tagInterracial LoveLust in the Jungle Ch. 01

Lust in the Jungle Ch. 01


This two-chapter story is a departure from my usual genre in an attempt to stretch myself. Yes, it stretches reality, and No, it's not exactly 'interracial Love.' It's more 'Interracial Lust.' I hope you enjoy ... and thanks to Sally Tart for her inspiration.


"You're sure this was a good idea?" Michelle mumbled to her husband for the umpteenth time in the last hour.

Josef's shrug was the same reaction he'd given each time she had asked the question.

The safari had been arranged to celebrate their wedding anniversary, but right now Michelle wished they were anywhere other than in the middle of the jungle.

The monsoon-like rain had flooded the uneven roads, leaving them impassable, and their guide had abandoned their rickety-old jeep to walk them through the tropical forest towards the small village that had appeared through the mist.

Michelle had liked Jameraka ever since they'd first met, and not just because of the ebony coloured muscles on constant display in those tight, sleeveless tee-shirts. His English was pretty near perfect, he had always been especially considerate towards her and unlike so many of the native men she'd met so far, he didn't always look like he was desperate to fuck her.

Not always...

Not that she would have objected ... well, in different circumstances maybe. She was sure that the ever-present bulge in his groin had grown on a couple of occasions when she'd caught him surreptitiously eyeing up her body.

Damn, he was big. What girl wouldn't be interested in what he kept hidden in those khaki shorts?

Quite how he'd found his way into the small village, especially in the middle of such a heavy storm, had amazed her. They were miles from anywhere in the deepest part of the jungle. How could anyone know where they were when they were surrounded by so many trees? It felt like they'd walked for hours, although she knew it couldn't have been that long.

They had been well received by the villagers so far, although it helped that Jameraka was able to speak their language. None of the tribe could speak English, and neither Michelle nor Josef had been able to understand a single word they said.

Jameraka had ensured she and Josef were provided with a hut for the duration of their stay, but that felt like a mixed blessing to Michelle. It was so small. And basic. The contents consisted of a single bed, a little table, and a lantern hanging from a rope.

Not only that, but he had told them they would be able to return to their abandoned vehicle within a day or two if the rain relented. A day or two? If the rain relented? How could she live in such primitive conditions for that length of time?

Then he'd emphasised that they should observe the village customs—whatever they were—and always stay within the camp confines while they were there.

It felt like she was in the middle of a nightmare, rather than the holiday of a lifetime.

The only good news was that they had been given some sort of food to eat—Michelle hadn't dared ask what it was—and a drink from a coconut shell. She'd gulped it down.

Once fed, she and Josef had been so exhausted that they had fallen asleep, even though it could only have been mid afternoon. Time meant nothing, but when they awoke the sun was definitely much lower in the sky.

She had been dreaming. She knew that. Weird, erotic dreams. But despite the intense sexual need in her body, the images in her mind were vague enough for her to be unable to recall specifics. All she knew was that the need for sex was overwhelming. She turned towards Josef, her hand reaching for the zip on his jeans as her lips covered his, only to be stopped by a sound at the door.

The skimpy fabric covering had parted and Jameraka's huge frame was stepping inside the hut.

"I see you're awake now," his deep voice boomed. "It's time to bathe."


Michelle shot him a puzzled look as she pushed away from Josef and sat up on the bed. She glanced sideways at her husband, but he was only barely awake.

"All the tribe gather at the water's edge to wash at this time," their guide explained. "The rain has stopped falling and we're late. Please hurry."

"We'll give it a miss" Michelle said sharply.

The last thing she intended to do was to engage in any sort of washing ritual with the tribe members. Not until she'd fucked Josef's brains out, at the very least.

"I understand your feelings, Missy," Jameraka replied, taking a step forward into the hut. "But this is not your home land. I have already explained that there are tribal customs that must be observed and we are all expected to follow them. Please, no more discussion. I will lead the way."


There were a couple of dozen villagers—men and women—already washing when they reached the water's edge. Michelle glanced sideways at Josef. They were all naked.

"Let's strip to our underwear," he suggested, checking with Jameraka. "A quick dip and then we can get out of here."

The muscular guide firmly shook his head and made a show of stripping to his waist. His skin was the shade of dark chocolate.

"I have explained," he told them. "To deviate from tradition would be seen as an insult. There is no embarrassment amongst villagers and until we leave, we should all consider ourselves as members of the tribe."

He turned towards Michelle as his hands went to his khaki shorts. When he shucked them to the ground, she couldn't contain her gasp. She'd known his black dick would be impressive, but nothing quite like the size of this monster.

The sight did nothing to calm the sexual heat still pounding inside her athletic body.

Even so, it took a real effort of will to undress under his watchful gaze. He had that look on his face, the one that she'd seen before, an almost superior glare that made her tingle. And he made no pretence of keeping his eyes anywhere but on her body as she removed her clothes. Her white body. The contrast in their colour was almost as exciting to her as the sight of his long, thick cock.

Almost. But not quite...

Nor was he her only admirer. It felt like every man around them was closely watching her as she stood, proudly naked.

The thought that they all wanted her created an intense thrill and it was almost a disappointment when Josef protectively took her hand and led her deeper into the water. It wasn't as cold as she had expected. She couldn't help but glance at him as he handed her the soap. She'd never had cause to complain before, but his manhood looked like a little boy's compared to the monster that hung between their guide's black thighs.

It was impossible not to peek towards Jameraka as she began to wash herself. His cock was actually lengthening in his hand as he soaped it. She told herself to look away but how could she? All her life she'd known that black guys were hung, but even in her wildest fantasies she'd never imagined this. She needed to see just how much he would grow.

"What the fuck are you doing?" she heard Josef ask.

Her guilty gaze immediately reverted to her husband. Unlike Jameraka, his cock was submerged under the water and he was standing with his hands on her hips.

"Are you deliberately soaping your tits like that?" he accused, his voice little more than a low hiss. "People are watching."

Michelle gave a quick look around her. Every single gaze was homed in on her direction. Her breasts were covered with soap and her nipples were rock-hard. Had she really been in such a trance? Two young guys nearby—eighteen, nineteen—were soaping themselves, but their actions weren't far short of openly masturbating as they watched her.

A shiver ran through her. Should she have been this turned on? Then Josef was taking her hand again and practically dragging her through the water to the bank.

"C'mon, let's get dressed again and get out of here."


If he was frustrated with her, Josef's demeanour didn't last long. As soon as they returned to the hut, Michelle was all over her husband. She couldn't help herself, pushing him down on the small bed with a frantic desperation that surprised them both and yanking down the zip his faded blue jeans.

Darkness was closing in, except for the shaft of light spearing down onto the bed through the small round opening in the roof. The way it highlighted his cock was surreal.

"What the—"

The words were stilled in his throat as Michelle dipped her head and wrapped her lips around his illuminated cock.

Somehow, the fact she was doing this in her current surroundings—a mud hut in the middle of the jungle—added to the moment. So did the recollection of the way she'd felt when she had stripped infront of the male members of the tribe, and the forbidden thoughts that had passed through her mind as she had soaped herself so publicly.

And then there was Jameraka. Fuck, he was massive...

Josef's throaty moan brought her out of her thoughts. It felt like she was in danger of operating on auto-pilot, sucking him while her mind got off on to other thoughts. That wasn't fair.

There'd be no lack of focus if this was their black guide's monster she was pleasuring.

She shuffled to make herself more comfortable on the floor and brought another moan as she traced her tongue along his length, bathing it in spit before taking him back into her mouth. She sucked him slowly, running her lips up and down his throbbing cock before smoothly taking him into her throat.

This was one trick she wouldn't be able to perform with Jameraka...

She pulled away, taking his shaft in her hand and working her fingers along his saliva-covered length.

"This is going to be the best fucking of your life," she promised, pushing up to her feet.

She dragged her clothes from her body as he stared up at her, his gaze full of hunger. It was the same look some of the men had in their eyes as they'd watched her strip at the water's edge. They'd held their cocks while they'd ogled her. Two of the older teenagers had practically been masturbating...

She crawled onto the bed, arching her back to let his shaft drag through her cleavage. If she didn't fuck him now she'd go crazy. When their mouths met, she swallowed his aroused groan with a hard kiss and then turned away from him to settle over his cock, reverse cowgirl style.

She shot him a look over her shoulder as she took just the tip of his cock inside. When his eyes closed, she gave a long, throaty groan and rocked forward, sinking him deep inside her.

The feeling was suddenly too much. Head thrown back, mouth half-open, body arched, she stretched her arms out like the wings of an aeroplane as she began to move on him. This was her husband and this was their anniversary fuck.

He was all she wanted, needed, after all.

Her hips rotated in tight little circles as she raised her hands onto the top of her head. She moved on him like a lap dancer, teasing with each sexy grind of her body.

His fingernails dug into her flesh as his hands found her hips. He thrust up into her, wanting to take control. Michelle had no intention of letting him. With a backwards glance, she slammed back down on him again and then repeated the manoeuvre. Clutching her tits, she pulled on her nipples as she changed back and forward from the thumping downward thrusts to teasing, circular rotations.

"Oh fuck—"

They were Mark's gasped words but they could just as easily have been hers. The covering over the door had parted slightly and she could see the shadow of a man standing there. Even in the semi-dark she could recognise Jameraka's huge frame.

From the way he was stroking his cock, it seemed as if he'd been watching for some time. Why show himself now? Was he that confident she wasn't going to scream at the sight of him?

She knew that Josef couldn't see him. Her husband's view of the door was obscured by her undulating body. As shameful as it was, she pulled her hands back to her head, arched her body backwards and thrust her breasts out. She couldn't quite make out Jameraka's expression, but the way his hand moved even faster suggested that he approved.

She held her blonde hair high on top of her head as she jammed back down on him, making sure he burrowed as far into her sex as he could. He was deep, but the illicit thought occurred that he was nothing like as deep as Jameraka's monster would be...

Her movements became more urgent as she put on a show for their voyeur and suddenly all three were racing to the finishing line.

The two men came first, Josef exploding inside her at almost the precise moment that Jameraka launched his cum across the room. Each burst arched into the air like a trailing firework, diminishing in intensity but impressive nonetheless.

Michelle closed her eyes as their black guide's orgasm triggered her own and when eventually she opened them again, she found herself surprisingly disappointed to find he had disappeared from view.


Was it really the next morning? Michelle had slept deeply, her lingering tiredness from yesterday's walk had made sure of that. She had been dreaming again, more of the same dreams. Sexual. But these had been even more vivid.

It was becoming difficult to differentiate fantasy from reality. Had Jameraka really masturbated in their doorway while she had been fucking Josef? Or had she dreamt that?

Josef had fucked her again during the night, unless that had been yet another dream. Come to think of it, his cock had felt longer and thicker than usual. And he'd been rougher with her than her husband usually was. In a good way. He'd made her moan in a way that Josef never had.

Maybe it hadn't been a dream? Maybe it had been Jameraka? Fucking her while Josef lay asleep by her side? She'd faced the hut door as he'd taken her on all fours, hoping that Jameraka might return and wank in front of her again.

She hadn't really expected him too, of course. And maybe it was her tired mind playing tricks, but now she had a different raison d'être for his non appearance.


The village looked entirely different when she and Josef ventured outside. The fires and cooking underway around the little grass huts indicated it must have been close to lunchtime.

She was hungry. They hadn't eaten since the meal they'd been given yesterday. Her mouth was dry, too. Someone had left drinks for them in those little coconut cups when they'd returned from bathing, although she'd only discovered that after the first time she and Josef had fucked.

Yesterday—other than at the river—she hadn't paid enough attention to the members of the tribe. Had she seen any women? She couldn't have done. But they were all around her now. And like the men, they wore only loincloths.

A smile appeared on Josef's face when he checked out some of the more attractive women. They were checking him out, too, giggling to themselves and pointing towards him.

"Maybe they think you're a movie star," Michelle quipped.

"You should talk," he chuckled, nodding and smiling brightly at each woman they passed as they walked along the narrow path. "Why is it I get the feeling that every man here would like to fuck you?"

His eyes widened as he nodded over her shoulder.

"Including this one," he softly muttered under his breath.

When Michelle swung around to follow the direction of his gaze, her heart began to beat faster. Jameraka was walking towards them. He had changed from his normal clothes to a loincloth, like the other villagers. With his muscles rippling under the sun, he looked like a black Adonis.

She thought about last night as he reached them and wondered whether his expression might give some clues as to what was a dream and what was reality. Some hope. As usual, those dark eyes were impassive.

"You are invited to meet the Chief of the tribe," he solemnly said, looking at each of them in turn. "It is a great honour. You understand that we must remain in the village until the roads are passable. We will not survive in the forest. The Chief will make that decision when he sees you."

"Decision," Mark repeated. "They might throw us out?"

"It's possible," the guide explained. "If we stay, we do so by invitation, not by right. You must treat the Chief with great respect. Should he allow you to say, you must obey every custom without a second's thought. It is essential to fully understand my words. Yes, Josef?"

Michelle's husband hesitated for only a brief second before he nodded. Jameraka turned to Michelle.


She nodded instantly. If she could bathe naked with the other villagers, then she could follow whatever other rules there were until they got out of there.

"The roads," she began, "How long before—"

"Not today," Jameraka curtly answered, "Tomorrow perhaps. While we stay here, I will guide you in everything. Our existence depends on your compliance. But the Chief expects us now. Please come with me."

The Chief's hut was situated in the centre of the village. It was larger than the others, with more space around the outside, too. A young woman—maybe twenty—sat outside the door. Jameraka explained in hushed tones that, in accordance with tribal tradition, she had been chosen to serve the Chief when she had reached the age of eighteen.

Michelle nudged Josef's arm, though she understood why his eyes had widened in appreciation. With her long blonde hair and wide expressive brown eyes, she wouldn't have looked out of place on the front page of a fashion magazine. And then there was the way her dark brown nipples sat proud and erect on those stunning breasts.

The Chief had chosen well.

She hadn't been quite so lucky. His pot belly bounced before the tribal leader when he emerged from the hut and the way his grey hair was pulled back into a pony tail looked slightly ludicrous. So was the large ring through his nose.

Michelle tried to pinpoint his age—late fifties, early sixties—but with a wrinkled face that had undoubtedly experienced life, he could have been even older.

He slowly sauntered around his two visitors, gesticulating with one hand every so often and mumbling to Jameraka. He paid particular attention to Michelle, smiling and tapping his black belly as he circled her. When she glanced nervously at Jameraka, his eyes told her to remain quiet and still.

Eventually, the strange inspection was over and the Chief turned to Jameraka again. He spoke quickly, his voice rising every time he wanted to emphasise a point. Jameraka listened mostly, but occasionally responded calmly.

The conversation lasted a couple of minutes and then, with a final nod towards Michelle, he sauntered back to his hut.

Jameraka had a wry look on his face when he turned towards the bemused couple. He glanced at them both before speaking, making them wait.

"It is simple," he eventually began. "The Chief is happy that you have graced his village with your presence and believes it will bring good fortune to the tribe. As such, he intends to throw a dinner in your honour this evening."

Michelle felt the relief flood over her. The old Chief had sent out so many mixed signals it was—


The word stopped her in her tracks. There was more.

"He believes you have insulted him by not dressing as the rest of his tribe. I eventually convinced him that this was purely ignorance of his custom. He will accept the explanation provided you change immediately."

He spoke in his native tongue to the young woman who remained beside the Chief's hut entrance. She had sat so respectfully quiet throughout the discussion that it had been easy to forget she was there. At the guide's instruction, she quickly rose and nodded to them.

"Kara will deliver loincloths to your hut," Jameraka told them.

The hard edge in his voice brooked no discussion.


"You've got to be fucking kidding me," Michelle wailed.

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