Lunch Hour


Stretching, I walk down the long hall towards the lunchroom. It's been such a long night. I am glad to get a chance to relax for an hour. As I walk pass the open door of the conference room, an arm reaches out and pulls me inside. Thinking it is one of my friends, I turn to say something funny and the words die in my throat. Instead of one of the women in my department I see one of the guys from the mail-room. I had seen him many times going back and forth. I had even entertained a fantasy or two involving him. At night you find yourself thinking a lot of strange things to stay awake.

As I stare at Greg, he shuts the door and we are left in almost total darkness. I see his outline as he steps towards me. "Very funny, Greg," I say as I step around him to the door. When my hand touches the handle, he steps up behind me pressing against the door. My chest is pressed firmly against the hard wood, my head is turned and my face is pressed there as well. I can feel his hard muscled body against my back. His breath is hot on my neck.

"Oh, no, Tracy, you're not leaving just yet," he presses his hips suggestively against mine and places a kiss to my neck. I can feel my heart beat faster. Not exactly in fear, although I suppose there was an element of that. I did not think he would hurt me.

"Look, Greg, this isn't funny. Let me go. I need to get back to work." I tried to sound firm and I pressed against the door trying to thrust him off me. He pressed back even more firmly, my chest compressed a little making it difficult to get a deep breath. I felt a little panicked at that and held still.

"No, no, Tracy. You have a whole hour to relax with me. Now play nice," I feel his lips on my shoulder where it meets my neck. Then I feel his teeth as he bites down softly and starts to suck my skin. Despite myself I feel my body respond to his forcefulness. I had always fantasized about someone taking control. Not to hurt me but to give and receive pleasure. And I had thought about Greg many, many times over the last year, although never in this way. Knowing this was not the time and place for this, I attempted to reason with him.

"Greg, we can't," my words are cut off as he bites down a bit harder and runs a hand down my to my waist, curving around me to pull my hips back against him. I could feel how hard he was as he thrust against me.

"Oh, but we can Tracy, and we will. Trust me, we will," I can hear his words before his mouth went back to suckling my neck. I felt a hand move to the door and heard the click as he locked it, assuring no one would be coming in to interrupt.

I feel him step away and he turns me to face him. His mouth immediately finds mine in the darkness and kisses me deep and hard. There is no gentleness or warmth. Just hard demanding passion. He turns me and backs me against the big conference table. The top is low, only coming to a little below my hips. With a nudge I hop on the table and he steps between my legs and wraps them around him. I try to wiggle away, thinking I should not just give into this.

He pushes me until I am lying back on the table and he is leaning over me. It's a good thing the table is basically a huge block of metal covered in a sheet of thick wood. Otherwise I don't think it could have held us both. I use my hands to try and push him off me. He easily catches my hands and holds them over my head causing my chest to arch towards him. He uses one strong hand to hold both of mine and uses the other to push my shirt up revealing my breasts encased in a lacy black bra. He buries his face in my fragrant mounds and inhales my scent. I feel as well as hear his moan of pleasure.

"I love the way you smell. I noticed it right from the start. You always smell so sexy," he mutters against my chest as he kisses and licks and sucks my breasts through the sheer bra. His hips are thrusting slowly against my parted thighs. I can't help but moan softly. I can feel my body responding to him. My panties must be soaked by now.

"Please, Greg, we can't do this," I almost beg, my voice a hoarse whisper. I don't want to yell or scream; I don't want to alert anyone else. Despite how wrong this really is I don't feel like I am in danger. I know deep down I had wanted him for a very long time. This just is not the way I wanted him, here at work where anything could happen. Yet part of me was extremely turned on at his controlling manner.

"Tracy, we are doing this. It is happening. You can't fight this. You want me. You have watched me for months. I could feel your eyes undressing me so many times. Yet any time I tried to talk to you, you would walk the other way. I decided to take things into my own hands," he said as he pinched my right nipple. Then he covered it with his hot mouth and sucked.

"Oh, god," I moaned loudly arching up against his mouth, my legs tightening around his hips.

"Mmmm, yes, Tracy. Feel what you do to me," he thrusts hard against me through my pants. I hear the sound of his zipper and see him shove his pants down. I struggle against his hold, not willing to give up just yet, even though I was thoroughly turned on. My pants are quickly stripped from my body. He is breathing harshly. He pulls my hips sliding me down the table until he is nestled against my damp folds.

"Tracy, you feel so good, so smooth. I love that you shaved for me." He strokes his hard cock back and forth over me. My hips arch against him even as I tell myself I need to at least try to get through to him. "You want me as much as I want you, I can feel it." His cock is now stroking me up and down over my throbbing clit and slit.

"Greg, Please!" I don't know if I am begging him to let me go or to stop teasing me.

"Please what, Tracy? Please stop?" He pulls away teasingly only to press back again more firmly. "Or please do this?" He presses forward slowly allowing the head of his cock to enter me.

"Yes," I moan out. I can feel myself getting wetter by the minute.

"Is this what you want?" He presses a bit harder and more of him enters me. I arch my hips against him, trying to take him deeper but he chuckles and pulls almost all the way out.

"Tell me what you want, Tracy." He leans forward and sucks my breast again through the bra then bites down on a hardened nipple.

"Oh, god, please fuck me, Greg," I whimper. My whole body is on fire. All that matters is that I need him inside me.

"Will you stop fighting me?" he growls against my neck, once again biting down.

"Yes," I whimper, just wanting to be closer to him.

I wrap my legs tightly around his hips pulling him closer. As his mouth meets mine in an almost savage kiss, he guides his hard cock to my wet folds sliding up and down with ease. Then ever so slowly easing inside. I moan deep in my throat as he slowly fills me. I arch trying to thrust against him, wanting all of him but he pulls back, showing me that he is in control, only to surge forward and in one fluid thrust fills me.

My cry of pleasure is lost in his sweet mouth as we kiss hungrily. He immediately starts to thrust hard and fast. His mouth is once again on my shoulder sucking and biting hard. My hips buck to meet him. We are both in a frenzy. Reaching between us, his finger finds my clit and with a few strokes I am over the edge crying out my pleasure in his shoulder. He cums as I spasm around him. I feel him pumping deep and hard into me.

He holds me close, kissing my neck and shoulders and lips for a few minutes as our hearts stop pounding. After another soft kiss he pulls away and starts to dress. I stand up and search blindly for my pants on the floor. Once dressed I stand there unsure of what to say. But he takes care of that for me.

"Tracy, your not mad, are you?" he pulls me to him in a surprisingly gentle hug, stroking my back and hips.

I put my arms around him and swat his ass playfully. "No, not mad. Shocked but not mad," I say with a smile. He chuckles softly against my hair and sighs with relief.

"Can I see you after work today? I really think we need to talk". He is holding me tighter, as if afraid I will say no.

"Yes, and you don't need to try to kidnap me or anything this time." Chuckling, I walk away. Knowing this won't be the last time we use that conference room for more than work.

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