Luke Powers: Black Master Pt. 02


Dick, for his part, was transfixed, watching his son perform this ultimate act of homosexual toilet submission. And his little white cock was rock hard.

When Luke dropped his last load in the boy's increasingly putrid maw, he ordered, "Wait, boy, don't chew that one up yet." He stood up and looked back at Dick.

"Okay, you faggot, clean my asshole while you jack your pathetic little prick over my shit, cum all on top of it like icing on the cake, bitch, and don't pretend you can't because your little boy-pud has been rock-hard since you were guzzlin down my piss, boy."

Dick did not protest and promptly leaned forward and licked the shit from the black man's asshole, all the while whacking himself off over his boy's shit-packed mouth. Danny watched his Dad furiously pulling his pud over the monumental shit-pole sticking up out of his mouth, slowly dissolving on his tongue, shit-saliva leaking down his throat. As Dick sucked and licked at Luke's asshole and whacked himself off, Luke layed down the law.

"Mmm, yeah, that's it, get good at that, boy. Cuz from now on, that's your shrine. You and your boy here are gonna become intimately familiar with my ass. In fact, you boys are going to eat all my shit from now on! Hear that, faggot? I'm gonna be fucking your little boy's ass three times a day and sending him to bed every night packed full of my shit. In fact, that's all the boy's ever going to eat again! He will never eat normal food again, he is going to live only on my piss and my shit, you got that?! He's gonna be my little human toilet and you're going to clean up after us and be my little maid faggot! You gonna hold his ass open when I rape him and suck my dick clean afterwards and drink my cum from his gaping ass from now until you die, bitch!"

Dick couldn't take it anymore, with his shitty tongue buried in Luke's filthy asshole, he screamed in primal ecstasy as he had the most powerful orgasm of his life, jizzing more than he ever has before, all over the shit tower protruding up out of his boy's mouth. Danny couldn't believe it, his Dad actually came, actually was turned on and fucking jizzed on Danny's face after all this subjugation and humiliation they'd been put through. Right then and there, Danny lost the very last shred of respect for his father that he might have been clinging onto. He was no longer his Dad, he was just a faggot toilet for their Black Master now, just like him.

When Dick finally finished cumming, still shaking and quaking from the incredible strength of his orgasm, Luke stepped away from the two filthy faggots. Dick's eyes were closed and his mouth hung open, coated in shit, drooling. His hand still held his now soft penis, still dripping cum onto the shit sticking out of his son's mouth. Luke was extremely pleased. This was his best work to date, he thought, looking at the awesome scene before him. The money he would make from the video that the hidden cameras he'd installed had taken would make him even richer than he already was, it would be a masterpiece. It should win him some sort of fucking Oscar, he thought to himself.

"Good girl, faggot... now get down there and help your boy eat that shit." Luke ordered. Dick obediently dropped down to Danny's shit-engorged mouth and opened his mouth wide, taking into his mouth the large protrusion of shit that was covered in cum. He lowered his mouth all the way onto it until his cum and Luke's shit was smeared all over the back of his throat and his lips touched his son's.

Their eyes met and they gazed into each other's defeated souls as they both licked, sucked and chewed on the shitmeal, sharing the delicacy that would become their new staple. Slowly, excruciatingly, they devoured the shit, their tongues intertwining in each other's mouths, helping each other to break up and dissolve their Black Master's shit. Even after they had finished all the shit, they laid there, entwined in each other's arms and kissing each other deeply and passionately, lost in each other, needing each other's comfort in the face of the new life of total slavery that lay before them, softly mewling as they made out.

"Yeah, that's it, that's beautiful, you fucking little white bitch-faggots. Wait till I get your punk-asses home to Mommy and little sister tonight. Yeah, we'll all be one happy fucking family." Dick moaned at this, the thought of his beautiful wife and precious innocent little blonde daughter going through what he and his son just have. "Oh I've forgotten about your dog, haven't I, Danny... your big old Great Dane. Well we cant leave him out of the fun now can we? I'm sure you wont mind having some dog dick up your fucked out faggot ass... will you? And that's just today's activities. What a fun family you will be now that you have Luke to help you!" Dick and Danny both groaned and moaned into each other's mouths as they kissed, now more deeply and desperately than ever before.

Luke sat back, drinking his scotch and watching this display with perverse glee, stroking his huge cock and already concocting his plan for how he was going to rape and subjugate the wife and sister of these two pathetic faggots. He was going to have to work pretty hard to top this performance... but he would, he always did. It came naturally to him, after all, he was a Black Man and they were all just little white bitches that were rightfully his to use and abuse.

* * * * *

(inspired by Dale 10)

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