tagLoving WivesLove Thy Neighbor Ch. 01

Love Thy Neighbor Ch. 01


I consider myself to be a lucky man. At the young age of 30, I am able to claim that a great paying job, a beautiful home, and a stunning wife all have been blessed into my life. My job keeps me busy, working sometime 60 hours or more a week, but the pay is outstanding. Ensuring the radars work at multiple airports in the region is an excellent paying job, with minor amounts of travel. The house we have come to call home is exquisite; a four bedroom miniature palace as my wife calls it, Sits in a secluded neighborhood, in a small valley between two hills. All the houses have large yards, separated by large hedges and trees. The total number of homes in our small community only reaches just under 30.

And finally, the best of all my accomplishments, my wife. Nicole, or Nikki for short, Is nothing short of breathtaking. Her sky blue eyes are often veiled behind her silky black hair. Her pink lips always curl up into a smile, showing off her perfect teeth. Her body is in fantastic shape, with gentle creamy skin. Perky C cup chest, and a tight round ass, she is easily the envy of the neighborhood. I met her in college through one of her girlfriends. I soon found out she did a bit of modeling, and enjoyed seeing the hundreds of photos she had acquired of herself since late high school. Most of those photos I still retain today, kept in a shoebox in our closet. While most I have scanned into my laptop, the best I keep for myself. I was lucky to get her, as I am not the most athletic, or manly man out there. I myself just fit into the average category. Your average hard working everyday American.

Our story begins a Saturday morning, as I step out of the shower. Nikki had taken hers prior to me, and was drying off, hair wrapped in a towel. I walked up behind her, and pulled her close to close the gap between our bodies. Leaning in, soft whispers escaped my lips, commenting how beautiful she was as I press into her backside.

"You know, If you want to make it to the party tonight, you're going to have to get home on time for work, so that means no play... till later." She spoke in a soft tone, gently grinding herself into me.

She always was an amazing tease. Even when we first started dating, she loved being watched. She said it was one of the most exciting thrills she could ever imagine, seeing a man lusting for her. It had explained the modeling, but I didn't think into it as she did slow stripteases. What man in their right mind would? A beautiful goddess undressing before anyone would stop them in their tracks. My mind snapped back. I had forgotten about the block party that evening to celebrate the last of the warm weather before fall cooled off. "Well then, I better collect on my rain check." With that I kissed her deeply before she returned to the bathroom to finish pampering herself, leaving me to get ready for work alone.

That day was a long one as I recall, Saturdays usually are, unless a trouble call comes in. The majority of the morning I spent hanging around out central shop, which consists of my boss, a secretary, 5 techs, plus myself. I sat at my workstation, reviewing the plan for the upcoming maintenance I would have to get done in the following week. My mind drifted off to the picture of my wife on my desk of me and her on vacation. Her flawless body in a bikini on a beach, one would barely notice me standing with my arm around her. The way her silky skin filled out that tiny blue bikini was perfect, as if god himself sculpted her. I thought nothing of the best of her, and would do anything to make her happy. That's when my mind began to drift off further.

Quite a few months in the past, at the end of the past winter, I began to have some wild thoughts. Going through some of her old modeling pictures, not all of them were of her alone. A couple had her posing with other girls, and strangely, the ones that turned me on the most were of her posing sexually with other men. Seeing my wife faking a moan in the hands of another man as they pressed against another turned me on in ways I couldn't, and still can't explain. She was not having sex by any means in those photos, but what they insinuated, and the picture they painted made me wish they were. Soon afterwards I found a community online, and was surprised to find out how many men enjoy the exact same thoughts as I. Not feeling so alone, and so wrong for my ideas, I finally confronted her.

Before the end of the summer, after thinking it over for 6 months, I let it all spill. I told her how hot her old pictures had made me. That I was curious in swinging, sharing her with another. I explained how there was a massive community for it, and that I wasn't alone in my thoughts. Most importantly, I stressed how beautiful she was, and how amazing it would be to share her, rambling about how I would be selfish to keep her to myself. Naturally, she was shocked. This was roughly 2 months before the block party.

The next 2 weeks were tough for us; anyone in our home could tell there was a wall. She had a tough time looking me in the eye, and I felt like I had run too far with my fantasies. It should have been something I had kept to myself, what was I thinking to tell her that. And more importantly, was I insane for wanting to share the most beautiful woman I had ever known? These questions began to swell in my mind, creating more distance till the end of the 3rd week. She came into bed, and climbed on top of me. After 3 weeks of no physical contact, we made intense love that night.

She leaned in, kissing me deeply. My hands immediately ran across her tight body, caressing her curves gently and cupping her ass. The lingerie she wore came off quickly, as she kissed down my chest, sliding under the covers and tugged off my boxers. The next thing I felt were those gorgeous lips wrapping around my cock. I leaned my head back and moaned, always enjoying how amazing she was at giving oral. She sucked firmly, her tongue lashing around the shaft as those lips gently bobbed up and down. Her warm saliva gently dripped down my shaft as I reached down, playfully tugging her hair. Soon, she let go and slid back up, kissing me hard. We never kissed after performing oral on one another, but after 3 weeks of total denial, I would do anything for her.

Her silky legs straddled my hips, and she slowly gyrated herself against my. Cock rubbed hard against her pussy, which only had a tiny thong keeping me from entering. She leaned up, and pulled the thong aside, exposing her bare pink pussy to me. Her hand grasped my cock, and stroked it slowly, aiming me at her. I never considered myself well endowed, at 6 inches, but I liked to think I pleased her.

"I love you Alek" She whispered softly, pushing down onto me. I tilted back once more and moaned heavily. Her tight pussy slide down around my cock, soaked with her sweet honey. She gently pushed down, smiling down at me as she sat straight up. Her hands unhooked her bra and tossed it aside as my hands caressed her legs and hips. I began to slowly thrust up, put she placed her hand on my stomach. "No, let me..."

With that she began to grind her hips slowly, the feeling was incredible. She moved back and forth, while her body moved in slow circles. I grunted softly, her soaking wet sex moved effortlessly around. There was no way she got this wet from giving me oral, she must have played with herself before coming to bed. She tosses her head back, moaning loudly and rubbing her body. I knew I could please her, but these moans were fake, and drove me wild. Soon I was grunting. "Nikki! I'm about to cum!"

She grinned wickedly, and pulled off me at the last moment. "Wait sweetie..." she dove down and wrapped those perfect lips around me once more. I couldn't believe it, she rarely ever let me cum in her mouth, and never right after sex. I couldn't last more than 30 seconds, with her tongue lashing against my cock, and those steel blue eyes staring straight up into mine, I cried out in climax. My body jerked as I shot me thick built up load straight down her mouth. I couldn't stop watching her, her eyes close as she sucked me hard, as if I were watching a pornstar swallow a load.

She kept her lips around me as I finished cumming, panting I collapsed back into the sheets. She slowly slid up next to me, hugging me tightly. For a third time that night she shocked me. Without even mentioning anything, she leaned in and kissed me hard. She had swallowed my entire load, but the taste still lingered. Her sweet lips and tongue were salty, covered from my cum, with tiny hints of her own sweet pussy. I found myself kissing her back harder than ever, thrusting my tongue into her mouth as I held her close to me, before we both collapsed into the bed. Exhausted, I passed out shortly, after confessing my undying love to her.

The following few weeks before the neighborhood block party were incredible, as if I was trapped in heaven. When I arrived home most days she would be already out of work, wearing skimpy and naughty little outfits for my enjoyment. Every room of the house became an adult playground, often never making it upstairs to the bedroom. Every time we began she dropped to her knees without question, worshipping my cock as I withered between her lips. Only twice I was able to resist, and push her onto her back and devour her sweet sex. It became a quick habit every time we performed oral on one another to kiss deeply. Strangely, the most erotic kisses we ever experienced to that point was after we had made each other explode with passion.

The Friday night before the party, her legs were entwined around me as I thrust in hard. I hadn't realized, but up to this point I had not cum inside of her. I grunted and groaned, telling her I was about to fill her. She arched her back up off our bed, and begged me to cum on her. What man would refuse, and I quickly straddled my stunning wife Nikki's chest. My cock exploded, gushing out all over her silky skin her eyes locked onto mine as I watched the first stream spurt across her breast, dripping down her nipple. The next shot up, splashing across her cheek and lip, followed by a quick painting of her neck, and the rest dripping back onto her chest. My wife never looked so hot and naughty to me before.

I stared at her for a moment, both of us catching our breathes as we smiled. She reached up and pulled me down, kissing deeply and passionately. While the past few weeks I had grown accustomed to tasting myself, never before had I felt a glob of my own man juice. My tongue entwined with hers, my cum locked between our lips. She pushed me onto my back, and rolled on top of me as her naked body straddled me. Pulling her jet black hair back, she broke the kiss and pulled my face into her neck. Without a second thought my mouth opened, kissing and sucking on her skin. I gently bite on it, knowingly cleaning my own jizz off her body. Then came the real surprise as she pushed me back, and straddled my abs with a big smile. Her perfect teeth shined brightly as she pulls back her hair. Her skin glistened with sweat, and her breasts dripped with me cum.

"Alek sweetie, I love you so much. You have been the most amazing man I have ever known, and these past two weeks, are beyond describable. I don't think I could ever love you as much as I do now... and I want to know how much you love me." Her eyes glimmered as I couldn't look away.

"Nicole, I'd do anything, and everything you ever ask. You are my wife, my goddess to worship, anything you want, and I'll do it because I..." My words got cut short; she had heard exactly what she had wanted to. She pulled my face into her chest, and moaned. I couldn't believe this, even after what I had just done, this was still taboo. Her sticky chest, covered in my cum, smeared across my face. My mouth open, and wrapped around her nipple, sucking hard on it. Her fingers ran through my hair, scratching my scalp lightly as I kissed her breasts, licking every inch. I opened my teeth to lightly nibble on her soft flesh.

"Don't bite, and don't swallow." I heard her angelic voice speak. My mouth made it to her right tit, where more cum landed. I continued to clean my wife off of the mess I made upon her. She moaned, grinding her soaking wet sex against my body. I got lost in time, the two minutes I spent worshipping her breasts felt like an eternity. She pushed me off into the pillows and kissed me hard. My mouth was still full, so I pushed the salty goo into her lips. She reacted immediately, kissing and pushing it back. We lay in bed, snowballing my cum between us, loving each other more than we ever had prior.

Finally it was Saturday, and so began the first of the many wild weekends to follow. It started off the same as any other Saturday, me needing to go into work to finish up the paperwork I procrastinated with throughout the week. This week however I had more to do, seeing as how I rushed home every chance I could, who wouldn't? Nicole said she didn't mind, she was going to do a little shopping with the neighbor. It was to be a theme party, and the theme was summer. Bathing suits, grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts were all encouraged to be worn that evening. She had plenty of each, but after all she had just done with me, I never could say no.

As I sat at my desk at work, I kept looking at the picture of the two of us, smiling, embracing one another. I didn't mind that the guys I worked with saw, I enjoyed the world knowing I had a beautiful wife. I loved knowing that other men envied me for having her, and strangely it gave me a sense of pride, to have such a beautiful woman to call my own. Finally, around 3 in the afternoon I was able to depart. As I pulled from my works small parking lot, I knew I'd have to suffer more during the week as not to mess up my weekends.

I returned home to a big kiss at the front door. My cock immediately jumped, knowing what was to come. The short kiss slowly got more passionate, her tongue entwining with mine. My hands grasped her, pulling my wife's tight body into my own as my fingers dug into her ass. Her hands came up, unbuttoning my shirt, and began kissing my chest. I knew what was to come next, she had been so eager lately to pleasure me with that mouth of hers. Within moments my pants were around my ankles, shirt hanging open, and my wife's hot lips resting against my already hard cock.

"Oh Alek, I think I've become completely addicted to cock, All I want to do right now is pull you into my mouth, and feel how excited I make you darling." As Nicole's sweet voice spoke, her lips were moving against the underside of my shaft. "It drives me so wild, feeling you explode in my mouth, it makes me feel so naughty and dirty. And not to mention the way we are afterwards." Her tongue slid out, licking my shaft before she stood up, and slowly walked away. "On second thought, it ought to wait till tonight, don't want you too tired for the party..."

I stood there speechless, in the doorway to my house, full mast with my pants on the floor. I hadn't even gotten to speak the words hello sweetie before I had been devilishly teased and then denied. I was never one to argue, and knew she would have more in store for me later. Deciding not to push it, I began to get changed, unable to avert my eyes from her while we idly chatted. Our eyes kept locking, and the sexual tension in the room was high, but still she made no move. I put on my khaki shorts and blue Hawaiian shirt, only needing my sandals downstairs now.

As Nicole began to curl her hair, I went downstairs to make my large tub of guacamole. Relaxing, I watched TV for a bit to get my mind off her. Finally it was 7 in the evening, the sun would be setting shortly, and it was time to head over. I grabbed two bottles of wine and the large bowl of the dip and called for my wife. My eyes fixated upon her as she slowly walked down the stairs, my heart skipping a beat.

As she walked down the stairs, her hips swayed, and she looked beyond incredible. Her hair was beautifully done, bouncing gently with waves of curls with each step she took. Warm pink lipstick and makeup adorned her already perfect face. A black triangle bikini top barely covered her beautiful cleavage, with thin strings reaching up to tie behind her mid back and behind her neck. Silver rhinestones made horizontal lines across the thin material. Hanging low around her hips was a beach slip. Black, with silver trim on the bottom, it was tied in a knot upon her right hip, showing off the side of her entire silky smooth right leg. Beneath it on the sides, the strings for her bikini bottoms popped out of the top of the slip. Her feet had small black sandals, clapping against her heel with each step she took. She looked like my goddess.

My mouth must have been hanging open, because she giggled at me and did a little spin. "Guess you like it honey." Her body gently pressed up against me, as my hardon pressed against her. "In fact, I can feel how much you like it already. I guess it was wrong of me to tease you like I did earlier, But darling it will make tonight that much more exciting for you." Her beautiful eyes glimmered as we stared into one another's. "Trust me, I love you." She spoke sweetly.

Once we finally arrived at the party, I was finally able to get my mind of my wife's flawless body, for a moment. Even though I had others to distract me, I kept finding myself glancing over her, lusting and wanting her more. The way her perfect pink lips smiled as she chatted with our neighbors, those very lips that only a few hours ago were wrapped around my cock and denied me what I craved so badly. As she laughed at others jokes, her perky breasts jiggle a little in their tiny bikini. As I walked over to the makeshift bar to get us both a drink, I couldn't help but admire the way her ass curved with that thin slip hanging low around her hips. My wife, my angel.

As one of the neighborhood wives Mary made a pair of margaritas for me to bring back, I finally caught the attention of something aside from my wife's body. Seeing 2 of my neighbors, Rich and Mark, and my friend Tom there gawking at her strangely turned me on. I decided to hang back, and idly chat with Mary for a few, about her kids and work. This got her into rambling for quite some time, and while it looked as if I were listening to her, I was looking past her to my wife.

I could see the three attempting to charm Nikki. She didn't come to neighborhood parties often, and most people around only got the occasional how are you today question from her. But now, as she was being circled by three sharks, the Nicole I came to love was showing herself to the neighbors. I watched her face blush as Rich and Tom slipped off, leaving her alone with Mark for a few. Mark was one of the more quiet neighbors, and I had rarely interacted with him at all. He had divorced from his wife the year earlier, and lived with his teenage son on the outskirts of our community. They were a private family, so to see him chatting so lively to my wife was a first for me. I snapped out of it as Mary asked if Nikki could come tell her where she got that bikini. In my mind, the thought of her in a bathing suit wasn't appealing at all.

I approached them, handing off the margarita to Nikki. "It's good to see you Mark, its been awhile. I hope you're not trying to steal Nikki away from me here." He chuckled softly for a moment, and instead of answering took a sip of his beer. I took her hand "Darling, Mary has something to ask you," Nikki turned and walked with me "See you around." She spoke in a soft, almost sultry voice to our neighbor. I didn't find out till later, but as me and her walked away from Mark, his hand brushed against the exposed side of her leg.

The night continued on wonderfully, everyone was talking, eating, drinking, and having a wonderful time. The music and lights filled the air, and the smell of the tiki torches and charcoal pleased our senses. As everyone got their buzz on, a few couples began dancing. One couple had a bit too much to drink, and nearly fell over dancing as we laughed. The partygoers had began to spread out, no longer conjugating around the bar and grill. They made their way throughout the spacious yard, and many into the large garden. Then the host Mike approached me. He was about to put the burgers on the grill, and wanted to top them with my guacamole. I had entirely forgotten to bring it, and walked up to Nikki, informing her I would have to go home and get it. As I walked off she stopped me, and kissed me deeply. Our tongues entwined, holding the long 10 second kiss. My shaft began to grow as she smiled up at me. "Don't you dare touch that... for now." She grinned.

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