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Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 01


This is my first attempt to write something of this genre. There is not a lot of sex in this chapter as it was more important to set the stage and the characters. If this chapter is well received then more will follow. Please leave your comments, all are welcome.


Lt. James Gordon had the worst luck in the known universe. It was a subject of constant speculation how he had managed to get in, never mind graduate from, Starfleet Academy. It was not that he was evil or a screw up; it was just that whenever anything went wrong, he was involved somehow. It was not his fault when that EPS conduit had blown out, he had just been standing next to it, or the time the gravity failed during the null g basket ball game, he had been in the stands watching, but he was there every time something went wrong. Therefore, it was with great relief that his crewmates at Starbase 55 greeted his transfer to the science vessel USS Korvan.

The Korvan was the latest science vessel to be commissioned and James was glad to be transferred. He had had a nice farewell party from the staff he worked with on the Starbase and was going to miss his few friends. James tended to intimidate most people unintentionally. He stood over 2 meters tall and was broad enough to be two of most people, but he had the most gentle nature. He had black hair, green eyes and was mostly human, but all people saw was his size. He stood on the Starbase transporter pad and clutched his orders and duffel. However, if the transporter was to malfunction it would have to happen to him.

He felt the usual tingle of the transporter beam and thought that it felt a little different. He could still see the transporter chief on the Starbase and grew slightly concerned at the flurry of activity she broke into during the beaming. James had been transported enough to know the procedure and quick panicky movements were not procedure. Then he saw nothing for a second as he dematerialized and was thrown through space to the Korvan's transporter pad.

Again the tingle and then his body returned to the universe in one piece, or almost. The beam was still holding him and the Korvan transporter chief was also working the controls with quick controlled intensity. James thought he heard something about a drop in body mass, but that was not possible, he could feel all of his body and everything was there. It must have been a trick of the transporter beam, but this transporter room looked slightly bigger. James felt the beam release him and he staggered. A wave of dizziness set in and someone caught him as he collapsed on the pad. The last thing he heard was an emergency call to sick bay.

James woke up in sick bay to see a nurse hovering over him. He could feel the sheet covering his bare skin and his chest felt heavy. As his senses started to report to his conscious mind he knew that something was very wrong. They had never made a bio bed that he fit on yet, but he could feel his heels firmly on the bed.

"It's alright; you are in sick bay on the USS Korvan. My name is Nurse Bell. The doctor will be with you in a minute. Just relax." Nurse Bell was blonde and very pretty, but the only thing James could feel was panic. He knew that something was very wrong. Nurses did not hover over patients until they awoke unless something was really wrong. Nurse Bell disappeared and another face appeared above him, a dark haired man with a moustache and black eyes.

"I am Dr. Sportan; you had quite a beam up. How are you feeling?"

"What happened?" James asked in a squeaky voice.

"There was a problem with the buffer reconstitution sub routine. Also we think the Heisenberg compensator failed. We were lucky to retrieve your pattern before the unit completely failed. But there were some complications with the rematerialization. It seems the pattern buffer mixed your pattern with the pattern of the last person to beam out. Namely Ensign Jodi Prince."

"My pattern got mixed with this Jody Prince's pattern, what happened to him?"

"Nothing, she is fine. Our concern is you. I think you better prepare yourself for a shock. You are not what or who you used to be any more. You are now a transgender individual." James sat up so fast he almost fell of the bio bed. As he did the sheet fell off of his chest and he saw the reason for the heaviness. He had breasts. He lifted the sheet and peered over his new breasts to see his boxer shorts were still in place. With a shaking hand he reached down and started to lift the waist band of his underwear when the Dr. grabbed his wrists.

"Nurse will you give us a minute?" He asked. Dr. Sportan waited until the nurse left ear shot before turning back to James. "Everything below the waist is fine. You still have you penis."

James lay back down with a gasp and relaxed slightly. He still reached for this crotch and was relieved to feel that the doctor was right, his dick was still there, but it felt smaller. Before he could check the doctor started speaking again.

"There are a few more things you need to know. Computer; activate privacy field bio bed 3 audio and visual." The computer beeped and a translucent wall appeared around the bed cutting out all sound and sight beyond it. "James, your patterns mixed and you took on more of Jodi's pattern than of your pattern. You are now only 160 cm's tall and weigh only 47 kilo's or you are 5' 3" and 105 pounds in the old scale. Also your hair is now red and a lot longer. You have breasts that we estimate are 34B. I know this is a lot to take in, but just relax and get used to your body. I already have a call into to the ship's councilor. She should be down here in few minutes."

"Why can't you just send me back through the transporter and fix the problem with my pattern?" James asked in the same squeaky female voice. "What has happened to my voice?"

"Apparently apart from the height and weight changes, your body was lost except for your mind and memories and you genitals, everything else belongs to Ensign Price. As to using the transporter I am afraid that is out of the question. We are not sure how this happened and I am unwilling to risk further changes to you. Also, when the pattern buffer mixed the two patterns it erased your original. After you beamed out the Starbase pattern buffer suffered a memory core failure. All data was lost. Until your records catch up to you, you are staying the way you are."

James lay back on the bio bed and felt like crying. This was another change, he never cried, but this was just too much. He was stuck as a half woman. What was this going to do to his career? The doctor looked up as another person walked through the field. She was shorter and blonder than Nurse Bell.

"Lt. Gordon, I am councilor Carol Webster. I am here to help you."

"Thank you Councilor, but what I need you can't help me with, not unless you have a copy of my original pattern and a transporter in your pocket." James replied somewhat acidly.

"No, that I don't have with me, but I do have a new uniform and a few other things you might need." Carol replied.

"Now let's get you out of that bed. I have sick people to deal with and you need the councilor more than a doctor." Dr. Sportan said. With the help of Councilor Webster, Dr. Sportan lifted James up off the bed and helped him swing his legs over the side. For the first time in his life, his feet did not reach the deck. James slid forward and dropped to the deck, his knees buckled and he pitched forward from the weight on his chest. His boxer shorts hit the deck leaving James completely naked. Only the steadying hands of Carol kept him from falling face first onto the sick bay floor.

"Easy, your body has had a big shock and your center of balance has shifted. It will take some time for you to get used to it." Carol said, supporting James as he took a couple of steps. Dr. Sportan was running a tricorder over James as he moved.

"Interesting, it seems that more of Jodi's pattern came through than we thought. Your hips are a little wider than I would have thought for a man. But nothing internal seems out of place."

"Can I see what I look like?" James asked.

"I think that you should, but be ready for a shock. You don't look like your Starfleet file picture anymore." Councilor Webster replied "Computer; reflective surface, one panel."

"Wait a minute." James said, "I had a complete copy of my records with me when I transported from the Starbase. That will have my DNA and my pattern on it. You can use that to fix this."

"I am afraid not," said Councilor Webster. "The transporter malfunction wiped your records off your padd. There was no way to recover it. We tried while you were unconscious." She continued turning James to the full length mirror on the force field.

James stood before the mirror and saw a completely different person. The woman looking back at him was a stranger. She had long red hair, an oval face and a pert slightly up-turned nose. The green eyes were the same, but nothing of the face or upper body was familiar. The woman in the mirror looked softer; her skin seemed to glow white with and inner radiance that James had never seen on his body. Her breasts were firm and perky, standing out from her chest with small nipples the colour of cherries. Her tummy was slightly concaved and there was no hair anywhere to be seen but her head and eyebrows. The doctor towered over the petite woman in the mirror and James felt small and afraid. He now knew what others felt in his presence.

"You are incredibly beautiful James." Councilor Webster said still holding James up under the arms. "But I don't think you are going to be able to pass for a James until we get this fixed. I suggest that you go by Jamie until we can get this resolved."

"Are you crazy?" James exploded. "I can't go around as Jamie, I want to me, James Gordon. Not some freak."

"You are not some freak." Councilor Webster said firmly. "We have encountered many species that are a mix of genders. You are no different."

"I am very tolerant of other species Councilor." James replied. "But they did not step onto a transporter pad as one sex and come out as both. They were born that way."

"This will take some adjustment on your part and I am here to help you with that." Carol replied rubbing James' shoulders. "Now let's get you dressed and report you to the Captain. She likes to meet all new arrivals. I have already discussed this with her and you will have a few days before you start your new duties to get acclimated to this change and to the ship."

Carol turned James from the mirror and back to the bio bed. There was a new uniform laid out for him, a female lieutenant's uniform, complete with female underwear. Once again James balked. "There is no way I am wearing that. I want my uniform back."

"That won't be possible." Dr. Sportan replied. "You have lost more than forty percent of your body mass. Your old uniform tunic would be a dress on you and the trousers would go around you at least twice. Councilor, I leave Jamie in your care. I have patients to see. Jamie I want you back tomorrow morning for a complete physical and ship arrival protocol. Good day ladies." The doctor stepped out through the force field and vanished from sight.

"Okay, first the bra." Carol said with a smile. "You need to know how to put one on. For now, just slip it over your shoulders and fit the cups to your breasts. I will adjust the straps. I brought you a front snap one; I did not think you would be able to do a rear closure one just yet."

James sank down on the bio bed and started to cry. This was just too much for him to take all at once. He had gone from a strapping human male to a petite human female in the space of an hour and it was too much to assimilate all at once.

"There there, it will be all right. I will be here to help you through this. Now let's get you dressed. You are going to be late for your meeting with the captain and you don't want to make a bad impression on your first day aboard do you?"

"How can I make a good impression when I am the wrong person?" James wailed.

"You are not the wrong person, just a little confused. The Captain will understand. As for your duties, you are a structural engineer with a hobby in marine archeologist. This will not affect your work and the crew was expecting Lt. J. Gordon. No mention of gender. Once I give you a crash course in womanhood you will be able to pull this off with no problem until we can get your pattern sorted out. Then Lt. Jaime Gordon transfers out and Lt. James Gordon reports for duty."

"I just don't know about this."

"There is nothing else to do. We are already 4 hours out of Starbase 55 and have been assigned an important mission. The Captain is not going to turn the ship around because of your whining. Now let's get you dressed. On your feet lieutenant." Councilor Webster ordered sharply, and James found his body responding.

James picked up the bra and slid the straps over his shoulders. The instant that the black lacy material touched his skin he felt an electric charge race down his spine. It was nothing like he had felt before, he felt his nipples harden and he shivered. He fitted his breasts into the cups and slid the hook closed. The bra felt a little tight and restrictive, but good. James held still as Carol tightened the shoulder straps and felt the bra pull his breasts up and held them tightly to his chest.

Next Carol handed him his panties. The standard female uniform panties were high cut bikini panties, but Carol had brought him a thong. "You will need this to keep your penis under control. Pull them on and I will show you how to adjust yourself."

James pulled the thong up his hairless legs and again the thrill ran through his body. As a man he had never been this sensitive, but the feel of the material on his now hairless body was very erotic. If this is what women felt every time they got dressed, he was going to change at least 4 or 5 times a day, he thought? Then he felt a flood of revulsion. He was not going to enjoy this; he needed to get back to himself as soon as possible. He reached his waist and the thong pushed his penis tight to his body, outlining it in the thong.

"No, that won't do." Carol told him. "I am going to help you this time so that you will know what to do from now on." Carol pulled the thong down and folded his dick back between his legs. "Open your legs. Now this might hurt a little until you get used to it," she warned. James felt her small hand cup his balls, they too felt smaller. James had been built in proportion to his size, a penis 24.75 cms in length and 7.62 cms in diameter, or ten inches by 3 inches. Now it felt less than a third its previous size.

Carol pushed his nuts back between his legs and up into his pelvis. James grunted in pain as his testicles went inside his body, but Carol then pushed his hardening dick back between his legs. "Pull up your panties and that will hold this in place." Carol instructed. James did as he was told and Carol pulled her hand out just in time. Looking down she commented, "There, perfect."

James turned and looked into the mirror and saw a completely feminine figure. With his penis tucked between his legs, he was a woman.

"Now for your real panties." Carol said as she handed over the high cut black bikini panties from the bed. James looked at her and started to cry again. Carol looked down in dismay and then touched her com badge. "Councilor Webster to the Captain."

"This is the Captain, go ahead councilor."

"Captain, it seems that Lt. Gordon is going to need a few more minutes before she can meet with you."

"Very well Councilor. I have a ship wide announcement to make regarding our orders and then a meeting in the engineering department. I can meet you and her in her quarters in ten minutes rather than my ready room. Will that do?"

"Perfectly Captain, we will see you then. Webster out. There, the Captain has changed her schedule for you. The least you can do is be ready." Carol handed James the panties and helped him put them on. The same electric thrill ran up his legs as the panties slid into place. The black lace underwear stood out against James pale white skin, showing it off in the most alluring manner. James continued to sniffle quietly as Carol got him into the rest of his new uniform. The garter belt gave James goose bumps all over and the feeling of the stockings sliding up his legs caused his penis to try to harden, but trapped against the thong and panties it merely quivered.

Fully dressed Carol led James over to the mirror and gently whipped his face and began to apply makeup. James was shocked at the first touch of the makeup brush but Carol quieted him with a gentle motion and promised that there would not be much.

After applying a little rouge, eye liner and lipstick, Carol brushed James long red hair and showed him the mirror again. He found a very beautiful young woman looking back at him. "I know what you are thinking, and from now on you have to think like a woman. Stop thinking of yourself as James, from now on think of yourself as Jaime. Can you do that?"

"I don't know if I can, or should. I mean this is only temporary isn't it? I should not change my mind set for a temporary situation."

"If you are going to pull this off, you have to start thinking like a girl. From now on you are Jaime, not James."

"Okay, I will try." Jaime responded.

"Good, then let's go, and take small steps, you are not used to the heels they put on these uniform boots. Computer, disable privacy field bio bed 3." The computer chirped and the field died, the sound of the sick bay came back in with a rush, and the voice of the captain.

"speaking, we received orders from Starfleet Command. On stardate 46123.8 the USS Enterprise encountered a Dyson sphere. We have been ordered to complete the investigation started by the Enterprise. We will be rendezvousing with the Enterprise in 10 hours. We will then have 4 days to assimilate the data from the Enterprise before arriving at the sphere. All department heads, I will want a meeting 12 hours before arriving at the sphere with complete plans for survey and analysis. Captain out."

Jamie stopped crying and looked up at the overhead speaker. It was not possible, an actual Dyson sphere. Carol looked alarmed at Jamie's sudden stop. "Are you ready to go Jaime?" She questioned.

"Did the Captain just say a Dyson Sphere?"

"Yes, what is a Dyson sphere?" Carol asked as she led Jamie out of the sick bay and down the corridor.

"A Dyson sphere is a structure first suggested by Fredrick Dyson, a twentieth century physicist. Dyson suggested that shell surrounding a star could harness all of the power of that star and any population living on the inside of that shell would have unlimited power. I have studied the theory, but never thought I would ever get to see or study one."

Carol led Jamie down the corridor to the turbo lift and then down the next deck to her quarters while she was talking. The excitement of the sphere was carrying Jamie without her knowledge. The thought of a Dyson sphere had taken Jamie's mind off of her current status better than anything Carol could have said. Obviously work would be the best medicine. Carol listened to Jamie go on about the sphere theory and directed their walk to Jamie's quarters, but she also observed Jamie. Her hips had developed a natural swing and she had already started to roll her shoulders in sync with her hips. Glancing around Carol noted that the male crew members they passed all made a point of looking back at the new lieutenant.

They reached a door on deck 8 and Carol pressed the admittance button. The doors parted and Carol led Jamie still talking inside. Jamie stopped and looked around just inside the door. "I don't understand these are married quarters."

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