tagIncest/TabooLusty Lord Millhaven Ch. 07

Lusty Lord Millhaven Ch. 07


Lord Anthony Millhaven of Beechwood leaned indolently against the wall outside the fourth bedroom of the day. He had previously enjoyed the various delights of the Duchess D, the alleged Mrs. Phillips and the matronly Lady Matilda all of whom he had left swooning in a lustful daze. He now contemplated the lady awaiting him within this last door. Referred to simply as 'R' when the introductions had been made, it had become immediately clear to him despite her veil that she was his Aunt Rosa; petite but with thrusting torpedo-like breasts that were far too large for her torso. She was the spinster head mistress of an all girls school and had never married. He had often contemplated whether she liked cock or cunt and in such contemplation his baton had stiffened at the thought. It stiffened now.

Tony cracked the door and peered into the room, his eyes widening in appreciation of the sight before him. Aunt Rosa was pacing back and forth before the window wringing her hands. She was dressed in an ankle length diaphanous gown so sheer that he could see her bounteous breasts swinging and rolling as she paced. As she turned he could clearly see the rounded curves of her high set buttocks as they too rolled and swayed. She still wore her veil and Tony despite a rigid upright prick under his night robe could not restrain a hearty chuckle.

Rosa swung around to seek the source of the noise and Tony's eyes widened further by the sight of her magnificent breasts fighting against the restraints of her night rail. Facing him as she now was, the dark triangle of her pubis became abundantly clear. She flailed her hands first to her mons and then to her breasts as her cheeks coloured beneath the veil.

"Lord Millhaven!! You surprised me, sir." She turned her back on the lusty lord and glanced over her shoulder at him. "You have me at a disadvantage since you failed to knock before you entered."

"Madam R, my deepest apologies for startling you. I was transfixed by your beauteous body but could not hold back a chortle when I saw you still wearing your veil. I know that under that pitiful disguise is a very handsome face, and one that I know well. Off with it I say and let us be truthful."

"You know who I am?"

"Of course! I recognised you immediately, my lady aunt. You rival my dear lady mother in the lushness of your body and that dark auburn hair is very distinguishable. It is the same shade as hers. And no veil on earth could hide your extraordinarily beautiful visage. Now off with the veil and let us adjourn to the window seat to discuss what is before us." Aunt Rosa lifted the veil and let it drop on the occasional table and allowed the young Lord Anthony to lead her to the seat below the large window. He placed his arm around her shoulder and tipped her chin up so that she could meet his dark penetrative gaze. "Tell me, dear Aunt Rosa, how did it happen that you attended this soiree? Did you know that I, your nephew, was to be performing stud duties for a group of randy mares? Well?"

Rose glanced away but his lordship sternly turned her back to face him, his eyes boring into hers. "I, er, that is, I er......." she stuttered. "Damnit all, the truth is I have lusted after you for many years. I took myself away to that girls school and while I was happy to be made school mistress, I rued that I had done so just to avoid my base desires. Even as a lad, you had the power to mesmerise me and set my sore heart aquiver. Worse still, I harboured lustful thoughts and you, a mere lad were their object. I had to leave and I've been miserable ever since." So saying, she threw her face down into her hands and sobbed, deep wrenching sobs her whole body shaking beneath the almost see through night rail.

Tony ran his hand soothingly up and down her back, a very taut and firm back with a muscle definition in the shoulders that bespoke the weight she carried in front. "There, there, my darling Aunt, all is well. I am here to relieve you of my burden and believe me, there is no doubt you will relieve me of a similar burden."

Rosa leaned up and searched his face, her eyes reddened by her tears. "What do you mean, Tony?" she asked.

He took her chin into his hand and said sincerely and with timbre in his voice, "I achieved my first erection at a ridiculously young age while watching you about your toilette, my dear Aunt. When you left for that post far away, I vowed that one day I would make love to you until you fainted." She gasped and lowered her eyelids murmuring a low "oh". "Furthermore, my dear I deliberately chose you as my last lover this evening to ensure I had sufficient control not to blow my manhood at my first sight of your magnificent body!"

Rosa gasped again and blushed charmingly. Tony turned her shoulders so that she faced him and placed a gentle kiss upon her tremulous lips, his hot tongue gently tracing their lush outlines. "Now is not the time for modesty, my dear Aunt. Allow me to divest you of this quite unnecessary robe." Already entranced by her facial beauty highlighted by riveting brown eyes, a charming nose and pearly teeth, Tony slowly slid the robe down as if uncovering a rare treasure, and he was. Helpless, he moaned as her truly awesome breasts were exposed. Unusually lifted and separated, the cones that were her nipples pointed up at a forty five degree angle and sat atop her magnificent hillocks. Swiftly drawing breath between clenched teeth, his hands began to shake as he attempted to hold them although they needed no support. They overflowed his large hands, hands that convulsively hefted and held, caressed and clutched, kneaded and nippled until he swiftly enfolded her right nipple in his hot sensuous mouth. Aunt Rosa moaned aloud as his hot sucking mouth pulled and suctioned her sensitive crest and provoked a spending of her feminine juices to soak the back of her night rail. He savagely bit down and worried the nipple until it stood proud above her alabaster breast. Then he attacked the other one as if he had not seen a breast before in his life. His left hand maintained an assault upon the abandoned nipple and her juices now ran freely.

Finally, Lord Millhaven hauled his face away from her glorious breasts and noted the flushed countenance of his Aunt and knew he had brought on a crisis or two for her. Her eyes were dulled with lust and her body was shivering as if in extreme cold. "My darling Aunt, you have deprived the world of the most magnificent breasts I have ever had the privilege of seeing and handling. If my eyes were struck from me this minute, I would die happy knowing I have seen none better."

Tony raised her slowly to her feet and stood her back a little from him. His prick was ramrod stiff and aching within his gown. He gently pushed her hands to her side and this allowed the weight of the thin gown to slowly descend past her nipped in waist, over her charmingly lush hips to finally slither to the puddle on the floor. He hot eyes followed it down taking in her gently rounded belly, her full bush of dark hair matted with the viscous evidence of her arousal, her beautifully formed thighs, her dimpled knees and shapely calves. She was sex personified and she now stood meekly before him smelling or roses and female arousal ready to be mounted and mated with her master. Rosa's eyes widened as Tony stood and slipped his robe de chambre from his broad shoulders. She gasped as first his well formed and muscled shoulders were bared as the robe descended slowly to the floor. His rippling torso tapered to a narrow waist and hips, snagged slightly on his massive erection before dropping to lie at his feet. The action of the robe descending had pulled his iron hard cock to almost parallel before it was freed to snap back to the vertical with a wet slapping noise as it hit his heavily delineated stomach muscles.

Rosa had never seen such a sexual animal. She was no virgin but her few dalliances had left her far from satisfied. She peered at his handsome face, his dark smouldering eyes and full sultry lips. Her pussy clenched and she felt a trail of gooey girl slime slip down her trembling thighs. She saw the beginnings of a smile as her eyes dropped to the magnificent penis that reared up from his groin, the proud curve of the staff crowned with a pronounced tube from whence the life giving semen would flow. The broad helmeted head glistened in the candle light as evidence of his desire for her. Her senses were assaulted with the heady smell of bodies on heat and instinctively recognised it as her own arousal. She was ready to fuck and be fucked, immediately if not sooner.

Falling to her knees, Rosa reverently grasped the upright semen injector of her now acknowledged master and stretched out her pink tongue to gently lick the juice from its angry red head. She lowered her lush red lips and sucked and was rewarded with a taste of pre-seminal fluid that bubbled for the large slit atop his helmet. Suddenly, strong hands pulled her up from her knees.

"Enough, woman, or I'll spend down your throat. We will save that pleasure for another time! Now is the time to plunder your depths for I cannot wait a moment longer." He sat and pulled her on to his lap ensuring her knees were either side of his hips. Holding his prick at the appropriate angle, he notched it within the pouting lips of his panting Aunt.

"It is too big; it will not go, my lord. But do not hesitate, darling Tony, give me your staff of life that I have awaited for so long." Rosa took a deep breath and clutching his shoulders, pushed herself down on to his hot cock in a long and deep penetration until she felt it lodge against her womb. She had done it! She had taken it all and he was where no other had been before. She fairly swooned but was saved from fainting completely by the hard nipping of his teeth on one of her nipples. The sudden pain together with the overwhelming sense of fullness from his prick brought upon her climax that was followed by a series of after shocks that wrung gasps and moans from her.

Lord Millhaven saw the evidence in the sudden reddening of her upper chest, the lolling of her tongue from her luscious lips and the rhythmic animal ripples of her hot cunt upon his bursting cock. Despite his earlier exertions, he forced himself to remain in control of his need to unload his excitement within her depths. With her body trembling like a leaf and her magnificent breasts with their glorious peaks shuddering against his face, he endured until he could stand. Her legs flew around him to join at the small of his back, her arms wrapped around his neck and her cunt viciously clamped onto his cock. Having experienced the most voluptuous thrill of her life, she was not about to let him loose until she had wrung a tribute from him.

Despite her bounteous form, she weighed nothing and Tony strode to the chaise with her clinging like a limpet. With his great strength, he gently prised her from him to stand before him. He turned her around and pushed her down until she was on her knees on the chaise, her hands holding the back. She looked back over her shoulder at him and took note of the bestial looking cock that was advancing toward her alabaster buttocks.

"Dear Rosa, I will fuck you like the stallion and the mare until you scream with pleasure. You will always be mine and mine alone." She felt the hot head of his cock at her leaking entrance and whinnied out loud as he pushed it balls deep within her hot trembling fundament. Reaching around to gather up her dangling breasts, he began the age old motions of procreation fucking into her with gathering speed. Faster and faster he fucked her ignoring her juices that splattered his swinging balls. Brutally he tugged and pulled her sensitive nipples instinctively knowing that she was yet to experience her major climax. Tony sensed she was near and so was he. One hand held her round her waist and the other found her engorged clitoris. One squeeze was all that was needed as she wailed aloud and clamped down on his pistoning penis. That did it. He felt the rush of his semen clear up his cock to fountain his joy deep within her and then heard her wail again as she felt the hot spunk injected into her womb. He held her to him as the remains of his lust dribbled out of him glorying in the moans and whimpers of his new mare knowing that he had branded her as surely as if with a hot iron.

"My lord, oh my lord," she moaned over and over. "Surely you will not abandon me? My lord???" she whimpered as she rested her head on hands. She had felt his cock beginning to deflate and as she wriggled her bottom it began to re-engorge.

"My dear Aunt Rosa, rest assured, you and I are far from done," Lord Millhaven growled as he ran his fingernails up the insides of her trembling thighs.

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