polo shirt that hung loosely but still was insufficient to conceal the fact of her large breasts. Her flaxen locks were pulled back in a ponytail, and her face appeared freshly scrubbed.

When she and Belinda met on the other side of the table from where Dan was sitting, they embraced in a big hug. "Hey, Kel, what took you so long?"

"I had a long session with my tennis pro. I thought I'd get here earlier, but he kept me longer than I thought," Dan overheard the girl reply in a soft, sweet voice.

"Well, let me introduce you to everyone. Everyone, this is Kelly, a good friend of mine from college. Kelly, this is Nancy, Marie, Jeff, Dan, Christian and Matt. I think you may have met Nancy and Marie before; the guys are friends with my little brother." Kelly gave a shy wave to everyone at the table; Dan could not help but notice how strikingly blue her expressive eyes were. After everyone said their 'hellos' and 'nice to meet yous,' Belinda said, "Hey, let me get you a drink. What do you want? We have Miller Lite, Bud Light, Bud? There's also vodka and whiskey, mixers, too."

"Miller Lite sounds good." Kelly moved to a vacant chair at the table and sat down while Belinda went to get her beer. Crossing one trim leg over another, the Nike tennis shoe bouncing to the rhythm of the music coming from the stereo, she struck up a conversation with Nancy and Marie, who she had in fact met before. Dan stole a few quick glances her way but, not wanting to be obvious, returned to his conversation with Jeff, Matt and Christian. When Belinda returned a few minutes later, Dan saw, from the corner of his eye, Kelly reach out for the bottle. He turned his head her way, and watched as her long, tanned fingers gripped the dripping bottle. The light pink polish on her nails appeared almost transparent, but what Dan noticed more immediately was the huge diamond gleaming on her left ring finger.

A Blue Angels F-15 streaked above the roof deck, casting a fleeting shadow as it did. When the plane had cleared the area and people could talk again, Dan again joined his conversation, but still heard Kelly say in response to an unheard question, "Yeah, he's pretty wonderful," as she took a ladylike pull from the beer bottle.

"Where is he now?" Nancy asked.

Swallowing, Kelly said, "He's down in the Carolinas with some friends playing golf. Some sort of guys' weekend, I guess. I can't wait for him to get back, though. He's been gone since last Saturday."

"When is he getting back?" This from Marie.

"Tomorrow afternoon sometime. Thankfully, my parents have Evelyn for the weekend, so I've had some peace and quiet." From there, the conversation among the women at the table devolved into babies and work, and Dan's ears stayed attuned to his own conversation.

Over the next several hours, Dan mingled with various groups of people, sometimes sitting at the table, but moving around the roof deck and into the condo. He would occasionally see Kelly talking with this group or that, and often stared too long at her classically beautiful features – or her generous breasts, or shapely legs, or tight little ass.

By the time nine o'clock rolled around, Dan was pretty beat. He'd gotten up early to help Jeff with this party, and started drinking around eleven that morning. The alcohol, combined with the hot, August sun, left him ready for bed. He found Jeff and said his good-byes, and talked to a few other people before bounding down the stairs and into the condo. Approaching the door, Dan ran into Kelly, almost literally. She had a tennis bag and racquet slung over her shoulder, the strap crossing between her enormous breasts, accenting their prominence for whoever wanted to look.

"Takin' off?" he asked, as he held the door open for her.

"Yes. I've had a long day and just want to get home and relax," she responded, as she descended the stairs, Dan following her down. "Too much alcohol and sun whipped me," she said over her shoulder.

"I know what you mean, baby. That's why I'm outta here with you."

On the sidewalk, Kelly looked both ways, as did Dan, and failed to see any cabs coming up the street. "It's always difficult to get a cab in this neighborhood at this time of night," she muttered.

"Not really. They just don't come up the side streets. Come on; let's walk down to Division. Should be easier there." As they started walking, Dan asked Kelly where she lived.

"Lincoln Park, right around Armitage and Sheffield."

"Huh. I'm just north of there. If the taxi situation doesn't look good, why don't we share one. I'll have him drop you off first."

"Ah, sure, thanks." After they reached Division, they waited about five minutes for a cab. When it pulled to the curb, Dan opened the door for Kelly to get in. He marveled at the way her tennis skirt swooshed back and forth over her firm bottom as she leaned in to put her tennis bag and racquet on the back seat. When she climbed in after her bag, Dan started shutting the door after her. Kelly reached a manicured hand out and stopped the door from shutting all the way, her mesmerizing eyes cast upward toward Dan.

"Jump in, Dan. We waited a while for this one. Who knows when the next will come?" Dan shrugged his shoulders and got in the cab beside her. Kelly put her bag on her lap, and slid over next the door on the opposite side of the cab as Dan shut the door. "Armitage and Sheffield," he instructed the driver.

On the way over toward Lincoln Park, Kelly and Dan made small talk about their lives, comparing notes on their neighborhoods and rising real estate prices. As the taxi neared Clybourn and Sheffield, it got snarled in traffic. Dan peered through the security screen and sighed. "We could be here all night." After a pause, "Tell you what. You're not far from here, let's just get out and walk. It'll probably be faster."

After the driver pulled the cab to the curb, Dan and Kelly got out and started walking up Sheffield. A few blocks on, Kelly pointed toward an alley and veered that way. "Let's cut through here. I'm on the next block over." Dan followed her into the alley and marveled again as her tennis skirt swish over her rear end before he caught up with her.

"It's not safe to walk through alleys at night, you know," he said in a playful tone as they walked through the garage-lined alley.

"I know that. But I've got you as my protector, right?" she giggled, lightly bumping her shoulder into his arm. Her soft voice was almost rousing. "Thank you for paying for the taxi, by the way. That was very nice of you. When we get to my house, I'll dig my wallet out of this bag and pay you back."

"No need, Kelly. It was my pleasure."

Kelly again bumped her shoulder into him, but this time significantly harder. Dan wobbled a little, away from her, and Kelly followed him, using a little hand to gently shove him up against a garage door. When Dan's back hit the door, her other hand joined the first, and Kelly, up on her toes now, leaned in close to him; he could feel the softness of her full breasts press against his ribs. "Your pleasure, is right," she whispered, letting a hand drop down Dan's chest, over his stomach and waist to his groin. Through his shorts, Dan felt her dainty hand search for and discovery his limp cock, which she gently kneaded through the fabric, her full, pink lips landing soft kisses along his neck.

"Jesus," Dan murmured in delight.

Feeling his cock thicken under her manipulation, Kelly's manicured thumb and forefinger found the zipper of Dan's shorts, and eased it down. Her long, cool fingers wormed their way through the opening and into his boxers before pulling his cock out into the muggy night air. Gripping the lengthening shaft in her little hand, she began lightly jerking it, bringing blood to bear. "Mind if I suck on it?" she whispered into his ear, blowing hot breath as she did, sending chills up Dan's spine.

Without waiting for an answer, Kelly dropped into a squat, her tennis skirt ruffling in a breeze that blew down the alley. Her left hand still stroking at the base of Dan's cock, Kelly's pink lips parted and her wet tongue darted out, taking a quick swipe at the cockhead. "Mmmm," Dan heard her moan, before her pretty mouth opened wider and engulfed his now-bloated head. She bobbed her head up and down a few times, ensuring that the first few inches of Dan's shaft were coated in her thick saliva.

Dan looked down to see the end of his burgeoning cock disappear between the housewife's lips. Kelly placed her free hand on Dan's ass, pulled the rest of his cock into her mouth, and began a slow in-and-out rhythm, twisting her soft lips around the now-swollen shaft, adding to the wonderful sensations that coursed through Dan's veins. He placed a hand on top of her head and increased the pace at which she was sucking him. Kelly's hand dropped from Dan's ass and disappeared underneath her tennis skirt; when he heard her take a sharp breath through her nose, Dan knew her dainty fingers had found her clit.

Three garage doors down, a light flickered on, and the grinding sound from an aging garage door opener pulled Kelly's mouth from Dan's shaft and her fingers from her clit. She quickly stuffed Dan's cock back through his zipper opening, and moved away from him, picking up her tennis bag and racquet. "Come on. Let's go back to my house," she said over her shoulder, leading the way down the alley, her sexy ass swaying beneath her tennis skirt. Where the alley met the street, she took a right and walked a few doors down, then bounced up the entry steps to a three-story walkup of 1930s vintage.

She keyed the door and Dan followed her in. The structure may have been built decades ago, but the interior had obviously been rehabilitated more recently. Spread out before him was a living area straight from a contemporary interior design showcase. But Dan barely had time to study the front portion of the home. As soon as Kelly had shut the front door, and without saying a word, she led Dan by the hand past the front room and halfway down a hallway, pulling him into a home office.

In one corner of the office sat an antique partners' desk with a Tiffany lamp casting a yellow glow throughout the room. Across from the desk were a leather club chair and matching couch. 'Must be her husband's room,' Dan thought. The walls above the chair rails were painted sterling green – much like the felt on a billiards table – with deep oak paneling below. Built-in bookshelves held volumes from Stephen King, Dan Brown and other such notable authors, various trinkets, and pictures of he and Kelly, and of the two of them and a toddler. Golf prints – one from the 2001 British Open at Royal Lytham caught Dan's eye – adorned the walls.

Kelly pulled Dan onto the couch, and sat on his left, facing him, tucking a leg beneath her. When he settled and his mouth opened to say something, her bright blue eyes smiled into his, and her left hand reached out and cupped the side of his face, pulling it toward her. Their lips met, and Dan felt her sensuous tongue slip into his mouth; he moaned into her, blood rushing to his groin as he settled deeper into the leather couch.

Kelly brushed her hand down his cheek and neck – Dan shuddered as her nails scraped softly against his skin – to his chest, rubbing his pectorals. The two continued their passionate kissing, and Dan moved a hand to Kelly's hips, leaving it there for a moment or two before tracing up the supple lines of her torso. He hesitated a moment, and cupped one of her jutting breasts in his hand, gently kneading the abundant flesh. Receiving no rebuke, he increased his massaging and, through the fabric of her polo shirt, felt her nipple grow and thicken.

Having spurred Dan into action, Kelly slowly dropped her small hand toward his waist, her manicured nails drawing circles across his stomach as she did. While her tongue maintained its invasion of Dan's mouth, she gripped the bottom hem of his shirt and pulled it up, exposing his belt buckle. Gently pulling the belt loose, she deftly released the button of his shorts and pulled the zipper down, spreading the material of his shorts as she went. When Kelly broke their kiss and gave a slight tug at his shorts, Dan lifted his hips from the leather cushion, and she pulled his shorts and boxers to his ankles, where they caught on his shoes. He settled his naked butt back on the cool leather of the cushion.

Her prize now exposed, Kelly lightly ran her nails up and down the shaft of his cock, sending shivers up Dan's spine as he rested his head on the back of the couch. Closing his eyes, he snaked a hand behind her and slowly but firmly rubbed the small of her back. As his cock continued to expand, Kelly wrapped her fingers firmly around it, stroking it, burying her head at the base of his neck, her full, wet lips kissing him there, causing him to moan deep in his throat. Dan opened his eyes to see Kelly's elegant hand wrapped around his cock, her manicured nails almost but not quite meeting. The diamond from her engagement ring glittered in the pale yellow light cast from the desk. He shuddered at the sight, and his breathing increased almost to a pant.

"My, my," she whispered in his ear. "What's got you so excited?"

"You do," Dan breathed.

"You like my large breasts pressed up against you?" she taunted, still in a whisper.

"Mmm-hmm." Kelly suddenly leaned up and buried her hot tongue deep in his mouth, then just as quickly pulled back, her hand stroking his cock all the while. A drop of pre-cum formed at the tip, threatening to break free and run down the shaft.

"My pink tongue in your mouth?" she continued at his ear.

"Yes," he panted, as her dainty fingers swiped pre-cum from the tip of his cock, lubricating the shaft.

"Doesn't bother you that I'm married? That you're in my husband's house, on his couch?"

"Oh, god, no," Dan nearly grunted out, his thick cock pulsing in Kelly's dainty, little hand.

"Oohh, that excites you, huh?" she said a little louder, feeling it tremble. "What excites you about it, Dan?"

"That you . . . shouldn't . . . be doing . . . this," he exhaled, his eyes screwed shut again.

"Doing what, Dan?" Her voice was back to a whisper now, and she blew hot breath into Dan's ear, nibbling at the earlobe. "Stroking a stranger's cock? Acting like a slut with my husband gone?"

"Mmmmm," he barely let out. Kelly increased the pace of her stroking; Dan could feel the back of her wedding ring catch on the ridges of his cock, and groaned from deep in his throat.

"So you like fucking around with married women, huh?" Dan could only nod as Kelly collected more pre-cum and further lubricated his shaft. "Like having their little hands wrapped around this fat cock, rings staring you in the face?" Dan exhaled deeply, moaning, his hips jerking under Kelly's ministrations as pre-cum flowed liberally now from the shiny tip of his cock. His eyes closed in bliss, Dan couldn't see it, but a smile of satisfaction crossed Kelly's lips. She leaned even closer into Dan's ear, her oversized breasts squishing against his shoulder. Whispering even lower, she said, "We're made for each other, Dan."

Kelly pulled away from him and shifted her trim legs so that both were tucked beneath her. She grabbed the bottom hem of her polo shirt and pulled it up over her torso, revealing her bra-encased 34D breasts. Kelly tossed the shirt to the floor and reached behind her with both arms. Her breasts jutted forward and up as she undid the hooks behind her, pulling the bra off in one easy motion. Dan's eyes hooded as her firm breasts, capped with thick, light pink nipples, came into view. A soft tan line surrounded them, revealing that Kelly had sunbathed in a bikini often that summer.

Having discarded the bra, Kelly again leaned toward Dan, dragging her breasts against his chest. She lowered her torso toward his groin, and pulled the now-hanging globes across his crotch. Dan replaced his left hand on the small of her back, venturing lower toward her firm, skirt-covered ass. He felt a thickening nipple scrape across the flesh of his groin before dragging over his twitching cock. Kelly turned her head, shaking her dirty blond tresses from in front of her face, and looked up at him, her bright eyes sparkling in amusement. "Feel good, Dan?" she asked, somewhat needlessly.

"Oh, god, yes," he almost hissed. "You have amazing breasts." She moved her torso up his, dragging her nipples along the shirt that still covered him. She placed her wet, pink lips at his earlobe, sucking it between her teeth and nibbling lightly. She moved slightly, and blew hot breath into his ear.

"They're not breasts, Dan," she whispered, her left hand again finding his thick cock, stroking, pulling, tugging. "They're tits," she said louder, biting hard on the last word. Softer again: "My husband calls them breasts. Everyone else who gets to play with them calls them tits. So call them tits, okay?" she finished, again taking his earlobe between her teeth, the pace of her hand on his shaft increasing. Again, Dan could only nod, but he increased the pressure of the massage he was giving her ass cheeks, slowly pulling her tennis skirt up as he did so.

Kelly's mouth left his ear, and she wasted little time lowering her face Dan's cock, drawing the head between her full lips. She allowed some saliva to escape from her pretty mouth and dribble down the side of his shaft. She dropped her face further, and a few inches of Dan's cock slipped easily into her mouth, Kelly bobbing and twisting her head, her lips locked tightly around the now-slippery shaft.

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