tagSci-Fi & FantasyLisanne: Into The Woods

Lisanne: Into The Woods


Once again, Lisanne felt compelled to stray from the pathway and venture into the shady,cool canopy of trees. The woods had always been a favorite place for Lisanne to spend time meditating and recharging after a stressful day. Usually she stayed on the walking path and enjoyed the smells and sounds of the forest without having to don hiking boots and mosquito repellent, but lately the shadowy depth of trees had beckoned to her...something seemed to reach out into the sunny open pathway and urge Lisanne to 'come inside..I am here..'

She had not added hiking boots to her 'after-work' change of clothes, but HAD thrown in a sample sized bottle of spray-on bug repellent. So as she stood just outside the wall of trees separating light from dark, she liberally applied the spray to her arms, legs, neck...everywhere. Lisanne was well aware of the discomfort of dozens of insect bites on parts of her body that shouldn't be scratched in public!

Wiping her oily hands on her cut-offs (which were part of her standard 'wind down after work' attire) Lisanne found a spot in the tangle of trees and vines that looked navigable, and stepped into the woods.

The feeling that had pestered her every other evening that week came over her again....as if something deep in the woods had called out to her, begging her to come closer. Strangely, she did not find this to be a 'creepy' feeling, instead she felt a strange excitement as she ventured deeper into the mossy world.

A small clearing opened before her, rather unexpectedly, and Lisanne realized she was slightly out of breath. The hike must have been uphill, because she had worked up a sweat. After taking a couple of drinks from her water-bottle, she looked around for a place to sit and rest for a minute.

To her left was a fallen tree, covered with moss on one side, but fairly clean and smooth on the top. As she started to sit down, she realized that the tree was NOT dead, just bent over at a crazy angle by some force of nature she could not imagine! The roots still clung firmly into the ground, and green leaves were visible on the far-reaching branches that spread out around her.

Lisanne sat down on the broad trunk and wiggled to find a comfortable position. She found that straddling the trunk was much better and so she prepared to rest there a while, still catching her breath.

Suddenly she became aware of a movement underneath her! She jumped from her seat and looked down expecting to see a frog or some other woodland critter she had accidentally sat on. But the only thing there was a strange protrusion appearing to grow out of the tree trunk. Lisanne knew it had not been there before, but now here it was!

It looked kind of like a new branch just sprouting from the tree. Lisanne touched it---it was WARM, and as she watched in amazement, it appeared to grow another half inch in length!

Lisanne knelt down for a closer look. The 'sprout' was almost perpendicular to the rest of the trunk, and very sturdy. It was sheathed in a soft green moss, except on the very tip, which was slightly damp from some type of secretion coming from a cleft in the tip!

As Lisanne realized what the strange growth reminded her of, she laughed out loud! A penis-shaped fast-growing sprout that seemed now to respond to her laughter! Yes, as she chuckled in amazement, the thing seemed to expand and extend in length, and she felt the uncontrollable urge to touch it again.

Taking it in her hand and squeezing, Lisette was astounded when it felt pliable, and even more shocked when she felt a distinct pulsating sensation coming from the trunk itself!

The compelling call to 'come closer' enveloped Lisanne once more, and she realized that her shorts were damp from a slickened pussy! 'What in the world?' she thought, as she tried to resist the urge to remove her cut-offs and panties. As soon as they hit the ground, Lisanne noticed that the budding growth has swollen larger at the tip and the entire 'member' was pulsating rhythmically!!

At this point, all reason left Lisanne, and she swung one leg over the trunk so that the strange branch was right in front of her, softly brushing against her pubic hair. Lisanne could not believe what she was about to do! Carefully, she lifted her butt off the tree and positioned herself over the bulging growth. She felt the tip of it tickling against her pussy, and suddenly she was pushed beyond logic. She lowered herself onto the woody shaft...feeling it slide into her, thick and hard. She once again rested on the trunk of the tree, with the woody cock deep inside her. It's mossy covering felt insanely good rubbing and filling the walls of her vagina.

Lisanne raised herself slightly, then lowered herself again. Once more she felt the shaft grow within her. She continued to do this, and it seemed as though the growth was pushing up into her as she continued to grind on it. They rhythm

increased and Lisanne could hear a familiar 'slurping' sound with each thrust. She was breathing very heavily now, and a warm tingle began to spread from her crotch to her belly and into her arms and legs.

The woody cock felt as if it were heating up with each thrust, and the friction was maddening for Lisanne. She bounced up and down faster, leaning forward and gripping the bark surface in front of her. Then, the wood expanded within her so much that she literally could not lower herself onto the trunk any more!

Lisanne cried out in pain and pleasure, and the mossy shaft seemed to thicken and pulsate wildly! Lisanne felt the orgasm coming and arched her back , pushing her butt down hard against the trunk. She felt an insane movement inside her that targeted her G-spot relentlessly.....and within moments she began to spasm explosively. Her legs wound tightly around the tree, her fingers gripped the sides, breaking off pieces of bark. Her back arched violently and she came again and again....until finally, (and mercifully) the shaft began to slow it's wild movements.

Now, as Lisanne gripped the tree in shock and ecstasy, the woody cock pulsated once more, and exploded within her so hard she felt as though she was being shot off the tree trunk like a bottle-rocket!

Then, it was over....Lisanne leaned forward and rested against the trunk. She felt the shaft softening and withdrawing from inside her. She was panting with exhaustion, and more satisfied than she had ever been in her life!

After a few moments, the reality of what had happened began to set in, and Lisanne sat up on the tree, feeling the sticky warmth beneath her.

When she had composed herself enough to stand, she looked down at where the pulsating woody cock had been. Only a tiny green nub remained! But all around it, and all over Lisanne's pussy and inner thighs, there remained proof of this woodsy encounter......everything was slathered in sweet sticky....maple syrup!

And Lisanne HAD worked up an appetite!

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