tagInterracial LoveLittle Girl Alone in Jamaica

Little Girl Alone in Jamaica


Here I was alone in Jamaica on what was supposed to be a romantic vacation with my boyfriend Steven who had suddenly ditched me just two nights before our planned trip, after he had admitted that he had been seeing someone else. I was totally shocked.

I had intended it to be a surprise when I gave him his ticket several weeks ago for the one-week vacation and I really thought that he was pleased, he seemed so ecstatic. Like a fool I had paid for everything out of my own pocket including Stevens portion.

I had worked very hard and made sacrifices to save for this vacation and was told by the travel agency that I wouldn't get any refunds if I didn't go, as my reasons simply weren't covered by the insurance.

At 21 years old, the only boyfriend that I had ever had was Steven; we had been together since high school. Everyone thought that I was much younger as I was just a tiny waif of a girl at barely five feet tall and weighing just under 100 pounds with long blonde hair going down my back.

Until very recently I had even remained a virgin and before that I had usually pleased Steven by using my mouth, which he seemed to want more and more until it was every single night that we were together. I really got used to it and didn't mind him filling my mouth with his warm sticky cum juices if it kept us together but eventually I gave in to his whims for sexual intercourse because we already had tentative plans to marry.

I was far too embarrassed to tell anyone that the engagement of almost 2 years was suddenly off, so I just went ahead as if nothing had happened and now here I was in this ground floor unit of this fairly moderate Jamaican hotel.

At least I had the beach, almost just outside my window and the meals were all included so I would try and make the best of it with a few good books that I had bought, then spend ample time on the beach, sunbathing and reading.

I had cried on and off most of the first night but I did manage to get some sleep and after I had had breakfast I went to the local store and bought myself a big floppy sun hat and lots of suntan lotion.

Even on the second day I seemed to walk around in a fog, I couldn't have described whom I had seen or what anyone had said and I even found problems concentrating on a book. So I just covered myself in suntan oil, put up a shade umbrella and laid a towel out on the sand then made myself comfortable just 10 yards away from my patio door.

I stayed there until it was almost dark then I went inside my unit and showered. I decided to just dress lightly in shorts and a top, grab a little supper from the buffet and then I took a short stroll on the beach but kept an eye on my location by looking back at the lights from my hotel.

It was still very warm but pitch black when I returned apart from the illumination of the hotel lights and I cursed when I stubbed my toe on the small step below the patio door. I went inside and left the glass door open but the screen closed to get the breeze that seemed to be blowing in occasionally from the sea.

I sat on the bed and looked around the empty room then wondered why on earth I had put myself through all of this agony. Being alone at a time like this in my life was probably the worst thing I could have done. I started to cry again, then in a fit of rage I threw my shorts and top in the corner and hopped into bed in just my panties hoping that sleep would help me to forget.

I awoke sometime in the night in a fit of sheer panic as someone was tying my hands to the bedposts and someone else was tying a gag around my mouth while keeping my face pushed deeply into a pillow. I lashed out with my feet but to no avail as whoever it was then tied my feet to the bedposts at the bottom of the bed. Suddenly I realized that I was totally helpless.

A thick pillow or maybe a folded pillow was stuffed under my tummy, which raised my butt way up in the air. Then there was a quick ripping sound as my panties were torn and removed. With my head turned sideways I could see a figure but with only the moonlight flooding into the room I had no idea as to the persons identity.

I heard the drawers being opened and closed then the zipper on my luggage bag being opened and later closed. The bathroom light was switched on and I heard movement inside the bathroom, then the light went off and I heard someone padding around the bedroom.

Someone came close to my head and knelt on the bed, "Quiet little girl and you won't be hurt." A mans deep voice said in a thick Caribbean drawl. His big rough hand patted my shoulders in a calming manner then slowly rubbed down my back and stopped on top of my bare butt.

His hand slowly massaged my butt cheeks before his fingers slid down my crack but I also heard someone else in the room moving around. I don't know if you can be terrified and calm at the same time but I seemed to be just that. Whoever the person was that was rubbing me with his big hand he seemed to be keeping me calm, the fear of the unknown was keeping me terrified.

He must have been still knelt at my side because he didn't seem to be stretching his arm at all and suddenly he had his other hand under my breast. Slowly his thick finger penetrated and probed inside my vagina then stayed there and barely moved for what seemed like several minutes until he inserted another thick finger.

Again the fingers seemed to barely move until he raised his head close to mine and said: "Relax little girl, I won't hurt you." Then he removed his fingers and got up off the bed.

I felt the bed move a little as he took up a new location between my still very much tied wide-open legs. The high pillow was pushed a little further under my belly before I felt his flat hand rubbing around under the bottom of my pubic bone then either his thumb or thick finger slowly crept back inside my vagina. "Push backwards, little girl, push your tight little butt back and forth until I say that you can stop."

Terrified as I was, I did what he asked and suddenly his finger was riding and gliding inside my vagina, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. His flat hand was slowly rubbing my pussy lips and my clit while I did what he asked and kept moving my butt back and forth. "Relax little girl and enjoy." The calming deep voice said as he allowed another finger to penetrate me deeply.

My mouth was parched as I moved my butt back and forth easier and easier. This was ridiculous but I wasn't quite as afraid and it was starting to feel kind of nice. "Move a little faster, little girl."

As soon as I started to move faster I knew that it was definitely nicer and I was confused that I should feel this way. I was getting stronger feelings from somewhere deep inside, my clit was getting inflamed, and my vagina was oozing. "Just a bit faster little girl, move yer tight little butt a bit faster. Back and forth, back and forth girl, that's it keep going."

Of course I did exactly as he said and his fingers were pounding into my wet vagina and my clit felt like it wanted me to scream. I was almost there, I was ridiculously close to orgasm but I was too ashamed to let it go.

A war was going on somewhere deep inside my brain; my emotions were being tugged from one extreme to the other. Let it go.... Don't let it go.... Let it go.

I was panting and crying, tears streaming down my face and then I just couldn't take anymore and I let myself go. Almost involuntarily I squeezed my vagina muscles down hard on his fingers several times in rapid succession and then I had the most incredible orgasm. I instantly felt ashamed that it was even better than those few orgasms that I had experienced in the past with Steven.

"That's a good little girl, now you are ready for me." The deep voice said.

Suddenly fear rapidly rose again in my brain. My God, he was going to penetrate me now!

I felt the bed move after he slowly withdrew his fingers and then I felt something large pressing between my wet lips. It was opening my wet lips wide and pushing just inside my vagina as he pushed forward slowly. My vagina was expanding wider than ever before but then he stopped and held my hips tightly. "Move your tight little butt, back and forth slowly. Little girl."

I pushed backwards slowly and I could feel him ever so slowly squeezing inside me and it seemed to light up every nerve in my body. "Keep going little girl."

"Oh yesss. Oh my god." I mumbled through the gag, which had loosened.

It got easier and easier as he pulled on my hips and suddenly he was gliding effortlessly in and out of my tight vagina and the feeling was absolutely tremendous. I moved even faster after he swung his hand underneath me and rubbed my clit.

"Oh god, keep going, keep fucking me hard, keep pumping me with your big black cock, oooooh yesss, my god keep going. Oh fuck me more, more, please." I murmured.

Suddenly the other unknown person was knelt very close to my head as he effortlessly pulled off the gag around my mouth and pushed his hard penis between my lips. "Suck him, little girl, open your mouth for him." The deep voice behind me said, so I opened my mouth and a split second later this unknown man had his smooth small penis inside my mouth.

It wasn't easy with my head being sideways but I'd taken Steven so many times before in my mouth that this wasn't exactly new to me. Mr. Unknown was holding my head as he moved his body quickly and forcing his penis in and out of my mouth and it wasn't bothering me that much.

I was at the stage where it didn't matter, my butt was moving rapidly and 'mister deep voice' was pumping me deeply and I knew I was on the verge of another big orgasm. Suddenly my mouth was being filled with warm juicy cum from Mr. Unknown as he kept pushing between my lips. I thought for the moment that he tasted as good as Steven.

"Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm." I murmured.

Mr. Deep Voice grabbed my hips much tighter and rammed himself deeply inside me then he pushed me away for a split second but not far enough to withdraw. Then he physically moved my hips very quickly as I felt him tense up and spurt what felt like a fire hose pumping gallons of gooey stuff deep inside my vagina.

"Oh yesss that's fantastic, ooooooh... my god... keep pumping." I murmured in between sucking the unknown wet cock.

The whole situation was just too much for me and I gobbled on Mr. Unknowns oozing penis then pushed my butt rapidly back onto Mr. Deep Voice's big black cock as I blew my cork and orgasmed like never before.

"That's good little girl, keep going. Let it go, make Popa David happy."

I thought that I would never come down off that high but slowly Mr. Deep Voice withdrew what must have been his cucumber-sized black penis. He eased the pillow away from underneath me and then put his big hand on my butt and gently massaged my cheeks. Mr. Unknown had backed away completely and gone from view all I had left of him was some droplets of sticky cum on my cheeks and chin.

"I told you that you wouldn't be hurt little girl, didn't I?" Deep voice said.

"Yes." I murmured.

"Did you enjoy my time with you? Did you have a good orgasm?" He asked.

"Oh Yes. Did I ever." I answered as he lay by my side and rubbed my lower back.

"Nothing has been taken from your room, so you have no need to worry little girl. Now you won't call the police, will you?"

"No. No way." I said as he hugged me tightly and then I heard the patio door open and close.

"We are alone now, little girl. Would you like me to visit you again and make your vacation very enjoyable?" He whispered as he untied my feet and hands and then hugged me again.

"Maybe." I said as tears streamed down my face while he comforted me in his arms and my bare breasts and hard nipples were pressing into his chest.

"You will be very safe with me, I will protect you. I promise that you will have a vacation to remember for a lifetime." He said as I reached down and felt the awesome size of his almost erect penis.

"Can I have this again, please, before you leave. Popa David?"

"Yes little girl, you can." He said as I felt it again and then stroked the full length.

"Will you tie me up again, but this time while I lay on my back?"

"Yes little girl, if that's what you really want."

"Oooooh I really do."

He gently tied my hands and feet to the bedposts and then he pushed a pillow deep under my butt. "Kiss me first, Popa David." I begged and his big lips came down on mine and we kissed. I could taste spices on his lips, which left a hot feeling in my mouth.

"Let me kiss it before you push it back inside me again." I murmured and he knelt beside my head then pointed his huge penis towards my mouth. I opened my mouth really wide and pushed my lips over his rapidly swelling cockhead and moved my head back and forth for a few minutes.

"Oh little girl, that's so nice. Too nice." He said as he slowly pulled away from my mouth and moved around the bed until he was knelt between my open legs. He rubbed his big swollen cockhead between my wet pussy lips and teased my clit numerous times until my back was arched so high I couldn't arch upwards anymore. He continued to rub it over my clit and I was going wild with excitement as I pushed and lifted and did anything possible to rub my clit harder and more often against his hard black cockhead.

Without penetrating me he pushed his swollen cockhead between my wet lips and I was going frantic with desire until he finally let me orgasm, then I slowly settled back down onto the bed.

He waited a few moments and then I felt his hard penis pushing slowly into my seemingly ever-expanding vagina and the awesome feelings were back in mere seconds. I could feel it spreading me wide open and I moaned out loud as I pushed against him. He pushed deeper and I smiled as I said: "Oooooh Popa David, keep going, its fantastic, its wonderful. Push, push, shoot your entire warm sticky cum deep inside me, and keep going. Oooooooooh yesss keep going. Keep doing me like that, oooooh god you are a real man, I've never been fucked like this in all my life."

He pushed deeper and faster as I writhed on the bed and tried to match his thrusts, the feelings inside me were ready to explode any second but I wanted him to be pleased with me so I held back and thrusted wildly. "Please cum, cum quickly, ooooooooh god."

"Oooooh little girl you're so tight and wet I'm almost there, almost, oh NOW, oh little girl, NOW, NOW. Suck Popa David's big black cock dry with your tight little pussy, keep going little girl, keep going. Yes little girl please keep on squeezing oh my goodness. Squeeze and milk every drop from my big old black cock." He cried out as he started to pump his gooey stuff deep inside my vagina and I just lost it. I pushed, I squeezed, and I writhed, I moved like a woman possessed as I had the most glorious orgasm ever.

It seemed like minutes later that we both slowed enough for him to be able to hold me tightly while he continued to slowly pump into my very juicy tight vagina.

"Oh my goodness little girl, I've never had a woman like you, you must be an angel."

"Hurry, untie me, let me taste you." I cried out and he quickly untied my hands and feet.

He lay back and like a hungry dog I licked and sucked all the stray juices on his beautiful huge black penis and balls while he gently held my head.

"Oh wow, little girl, I surely hope we can meet again."

"Of course we can Popa David, but who was that other man, where did he go, his penis was so small compared with yours."

"You don't know?"

"No, how would I?"

"He hired me to forcibly make love to you, but I didn't want to harm you or be at all rough. He said that he wanted you to experience a big black man's cock while he watched. He said his name was Steven, the man you are engaged to marry."

"Oh Popa David, I definitely won't be marrying THAT GUY. But are YOU available for the next 4 days?"

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