Little Sister


Early one Friday evening Mike arrived, as arranged, to pick me up. We'd planned to do a bit of window shopping, then grab a bite to eat somewhere. After that . . . who knows?

"My God, Ally!" he gasped as I opened the door to him.

I was just finishing a glass of wine with Vicki, my housemate, and I was showing her my 'window shopping outfit' and giggling about the fun I'd have with Mike that night.

"You're such a slut, Ally!" she said, partly disapprovingly, but with a slight grin. "Just like Flora!"

Vicki's little sister had been our subject of conversation, too, over our wine. Flora had just started doing some photo shoots for a modelling agent and Vicki had shown me the photos.

"My God!" I exclaimed, as I went through the poses, "Are you sure she's your sister?"

I winked as I said it and examined the photos more carefully. Flora was like Vicki in build - tall with slim hips and big tits - and had her olive skin, but was very pretty as well. Not that Vicki isn't, but she's got big lips and a prominent nose, which she hates.

"Has Flora had a boob job already?" I couldn't help asking, as I looked at her over-sized breasts stretching a variety of tops and dresses.

Vicki grinned and cupped her own breasts. "Nope, darling. Family assets, these".

I cupped my own breasts in my sheer black top; below, I was wearing some stretchy black shorts and a pair of Vicki's strappy platform heels. This was the outfit Mike gasped at as he entered our flat.

"It's really something I'd wear to go dancing", I explained, as I tottered on Vicki's shoes and led him through to the kitchen to meet her, "but I thought I'd give the boys at the mall - and you, of course - something to stare at".

"Yeah, we'll stare all right!" Mike said, with a smile in his voice as he followed me through.

Vicki had met Mike before and gave him a knowing look as she leaned forward to kiss him on the cheek. She normally just hangs around the house in shorts and a t-shirt after work but, I guess on account of Mike coming over, she'd put on a short summery dress which tied in a knot across her breasts.

"So what's on the agenda for you two?" Vicki asked, after the kisses had been exchanged. Mike stared hard at the knot covering Vicki's breasts and his gaze then shifted to her caramel thighs as he sat down with us.

"Depends what Ally feels like doing", Mike started saying. "A friend of mine's got a party we could go to later on".

Then, suddenly, he reddened and stopped. He'd noticed the photos of Flora spread around the table and looked at us both. Vicki and I just grinned as Mike leafed through the 20 or so photos. Then he looked at Vicki. "She looks like you - but it's not, is it?" he asked.

Mike was holding a photo of Flora dressed in a skimpy blue dress which showed most of her butt and was cut so low her generous breasts were spilling over the neckline.

"She's your sister, or cousin, or something! Am I right?" Mike grinned, having worked it out at last.

"What exactly do you like about her, Mike?" I asked. "What does she have, for example, that her delicious sister Vicki, sitting right here in the flesh, doesn't?"

Vicki and Mike both blushed. I just sat and grinned.

"Um, well, she probably doesn't have anything that Vicki doesn't have", Mike finally blurted out. "It's more what this girl's showing off in these photos".

"Mike likes girls who show a bit of flesh, Vicki", I explained. "Does Flora show a bit?"

"Yeah, she does", Vicki laughed. "She goes out dancing in just a g-string and a backless t-shirt sometimes. You should see the boys crawl all over her!"

"Wow, I'd like to see her - I mean, meet her", Mike corrected himself hurriedly.

Vicki and I laughed. "Actually, Mike, she's coming over soon to have dinner with me; she's at a modelling shoot right now", Vicki said, smiling.

Mike looked thoughtful as we gulped down the rest of our wine; I stood up, ready to go.

"Am I OK like this, honey?" I asked Mike, swivelling on my heels.

"I'm not sure I'll be able to keep my hands off you, Ally, that's the only problem", he grinned, making a playful grab for me.

"Show me what you mean, Mike", I said, moving close enough for Mike to reach me. I looked across at Vicki with a grin, as I leaned my hip against Mike's shoulder.

His arm curled around my butt and I enjoyed the pressure of his hand against the tight satin. He looked up at me and, sensing that he had my permission, his hand moved up the side of my breast.

"Hey!" Vicki said, smiling, "Are you two going to just grope each other here in front of me, huh?"

"Maybe!" I said, as I let Mike's hands wander over my breast. My nipples were erect and I was getting horny at the idea of Mike caressing me in front of Vicki.

"That's nice, Mike", I said, lifting a leg to straddle his lap. I could feel his hard-on through his pants as I wiggled my butt on top of him.

"But . . .", Mike started to say, looking at Vicki.

"What?" I asked. "If Vicki wants us to stop, she'll say so".

Vicki and I had talked about my love of exhibitionism, but the closest I'd got with Vicki in the three months we'd lived together was having her walk in to the lounge room late one night when I was riding a guy on the sofa. On that occasion, she'd watched for a few seconds and then just gone back to her room.

"What do you think, Vicki, hon?" I asked, enjoying the feel of Mike's warm hand pushing my top up.

"Aren't you two going out though?" Vicki asked, starting to look a little less comfortable.

"Mmmm", I said, cupping my breasts and pushing them forward into Mike's face. "Maybe a bit later. This is making me soooo horny!"

Vicki blushed a little, but I could tell by the tell-tale little points showing through her dress that she was getting aroused too.

"Go right ahead guys", Vicki laughed, a little nervously. She started picking up our wine glasses and taking them across to the sink.

Mike took my hard nipple in his teeth gently and started pulling - that's something I just love and I started writhing and moaning loudly astride him. I arched back and pulled my top up so he could reach either of my bare breasts with his mouth. His hands were on my waist but, before long, started to push down my shorts.

"Oh God, yes!" I encouraged Mike in a whisper as his hand slid down inside my thin, stretchy shorts and held my bare butt.

Vicki was staring, wide-eyed, by the kitchen sink as I rocked back and forth, feeling Mike's hard-on against my pussy.

"Is this OK with you Vicki?" Mike asked at one point, as he stopped sucking my nipples. His hand was deep down my shorts as he said this and I grinned at him.

Vicki smiled and blushed slightly and just looked away. I brushed my hair out of the way and arched back again, this time pulling my top off and letting it fall to the floor. The feeling of my heavy breasts spilling out always excites me and I could feel my pussy tingling.

"Um, you and Mike aren't going to fuck, are you?" Vicki asked, hesitantly.

Although she was anxious, her flushed face made her look ravishing. "I don't mind seeing you guys fool around, but I'm not sure I'm ready to watch you do the whole lot".

"We won't do anything you don't want us to, OK babe?" I offered, continuing to rock on Mike's very hard cock.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

+ + +

"Shit, that'll be Flora!" Vicki almost yelled, dropping the wine-glass that was still in her hand into the sink. "C'mon guys, do this in the bedroom!"

"We'll stop, OK, Mike?" I said, pulling back from him. He was flushed, too, and had a big grin on his face.

"Only if we can continue later Ally?" he whispered. "OK?"

"We'll be good, Vicki", I promised. "Besides, we'd like to meet Flora".

"OK", Vicki said, wiping perspiration from her brow as she went to answer the door.

I could hear the two sisters ooh-ing and aahh-ing at the door and, eventually, the click-clack of two pairs of high heels could be heard coming down the hall. Mike and I had moved across to the sofa, where he sat with my legs in his lap, as I reclined against the sofa's arm. I decided to leave my top off, to see what Flora's reaction would be.

"Ally!" Vicki said, when she saw me, "For goodness sakes!"

The tall almond-eyed girl who stood in front of us was more stunning than in the photos. Even with little makeup, and without the lighting, she looked so much more natural in the flesh. Vicki introduced us and she and Flora took the other sofa.

"We were just looking at your photos, Flora", I said, as I looked her up and down, admiring her outfit. She had a tiny navy-blue pleated skirt and a very tight yellow t-shirt with 'Candy Girl' printed across her breasts. What really made her look sexy, though, were her thigh-high stockings and very high-heeled Mary Jane shoes.

"Yeah, the photos are great", Mike said, turning red. He couldn't meet her eye as she smiled at him and I knew that he was very attracted to this beautiful young thing who sat opposite him with her long legs folded.

"So how did the shoot go?" Vicki asked.

"Not bad", Flora said. Her voice was soft and seductive for a girl her age; there was nothing of the naïve bimbo in the way she spoke. "He's asked me to do glamour next week. I'm 18 now, so it's legal".

"What does that mean?" asked Mike.

Now it was Flora's turn to blush slightly. "Well, it's nude shots, mainly", she confessed. "You won't tell mum and dad, will you?", she added quickly, turning to her older sister with a pleading look.

Vicki looked shocked, but I was getting horny at the thought of someone taking nude photos of this sexy little vixen. I could feel my nipples harden as I felt Flora's eyes on them.

"Why don't you have a top on?" she asked me.

"Well, we were trying on a few things just as you arrived. Mike and I are going out in a moment", I replied, enjoying Flora's eyes on my breasts.

"What were you trying on?" Flora asked, eyeing my top, which was still on the floor.

"You should put something on, Ally", Vicki said. She was irritated with me, but obviously also trying to keep her little sister's curiosity in check.

"Was it this?" Flora asked, leaning over and plucking my crumpled top from the floor.

"Yeah", Mike admitted. "Ally was trying on a few different tops. We're going to a party later on".

I could see Flora's mind ticking away, wondering what sort of party I'd wear such a skimpy top to. "This is a nice top", she commented, before adding, with a little smile, "Do you really wear things like this out in public?"

"Hey Flora, that's enough, OK?" Vicki said, exasperated, "What's with all the interrogation?"

"I like tops like this", Flora mused, holding it up against the substantial curve of her own chest.

"Guys like them too", Mike laughed, playfully pushing his hand into the waistband of my little shorts. I could feel his fingers wriggling and wanted him to continue so I parted my legs to encourage him.

"You can try it on if you like", I offered, raising my hips slightly to allow Mike's fingers between my legs. In the process of doing so, he pushed my shorts well down around my hips as I rubbed my butt into his rock-hard prick. Vicki looked wide-eyed and narrow lipped but didn't say anything, while Flora just took it all in with a little smile.

"Ally, I think you and Mike are getting a bit raunchy for Flora, OK?" Vicki said, watching Mike's hand moving inside my stretchy little shorts.

"Hey, Vicki", Flora protested, "I think I'm the best judge of that!"

With Flora's obvious encouragement, I lifted my hips again and let Mike slide my shorts down even further. Now my little shaved slit was visible, with Mike's fingers moving between my legs. I moaned with pleasure, glancing across at Flora's beautiful face from time to time.

Flora giggled and looked at her sister, who was visibly embarrassed.

"Well, I'm not staying to watch!" Vicki said, and walked off. A moment later, we heard the front door slam shut.

Flora burst into fits of giggles the moment Vicki was gone. "Wow! She's in a bad mood, huh?"

"We're in her bad books now, Ally!" Mike teased.

We all laughed, while I wiggled gently on Mike's fingers and enjoyed the feeling of his hand pushing my pussy lips apart.

"You know, Ally, I love doing sexy things in front of other people too", Flora said, coming closer and sitting on the arm of the sofa Mike and I were on. "But I've never seen another couple do anything before".

She looked me in the eye with a little twinkle of a smile. I could also feel Mike's cock swell under my butt, too.

"I'll take that as an invitation" I winked, lifting my hips clear of Mike's lap. "Would you?" I asked Flora, who calmly took hold of my little shorts and slid them down my thighs.

"Don't tell Vicki", Flora said, as she pulled them over my shoes, "But I've done glamour stuff before. Full nudes and a bit of sexual stuff as well".

"Do you want to take your clothes off then?" I asked, knowing that my pussy was dripping wet and hoping that this sexy young thing would be uninhibited enough to say yes.

"Mmmm", she murmured, looking straight at my swollen labia, as her hand caressed her upper thigh under her short skirt. "Maybe. I'll watch for a little while, OK?"

Mike, in the meantime, had wasted no time. His short, thick cock was sticking straight out of his pants; I took it in my mouth and licked and sucked it until he was writhing. I knew that Flora was enjoying the view; from the arm of the sofa she could see everything.

I sat back on my haunches and smiled at Mike. "Well, that looks just delicious!" I giggled, enjoying the sight of his thick purple cock standing upright. "You or me, Flora?" I asked, grinning at her.

"I need a bit of warming up", she commented, spreading her legs on the arm of the sofa, and sliding a finger under the elastic of her little panties. "Do you like girls?" she asked.

"Mike does", I replied, shifting myself so Mike could lean forwards.

He was faced with Flora's legs spread wide apart: her pale blue panties were damp under her skirt and, without a fuss, she pushed them down. For the first time, we got to see her beautiful pussy: puffed up lips, tiny curls of what little hair grew there, moist and plump.

As Mike's tongue started, I leaned back on the sofa and watched. Mike's prick stayed hard the whole time and, as I moved my own fingers in and out of my squelching pussy, my imagination started to run a bit wild.

"Mike, come and stick that in here", I giggled, as I grabbed his cock between his legs.

"On the rug", I instructed him. He stopped licking and sucking Flora and looked around at me, but then did as I said.

"I get the feeling you've got some wicked idea, Ally!" he laughed.

With Mike lying flat out on his back, I looked at Flora and giggled. "Well, honey, which end do you want?"

"I'm wet now, that's for sure", she smiled, as she went to squat above Mike's erect prick. Slowly, she lowered herself on her high heels until the head of his cock was just touching her lips.

"Oh yeah!" Mike said, as he arched his hips up to make contact. Flora teased him by lifting herself up and then touching his twitching cock once more.

"You little slut!" Mike laughed as he tried to grab her arms to pull her down onto him.

I squatted above Mike's face and held my bare pussy right near his nose. He breathed my scent in deeply before beginning to circle my clit with his tongue. As he did, his body reclined on the floor, Flora eased her narrow hips onto Mike's cock.

"Oh yeah!" he cried, as she slowly worked her way onto his thick shaft.

Mike started bucking to get a rhythm going with Flora and she let him pull her forward, her breasts pressing into his chest and her face where Mike's was - between my legs.

"I can't keep squatting like this much longer!" I panted, although Mike's licking was almost making me cum. "Let's change positions!"

I thought that if I got into doggy position, Mike could fuck me from behind and I could give Flora a lick if she spread her legs and lay on the rug. Mike and Flora readily agreed and I eagerly awaited the feeling of Mike's fat cock sliding into my almost orgasmic pussy.

"Oh my God!" I cried. As soon as he entered me, I came. I didn't even have a chance to touch Flora's little rosebud spread out in front of me. She was spreadeagled, moaning on the rug, pulling her nipples hard, as she watched me writhe with pleasure.

My orgasm had barely subsided than Mike pulled his throbbing cock out of me and moved toward the supine Flora. She giggled wildly as he entered her, too, and started pushing hard into her.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Flora squealed, as Mike's thrusts made her small body move on the rug.

Flora's slim brown legs wrapped themselves around Mike's hips as he pushed himself into her. Her face was flushed bright crimson and her hair was messily spread around the floor. I could see the tremor in her spasming thighs and Mike saw it too.

He pulled out and held his cock at Flora's matted pussy.

"More!" she cried. "I almost came!!! Please!"

At this point, I would have laid a large sum of money on Mike continuing to pound her, until both she and he came. But he simply grinned and continued touching her lips with the head of his cock for another minute or two.

"No more", he finally said. "That's it, honey. Gotta keep you wanting more!" he added, with a wicked grin.

"That's not fair!" Flora said, in a voice that combined a moan and a giggle. "Please!"

"Let's take her out with us tonight, Ally", Mike suggested, as he pushed his still-hard cock back into his pants.

I looked at the beautifully dishevelled Flora open like a flower before us and grinned widely back at him.

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