I've known Lisa since my wife and I started dating in college. At that time Lisa was all of thirteen or fourteen years and was filed to the category of "my girlfriend's little sister" in my mind for years. Cute, but harmless. As I watched her grow older though I watched her grow in more ways then one. By the time she graduated high school track and soccer had turned Lisa into an athletic, beautiful girl who still enjoyed wrestling with her siblings from time to time and sneaking drinks from her parents bar.

A few years later, after college and her first real job as a teacher, Lisa evolved further into a vibrant, witty, and exceedingly sexy young woman. She stood at a perfect height, long blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and a quirky ever present half smile/smirk that I savored receiving. She still was very athletic but due to her job she didn't have quite as much free time as she did in the past, so her curves had smoothed out in a pleasing manner. She still lived with her mom, but I didn't hold that against her.

I always enjoy any time I get to spend with Lisa at family gatherings or events. I try very hard to not let my gaze linger too long on her, but at times it is very hard not to stare from across the room as she struts about in a skirt, or comes home from working out and heads up stairs for a shower. There has been many a night that as I made love to my wife I've imagined Lisa pinned to the table below me, Lisa's hot skin pressed against my chest as I stroke deeply into her, Lisa's nipple in my mouth, Lisa moaning in my ear.

At a recent New Years Eve get together at my mother-in-law's house the whole family and extended family was gathered for the standard fare of food, booze, and fun. (Her family really gets into holidays, there have been many a night that has ended with people crashed on couches and stacked two or three to a bed when they wake up the next day.) My wife and I arrived a bit late since we live no where close to her mother's and the weather was not all that great, but quickly joined in the revelry.

I saw Lisa soon after arriving and made my way over to where she and her boyfriend were standing talking to some cousin or other. She looked absolutely stunning and I was instantly envious of her boyfriend, as usual. Lisa was wearing a cute fuzzy white sweater that hugged her form in a most alluring way, a very conservative yet somehow sexy long skirt that went down below her knees and some black short heels that gave enough lift to shape her calves and show off her painted nails. (She has cute feet, so sue me.)

We chatted for a while about nothing, the four of us. Periodically one of us would head off and grab some refills on drinks for the others, or get pulled into another conversation with another group. For most of the night Lisa and I ended up dispersing and reuniting at seemingly random points in the party. I noticed, not without a small, well very small, bit of guilt that as the evening wore on and the drinks poured she became more animated, more touchy, and was want to lean in to talk in my ear as opposed to just talking louder when we had problems hearing. Of course I did not enjoy this since each time she leaned in she inevitably pressed her ample breast against my arm.

Around eleven we had managed to meet up again in a group talking about computers. Since I am an engineer by trade everyone of course assumes I am also a computer expert so I faced a small circle of alcohol blurred non-technical relatives who assumed I could help. Once they realized I was really not able to serve the killing blow to the problem being discussed the group quickly dissolved, leaving me and Lisa yet again talking. Because of the volume of the party and the small confines of the house I ended up having to lean in pretty close once more to talk to her as she tried to explain some problem she was having with her PC. I really didn't care that much about it but feigning an inability to really hear that well I was given an excuse to just stare in her eyes and at her lips as she talked, so I stayed.

My wife meandered into our circle of two, and got quickly bored, but suggested that I should just go take a look at it, then wandered off to watch some weird drinking game going on in the dining room.

Lisa looked at me, shrugged her shoulders as if to say "why not" and started walking towards the stairs leading up to the second floor of the house, me close at her heels.

I followed her up the stairs, watching her hips sway with each step, her skirt sliding up and down her calves as they flex with each step, and her tight, curvy ass hidden by the thin fabric. I was paying so much attention to her backside when she paused at the top of the stairs I ran right into her. She stumbled forward and I instinctively grabbed the railing and hooked one arm around her waist pulling her close to me. After what was probably a second too long I let go, asking if she was okay, her light scent still clinging to me as we separated. She giggled a bit and blamed herself, continuing to walk towards her room down the hall where the gimped PC was.

Her room was on the left at the end of the hall, off of which there were three other bedrooms. As we passed on of the first rooms she came to another stop and leaned towards the door simultaneously motioning for me to come closer to her and to be quiet in a conspiratory manner.

I quickly closed the few feet to her and leaned in close to the door next to her listening. At first I didn't hear anything, but after a few seconds I heard the telltale sounds of two people energetically fucking, though trying to be quiet. Still slightly bent over she backed away continuing on towards her door, stifling a giggle with her hand. Quickly the squeaking and panting coming from behind the door fell behind. We stumbled into her room and as soon as the door was shut started laughing out loud. I sat down on the chair at her desk, while she sat on her bed.

"Wow, so.. umm.. that was interesting." I stated, not sure how to address the fact that someone, one of our relatives was busy in the room down the hall. I tried to run down who was missing in the party downstairs but couldn't pinpoint anyone specific.

"That's got to be Kim, has got to be, she is such a slut!" she laughed. "She and Jason are always sneaking away and going at it. If it's not her room it's a bathroom, if its not there it's the garage." Lisa calmed a bit and smirked, giggling a bit in spurts. "I have walked in on them more times then I want to remember." She made a motion of finality with her right hand.

That made sense, Kim was the middle sister of the family and was, as Lisa said, a bit of a tramp. The fact that she still lived at her mother's house, was in her thirties and couldn't hold down a job for any real length of time also spoke volumes about her ambition in life.

I dragged my attention back from the image of Kim getting drilled 20 feet away from me to the vision of innocent sexuality in front of me, sitting on a bed in her room.

I sighed.

"So, what's up with your computer?" Ah well.

Lisa bounced up to her feet and walked over to the desk. I scooted a bit to the side to give her the driver's position in front of the keyboard and monitor. She moved the mouse, realized the PC wasn't on, pressed the power button and stood to wait the minute or so it takes for the machine to boot.

She took a seat to the left of the keyboard on the wooden desk, her legs dangling, and motioned for me to wheel the chair back and take over.

"when it boots this error message pops up, saying something about memory not readable or something, then it sometimes crashes and sometimes doesn't." Some of the playfulness had left her voice, and sounded a bit bored with the subject.

We both sat quietly for a few seconds, watching as the machine slowly booted. The noise a few rooms down suddenly escalated and we could clearly hear someone uttering a succession of "yes"s. We both smiled then burst out in embarrassed laughing again.

Lisa fidgeted a bit, her cheeks flushed from drink and laughing, wriggling her butt a bit as if to find a more comfortable sitting position on the desk, leaning forward on her hands some while we waited. Her skirt had hiked up a fair amount due to her sitting and her not adjusting it as modesty would suggest when she sat revealing some tantalizing thigh above her knees.

She swung her legs a bit, and bumped my chair once. For some reason she decided to do it again lightly kicking my chair.

"What are you doing, brat." I said, using her nickname from when she was younger.

She fake-frowned at me then kicked the chair harder.

"Stop it!" I said, and quickly grabber her leg below the knee as she kicked again stopping her from kicking. Aware at how warm and smooth her skin felt beneath my hand I quickly let go.

"Do it again and I'll give you a charlie-horse." I threatened.

She smiled, then immediately kicked my chair again. I leaned in and gave her partially exposed thigh a quick, but admittedly light closed hand smack.

She rocked back and laughed a beautiful light laugh, then leaned towards me again, putting her face close to mine.

"Is that all you got old man?" She said teasingly. Now I am older then she certainly, but my mid thirties didn't seem that old to her mid twenties. She kicked yet again.

This time I was ready and decided to see where she might want to go. In a swift movement I leaned forward again and using both hands placed above each knee and stood, pinning both legs to the desk with my weight. Leaning forward a bit my face was inches away from hers.

"Better?" I ask. Lisa is all of 120 pounds and is much shorter then I, so with her back to the wall on the desk and my weight pinning her legs there wasn't much she could do.

She leaned in until her nose touch mine wearing a slightly different smile then before.

"Much more in line with what I was looking for." She murmured, my senses once more filled with the scent of her shampoo. She leaned in and kissed me, long and slow, her lips tasting of some flavor of berry I notice absently.

She pulled back some looking me in the eyes. "I've wanted to do that since high school." The playfulness back in her voice.

I was stunned, but didn't exactly back away.

"I'm sorry, did I upset you?" genuine concern in her voice.

"No, no not at all! I was just trying to shift gears here I think." I stated, a bit muddled by the events as well as the alcohol.

"Oh, in that case.." she leaned in to kiss me again, one hand caressing the side of my face, the other going to the back of my neck. My until now forgotten hands moved, one slid along her smooth, toned skin on her thigh the other to the small of her back. Lisa spread her legs and pulled me into her embrace fully, still seated on the desk.

We kissed eagerly, enjoying the adrenaline rush that comes with such clandestine activates. My left hand moved further along beneath her skirt running along her hot thigh, then to the small of her back. Lisa then pulled herself tight against me, her crotch and bunched skirt pressed firmly against my rock hard cock, her breasts crushing against my chest as we embrace.

She pushed me back suddenly, an eager look on hr face.

"From what my sister tells me you like to take chances when you fool around. Have you ever thought about me in those ways?"

"All the time" I breathed "since about the time you were in high school as well." I added sheepishly.

Lisa stood, reached under her skirt and hooking both thumbs under her panties pulled then down to her ankles in one swift motion. She kicked them off one foot, and left the panties, white, soft, lacy, hanging around her right ankle like a fallen garter. She hopped back up on the desk still clothed and spread her legs, feet on the edge of the desk and knees bent, enticingly.

"Well, I think we have a good forty-five minutes or so to kill before we are missed." She said quietly.

I reached forward and lifted the skirt up and out of the way, it falling into a bunch at her waist to reveal her to my gaze. Her pussy was perfect, trimmed just right with a patch at the top, and beautiful lips. She wiggled her hips slightly.

"You like?" she asked quietly?

I leaned forward, sitting back down on the chair and close to her offered pussy. She smelled of light flowers perhaps, or fruit it was hard to tell. Her scent was not strong, but smooth. My hands found their way to each side of her ass and I leaned in further, lips skimming down the inside of her thigh, kissing lightly.

"I guess you do... mmmm" she leaned her head back, her weight shifting to her arms behind her, enjoying the tease.

Laying light kisses in ever decreasing circles around her I stretched out the inevitable as long as possible, until no longer able to restrain myself I dipped my tongue between her lips. Lisa arched her back, pressing her pussy into me, moaning slightly as I start in earnest on her. Alternating between running my tongue the length of her slit, tasting her sweetness, and probing deeper into her hole. Lisa's moaning became more constant, she wriggling, trying to get her clit between my lips, became more and more aggressive.

After teasing her for a bit I took her clit lightly between my lips and sucked lightly, running my lips and tongue in a pulsing pattern over her.

"Oh fuck yeah!" she gasped, still trying to be quiet "sis was right you are good at that.. shit!" Not very teacher like I decide, but I like it. She moved one hand to the back of my head and alternated guiding my lips to just running her hands through my hair.

In a few minutes of active attention to her clit she crunched forward, both hands on my head crushing my tongue and lips against her now sopping pussy.

"cummming... oh my god... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm " Lisa bit her lower lip to keep as quiet as possible, her eyes closed as she rode a wave of pleasure, then a subsequent smaller crest immediately after. After orgasaming she collapsed back against the wall, and breathed hard for a few seconds.

A door banged, then we could hear voices in the hall. We both froze, our hearts racing from a different type of rush. The voices though disappeared and we could hear footfalls on the stairs going down.

"Kim." Stated Lisa simply, then collapsed back giggling again. I relaxed, no longer worried about the door flinging open and my wife standing there catching me eating out her younger sister instead of helping her with a PC problem.

"mmm that was very good I must say. My boyfriend never gives me head."

"His loss I would say."

"mmmm.. so.. what should I do to return the favor?" She asked, quirking an eyebrow.

"Well, I'm sure you can think of a suitable reward." I said standing.

Lisa leaned forward, her slim hand caressing the bulge in my pants. Her smile broadened a bit, then she deftly undid my belt and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. They fell to the floor in a heap.

"No underwear?"

"Actually I never wear any. Habit from my days spent in the woods."

Lisa laughed "Whatever floats your boat babe." She caressed my cock now released from the chocking confines of my dress trousers.

"I think.. " she started " I want this " she emphasized by giving my cock a gentle tug "inside me." She leaned back on her elbows this time.

Not wanting to disappoint I sidled close to the edge of the desk, and with my left hand gently tease her wet pussy with the tip of my cock.

"mmm.. we don't have all night, just fuck me, you know you want to.. " she breathed

I slid my cock shaft along her lips, resting it on her wet pussy and moving myself with slow thrusts of my pelvis.

"I don't exactly have any condoms Lisa." I manage to get out, some small part of my brain still working.

"Sis told me you had a vasectomy last year right?" Lisa said, sounding almost annoyed.

"Yeah..." I started.

"Well don't worry about it " she said, looking me straight in the eyes " I want to feel you cum inside me. I want to walk downstairs and go to the rest of the party with your cum inside my pussy. I want you to remember what it feels like to have my legs wrapped around your waist and your cock buried balls deep inside me pumping me with your load every time you look at me talking with my sisters."

I really didn't have any other objections at that point.

Guiding my cock inside her in slow but constant thrusts with one hand, my other hand grabbed her waist. In short order my cock was buried nearly balls deep as she had said and I was leaning down and kissing her passionately once more. Her pussy felt amazing, nearly boiling hot, tight and slick. I slowly stroked while leaning in to kiss her, each long, slow dip punctuated by soft moan escaping Lisa's lips in between kisses.

I moved my hand up to caress her breasts through her sweater, but got annoyed with the amount of clothing she was still wearing.

"Take that off, I want to see all of you." I said, pulling out and taking a step back.

Lisa sat up quickly, and shucked her sweater up and off her head, revealing more of her stunning body. Her bra was a matching light lacy thing barely keeping her breasts in check. She reached behind her and undid it, shrugging her shoulders slightly then throwing the clothing on her bed across the room.

She arched her back and stretched, free from the confines of her bra.

I caressed her breasts, playing with one of her big nipples, then leaned in to kiss her again. Her tits were firm, round, warm and soft to the touch with large areolas and nipples set high. Her students are lucky they are too young to notice such things; otherwise they would never get any class work done.

After enjoying her tits and kisses for a few moments I pushed her gently back onto the desk.

"Much better" I smiled.

Holding onto her bent knees I pulled her to the edge of the desk so she could lay flat on her back, her tits moving with her breathing as she looked up at me, one hand tracing a nipple I had just sucked. Her skirt, still on, had fallen into a puddle of cloth above her pussy, covering her lower stomach.

I pushed her legs back towards her chest, fully exposing her pussy and asscrack to me, pussy juice glistening in her slit and running down around her cute little dark asshole. I gazed at this for a second, then ran a finger along her lips, down her crack and gently rub her asshole.

"mmmmm.." she moaned, and started to play with her breasts and nipples while I explored.

I ran my finger back up and worked it into her pussy. I pulled the finger out and placed it on her lips, letting her smell and taste her own juices. Lisa took my finger in her mouth and sucked slowly, her tongue running around my finger before releasing it.

Pushing her legs back and up so her knees now almost touched her breasts I held them in place with one hand while once more working my cock into her pussy. Once I was in I then simply used both hands to keep her legs up and pussy fully exposed so I could fuck her with long, deep, hard strokes.

With each thrust her tits bounced and her breathing got heavier. Lisa alternated between playing with her own breasts, to grabbing her desk for support as I fucked her.

"yesss.. that's it, fuck me.. I want to feel you cum inside me, promise me you will " she hissed between gasps.

"I promise Lisa, you have no idea how good you feel brat" I said, pulling up her childhood nickname. I couldn't believe this cum slut on the desk in front of me was the same girl I had wrestled with and watched grow up! She was so sexualized, so amazing it was mind bending. But very, very good.

I felt my balls tighten, the familiar precum tingle passing through my groin and cock. I started to thrust harder, pressing her legs up further; her knees now touched her tits and pushed her up against the wall, he head banging the wall. She braced with one hand against the wall the other hand hooked behind a knee to help keep her open and tight for my enjoyment.

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