tagNovels and NovellasLost in Eros 3: The Return 07

Lost in Eros 3: The Return 07


Tascha had only seen pictures of paddle-wheel riverboats, so she was by no means an expert, but she was rather sure this one was not normal. There was a big paddle contraption at the rear of it that seemed pretty much like what one would expect, and there were a couple of tall smokestacks (or were they steamstacks?), and it clearly was a riverboat, but... Well, for one thing, the whole boat was bright pink -- like a plastic lawn flamingo! She was also sure that it wasn't usual for these boats to have a big deck spread out in front of the part where the floors with the cabins and such were located. While one might have expected this open area to have a pool or at least be set up for sunbathing, this one was furnished with a wide variety of couches, beds, chairs and soft, cushy rugs. The roof over the four story main "building"(?) did have a bunch of lounge chairs and chaises, but then Tascha was pretty sure more mundane riverboats didn't have sun decks on their roofs. To make things odder, after a bit of exploring, she and Don concluded that there was no actual engine or boiler room; they had no idea where the white clouds of steam were coming from or what was powering the big paddle assembly.

Aside from those things, the riverboat was about what one would expect -- at least from a riverboat on Eros. The main above-deck structure held all the passenger quarters, which amounted to bedrooms with one or two beds, of various sizes, and a bathroom, but no doors, though there were cabin numbers on the walls next to where the doors would normally go. There were three floors of those cabins, surmounted by a big open sort of ballroom, mostly open on three sides (not the rear, over the paddles). It was here, in the early evening of the day they had left the Resort, that Tascha, Don and Shelonda gathered along with what seemed to be all the rest of the passengers at the behest of an enthusiastic, smiling blonde woman in a white uniform with a very short skirt who called herself "Sally the Cruise Director!" (The exclamation point was hard to ignore.)

After the boat had left the dock and slowly turned around to head downstream, they had engaged in the aforementioned exploration, and then indulged themselves in some lazy play on the main deck. Leaving half of their merry band behind had put a bit of a damper on their libidos though, so they pretty much stuck to themselves. When they had gone looking for a bit to eat, which they found in the ballroom, or whatever it was, they found themselves greeted (or greeted!) by Sally.

"Welcome aboard!" she had grinned. "We're going to have a fun mixer game in a little bit!"

They might have asked for more information, but Sally had already hurried off to corral more passengers for the game. So, they waited as more and more people made their way up to the ballroom.

She leaned over toward Don and whispered, "Um, is it a good idea to gather everyone up here on the top deck?"

"I was just thinking that," he nodded, "but it seems like something they do regularly, so it's probably OK." He frowned a bit and repeated, "Probably."

For her part, Shelonda didn't seem worried. The pretty young woman was looking out at the river and the countryside passing by very slowly.

Naturally enough, people were starting to strip off their few garments and get acquainted with each other by the time Sally held up a big bell and struck it several times with a metal rod. The loud peals immediately got everyone's attention.

"Hello everyone!" Sally said in a voice that carried well even in the now crowded ballroom. "Welcome aboard! We hope you enjoy your trip with us! If you need anything at all while you're on board please don't hesitate to ask me or one of the other crewmembers! After we pick up a new set of passengers we like to help everyone make new friends to enjoy their voyage! To get things going, we like to play a mixer game. Tonight's is one we call Cabin Fever!"

Sally paused a moment to let the passengers' curiosity build up a bit before continuing with, "We have almost as many women as men with us, so to make sure no one is left out, the ladies will each go to a cabin on one of the decks below us! Please keep it one lady to a cabin for now, ladies!" Sally laughed. "Then, the men will each draw a cabin number, and when I ring this bell they'll go visit the cabin they've drawn! Some men might draw a duplicate number! When I ring the bell again, the men all have to come back up here and draw again! Sound like fun?!"

There was a general murmur of agreement through the crowd.

"How long will we have between bells?" Tascha asked.

"That's a surprise!" Sally grinned.

In response to the look Tascha gave him, Don just shrugged.

"If you'd rather not join in the game, please go down to the main deck or upstairs to the roof deck!" smiled Sally. Nobody seemed to be hurrying off to get out of the game, though.

"All right, ladies, if you would go claim your cabins...!"

The sun was setting and lights came on all over the boat as Tascha, Shelonda and the other women headed down the various stairways. Shelonda pointed out that, "There seem to be more cabins than women."

"You're right," Tascha nodded. "I wonder how they'll avoid sending men to empty cabins."

The two of them went down to the bottom level and took adjoining cabins. Tascha went into her cabin and touched a wall switch that turned on a pair of table lamps that filled the room with a low light, turned reddish by the lampshades. The queen-sized bed had silken sheets that seemed freshly laundered. Tascha sat down on the edge of the bed and waited for her first visitor. Her cheeks were flushed and she could feel her pulse racing a bit in anticipation. Being separated out and isolated like this and waiting to meet some unknown man was an interestingly different experience. She remembered when she had gone with the Lord, way back in the Manor, which was the closest thing to this she'd experienced. It seemed like a very long time since that first night in Eros. Tascha had certainly done an awful lot since then, and she was definitely more excited than apprehensive this time. She stood up and slipped out of her sundress and put it on one of the room's chairs, and returned to the edge of the bed, naked and waiting.

It wasn't long before she heard the sounds of men coming down the stairs and moving about on the deck above her and then on hers as they looked for their designated cabins. In another minute a naked, athletic man with short, straight orange-red hair entered her cabin and smiled broadly at her. "Well, hello there," he said with a pronounced Scottish accent.

"Hello and welcome to my cabin. I'm Tascha," she smiled back.

"I'm Ian," he bowed a little. "'Very pleased to meet you, Tascha."

Ian took another few steps into the room, and reached out to run his fingertips and then his hand up the bare skin of her arm.

Still smiling, Tascha reached out and ran her own hand up the outside of Ian's muscular thigh and then over to lightly caress his cock, which was already beginning to stiffen for her. She asked, "Do you have any idea how much time we're going to have together?"

"I'm afraid I don't," he said as he leaned down to kiss her shoulder.

"Well, we shouldn't waste any time then," Tascha chuckled. Considering everything she'd done and experienced in Eros the fact that she felt like she was being outrageously forward struck her as amusing.

"Agreed!" Ian said with a grin. He then lifted her chin and kissed her as he leaned her back to lie on the bed.

Tascha parted her lips, letting his tongue slip into her mouth, and parted her legs as his hand moved up between her thighs. She noticed that her own hand had wrapped around his now rather hard, thick cock and was squeezing and pulling on it. She gasped as she felt his fingers parting her lips, and then groaned a bit as his fingers began to push up into her. Her pussy was already wet in anticipation, so it didn't take long until Ian was fucking his fingers in and out of her, his palm grinding wonderfully against her clit. Tascha kept pulling at Ian's cock as he moved over her, and drew it down until she felt the purple head taking his fingers' place inside her.

She let go of him as he pushed into her, only to grab his waist to pull him down. Tascha's legs wrapped around his as her pussy opened for the hard prick pushing up into it. Tascha moaned into Ian's mouth, and felt his body crushing down against her clit, rubbing against it as he pushed forward. She was vaguely aware of the cool sheets against her back while he began to move in and out of her, slowly at first -- drawing almost all the way out of her and then pushing all the way back in. Her hands grasped at his firm butt and she felt his long leg muscles working against hers as he fucked her a bit faster, a bit harder. He kept kissing her while their bodies rubbed against each other; her nipples were brushing against his chest, and his hard sex sawed in and out of her. He was fucking her with abandon now, moving in and out of her in short, fast motions, and Tascha was coming -- long, hard, hot and shuddering -- crying out in the dim light of the cabin. Her body was clenching and shaking against and around him, when she felt Ian's cock swelling and then erupting inside her, filling her pussy with his hot, sweet cum. Feeling his jizz spilling out of her, Tascha felt herself tumbling into a second intense orgasm. Her fingers dug into the strong muscles of his butt as she pulled him into her, keeping him deep inside until she eventually stopped climaxing.

When Tascha finally opened her eyes, Ian was smiling down at her. She smiled almost bashfully and said, "Well, that was very nice! I'm so glad you stopped by."

Ian laughed and leaned down to kiss her again. He slowly drew himself out of her, leaving a quite a slippery mess on her upper thighs.

"Hey now," Tascha said, "I didn't hear any bells."

"No, that's true," Ian smiled.

"Then we have more time," she laughed, and then pushed him over onto his side. Moving with sudden energy, she got up on her knees and quickly reversed herself so that, once she got Ian to cooperate, she could rest her head on his thigh while she took his still-rather-hard cock into her mouth. She licked and sucked at the mingled juices that covered his shaft and head, pulling some extra cum out of him, before slowly lowering her mouth and throat down over him. She took her time, enjoying the sensation of having his sex moving over her lips and tongue and then into her throat. She smiled to herself as she heard Ian groan. She held herself there, breathing through her nose, for a few moments, before beginning to move up and down on him. Tascha reached around and began to caress his full balls.

Ian was starting to rock on the bed, fucking himself in and out of her mouth, and Tascha thought she might make him come in another couple of minutes, when there was a surprisingly clear pealing of a bell. It sounded like it had been rung in the cabin with them.

Ian groaned in disappointment, and Tascha considered just ignoring the bell, but then she decided that she was enjoying this game. She gave Ian's purple head a kiss and said, "Off you go, then."

Ian chuckled, and took a moment to give her another kiss, before he managed to scramble off the bed and head back upstairs.

Tascha just lay there for a moment, hands moving over her body. She was acutely aware of the fact that there was cum leaking out of her pussy -- partly because she now had a hand between her legs, smearing the slippery juices over her lips and clit. It occurred to her that she would soon be returning to her normal life in the "real" world, and her opportunities for letting herself go like this were running out. She resolved to make the most of this riverboat ride.

She was still there, lying on the bed playing with her messy pussy, when her next visitor arrived. This was a handsome young East Asian man, with cropped black hair, a tight body and a surprisingly big cock already standing out in front of him. Tascha smiled up at him, and without a word spread her legs invitingly. She was thinking it would be fun to just let him hop on and fuck the hell out of her with that beautiful cock.

He surprised her though, by bending down, taking hold of her legs and pulling her to the edge of the bed, where he promptly knelt down on the floor and buried his face between her legs. Tascha felt his tongue hungrily licking up the remnants of her session with Ian. The young man was both enthusiastic and thorough, and Tascha murmured approval as he shifted his attention to her sensitive clit. What he lacked in subtlety he more than made up for in passion, and it didn't take long at all before Tascha's torso was arching high over the bed as she cried out with another intense orgasm.

She wasn't done shaking before the young man had planted her feet on the floor and was pushing the broad head of his cock into her pussy. Tascha smiled up at him as she felt the flared glans opening her up. Feeling the thick shaft filling her up, she moaned out loud. He gave her a slight smile as he began to rock forward and back, moving his big prick in and out of her slightly at first, until she got used to the girth. Tascha's hands were moving over her own body, caressing herself, squeezing her tits, pinching and twisting her nipples. When she moved her left hand down to begin playing with her clit, her newest lover began to fuck in and out of her more vigorously. She gasped as he plunged hard into her, hitting her cervix again and again. Tascha was vaguely aware that she was making inarticulate sounds as her pussy was pounded by that big cock, but was far past caring, even if she might have been able to make herself stop. Her fingers were thrumming wildly at her clit as that hard shaft drove into her hard and deep, and then she was coming! She cried out wildly as wave after wave of white hot pleasure tore through her. She kept on coming as she dimly realized that that big sex-toy of a cock was being pulled out of her and then she felt a huge gout of hot slippery cum splashing all over her belly, up to her tits and over her throat; a little bit of it even landed on her cheek. This pitched her into yet another orgasmic peak, and she writhed on the bed, one hand between her legs and the other smearing the young man's cum all over herself.

She was only just coming down when she heard the sound of the bell. She opened her eyes in time to see her visitor departing with a happy smile on his face. They hadn't said an actual word to each other during their encounter.

Tascha lay there for several minutes, just playing with the cum, occasionally carrying some of the salty-sweet stuff up to her mouth. It finally occurred to her that perhaps she ought to clean herself up a little before her next visitor arrived. She had just managed to sit up at the edge of the bed, though, when her next guest came into the cabin.

He was a fairly average looking guy -- white with short, dark brown hair and an athletic build -- who grinned broadly when he saw the state Tascha was in. He said, "It looks like you've been having fun! Hi, I'm Kevin."

"Hi Kevin, I'm Tascha, and I have!" she laughed. She was about to beckon him closer so she could get her hands and mouth on his cock, when a second man entered the cabin.

The older black man with a very nice physique smiled at them both and said, "Hello there, we seem to have drawn the same cabin number."

"Come on in," Tascha grinned up at him. "I'm Tascha and this is Kevin."

"I'm Jim," the newcomer said.

"Well, come a bit closer, gents, and let me see what you brought me," Tascha said with a chuckle.

Kevin and Jim didn't hesitate to step forward -- Kevin on her left and Jim on her right -- to stand shoulder to shoulder facing her. Tascha smiled up at them as she took their cocks in her hands and began to pull and stroke them. Continuing to look up at them, she leaned forward and kissed first Kevin's and then Jim's cock. Then she moved back to Kevin's and took the swelling head of it into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue and then sucking on it, all while continuing to fondle both shafts. With another saucy smile she moved over to Jim's and gave it the same treatment. She could taste mingled cum and the flavor of other women on their cocks. As she moved from cock to cock she never stopped moving her hands up and down on them, but she took more and more of them into her mouth and throat, sucking on them more vigorously with each turn. She soon had them as hard as they were going to get, and her pussy was again aching to be filled.

Pulling off Jim's wet, slippery cock, Tascha looked up at the two men and announced, "I want one of you to fuck me."

Without another word, she turned away and crawled up onto the bed, and waited there on her hands and knees. She hadn't given it any thought, but she wound up positioned so that Kevin was closer to her upturned butt, so it was natural for him to quickly climb up on the bed behind her. Jim stood at the foot of the bed, stroking himself and watching.

"No, Jim," Tascha laughed. "Bring that over here."

Kevin didn't waste any time, and was pushing his cock into Tascha's very wet and willing pussy from behind by the time Jim had knelt in front of Tascha and directed his straining hard on toward her mouth. Reaching out with one hand, she pulled his dark brown cock to her. Kevin was already holding her hips and was fucking himself in and out of her rather vigorously. Jim's thick shaft moved past her lips, over her tongue and into her throat. Tascha held onto the base of his cock for a moment, to make sure he wasn't going to get too carried away, but as she let herself go with the incredible sensations she also let go of his cock. Her hand dropped down to the bed and she thought for a moment to the beautiful woman in the hallway of the Manor who Don and she had spied upon that first day. Tascha had been so turned on by the sight of that woman between two men just like Tascha was right now. With that thought, Tascha's hand lifted up and back to brush her fingers over her clit. She imagined how she looked right then, one man fucking her hard and fast from behind, another holding her head in his hands as he fucked his thick black cock in and out of her mouth and throat, while she knelt there covered in drying cum.

The orgasm hit her hard and shook her for what felt like a very long time. She clenched, groaned and shook between the two cocks, neither of which stopped moving in and out of her until they erupted with their sweet, molten cum. She felt herself swallowing, but was aware of her spittle and Jim's cum spilling out over her chin just as the mixture of her juices and Kevin's ran slowly down the backs of her thighs.

Tascha collapsed on the bed, pulling the two men with her. Still shuddering a bit, she just lay there and enjoyed herself as her visitors caressed her body. She slowly began to regain her senses, and was thinking about some more fun with these two men who seemed to work quite well together, when the bell pealed in their ears.

As the fellows slowly disentangled themselves, Tascha managed to say, "Would you please tell Sally that I need to sit a round out?" She thought she heard one of them say they would.

Then she dragged herself off the bed and tottered to the cabin door and over into the cabin Shelonda had claimed. The pretty young woman was lying on the bed with a happy smile on her face and a body covered with pearly cum.

"It looks like you've been having fun," Tascha laughed.

Shelonda giggled and said, "You too!"

Tascha bent down and licked a dollop of cum off Shelonda's perfect breast. After giving her friend a kiss, Tascha said, "I need a quick shower. Want to join me?"

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