Lingerie Loving Lesbians


Once I had regained myself Emily slipped my panties off my right heel and put them against my pussy. She dabbed them slightly against my lips and also on the seat cover (obviously my juices were dripping).

"I think we should try that one again."

"What do you mean?" I said.

Emily answered by gently inserting my panties in to my vagina. The sensation was still one of pleasure on my flesh.

"I'll do the same she said." Emily stood up with her yellow string and stuffed it in to her own pussy.

She then straddled me and brushed her hands through my hair while kissing me gently on the lips.

"Oh dear, what made you think of that?" I asked.

Just then the door of the bathrooms opened again. Again we had a close encounter but our presence was not revealed.

"I think it is your turn," I suggested to Emily.

"I think we should wait for our knickers to get really wet."

Emily took some make-up out of her hand bag and started to re-do me. I was so flattered by all this attention. I am sure she was putting too much on but I was not about to complain.

After 5 minutes of make-up, Emily got back down to her knees and inserted her fingers in my pussy to retrieve my panties. They came out without any resistance obviously benefitting from my still moist pussy and smeared in my juices. Emily then slid my now slimy panties up her legs over her stockings. I could see the glistening juice all over them as she pulled them tight around her crotch.

"Can I smell?" I asked.

"I could hardly deny you."

She stepped forward to allow me to sniff. Not nearly as strong as I thought it would be but then maybe that was because it was my smell.

"Oh I forgot. Yours."

Emily pulled what were now her panties the side to remove her g-string.

"All yours," as she handed them to me.

I stood and put them on.

"Don't forget the pantyhose." I had dropped them on the floor by now. I had one last sniff before I encased my legs with Emily's musky sex smell. As I peeled them up my legs more of the aroma was released.

Emily got dressed slipping her hot pants over her stockings and garters. My large white knickers were visible over the top of her pants.

I also got dressed and we agreed to leave the bathroom separately. We hugged and kissed then Emily left first while waited for a few minutes.

When I got back to my desk I decided that it would be best if I went home early. I caught the usual bus home secretly hoping someone would notice the aroma of pussy juices wafting from my g-string and pantyhose. I couldn't help but wonder what our next meeting would reveal.

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