Luke Powers: Black Master Pt. 02


"Dick, you're going to want to help your son. I suggest you lick my dick to get it wet..I'd hate to have to fuck his cunt dry. " Luke stood a the boys ass, kneading it with his hand while the boy whimpered and the man stroked his swollen drooling prick with his other hand. Dick crawled across the carpet blubbering and choking on tears, muttering and hysterical with grief. Whatever had happened to the self assured master of Washington? It took some encouragement, but Dick could see that the prick would never go into the boys ass without lubrication. So for the first time in his fifty years, Dick Sanctimonious put his tongue on a mans dick. He gagged..but thought of his poor whimpering son and licked the cockstalk.

"That's it get it as wet as you will go in more easily. Wet the dickhead..don't worry about all that cockslime..that will help the fuck." Danny didn't want to watch, but he couldn't help it, he couldn't take his eyes off the vision of his Dad, his hero, his idol, kneeling before this big black man and sucking his huge, black cock. Danny glanced down at his Dad's penis and noted that it was barely a quarter of the size of Luke's.

"Mmm, that's not bad, faggot, we'll have to try that again, later," Luke told Dick as the broken father sobbed around his cock, having made eye contact with his son who was watching him be a cocksucker. "But now you do your boy's ass," Luke roughly grabbed Dick's head by the hair and yanked it off his huge, hard cock. It made a wet pop as it came out and drool spilled down Dick's chin. Then Luke shoved the father's face in his son's lily-white ass, "Lick his little asshole, faggot. Get it nice and wet. Come on, you piece of shit, get your tongue up in there!"

Dick obeyed, wanting to avoid more abuse from Luke and wanting to make the ordeal go easier on his poor son. So he stuck his tongue up his son's asshole. He felt the 18-year-old's anus spread for his tongue and tasted his boy's insides. He couldn't believe what he was doing, but there was no going back now. Luke shoved his face in his son's ass harder, making his tongue go even deeper into the tight little shit chute.

Despite himself, Danny moaned a little from the sensation. A tongue up his ass felt good, no matter that it was his dad's. More than half his tongue was buried up in there now, and Dick observed that Danny's assrings were tight on his tongue, squeezing it. If his little puckerhole was that tight on his tongue, Dick thought, he was going to be in a lot of pain when Luke shoved his massive tool up there.

Suddenly, Luke yanked Dick's face away from his boy's asshole. Dick's chin was drenched in drool and he saw his son's pink little asshole squeeze shut tight almost immediately after his tongue slipped out. A little bit of his spit was squirted out of the boy's rectum, but it sealed shut quickly, tight as ever. Dick felt very sorry for the fucking his son was about to endure.

"Okay I think we are ready now. Dick, you go around front there and brace your son for me. Danny, grab onto your Daddy and hold on tight, cuz this is going to be quite a ride... spread your legs wider apart... Dick, you reach back here and hold your son's asscheeks open. Jesus that asshole looks tight. My cockhead is three times as big as your pussyhole boy. We are going to have to do some cunt stretching. Danny, ask your Daddy for permission to get fucked up the ass, won't you?"

Danny didn't react right away and Luke gave him a solid slap on the ass.

"OOWWW! NNngghhh... uh... Daddy... can I... uh... can I please get... get fuh.... get fucked, please?"

Luke's dick jerked at the sound of this, "Fucked by what, Danny?" Luke goaded him.

"Uh... Daddy, can I please get fucked... up the ass... by... by a cock?"

Luke slapped him on the ass again, even harder, "Come on, boy, what kind of cock? Beg for it, bitch!" He spanked the boy with all his might, leaving a big, red hand print on his ass.


This made Luke grin a huge, teethy, kinky grin and shocked Dick. "Good, good, now, Dick, you tell him he can have it, then you plead for me do give it to him."

Dick did as he was told, "Of course, son, anything... anything you want... anything for you..." he said, looking right into his son's eyes. Then he looked up at Luke. "Please... Luke, please will you fuck my son's ass with your huge, black tool? He wants it so bad, he's just a little whiteboy faggot who was born to be ass-fucked by big, superior black me, like yourself..."

Dick was good at this, Luke thought. Danny looked at his Dad in shock, and began to sob, "Please, Sir... Master... please plunge your massive rod into his tiny little shitter... please fuck his worthless little fagboy ass?"

"Okay, sure, faggots, since you seem to need it soooo bad, I guess I'm just going to have to fuck the shit out of your boy's ass. Now, Dick, I want you to kiss your son. That's right, kiss him passionately, like you did your wife on your wedding night. Son, have you ever kissed a girl?"

"N... n-no..." Danny blubbered through his sobbing.

"Well, you're Daddy's gonna teach you how. Now kiss, you little faggots, while I make you my bitch." Dick looked at Danny. Their eyes met and they froze there for a second. Luke pushed Danny's head forward to meet his Dad. Neither closed their eyes, transfixed by what they were being ordered to do.

Then their lips met. Their lips pressed against each other for a few seconds and then Dick's lips parted. Still looking into his son's innocent doe eyes, he extended his tongue and parted his boy's lips with it. The soft, pink lips parted to let his Dad's tongue in and the two opened their mouths and began to French kiss. Danny tasted his own ass on his Dad's tongue and felt complete and utter shame. But, before long, they were making out like two prom dates under the bleachers.

Luke's tremendous black hard-on was rock hard and dripping at the incredibly kinky sight and he pushed the swollen spit slick dickhead against the tender teenage asshole. At first nothing happened. The boy groaned. His dad whined like a wounded puppy...Luke grunted. but then little by little the cockhead forced its way into the tiny asshole. the boys shit hole opened and the prickhead squeezed its way inside.

Danny wailed into his father's mouth, trying to pull away, but Luke held the boy around the waist. "Dick spread that boyass...look at that dickhead going in...its going in..shit is that teentwat stretched..feel it boy..feel my dick in your ass?

"Oh God..take it out..take it out..its too big..its killing me......" The little lad threw his head from side to side. Spittle flew from his wailing lips. Fingers clutched dug into his Dad's back. The boy's knees buckled, but Luke held him up and forced two inches of prick into the grotesquely stretched asshole.

"Look dick is in your son's ass. Look at my dick shoving its way up into your boys rectum. I'm fucking your son in the rectum Dick. How about that?"

Danny threw his body like a bucking stallion, Dick had to hold on to him for dear life. Luke shoved the boy's face back in his Dad's and made the two kiss again in an effort to silence the boy. But he just kept groaning in his Dad's mouth, not really trying to kiss, just screaming around his Dad's probing tongue.

Luke forced more and more dick into the boy..six inches..eight inches. The boy gagged and puked.. vomit filling his Dad's mouth and spilling out, down their chins. But Luke held the boy's face firmly against his Dad's, and his Dad's head was pinned against the desk, so there was nothing he could do but swallow his boy's puke. It was his fault all this was happening, anyway, he thought to himself abstractly. Dick looked back over his boy's shoulders and watched in shock as the fat, black prick disappeared in the boys fucked hole.

"I'm turning your son into a cunt, Dick. As punishment for your illegal business dealings, I am turning your only son..a teenage boy into a dick stuffed whore slut of a fucked out cunthole. When he walks through his school, every boy will know he's been fucked just by the way he holds his ass. Do you hear me Danny, everybody will know you have been assfucked. Everybody will know you are a asscunt. No girl will ever want to date you," Luke's demeaning diatribe continued non-stop as he pummeled the boy's shithole.

"Take my dick you slopbucket. Take my dick all the way. Can you feel it in your stomach..oh shit I think I can feel my cock in your tummy....Now I'm going to fuck you deep and hard. I'm going to pull out and push back in again..until you want to die. I am going to fuck your asscunt until I shoot my fucksnot up your boypussy and it clogs your intestines. Dick, you get your bitch ass shit-mouth over here and lick my Balls, while I fuck your son."

And the Senator, mindless with hysteria and numb with guilt obeyed. He licked Luke's huge swinging balls while the man fucked his son. Sweat and spit sprayed the room as the fat hairy balls swung and the big prick embedded itself in the boys ass. Danny gurgled and choked,, sputtered and grunted....more like an animal than a human child. The pain reached up from his ass and encompassed his entire body..long fingers of pain reaching every corner..every limb..every fiber of the kids being.

Dick worked one giant nut into his mouth and tongue-massaged it, then managed to get both in his mouth, bulging out his cheeks. His tongue snaked out and down behind Mr. Black's balls, licking the smooth, sweaty area between his ballsack and asshole.

He looked up and had the best view possible of the huge black shaft ravaging his poor son's asshole. It was an amazing, impressive sight, to see his little boy's asshole stretch and grip the huge black prick, holding onto it as it slammed in and out of his boy-ass. The assrings clenched the invading cock tightly, being pulled way out of his ass obscenely every time Luke pulled back. Dick's hands were now grasping Luke's firm, muscled buttocks, he was holding on for dear life, his head swinging back and forth, attached to the black monster's huge, pendulous balls.

He could feel Luke's ass muscles work and contract, plunging his cock into the little boy's ass. His large, muscular thighs working like a stallion's, really giving the boy the ride of his life. Dick couldn't help but admire Luke's strength and stamina. Looking up, this incredible display of manly virility and black superiority contrasted sharply with the sight of his little boy's tiny, pink, hairless nutsack, pulled up tight and wrinkly against his crotch, and his little "weenis" bobbing back and forth with each rough thrust.

As Dick sucked on his new Black Master's giant testicles, he began to think how natural it all seemed, how appropriate it was - the biggest, blackest, most dominant men taking the smaller, weaker, inferior white men to be their bitches. It was the savage law of the wild, and it seemed... right, somehow.

And at long last the fuck was finished. Luke shot off a huge load deep into the boy's abused asshole. Dick felt the black man's balls contract in his mouth with each voluminous spurt, his cock muscles spasming under his tongue. He must have shot off at least ten times in the boy's ass, and each load was probably a mouthful, Dick imagined.

Danny, now totally fucked into mindless submission, simply groaned with each thrust, each hot spurt shooting deep into his guts. He could feel the fiery hot jizz filling up his insides. It was a repulsive, invasive, humiliating feeling, to have this big black man filling his poor, white ass with his nigger seed, as if he was a little bitch cunt... which was what he was now.

Luke pulled his dick out of the boy's incredibly tight, abused asshole and pulled his sparkling-clean balls out of the father's mouth.

His still-hard cock bobbed there, covered in boy-shit and dripping cum in large brown-white dollops that formed on the head. "Not bad Danny... for your first fuck. You'll get better with time." he said, looking at the writhing body of the young boy splayed across the desk.. cum and shit drooling from his asshole. He looked at the boy's gaping shit-chute and could see his tremendous deposit in there still, filling the boy's stretched-out rectum to the brim. He looked down at Dick who was also gawking at the incredible sight of the spunk- flooded, gaping ass canal.

Luke grabbed Dick's hair and pulled his head back and sank his shit- covered cock down Dick's throat. Dick was caught by surprise and gagged both because of the depth to which the black snake easily plunged down his gullet at this angle and at the rancid taste of his son's shit saturating his tongue. He knew what he was supposed to do and obediently began licking and sucking the huge semi-hard tool clean of shit and cum.

Danny was watching, but he wasn't really aware anymore. He was so ass-raped into submission that he was in another world. He saw his father cleaning his shit off the huge black cock of his rapist, but he couldn't really comprehend or process it. He was fuck-dazed beyond recovery for now. Luke stood there sweating and sated for the moment, muscular chest heaving... dick half hard and buried in the faggot daddy's throat. He looked down at Dick, who was sucking on his filthy cock and looking up into Luke's cold, predatory eyes pleadingly, searching for mercy and approval, finding only the latter.

Luke watched in sadistic, perverse pleasure as the father methodically and noisily cleaned his massive tool of his son's shit. Then, when it was spit-shine clean, he reached down, grabbed Dick's hair and pulled out his cock far enough that just the first 2 or 3 fat inches of his cockhead were in the defeated man's mouth.

And then he pissed. He pissed strong and hard into the faggot's mouth, the acrid taste filling his shitty, cum-stained mouth quickly. Dick was in full-auto cockslave mode, though, and instinctively knew what to do. He swallowed. He swallowed the hot, dark, rancid piss down straight from his Black Master's Cock, and he didn't miss a drop. Luke grinned broadly at the father's act of total abject submission. The smile made Dick feel a little proud in a perverted, faggy way.

Danny saw this and was beginning to regain his senses. He saw his dad staring up into Luke's eyes and swallowing repeatedly. he could hear the loud gulping noises from where he was and saw his Dad's Adam's apple bobbing up and down in long, huge gulps.

"Dad... Dad... are you...." Danny managed to mumble. Dick shifted his eyes and looked over at his son who met his gaze. He could see the shock and horror in his son's eyes, "Dad... is that... are you drinking his piss, Dad?!" Dick obviously couldn't answer, but he just looked back up at Luke and kept swallowing, tears of shame welling up in his eyes and running down his cheeks.

"That's right, Danny, your Daddy is drinking Luke's hot, nasty piss, because your Dad is a complete fucking white-boy slave faggot toilet for black cock, isn't that right, Toilet?"

Dick nodded as he drank and hummed an agreeing noise around the black cock wedged in his mouth.

"Yeah, that's right, that's where all white bitches belong, wrapped around the end of a superior black cock. And that's where you and Daddy Dearest, here, are going to spend the rest of your pathetic, worthless lives."

Danny saw that his Dad's little dick was actually erect and standing up. He began to cry, "No.... oh, Daddy, no..." He sobbed pathetically, still lying on the desk, his mouth stained with vomit, his ass still gaping and filled with black man-jizz.

When Luke finally finished pissing down Dick's throat, he pulled out and Dick burped loudly. "What do you say, faggot?" Luke asked him, still holding him by his hair tightly. "Th... thank you, Master... for your delicious black piss..."

"That's right. Now clean your boy's asshole up, Toilet." He shoved Dick's face in the boy's shitty, gaping jizz-filled asshole, "suck all that jizz out of there, faggot, and swallow it all down. This is where you'll be getting my cum from for now on, so get good at it."

Luke didn't have to force Dick, he knew his subjugation of the two were complete and he sat back and watched, drinking his scotch as the father thoroughly, almost lovingly, sucked, licked and slurped his copious jizz from his son's abused shit canal.

When he was done, Dick sat back and Danny slid to the floor, exhausted, his asshole burning. "Is it over?" Danny whispered... drool and vomit caked on his lips and chin.

In response, Luke strutted over to Danny and picked the kid's head up by the hair. "This part of the game is over... the first part. Now on to the second part." He shoved the boy down on his back and squatted over his face. Neither Dick nor Danny imagined what was coming next.

"Open up, toilet-boy," Luke commanded.

Suddenly Danny and Dick knew what was coming next. "No, please," Danny began to beg.

"DO IT, FAGGOT, OR YOU'LL GET SOMETHING TEN FUCKING TIMES WORSE!!!" This was the first time Luke had yelled and the deep booming bass scared Dick and Danny shitless.

"Better do as he says, son," Dick advised his frightened little son.

The boy obeyed and opened his mouth and Mr.Black farted loudly and obscenely. A foul stench hit Danny and Dick in the face, full-force, it was all they could do not to wretch. Luke's asshole dilated slowly and Dick and Danny watched in revulsion and horror as a huge, firm shit snaked out of Luke's muscled ass and down into the boy's open mouth with perfect aim, not even scraping on his teeth, just straight to the back of his throat.

Dick couldn't believe what he was seeing - his boy feeding on shit from the ass of a Black Adonis. Danny gagged uncontrollably and raised his hands to Mr. Black's ass to try to push it away in vain, but Luke caught both his hands in one big black fist and continued to shit down the boy's throat. Dick grabbed his son's head with both hands and held it still for Luke to continue shitting in.

Luke and Danny both were struck by the fact that Luke hadn't ordered Dick to assist in this way, hadn't even asked him too. He had done it out of his own free will.

Soon, the first turd had snaked out of Luke's ass completely and filled Danny's little boy mouth, sticking out past his pretty, pink little cocksucker lips obscenely.

"Chow down, boy," Luke ordered. Danny looked up at his Dad through tear-filled eyes, hoping that his pathetic look might stir his Dad into action, to make him rise up against this black bastard and put an end to this torture. But his Dad just held him down and nodded at him to obey with Luke and actually consume this disgusting feast. Danny was heartbroken and utterly hopeless.

And so he chewed into the shit, watching his father observing this with approval. He chewed and chewed the hard, lumpy shit until it was into barely swallowable pasty chunks and gulped down his first of many, many loads of black man's shit. He was now nothing more than a whiteboy toilet for black turds. He felt the hot shit slide down his esophagus and come to settle in it's rightful place in his stomach. He thought about how he was actually going to digest that piece of shit and how it was going to become part of him.

He couldn't believe this was happening to him, but when he chewed up the second chunk and swallowed it, too, it's bulk adding to the first one, he began to understand that this was going to be his life from now on. He was changed forever, no longer a man, now just a fuckhole and toilet.

He finally finished the first piece after four or five large swallows and opened his sewer-mouth, shit-brown saliva coating the insides, ready for the next piece. Three more large turds followed, Luke had obviously been planning this, saving up for it. Each turd Danny obediently chewed up and swallowed down, not missing a morsel.

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