tagNonHumanLuftwaffe Wolf Ch. 03

Luftwaffe Wolf Ch. 03


I was informed by an anonymous person that the anti-aircraft guns used were a 50 Calibar, the bullets along with the shrapnel would have caused Vulferam a lot of damage. As I did not have a way to respond I will do so now, thank you for your feed back it was greatly appriciated. I would like to say that I was aware that the calibar of the weapons were high and the shrapnel would cause a great amount of damage to any human body, but my rendition of werewolves are more robust than most so Vulferam would have healed over anyway and I did allude to artifacts being removed from him. The particular type of AA Gun used was a QF 3.7 inch AA Gun which is still used today.


Chapter 3: What to do about the Wolf?

Vulferam sat on his cot alone in his quarters. He had been given a private room because of his lycanthropic nature. Lissia had said she would be back soon with some things for him so in the mean time he would acquaint himself with his new surroundings. He had a window, a bed, a table, a chair and a small set of draws; acquainting done.

Laying back he stretched out and inevitably his mind wandered back to the delectable vampire, why did she smell of wild flowers? And why does she blush so much around him? Everything about her held him captive, the way her hands explored his body of foreign object was so sensual that he could not stop fantasising about what would have happened if things had continued.

He felt the familiar twitch in his undergarments, the blood rushing to the centre of his lust at a painful rate. He checked the door to see if it was closed, which it was, then released himself from the confines of his undersized clothing. He groaned at the initial release of pressure but it was shortly appreciated as the cool air of the room did nothing to ease the arousal the vampiress had caused.

In a moment of weakness he gripped the base of his towering erection with a firm hand as though to steady himself. Eventually the need within him grew too great and with a determined motion his hand began to alleviate the pent up pressure.

All too quickly his hand increased in speed and the vision of the leggy vampire above him, straddling him with her succulent thighs as she moaned his name filled his mind. He could picture her ample breasts as they bounced with each thrust of his hips, her hair cascading down over her shoulders instead of up in the tight bun she greeted him in. He wished more than anything that his fantasy was real at that moment, his attraction to the predatory woman defied logic, he met her only a few hours ago and already he was fantasising about her in the most intense ways.

"Lissia," he hissed out as he felt the wonderful tingling within his loins and shoot up the hardened flesh in his hand.

As the euphoria subsided he opened his eyes to see the object of his fantasy standing with a clean outfit and a roasted leg of mutton. It would have been a welcoming sight if it were not for two things; she had found him with his dick in his hand and she had an ominous white substance splashed across her face and hair. "Feeling better I presume," she stated dryly and placed the clothing next to him on the bed and the plate of roasted meat on the table.

"I apologise for my appalling behaviour," he quickly said as he sat up and wiped his ejaculate from her face, "how can I make it up to you?"

Lissia sighed and sat next to him, "you aren't the first I have caught fantasising about my while 'easing the pressure' so to speak."

He felt a flutter of relief followed by a surge of jealousy, "Like who?" he demanded.

The vampire raised her brow in surprise, "myself," she teased with a playful smirk.

Vulferam's emotions calmed, "I am sorry for my rudeness," he offered a shy smile, "thank you for the food and change of clothing."

She wiped the remaining fluid from her hair, the scent driving her mad with her own lust. "You need to eat after that sizable expulsion of protein," she gave him a knowing smile, "I will get you more meat if you require it." Her offer was more like a dare to repeat his self pleasuring.

He moved to the mutton on the table and began to eat like he had been starving for months, his manners reminiscent of a wild animal. The low grumble that emanated from his chest as he ate sounded like a hungry beast.

After a short yet noisy session of eating the captain placed the bone on the plate and gave a satisfied belch. "Better?" Lissia asked.

Vulferam nodded and wiped his mouth with the serviette, "thank you."

"I should be going," Lissia announce and prepared to leave, "I have a few things I need to do before I retire for the night."

He stood to bid her farewell when a thought crossed his mind, "is your allure always so strong that it beguiles the mind so strongly?"

Lissia shuddered, "I have never seen it affect someone as powerfully as you."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that it might have something to do with your lunar cycle," she caught his gaze and became trapped.

Vulferam moved closer, "how can you be sure?" he asked as his hands came up to stroke her face, "I feel I have known you all my life yet I know for a fact that is impossible."

The doctor inhaled deeply, the honey mead aroma filling her head with need, "I know."

The wolf took this as a signal to move closer, taking her face in his large hands, "What is happening Lissia?" The hunger he felt for her grew with each beat of his heart, the need to taste her lips becoming unbearable. "This is insane, the desire I feel toward you is impeding my ability to think clearly." His lips brushed against hers, his tongue tentatively traced the plumb luscious opening of her mouth. "Please Lissia, just one taste."

His begging was her downfall, melting into his kiss in a slow tender embrace. Vulferam's victory increased with his scent clinging to Lissia from his little accident earlier. His arms wound their way around her body pulling her closer to him in a possessive hold. A satisfied growl rumbled in his chest, he had not felt this good since he was human, it was almost like going home after a particularly bloody battle to someone who truly cared, nay loved him.

"Fraternising with the enemy?" Tristan asked innocently from the door.

"Tristan!" Lissia jumped with fright.

Vulferam snarled at the intruder, "leave now vampire!" he demanded, drawing Lissia protectively behind him.

Tristan grinned, "You can't get out of the 'Hail Mary's' now Lissia."

Lissia looked like a teen caught in a compromising position, "Tristan what are you doing here?"

The priest walked past them and sat in the wooden chair, "I came to see if my prodigy was alright as she did not leave the room as quickly as I initially thought she would." He looked Vulferam over with a critical eye, "I hope your intentions are honourable sir." Vulferam responded with another growl. "You must let her go to get some sleep as she has been up most of the day to prepare for your arrival."

He appeared to ignore Tristan's comment as he had turned away towards Lissia. "I cannot allow you to be tired," he sighed leaning his head against hers, "Dream of me tonight as I will be dreaming of you."

Lissia felt light headed, never in her long life had she ever heard such sweet words from anyone and mean it. "I will," she replied and quickly berated herself for the sterile response.

Vulferam smiled and gave her another kiss, "Good night my dear Lissia." He reluctantly released her from his grasp and watched her leave. She paused at the door, stealing one last glance at the tall warrior wolf before disappearing with her sire.


Gabriel huffed at the amount of dust and grime that coated the walls and floor of the cellar. The empty wine racks acting like a skeleton for the copious amounts of cobwebs left by hundreds of spiders. The cherub grumbled at the task ahead of him which would have to be done the more human way as he was ordered to use a few of the guards to help him. A quick flap of his wings and a little divine magic could have the cellar clean without the frustration of waiting for these men to finish their tea breaks every ten minutes.

The cellar was a fantastic idea considering how dire the situation was concerning the German werewolf, Gabriel had had little to do with wolves in his time in the lower realms though they did fascinate him. Out of all the lycanthropes in the worlds it was the wolves that were the most unique, they were the only species to mate for life, they lived in packs that acts like one big family and are one of the most powerful immortals to walk the planet. Their secretive nature has kept them as one of the most numerous immortals also, second only to vampires who coincidently live in the same secretive manner as wolves.

"Corporal," called one of the cleaners, "Are you just going to stand there or are you going to help?" The man out ranked the cherub and looked he looked ready to pull rank to motivate him into lending a hand.

"I was ordered to ask you to do it," Gabe replied, "by the major."

"Well corporal," the sergeant grinned, "your pretty hands are going to get dirty. Get to work!"

Gabriel grumbled and picked up a broom to start sweeping. The stench was unbelievable, he could swear that most of the dirt was mice muck or worse. A few dead bodies of mice and a couple of rats, some of them mummified some of them rotting in a very gooey manner which only made the cherub's stomach churn. "I will need a shovel for this, not a broom."

His complaint fell on deaf ears as a couple of men on the other side of the spacious cellar began tossing the dead rats at on another.

"Oi! Cut that out you two!" the sergeant screamed at them, startling one who had just flicked a rat towards Gabriel hitting him square in the face, leaving liquefied internal organs splattered over his body. "Now look what you two 'ave done," the sergeant chuckled at the formally pristine corporal Gabriel, "you've gone and messed up our pretty corporal Gabe."

"I am a clerk," Gabe protested, "I am not meant to rough it in the filth of this order. I should be catching up with paperwork not being the butt of your amusement." The cherub threw down the broom, "I'm going for a shower."

The men laughed as Gabriel left, slamming the door behind him. "Our precious corporal can't handle a bit of mess," one of the younger men snickered.

"Get back to work!" the sergeant screamed.


Gabriel hurried through the corridors to the nearest bathroom and jumped under the shower before the warm water could make it to the showerhead. Not bothering to remove his uniform he washed the decaying remains of the rodent from his clothing.

"What in God's name is that smell," Tristan cursed as he entered to brush his teeth.

"A run in with the cleaning crew for the cellar," the cherub huffed as he scrubbed.

"Dead rat huh?" Tristan chuckled.

"I cannot wait until this assignment is over," Gabe continued, "Humans can be so annoying." He began to remove his sopping uniform and stretch his wings.

"Why don't you transfer to another assignment?"

"I can't," Gabe mumbled, "I have unfinished business."

"Anything I'm allowed to know?" the vampire priest sounded excited about the prospect of some new information.

"It's personal," he sighed. He took a deep breath, "At least I do not have to clean the cellar now."

"Why didn't you just," Tristan snapped his fingers, "you know, do your angelic voodoo thing?"

Gabriel laughed, "Alec ordered the men to do it and I stupidly lagged behind and got roped into it."


"Not quite," Gabe turned the shower off and reached for a towel, shaking his wings off. "I finally have an excuse to learn more about the elusive werewolves."

"They aren't that bad are they?" Tristan chuckled, "I mean don't they interact with humans?"

"They do," Gabe confirmed, "but it's their life away from society that intrigues me." He finished up and left for his room.


Lissia laid back on her bed, her lips still tingling from Vulferam's kiss. She felt like a young girl again infatuated with the bravest warrior of the village only now she was older and the warrior showed as much interest in her as she did with him. And Vulferam's godly good looks makes ... what ever his name was ... look average at best.

She knew she needed to sleep, she was after all the camp's doctor and had many patients to care for. Rolling onto her side and sighed, she felt so alone in her room. She never felt lonely before not in all her long life had she felt the need to be with anyone but Vulferam had managed to entice the longing in her in less than a few hours. "What is happening?" she asked herself, "what is it about the wolf?"

Tristan had remained oddly quiet after catching them together, his usual cheerful self conspicuously absent and replaced with a curious expression that he glanced in her direction every few steps. He had the courtesy not to question her once they passed her room only to mumble something about needing to brush his teeth. She suspected that he was trying to assimilate what he saw into his brain.

Her thoughts quickly returned to Vulferam, she was mesmerised the moment she entered his room earlier. He looked more impressive than he had in the infirmary, his hand gripping the masculine flesh in firm stroke as he moaned her name. She wanted to be doing more than just stand there and watch him, he had not even noticed she had entered the room until he exploded with the creamy white nectar that smelled as delightful as he did. When the hot stream landed on her face and hair she swore she too had shattered at that moment. He was so embarrassed for the his indiscretion that she had to alleviate his discomfort, to make him feel better.

Lissia went to run her hand through her hair when Vulferam's scent caught her off guard, from where she had wiped away his lustful expulsion from her head. The strong sweet aroma igniting a fire deep within her and the memories of Vulferam's heated kiss flashed into her mind. His soft lips against hers felt like a dream, the one singular perfect moment if only they had not been disturbed. She wanted to feel his gentle hands caressing her naked body, to feel his lips explore her sensitive skin with tender kisses.

With a shuddering breath Lissia realised that her fantasy had clouded her mind, whilst wanting her dream to be true her own hands had travelled down to the hidden valley between her thighs in a vain attempt to simulate her desired lover only to find that her release eluded her. She rubbed the delicate little bundle of nerves with her thumb as she plunged her fingers into her flowing canal with all the speed she could muster and still only tilted on the precipice of bliss. With her free hand she tweaked her nipples for the extra stimulation she needed and still nothing.

A thought struck her, something she had only ever done once before as an experiment. She allowed her little finger of her vigorously pumping hand to drift south to the tight little rosette and pushed in, imagining her wolf above her claiming her hungry body. It was enough to bring her racing to her climax crying out Vulferam's name longingly.

With her heart racing she wanted nothing more than to feel his body next to hers to just hold her. She pulled her pillow to her chest and sighed. Was she in love with this foreign wolf? She had heard of such intense romances from the old stories but never believed that it could ever come true. It was said that the vampire king and queen of the kingdom of Britain had such a fairytale courtship but even they had drifted apart over time. Every love affair Lissia ever had had ended badly and she had given up on trying any more, but Vulferam had her questioning her decision.

The possibility of anything between the two of them would be impossible, he a wolf, she a vampire, they were from two completely different worlds. "It's nice to dream," she signed sadly clutching the pillow tighter and drifting into sleep.


Alec waited for the manor settle into a peaceful night before he opened the window of his office. He had neglected his swan for the last few weeks and missed his mate and cygnets to the point of depression, so he decided to visit them. The cold night air was inviting like a promise of what awaited him in Derbyshire. He discarded his uniform and shifted into a snow white swan. He stretched his wings enjoying the way his feathers spread out.

He took flight towards his home where his beautiful pen waited for him. The moonlit night provided him enough light for him to find his way. He last saw his family in the summer, a beautiful warm sunny day in July. He had taken them to a pond for a swim and a bit of fishing for their dinner.

Alec was lost in his thoughts he did not notice the hunter below until a solitary shot rang out and clipped his wing. In a panic the swan began to fall rapidly to the ground. He could not let them near him as he knew that the moment he hits the ground he will shift back to a man and trouble will erupt.

His fortune of landing on a bush was short lived, his body returning painfully to that of a man. His wait causing the broken branches to stick into his ribs. He knew that he had to move and fast, praying that the hunter did not have dogs with him. His prayers were unanswered when two Springer Spaniels approached quickly. "Shoo!" Alec tried to wave them away but their inquisitive noses just pushed past the branches of the shrub to sniff him. "Go away!"

The dogs stopped and cocked their heads in confusion, Alec smelled like a swan but had the body of a man. Alec's fear only increased when a man with a shot gun followed the dogs and saw him behind the bush. "Oh I'm sorry," the man apologised, "If I'd known someone was out here I would not have come out hunting." The man sounded somewhat educated, "I don't suppose you've seen a bird fall around here have you?"

"No I haven't," Alec replied, "I wouldn't have a spare coat with you? I seem to have lost my clothing after my swim this afternoon." The lie flowed easily from the major's lips, it was not the first time he used it.

"A little cool to be swimming sir," the man said as he removed his jacket and handed it to Alec.

"Thank you," he wrapped the over sized jacket around him, "I thought I would catch my death out here."

"How about you come back to the house," the man offered, "I'll get you some clothes so you can go home." The dogs followed the men, still trying to work out why Alec smelled like a swan.

Back at the man's house they were greeted by a short plump woman with rosy cheeks, "Who is our guest, dearest?" she asked bringing over a cup of hot tea, "oh it looks like you need it more than my Ernest," she handed Alec the tea before he could say a word.

"Give the man some space Dory," Ernest chuckled ushering Alec over to the agar to warm up.

Dory waddled over to the pantry, "You wouldn't happen to have shot anything out there tonight did you?" she asked her husband as she pulled out a loaf of bread and a jar of strawberry jam.

"No," Ernest sighed, "I thought I did but I must have missed."

"Not to worry my love," she smiled at him, "it will just have to be snoek and boiled potatoes again."

Ernest grumbled, "I hate that stuff." He left to get Alec a change of clothes.

Alec felt a little guilty for this nice older couple who were clearly victims of the depression and now the war. He hated seeing humans suffering because of the conflict that consumed their corner of the world. He watched the woman named Dory cut and add jam to the bread. She seemed happy enough but avoided Alec's gaze due to his state of undress.

"I would have thought a strapping young lad like yourself would be up at the front," She said filling the kettle for more tea.

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