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Live to Ride Ch. 04


Thanks for the comments and feed back. Be forewarned, you WILL NOT enjoy this story if you are just looking for quick jerk-off material. Also some knowledge of Biker culture and terminology will help you (as I am not going to explain every term), but are not necessary for you to enjoy my work. Constructive criticism and comments are always welcome, and if you're going to comment step to plate and leave a name. Huge thanks to my editor HMEdits without him and his ideas this story wouldn't be what it is.

Chapter 4

Personal Chemo

"WHAT?!" Comes a loud shout, beer is spit out across the table, shock and disbelief envelops the room. The Old Man looks extremely disheartened at this news. This is a huge problem. If the rat was a man that's an easy fix, but it being a woman is an especially touchy task. One of our laws is to never kill women. This news is a huge burden on my mind, I've known Candace since I was four, what would possibly motivate this level of betrayal? She obviously knew what it meant if we ever found out about her being the snitch, this is an unforgivable offense for anyone who is Affiliated, a familiar, or even a hang around of our Club.

The room is eerily quiet and somber, after our elation at getting some measure of revenge. It seems as even a hang around can cut out the heart of our Club, if you let them too close. The Old Man appears deeply troubled by this revelation, he trusted Candace, allowed her into our world, even our homes. The grief appears overwhelming to him, he is supposed to be the Shepherd of our herd, not leading us into potential danger. Tank is as stoic as ever, though I am sure even he is feeling regret at letting her so close. Even our resident sociopath Smiley is stunned, though he always thinks of something. I can no longer take just sitting in this deafeningly quiet room, I need to clear my head.

I walk out the back door, beer in hand, not really sure where I am going or what to do. How can we solve this, where is the answer I seek? I sit on the back steps slowly sipping my beer, with just my scattered thoughts to keep me company. Tank plops down beside me on the steps two cold beers in hand, "Hey Boss, penny for your thoughts?" He asks passing me one, I barely hear him my head is going to explode if my heartbeat gets any stronger.

"No offense Tank old buddy, but I just need some time alone right now, alright?" The angry edge in my voice prevalent as I speak. I shouldn't take this out on Tank, it's not his fault, but I am only human after all.

"Sarge this isn't your fault, there's no way you could've known that whore flipped." He says trying to relieve my guilt, Tank knows that I am blaming myself for Candace's betrayal.

"Hey Tank can we just sit here for a bit, no talking, I just need to work some shit out in my head, OK?" I say cracking open that fresh beer he brought, I begin to pick at the label if only for something to do to take my mind off things.

After an hour in near silence, The Old Man walks out to the steps, three beers in hand. "Hey my boys, want a fresh one?" He asks taking a seat next to Tank. We sit in silence awhile longer, only the sounds of the night can be heard, sorrow and tension hang heavy in the air.

Smiley comes bursting out the back door while snapping his phone shut, "Guys! I think I have a solution for our little problem, come inside and we'll talk about it." We three get up and head back inside, this should be good...

Everyone masses around the table again, you could cut the tension with a knife. "Alright Smiley what is this miracle cure you have? You do remember our law about not killing women, right?" I ask, fully expecting him to say he'll kill her, Smiley is fully capable of this, as some people feel uncomfortable going to sleep around him.

Smiley came to join us after being an Airborne Ranger. After serving in the forward Rangers for many years, he was invited to join a clandestine unit that operated way out on the hairy edge. He was discharged after a psych evaluation deemed him unfit to further serve. The short story is basically that Smiley came to enjoy killing a little too much and was summarily discharged.

"Sarge, I'm a little hurt by that implication." He says with a smirk, apparently his dark sense of humor is showing again. "No, if this plan is agreed upon it's something much worse than death." This draws intrigue from everyone, he has the room's full attention now, apparently they all had the same thoughts as me.

Beers are passed out around the room, though no one is really interested they are just a sad side note. "OK, now that I have everyone's attention." Smiley begins to lay out his plan, "I know this guy, we'll just call him Mr. X, and he deals in human trafficking. I used his services once to rid our chapter of a female snitch. His services do not come cheap, it's gonna cost in the neighborhood of 150 thousand to get him and his associates to deal with our little problem." This revelation permeates the room, though I am not surprised Smiley would know this type of guy. That is a lot of bank though just to get rid of a lowly whore. Smiley continues, "I know that's a lot of dough guys, but he's the best there is. It was three years ago I used his services, and not a peep of the whereabouts of that snitch, the cops she was working with have been befuddled ever since." Everyone takes a few to ponder this plan, we are definitely not angels, but this is a different kind of evil.

The Old Man is the first to speak after several tense moments, "Smiley I should have figured you would have the right contacts for a problem like this. What does everyone else think? I'll put it up for discussion, possibly a vote if everyone thinks this is a viable solution."

It goes down the line for consideration, Tank is the first to speak after Hammerhead and Thor elect to pass, "Well I think this is our only option, we can't just violate one of our core laws and ruin our reputation."

Chibbs is the next to speak after a hushed conversation session with his twin Murph, he always talks for both of them, "We say yes, ship the whore off to some sheik with a bad temper, that'll teach her." Smiley abstains from talking as it's his plan and the rest of us are part of the discussion. Loki also just abstains, he doesn't have anything to contribute.

Diesel is next to speak, this may be our only hang up to getting this plan passed. Diesel has had a thing for Candace recently, "We sure this is the only viable option, is there any other way we can come up with?" He asks hoping someone can come up with a magical cure that doesn't involve his sweetie getting shipped off or planted in a shallow grave somewhere.

The Old Man answers his question as efficiently as possible, glad it was him answering, as I feel like tearing Diesel's head off at the moment for trying to protect her, "No Diesel I don't really think there is another way, we can't kill her, and we can't just pretend like nothing happened, so what alternative is left?"

Diesel nods and gathers his thoughts for a second, "OK then, I'm in." He says flatly, apparently not thrilled by his options, but as The Old Man said there really isn't another choice.

Everyone looks to me, I just nod not trusting my voice and my ability to not just fuck snap and drive home and execute that whore after some more information extraction.

"OK time for a vote, just to be clear, all those in favor signify." The Old Man says. Nine hands go up quickly, Diesel is the last to signify after a few minutes of conflicting emotions. "Well it's unanimous. Smiley, so how do go about setting this up? Do they just grab the target or do we have to provide her?"

Smiley then speaks, "Well, let me get Mr. X on the phone and we'll go over our options with him."

Smiley steps out side to make the call, coming in after a few minutes, he places the phone on the table, speaker phone turned on just like your everyday conference call. "Hello Gentlemen" an electronically masked voice comes over the speaker, "Thank you for your interest in our services, we can sort out this matter with two methods. Method number one, me and my associates grab the target, without your knowledge an effort on our part to increase deniability. This method is covered by the original quote that Mr. S gave you, as it involves more work on our end." Mr. X pauses for a second to let his first option sink in. Hushed conversations are being conducted, The Old Man quiets everyone with a look.

"Method number two, you bring the target to a pre-determined location, we then remove said target from your presence. This plan will cost you significantly less, as our workload is lower. Please take a few moments to consider your options Gentlemen, just have Mr. S call back when you have decided." The line then goes dead, leaving a heavy silence in the air.

After a few moments and another beer run for everyone, The Old Man speaks, "So we'll just go to a vote on this one, majority rule. Option one, all in favor signify." Diesel raises his hand along with Hammerhead. "OK two votes for one. Option two all those in favor signify." The other eight hands rise into the air. "OK, option two it is. Smiley get him back on the phone and we'll figure where this is to go down and payment options."

He redials, after two rings the electronic voice of Mr. X comes back over the line, "Gentlemen, I trust you have reached a decision?"

Smiley speaks into the phone, "Yes we have, Mr. X. We are going to use method number two, how should the payment be arranged?"

The voice of Mr. X crackles back over the speaker, "Excellent choice Gentlemen. Payment can just be delivered with the target. Thank you again for your use of our services, now I would like to speak with Mr. S privately to arrange the location for the exchange, again in an effort to afford deniability." Smiley walks out the back door to finish the arrangements, another beer run is initiated.

A few moments later Smiley returns snapping the phone shut. "Drop off site has been arranged, anytime in the next forty eight hours. He requested I be there so he is sure of our 'intentions' as he put it. Now how are we gonna do this?" He asks, cracking open the long neck at his spot at the table. Everyone goes into deep thought, Diesel's mind seems to be in outer space.

The Old Man chimes in first, "Hey guys it's been a long day, why doesn't everyone catch a bit of sleep, we'll meet back at the table in the daylight and do this. Sound like an idea?" Everyone nods in agreement, breaking away from the table, Diesel just sits there, mind still drifting.

I go to the fridge and grab two beers, coming up to Diesel I say my first words in awhile, "Hey Bro, can I have a few words with you out back?"

"Sure thing Sarge." He says grabbing a beer snapping out of his stupor.

Diesel and I arrive out back and take a seat on the stairs, I take a pull from my long neck before beginning, "Look Diesel, I know you're not happy with this happening to Candace but..." I take a second, feelings of betrayal wash over me at saying that name, gathering my emotions I continue, "This needs to happen, she knew what would happen by turning, she's been around long enough to know how we handle snitches. I am not especially happy about this either, hell I've know her since we were four years old, but this is a necessity. Believe me if The Old Man or I could come up with a better idea we would take that route. What I am trying to say here is, where do your allegiances lie?" I finish up my little speech trying to get his mind right, along with my own to a point.

Diesel ponders these comments for quite a few tense moments, he downs half his beer in single swig before saying, "My allegiances haven't changed Sarge, just need a little time."

"OK, good to know Diesel, get some sleep Bro." Diesel heads back inside destined for the pillow.

I can't sleep, my mind is too weary. After a few hours trying to get my mind to rest, The Old Man walks into the living room, he slides into a seat on the couch next to me. "Thought you were going to get some sleep Son?" He asks, apparently he noticed the pile of empties on the table in front of me.

"Can't sleep Pop, muh mind is all... can't get past..." I say trailing off in the drunken stupor I have entered. I figured if my mind wouldn't rest, I'd just drink it into submission.

"Well Son, I think the first order of business needs to be some coffee and a shower, and then we'll talk after you sober up a bit. Sound good?"

"It does Dad, I'm a head to the..." I half-say getting up off from the couch, stumbling and weaving my way there. As the water washes over my head an epiphany strikes me like lightning.

Sitting at the table slowly sipping my coffee, I break my plan down to The Old Man, "OK here's what we do, we both know Candace has been pining for me for ages, right?"

"Yeah, where are you going with this Son?" The Old Man asks also sipping from a coffee mug.

"Just let me break this all down then we'll talk it over, OK?" He nods, I continue, "I call her up tell her to meet me at my place, You and Tank wait out the back of the house, Smiley waits down the street in the van, when I get her inside and vulnerable I text you guys, think you can figure it out from there. Sound decent?" I am aware this plan has some holes, but it's the best I can think of, through my decreasing alcohol induced haze.

"Yeah Son, but what do we do about Diesel? We can't let him be aware of this plan, he might try something impulsive" he asks. If that is his only problem with my plan, we're in good shape.

"Well I had already thought of that too Dad, we send him with the other guys to get rid of the bodies, do it while he's out, if you got a better idea, I'm all ears." I say my mind clearing.

"Sounds like you thought of it all Son, not trying to take over for this Old Man yet are you?" He says pride evident in his voice.

"Not yet Dad. I just learned from the best, especially that when you see a weakness, exploit it." I say pulling him in for a hug.

Apparently it's settled. "Why don't you go get Smiley, Dad? He plays into this, we need to download him before we polish this out."

The Old Man returns with Smiley in tow, not looking very happy about being awakened, He says, "So you had an epiphany, I take it?" Pouring a cup of coffee for himself to wake up before we flesh out the plan.

I run it down for him. "Now I want to send Loki and Thor with Diesel to get rid of the bodies, just tell them no cell phone use by anyone, this stops any rash sort of contact from him to Candace." I finish up my run down, Smiley is running the plan down in his mind,

"Sounds good guys, maybe we should send Chibbs and Murph along, with the appearance of more help and it will put another two sets of eyes on Diesel, can't be too safe a man in love is prone to rash actions."

"Yeah." Both The Old Man and I agree.

A few hours pass, everyone crawls out of the wood work gathering around the table, some drinking coffee some drinking beer. "So..." The Old Man starts, "Anyone have any ideas?" Grunts and nods are the language so far.

Smiley is the first to talk, "Couldn't think of anything, but I say we at least get some guys out to get rid of those bodies before they stink up the place too much, any volunteers?" This is part of our set up as Smiley has already told Loki and Thor their part to play, and I mentioned something to Chibbs as he passed me headed to the bathroom.

Loki chimes in, "Yeah Thor and I will go, but we're gonna need a few more guys, to make this fast." And the plan is put in motion. I look at Tank giving him the impression to not volunteer, he gets it. He knows I need him for something else, it's scary how much he trusts me sometimes.

Chibbs pipes in, "We're in, one more guy should do it, just to be safe."

Seeing no other volunteers, I speak up, "Diesel why don't you give them a hand, they could sure use your muscle." I say looking directly at him, implying it's not a request. The Old Man takes the five of them aside heading to the basement, making suggestions and letting them know where to go.

We make breakfast, and enjoy like a family all gathered around the table, some jokes are made and stories are shared a temporary reprieve from the heavy setting of the last twenty four hours. Dishes are done and assignments are passed out to clean the place up some while Chibbs, Murph, Diesel, Loki and Thor head out to the middle of the Nevada desert to burn the bodies. This location was chosen on purpose as the five of them will have to drive all day to get to the disposal location by nightfall, this will allow us enough time to set our other plan in action. The Old Man made sure to tell them all not to use cell phones except for one guy to call after the deed is done.

About an hour after they leave The Old Man, Tank, Smiley and Myself all head for home to finish our revenge. We leave Hammerhead at the Farm with the story that the opportunity arose for us to deal with Candace, by the time they arrive back it will be too late for Diesel to interfere if he tried. As we get close to home The Old Man calls Dirt and Shark the President in charge of security, to let them know what's gonna go down, sparing some details. We arrive at my house, Smiley drops us off and the trap is set. Smiley parks around the corner, away from where Dirt and Wild Bill will bring in Candace. I go inside and sit on the couch, phone in my hand ready for a dose of chemotherapy.

Candace picks up the phone, "Hey Sarge. What's up?" She asks flirty as always, couldn't ask for a better start.

"Hey Candace" I start putting my anger aside trying to be as flirty as she is, buttering her bread so to speak, "You at the Clubhouse by chance?"

"Sure am Sarge. Why?" She asks, playing into my hand perfectly.

"Good, I just got back home from that mission we had. I was wondering if you could come over? I need some company, but I don't want to be around a lot of people right now, please? I need you Candace." I say.

"Sure baby, I'll be there in about fifteen minutes." She responds immediately, she's trapped now hook, line, and sinker.

I say quickly before she hangs up, "Don't tell anyone besides Shark where you are going, don't want anyone else to know I'm back yet, he'll also arrange an escort for you, just to be safe."

"Sure thing Sarge, see ya in about fifteen minutes." Click, the line goes dead.

Wild Bill and Dirt drop off Candace, fifteen minutes later just as she promised, at least she is punctual for her funeral. She knocks on the front door, "Come In!" I holler out over the blues music I have playing in the background.

"Hey Sarge." She huskily says, man if she only knew.

I already have my phone open in the pouch of my hoodie, a simple message on the screen, 'She's here, backdoor five mins' I hit send.

I come up and embrace her, appearances are everything, "Hey, I have a rule though, first time I have sex with a woman she needs to be blindfolded, it's a little kink of mine." I say placing a blindfold over her eyes.

"OK Sarge, never knew you were so kinky." Lust is persistent in her voice, but as her eyes are now blindfolded she can't see the zip-tie in my hand. Quickly I trap her arms at her sides and embrace her from behind. Then I snap her arms behind her back, zip-tying them in place, "Sarge, what are you doing?" Concern is now the prevailing emotion in her voice.

I go over and turn the stereo off, Tank and The Old Man have arrived inside by now and I can hear Smiley backing up to the garage. "Well, well, well, Candace." I start, time to try and get some answers, but I can't go about it the usual way, so I must simply ask questions. "What did Elmo and the Solteros offer you for the information? Was it money you greedy whore? Or was it drugs, we all know you have been a fan of the pipe through the years? So what was it, you little slut?" I rip the blindfold from her eyes, she is shocked by the presence of the four of us, she begins to sob uncontrollably.

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