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Lita Meets Ashley


At the arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey, the 2005 Raw Diva Search winner, Ashley Massaro is on the phone with her new boyfriend, Matt Hardy. Ashley laughs at a comment Matt just made before they start saying goodbye.

"Ok Matt... as soon as I'll just get my bag and I'll see you outside..." Ashley hangs up her cell phone and slips it in her pocket. As she turns around she sees Amy Dumas, also known as Lita and also known as Matt Hardy's ex-girlfriend. Amy has her arms crossed as she looks at Ashley.

"Well... I see Matt didn't waste time finding a rebound girlfriend..." Amy says as she checks Ashley out.

Ashley smiles politely, "Ummm Amy... Matt was with someone else before he got with me and after he dumped you..."

"Oh I know that..." Amy laughs, "But that doesn't count... that skank wasn't in the WWE... you are." Amy starts to approach Ashley, who backs up a bit.

"Amy.... listen... I don't want any trouble...." Ashley says as she backs up nervously. Amy licks her lips and then smirks.

"Neither do I... I just want to make sure... you're woman enough for Matt..." Amy backs Ashley up against a wall.

"You... what?" Ashley raises an eyebrow as Amy places a hand on her hip.

"You heard me... just because I'm no longer with Matt... doesn't mean I don't want the best for him..." Amy strokes the right side of Ashley's face with her hand. "And so far... I only see that you're hot enough for Matt... but there's something much more important I need to know..."

Ashley coughs slightly, "And... what's that?"

Amy licks her lips and moves her head closer to Ashley's, "I need to know... how you fuck... Matt has a quality dick... and I need to know if you can handle it..."

Ashley swallows a bit, "Ummm I've done okay with it..." Ashley laughs nervously, "So I don't... need your advice..."

Amy licks Ashley's lips as she moves a hand underneath her top. "I'm not here to give you advice... I'm here to fuck you..."

"What..." Before Ashley can get what she wants to say totally out, Amy grabs her face and kisses her deeply, sliding her tongue into Ashley's mouth. Ashley tries to break free but Amy pushes her up against the wall. Amy breaks the kiss and rips Ashley's black top apart. Ashley looks at Amy as if she just lost her mind.

"Oh I'm sorry... I ruined you shirt... let me make it up to you..." Amy says as she pulls down Ashley's bra, snapping the straps that hold it up. Amy cups one of her breasts and then closes her lips around the nipple. Amy sucks on it like a baby, twirling her tongue around it before pulling on it lightly with her teeth. Ashley is beyond stunned and can't help but moan in response. Amy lifts her head from her breast and grins, "Hmmm you like your tit sucked on too..."

Ashley nods her head, "Yeah... Matt's... really good about that..."

"Oh I know..." Amy smiles as she takes off her cut off, sleeveless top. Amy cups both of her own breasts, squeezes them tightly and then looks at Amy. "Want a taste?"

"Ummm sure..." Ashley replies nervously. Ashley lowers her head and licks the nipples of both of Amy's breasts. Amy places her hands on the back of Ashley's head, moving her fingers through Ashley's blond hair as Ashley sucks on her tits.

"Mmmm... I can tell you got a good mouth... " Amy moans as she has Ashley lift her head.

"Thank..." Ashley replies nervously.

Amy smirks as she watches looks at how nervous the woman who has taken her spot as the love in Matt Hardy's life. Amy licks her lips and starts to undo the buttons of her own jeans as she looks right into her eyes. "Have you ever eaten out another girl before?"

Ashley slides a hand through her hair and shakes her head, "No... I haven't done that..."

Amy gets wide grin on her face, "Really? Then you're a bit of a virgin too then... well as Matt's ex-fuck toy... I guess I better let you eat me out then..." Amy takes off her jeans, followed by her thong. She slides a hand around Ashley's waist as she unzips and unsnaps buttons of Ashley's own jeans. Amy goes down to her knees and takes pulls down Ashley's pants, followed by Ashley's panties. Amy looks up at Ashley and grins. "But first... I'm going to give you a demonstration..."

"O-okay..." Ashley replies. Amy has her spread her legs apart so she can use her fingers to spread Ashley's pussy open. Amy brings her mouth to Ashley's cleanly shaved pussy and starts sliding her tongue in and out of her cunt slowly. Ashley gasps and moans, leaning back against the wall while placing a hand Amy's dark red mixed with black hair. Amy starts moving her tongue in and out of Ashley's pussy faster, tasting the juices that are flowing out of Ashley's cunt. Ashley moves her hips back and forth. Pressing her cunt against Amy's face as she feels her orgasm building.

"Ahhhh ohhhh goddddd!" Ashley screams as she climaxes. Amy doesn't stop tongue fucking Ashley's twat, slurping up all of her sweet cum. When she does stop, Amy's face is glimmering a bit as a result of being covered in Ashley's love honey. Amy leans back so she's laying on the floor and then she spread her legs. She smiles up at Ashley.

"You think you can tame my pussy..." Amy says as she rubs her pussy a bit.

"I... I think so..." Ashley kneels down and lowers her face to Amy's pussy. Ashley somewhat hesitantly starts licking up and down Amy's slit. Amy arches her hips as she moves a hand to spread her pussy open. Amy places a hand on the back of Ashley's head and has the Raw Diva Search winner stick her tongue deeper into her pussy. Ashley catches on and starts moving her tongue in and out of her pussy faster. Amy really starts moving her hips, pressing her dripping pussy all over Ashley's sweet face.

"Ohhh ohh fuck.... You've done... this before..." Amy moans as hot blond brings her to a climax that makes her arch her body sharply. Amy pulls on Ashley's hair to get her to continue to lick her pussy until her orgasm subsides. "Oh damn... Matt's really got himself a winner with you..." Amy says as she sits up.

"Matt's here... maybe... we can continue this..." Ashley smiles.

"If that's an invitation... then I accept..." Amy responds.


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