Linda Ch. 02


Chapter two: A Very Difficult Day

Normally Linda loved school and her teaching job, but now she dreaded going each day. Especially with the new demands of her blackmailer. Each one was getting more and more difficult, and they were pushing her to the limits of moral decency. This latest one had her mind a blank as to how she could pull it off. Her blackmailer had demanded that she wear sheer panties to school and that she make sure she showed them. Thoughts of wearing a short skirt and bending over in front of the class seemed too bold, and she quickly ruled this out. Her options were very limited to be sure, but nonetheless she had to come up with something.

She chose her tan and black floral print dress with the tiny pearl buttons down the front, and her very thinnest white panties for her attire of the day. The buttons were much closer together on this dress, and she had to open six of them to be in compliance with the demands of her tormentor. She sat on the edge of the bed, and looked into the mirror at her reflection. Slowly, she began inching the hem of her dress higher on her thighs, until it no longer would block the view between her legs. Next, she started opening her knees to see how far apart they would need to be to allow a look at her panties. It seemed to her that about a foot would work pretty well, and she formulated a plan.

Once in her classroom, Linda went straight to work on her idea. She got on her knees and looked under her desk at the privacy panel in the front. Seeing that it was only held in place by a few screws, Linda looked for something to remove the screws with. It took some doing, but she managed to remove all the screws with a pair of scissors. She quickly hid the panel in her closet, and sat down to wait for her class. Inwardly, she smiled at having been so clever. She would be able to make her exposure appear accidental now.

The bell rang, and the students filled her room, and took their assigned seats. Linda told them that they were going to have a surprise test and then she began handing out the papers. Once all the papers were distributed, she took her seat at her desk, and put her plan into action. She started by calling their attention to her, and then giving them instructions. The entire time, she had allowed her knees to drift apart, and she knew that at least some of the students would be getting a free look if they looked in the right place. She also told them that when they finished, they could just put their heads on their desks, and wait quietly for the bell. They were also instructed to put their tests on her desk as they left the room.

When the bell sounded, students filed past her desk, dropping their papers on her desk. Some chatted with her as they went by, and even some of the girls said they liked her dress. She also heard some of the comments of her male students as they went through the door. Her plan had been a success, as her panties and her "crotch" were the hot topic. Some of the girls had said that she must be a true slut for showing so much, and some even wondered what happened to the panel that normally covered her legs.

Linda repeated this procedure for every class that day, and had managed to make it through. The only thing that had not gone as planned was how wet she had gotten, knowing that she was showing her panties, and that her delicate flower of womanhood had only been thinly veiled. The wetness had increased the transparency more than she expected, and she heard some of the boys describing her curls of gold, and the slit they had very nearly seen. She collected the tests from the last group and put them with all of her other classes papers. Her plans had been to take them home and correct them.

The load of paperwork seemed to be too much, and she didn't want to cut into her and Frank's weekend, so she set half of them back on her desk. Staring her straight in the face on the top of the pile she planned to leave was another note from her blackmailer. She picked it up and began to read.

"I got to see what I wanted, but I'm sure that everybody didn't get to see it. I suggest that you move your desk to the center of the front, so everyone can see a sluts gash. Tonight, you are going to go home topless. Since you wore a dress, I guess you will go home naked. Take a pair of scissors with when you leave. Remove your dress when you get to your car, and cut it up and throw it in the garbage can. Have a nice day."

Linda picked a small pair of scissors from her desk, and left the room. Her car was parked in the lot designated for faculty only, and was located between the school and the football field. She waited until hers was the only car left, before following her instructions. She figured that certainly, someone was going to be watching, and she quickly removed and shredded the garment. She made a brisk walk to her car, and reached into her purse for her keys. To her horror, she couldn't find her car keys! All she found was a small note folded tightly, which she opened and read.

"We're playing hide and go seek with your keys. The first clue is that they are in the boys locker room inside a looker. Good hunting."

Linda felt all the color drain from her cheeks. The boys locker room should be empty, but not for long. The football team was practicing and she knew they would be done in about twenty minutes or so. She had to act fast, and so she took off her high-heels clutched her purse in her other hand, and sprinted towards the boys locker room entrance. Her breasts ached as they bounced vigorously, and her heart was pounding as she opened the door, and went in. She stood near the entrance, listening and hoping no one was in there. The coast was clear, and she set about looking for her keys.

Most of the lockers were locked, and she had to stop and think for a minute. Then it dawned on her. Check locker number sixty-nine! Her heart sank as she looked inside, only to find another note addressed to her. Checking her watch, she figured she only had about fourteen minutes left before the entire football team came crashing through the doors. Being caught naked in there would not be a good thing. She tore the note open, and quickly read it.

"I will text a number to your phone where you can find your keys. Don't forget to smile cause the camera's watching you."

Her phone rang signaling an incoming message. She read the number and ran to the designated locker. She almost laughed out loud, when she saw her keys hanging inside. Looking back at her watch, she knew there wasn't time to go back the way she came, so she took the only other option. Slowly she opened the door into the main hall, and looked to see if it was clear. Luck was with her, and she walked into the hall, and turned towards the doors that led to the parking lot. Linda was just about to turn the corner, when she heard two of the night janitors talking. She turned and ran back the way she came.

Linda had thoughts of trying to make her way around the halls without getting caught, but another option presented itself. The girls locker room, was right next to the boys, and if she got lucky, there might be something to wear in there. If the door wasn't locked, of course. Her luck was still holding out, because the door hadn't been locked yet, and she went inside.

Linda rummaged through the open lockers, until she found one that had some clothes in it. However, what she found wasn't much help. She did find a skirt, but it was made of lycra/spandex, and it was way too small. The top she found was also way too small, and to make matters worse, it was mesh with a pattern of rather large holes. She also found a sports bra, but there was no way she could squeeze into it. It appeared that the bra was meant to wear under the mesh top as an outfit.

Linda couldn't find anything else, so she returned to the clothes in hand. It took everything she could do, but she managed to pull the shiny blue skirt on. It fit her like a second skin and it was entirely too short. When it was over her hips like it should be, half her ass was exposed, and it was worse in the front. There was no hiding her blond curls, and her most intimate parts. She tugged the skirt down to where it covered her, or at least mostly covered her ass, and looked in the mirror. Her blond curls were fluffed out over the top hem of the skirt, but it would have to do. The mesh top was a little better, as it was larger and would be loose over the sports bra. Linda figured that the girl these clothes belonged to must be very tiny.

The dark blue mesh covered her tits, but that was it. Her flat tummy was exposed, and she also saw that her nipples poked into the top, forming little tents. The little tents didn't last long as first one and then the other nipple slipped through a hole. Having no other options, Linda literally ran out of the locker room. She burst through the outer doors, just as the football team was leaving the practice field. Still carrying her shoes, she sprinted across the parking lot to her car. Out of breath and smiling to her self, she was inside the cars before any of the players had spotted her.

Just as Linda started the motor, her phone rang. She noted the caller ID and saw that Frank was calling her, so she answered the call.

"Hi dear, I was just going to call you." She lied.

"You're late and I was beginning to get worried." Her husband said.

"I'm sorry, but I did a stupid thing this morning, and locked my keys in the car." She lied, "I called a locksmith, and he should be here soon to help me."

"Oh. I see." Frank replied. "Well, I'm not sure I'll be here when you get home. I have a late meeting with a client tonight, and I just wanted to let you know that I would miss dinner."

"Oh, that's OK sweetie." Linda said. "I didn't have anything in mind for dinner anyway. Why didn't you tell me this earlier, and how long will you be out?"

"It just came up. One of our biggest clients walked into my office just as I was leaving, and so I got stuck going out with him. Seems he's in town for some kind of convention, and he was looking for a way to kill an evening." Frank said. "I hope I won't be out too late. Are you going to be OK getting home, or do you need me to come get you. We could always take you along with us tonight and pick up the car later."

"Oh no, you go ahead." Linda replied quickly. The last thing she needed was for her husband and his client to see her dressed like she was. "I'll be ok. The guy is pulling in now honey. I will see you when you get home. I love you."

"Love you too. Bye." Frank then hung up.

Linda pulled the car out of the lot, and began her drive home. The interstate wasn't as crowded tonight probably because she had missed the rush hour traffic. All she could think of was getting home, and getting rid of this ridiculous outfit she was wearing. She didn't realize how fast she was going, until the flashing red and blue lights filled her mirror. Linda pulled the car to the side of the road, and wondered what else could go wrong. Here she was waiting for a police officer to come up to her car, and she was nearly showing everything she had!

"Good evening." The officer greeted.

"Hello." Linda timidly replied.

"License, registration, and proof of insurance, please." He said.

Linda fumbled in her purse for the documents, but dropped them to the floor in her haste. She had to turn on the interior lights to find the requested papers, and when she did, she heard the officer take a sharp breath. Obviously, he wasn't prepared to see a nearly naked woman.

Linda handed him the papers, and quickly turned off the interior lights. The officer walked back to his patrol car and seemed to stay there forever. When he returned, he handed the documents back in through the window, and stood there for a few moments before speaking.

"Mrs. Tulls, do you know why you were pulled over this evening?" he said.

"No officer. Was I speeding?" she asked.

"Yes, you were doing seventy in a fifty-five zone." He replied. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to step out of the vehicle."

Linda knew this was not an ordinary request for just a speeding violation, but she also knew why he wanted her out of the car. This guy wanted a better look at her! She also knew it would be useless to argue or protest, and so she pulled herself together as much as the wicked little nothing she was wearing would allow, and got out of the car.

"Mrs. Tulls, please step to the side of the road. We don't want you to get hit buy a car." The officer ordered.

Linda walked around her car, and this was when she saw the second officer standing there. The cool night air wasn't helping her as she could see her hard nipples poking through the top in the headlights of the police car.

"Mrs. Tulls," the officer began, "We have reason to believe that you have drugs on you or in the car, and we would like to have your permission to search your vehicle."

"Go ahead, and look if you want." She said. "I don't have any drugs. I am a school teacher, and a member of our schools anti-drug league."

"What class do you teach? Sex education?" the other officer asked, and then they both laughed.

"Now wait just a minute!" Linda angrily said. "I know my rights, and I think I should talk to my attorney!"

"Calm down Mrs. Tulls." The first officer replied. "We can take care of this the easy way or we can all go downtown, and sort this all out. It's up to you which way we go."

Linda stopped talking, realizing that going downtown dressed like this would not be a good idea. Why hadn't she paid closer attention to her driving, she scolded herself? She stood quietly while the second officer searched her car. The first officer stood watching the scantily dressed blond, while his partner did his job.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have here!" the second officer said as he got out of the back seat of the car. He was holding a cellophane bag that contained a white, powdery substance. Linda's mind quickly told her that she was being set up, and now she became afraid.

"That's not mine!" Linda said.

"Possession of cocaine is a very serious offence Mrs. Tulls." The first officer said. "I'm afraid we're going to have to search you for more drugs and possibly hidden weapons."

"Just where in the hell do you think I would hide...." She blurted out.

The two officers just smiled at her, and her ridiculously obvious statement. Of course there was no place she could hide anything in the clothes she was wearing. All three of them knew why she was going to be searched, and it certainly had nothing to do with hidden drugs or weapons. Linda's eyes welled up with tears as the first officer took her hands and cuffed them behind her back. She was extremely humiliated when he bent her over the fender of her car, and kicked her feet apart. Rage exploded in her heart as the second cop ran his hands over her ass, and then up over her barely concealed tits. He blatantly groped her for what seemed like an eternity, before stepping back.

"Your turn partner." He said.

The humiliation was repeated, and the officer's hands freely explored her body. This time, though, she felt the hem of the tiny dress being rolled up, and the cool air on her ass, and damp pussy verified her exposure. Fingers probed between her ass cheeks and then into her wet pussy. Linda felt like crying as the cop pushed his fingers in and out, before withdrawing them and stepping back.

"She's not hiding anything in her skirt or her pussy for that matter. I think she's clean." He said.

The other cop said, "You didn't search her like they showed us in training. I'll show you how it's done."

He stepped forward, and pulled up the mesh top that the frightened blond woman was wearing, causing her firm tits to spill out. His hands roughly mauled her tits, and he pulled at her nipples so hard she nearly cried out in pain. Just as suddenly, he let them drop and chuckled as her tits bounced. He forced one then two fingers into her sopping pussy, and roughly stroked them in and out. When he pulled them out, he put them to the woman's lips, and forced them into her mouth, commenting that she wasn't hiding anything in her mouth. Linda was disgusted that she had just had his fingers in her mouth after they had been in her pussy, and she felt like vomiting, but maintained as much composure as she could. The officers fingers returned to her pussy, and he fucked them in and out again. Once again the fingers withdrew and she breathed a momentary sigh of relief. Then she felt the fingers pushing against her asshole. She bit her lip to keep from crying as the officer pushed his fingers deep into her virgin ass. Never in her life had anything been where his fingers were, and she desperately wanted them out.

"Please, don't" she sobbed.

"Well Mrs. Tulls," the officer said as he pulled his fingers out of her ass, "We have a serious situation here tonight, but I think we can find a way to work it out."

"That's right." His partner added. "I don't see any need for you to go to jail for possession of drugs, and resisting arrest."

That last part floored Linda! Just when had she resisted arrest? "Please." Was all she could say as she softly sobbed. So much was going through her mind that she didn't even realize that her blouse skirt was still rolled up and she was still exposed.

"I think that a good fuck would make everyone feel better right now, don't you Mrs. Tulls?" The second officer asked.

Linda hung her head and nodded agreement. The first officer led her back to their squad car, and climbed into the back seat. Linda watched numbly as he pulled his hard cock from his pants and rolled the rubber down over it. He pulled Linda inside, and slipped his cock into her wet pussy as she sat on his lap. The two fucked quickly and within ten minutes, the first officer had finished. The second officer followed suit, and soon he too was satisfied.

"Mrs. Tulls," The first officer said, "Please watch your speed, and drive safely tonight."

"You might want to adjust your clothes before leaving, as well." The second officer laughed.

Linda adjusted her clothes and walked woodenly to her car, and got in. The police cruiser pulled out, and Linda cried out loud as she pulled back onto the interstate, thankful to be on her way home again, and hoping nothing else would go wrong. Her emotions were a mixture of shame and desire. She was deeply ashamed at having been unfaithful even though it had been forced on her, and at the same time, she had been very turned on by the whole scene. A beeping and blinking icon on her dashboard interrupted her state of confusion. She was running out of gas!

Of all the luck! And in the worst part of the city too! Linda would have to stop and get gas, but the only place to pull over was in an area known as the projects. The area was well known for it's high crime rate, and gang activity. It was definitely an area to be avoided at night, especially if a person was alone. Linda trembled as she stopped at the bottom of the off ramp. She spotted a small convenience store that sold gas, and she pulled the car up to the pumps.

It looked as if no one was around, and she got out of the car, and put just enough gas in to get home. She didn't want to spend any more time here than absolutely necessary. The next problem was how to pay for the gas, but seeing as there was no solution other than to just walk into the store and pay, she started towards the door. From the shadows, she heard a voice speaking to her.

"Hey bitch. How much for a fuck?" the voice asked.

Linda ignored the question and continued into the store. The clerk was a thin, elderly black man, dressed in some kind of store uniform shirt, and he leered at Linda as she handed him the money. He grumbled and took it from her hand, and she thought she heard him say something about stupid white crack whore, but she wasn't sure. Without a word, she turned and exited the store.

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