tagLoving WivesLynn and Bobby Ch. 10

Lynn and Bobby Ch. 10


Chapter 10 Lynn's Fetish

We had a new pro, Marc, at the club and I had agreed to set up a blind date with him for a friend – a thirty-something blond who had earned the nickname of "Mrs. Robinson" by trying to attract a guy one night at a party in the same way that the gal in the movie tried to attract her daughter's boyfriend. I had met her through another thirty-something blond with the nickname of "Princess" which she had also earned in a similarly unique way.

My wife and I were in our mid-twenties and we had a beautiful home in San Diego and belonged to a nice country club. Our marriage was sound now, but Lynn had had a brief and very unpleasant affair, and Princess had been quite supportive after it was over.

I was acquainted with Marc, but I thought I'd check him out before I set him up with Mrs. Robinson so I called a friend of mine at the club in LA where he had been the pro. I got some very interesting information. Marc had been a good pro and they were sorry to lose him. He left because of his divorce – all of which I knew – but what I didn't know was the cause of his divorce, which was a closely guarded secret. My friend was a swinger and it turned out that Marc was an occasional swinger as a single. His wife found out.

Then my friend said, "The girls were just as sorry to lose him as the golfers were. He was hung like a bull."

Mrs. Robinson will like that, I thought, she needs something that will match what one of our friends called the second biggest pussy in San Diego.

I stopped by the pro shop, wondering whether to tell Marc I had a friend at his old club. I decided to tell him later. He welcomed me into his office. We had a pleasant chat about course conditions and then, I talked about his social life.

"It must be tough to be recently divorced and in a new town," I said.

He nodded. "Yeah. It get's lonely."

"I have a close friend who is between boyfriends. Are you the sort who likes blind dates?"

He chuckled. "I haven't had much experience with dates – blind or otherwise. Sure if you think we match, I'll take a chance."

I gave him Mrs. Robinson's – that is Janice's – phone number and suggested a good restaurant.

Later I heard from Mrs. Robinson that he had called and they were going out that night. The next day Princess arrived, uninvited, on my doorstep.

"Aren't you afraid some day you'll just drop in like this and find me in flagrante delicto?"

"If that's Latin for fuckin," said Princess, "I wouldn't be surprised. Mrs. Robinson called to thank me. She and Marc hit it off well last night."

"Is 'hit it off well' English for fuckin?" I asked.

"It is. They had a wonderful time. They just fit together perfectly," she said.

Remembering a friend saying she had the second biggest pussy in San Diego and another friend's comment about Marc being hung like a bull, I thought to myself that they probably were a perfect match.

The next day was a happy one for me. My wife Lynn got back from her mother's house back East and her mother was doing a lot better. It was nice to have her back. I told her all about Mrs. Robinson and about getting her a blind date with Marc. I mentioned that Marc was a swinger at his old club and that Princess and I had done a threesome with Mrs. Robinson. In fact I told her everything except that my friend had said Marc was really hung.

"We have to have Marc and Mrs. Robinson over," Lynn said. "I only met Marc once at his reception and I've met Janice at several club functions but I don't know her well enough to call her Mrs. Robinson. A new couple should be fun. They'll fit in well with Princess."

Several days later Marc and Mrs. Robinson came to our house for dinner and after dinner we sat on the patio with drinks. It was then that Janice told the story of how she got her nickname. It got a very big laugh. We passed around a joint and things went well enough to do the hot tub – although there was the tacit understanding in advance that there would be no sex – just friendship with booze and pot. Swingers work these things out easily without much talking.

We got into our robes and transferred our drinks to the low table by the tub. Then we dropped our robes to get in the tub. I had not told Lynn that Marc had a reputation for being well endowed and I watched her eyes as he took off his robe. She did a double take and her eyes got real wide.

I looked at him and I could understand her reaction. He was big. I mean huge. His cock was as big as Bill's. I remembered how Lynn's fetish for big cocks had caused the trouble with Bill that had threatened our marriage. It had been serious trouble. Her affair had rendered me impotent for almost a year.

We four soaked and drank and talked and laughed in a harmless, sophisticated way for an hour and then we donned our robes and dressed. Being naked is nice even without sex. Marc and Mrs. Robinson thanked us for dinner and left. Lynn and I went back to the patio for another drink. It was obvious she wanted to talk. She got straight to the point.

"Did you see that cock?"

"Yes," I said.

"Remind you of anybody?"

"Yes it did," I said.

"It hit me pretty hard," she said. "It brought back memories."

"More than memories?"

"I'll never lie to you again. I felt it in my pussy." Lynn reached down to her groin when she said it. "My fetish is tormenting me this very instant."

"Can you control it?"

"I can control it. It hurts like hell but I can control it. I hear your voice in my head and that stops it. I can control it. But it keeps coming back. It just keeps hitting me over and over. It's starting to hurt just to know there's another big one right in our club – right in our circle of friends – right where I might get a chance to try it out. And I keep thinking what if we get them with us in a foursome."

"Could you take that?"

"The question is could you take it?"

"I did before."

"Yeah and remember what it did to you! And what about me? If I take it once – can I leave it alone afterwards? I don't want to be trapped like a rat in a cage ever again! Like with Bill!"

"What time is it?" asked Lynn.

"A little after ten."

"Is Gene still in Saudi?"


I'm gonna call Princess."

Princess arrived promptly and was very concerned. "What's wrong? How can I help?"

Lynn got right to the point. "Do you know about Marc's cock?"

"Marc is big. As big as ... as ... well ... you know ... as big as Bill was."

"I saw it tonight soft," said Lynn. "He's as big as Bill and it brought back all the old memories. The pleasure he gave me. The pain he gave me. If this guy's in our group we may end up some night ... well ... with me fuckin him. Can I do that Princess? Can I do that?"

"I don't know. Can you?"

"I might have to – unless we just separate ourselves from all our friends. Look Princess, you're the only one who knows about Bill – not everything but a lot. I need help. Please help me."

"I'll try," she said. "Let's talk about it. Sometimes just talking helps. I'll listen."

Lynn looked over at me. "What are you thinking Bobby?"

"I'm just remembering," I said. "I'm remembering how you were gonna run off with him if I didn't let you fuck him. I'm remembering how he held you close to me – touching me – and brought you to orgasm with his hands and then laughed at me for being so helpless that I couldn't control my own wife. I'm remembering how he looked at me and smirked, as I sat there helpless, while he was fuckin' you. I'm remembering how you were always so eager to fuck him. I'm remembering how you two hurried into the bedroom to fuck and both of you were laughing at me. I'm remembering ... "

"Stop it Bobby! Oh God! Please stop it. I know what we did to you. I know what I did to you. It's in my head just like it's in yours. Please don't remind me of it. Please!"

"I think I'd better go," said Princess.

"No don't leave," pleaded Lynn. "You're the only one who knows the truth – at least part of the truth. Bill tormented Bobby and laughed at him. I made jokes about him. Bobby became impotent because of Bill and me and I laughed at him because he couldn't get it up. Princess, what kind of wife does that to a husband that she knows loves her?"

Princess shook her head and said softly, "Lynn you were sick. You couldn't help yourself. You said that Bobby helped you get well. You got over your fetish. You told me that now the thought of a big dick gives you nausea. How did you get over it?" What did he do?"

"He talked about the alcoholic who quit drinking when he started to see a destroyed marriage instead of whisky in the bottle. Bobby said I should learn to see something else – something so ugly it would drive out the thought of that big cock. He said, when you see your fetish, remember the truth about me."

"What did he mean remember the truth about him?" Princess asked with a puzzled look.

Lynn closed her eyes and sighed deeply. She looked over at me, about to get tears in her eyes, then, she looked back at Princess.

"God, this is hard. It still hurts – it hurts worse than anything I have ever felt. I hear his voice saying it every time I fantasize about a big cock. I hear Bobby's voice in my head – exactly as he said it. And when I hear what Bobby said, my fantasy just goes away."

"I asked Bobby what he meant and he said the one thing that cured me. The only thing he ever said to me about all the ugly bad things I had done to him. It hurt so bad that it cured me."

"What did he say?"

"He said ... he said ... 'You castrated me the first time I watched you fuck Bill. I have not had an erection since that first night almost a year ago. And you laughed at me when I tried.' Then he walked out. It was true. It was all true. It was the only time he told me something I deserved to hear. He could have said so much more."

Princess just looked at her, then at me. Then she put her hand on Lynn's shoulder and said, "He used his own illness to help you get better. My God! If that didn't do it, nothing would."

"It was the first time I really saw myself as the bitch my fantasy had made me into. It was the first time I realized how much he had done for me, and the price he had paid to help me. When he walked out, I thought he had left me. And I thought nobody could blame him for leaving. But he came back and I told him what a bitch I'd been. And, he was so kind. He kept saying, 'Its over now baby'. Then he said something that scared the shit out of me. When he said it I knew he was getting ready to leave me. He was getting ready to make another sacrifice for me."

"What did he say?"

"He said it like he was apologizing – like it was his fault, not mine - and like he was explaining why he had to leave me. Like I would be better off without him. He said, 'I can't give you pleasure any more.' And the way he said it, all I could think about was that he was going to leave me because he was impotent, so I could start a new life without him."

Princess looked over at me, a tender look in her eyes. "I'd a wrapped myself around his feet and begged. God, I wudda begged. What did you say? What the hell did you do?"

"I got mad! Mad as hell! Mad at him. Mad at me. And scared. After a year of the worst torment any man ever endured, he was entitled to a little help from his wife, who hadn't been much of a wife to him for a year. He'd sacrificed so much for me, and he was sitting there thinking he was just gonna go on sacrificing for me. That had to stop. I had to stand up and stop feeling sorry for myself and take over. I was the bitch who caused it, and I had to fix it. I didn't deserve to keep him, but I had to fix it. I had to be strong for him, so I just took over. God love him, he let me."

"What did you do?"

"He needed to get away from me. When he was with me he was thinking about Bill and me all the time – about how I just couldn't stop chasing that big dick. He needed to get away from me. He couldn't fuck me. Every time he even thought about fuckin' me ... Well, Princess, if you were a man and I'd done to you what I did to him, do you think you could get it up."

"Hey, I'm the wrong person to ask, honey," said Princess. "If I was a man, I'd a dumped your slutty ass a couple of days into that whole damn thing. If I'd been a man and stayed with you, I wouldn't have wanted to get it up with a bitch like you, but if I'd wanted to I don't think I could have."

"So what'd you do?" Princess continued. "He couldn't fuck you after what happened, but he could ... Oh Shit ... Oh shit baby. Oh baby, I know what you did. Damn! I wish I'd known you then. Oh baby! To take this guy for a couple of weeks, all to myself, night after night, and teach him to fuck again. And doin' you a favor, to boot! And you havin' to say to me, thank you Princess for fuckin' my husband. Oh shit! Tell me baby - what lucky girl got him?"

"Well, I thought it was safer to use several lucky girls, not just one, so I sent him to Vegas and I told him that he could fuck any horny bitch who'd spread her legs for him. And take as long as he needed. I would wait for him. He learned to fuck again. He didn't have to come back to me, but he did. And he fucked me."

"So that's what happened," said Princess. "I always wondered. He can still fuck any horny bitch who'll spread her legs for him?"

Lynn nodded. "Be honest Princess. What do I owe this guy?"

Princess smiled. "You owe him your life. You'd be the town slut without his strength and love. Your fetish would have you running around looking for another big dick like Bill's. That's why you put no restrictions on him. You're right, honey, he's his own man now. You're lucky he keeps you around." Princess laughed.

"I keep her around because I love her," I said.

"And she ought to know it. No woman would dare ask for more proof than you've already given her," said Princess.

Princess thought for a moment. "This has helped. You both knew you'd have to deal with this some time. If it's okay with Bobby, maybe you should deal with it now. From what I've heard, Marc's not like Bill. He won't exploit you. Bobby, can you handle it?"

"I handled it for the better part of a year. I can handle it now. Besides, it's time to answer a simple question about Lynn. Does she love me enough to do what our crowd does and keep control of her fetish?"

After that decision was made nothing happened for weeks. We went to parties with Marc and Mrs. Robinson and Princess and Gene after he got back from Saudi and we had fun. Jerry and Carol came to a couple of parties and we went to their house. We all knew we were swingers, except for Gene, but we were discrete and not compulsive.

One night Mrs. Robinson and Marc came over to our place for dinner. Unspoken signals seemed to pass between us and after dinner we decided to put on robes and do the hot tub. Lynn and I exchanged glances and it was as though our minds were linked. Her eyes seemed to say to me, "He's gonna shove that big thing into me. Hang in there baby."

As we moved around the hot tub Mrs. Robinson seemed to gravitate toward me and Marc toward Lynn. An exchange became inevitable when Marc took Lynn gently in his arms and kissed her then fondled her breasts. Mrs. Robinson reached under the water and played with my balls. I got out of the tub and helped Mrs. Robinson out. We lay down on the mat leaving space for Marc and Lynn to lay beside us. They got out of the tub and joined us.

Mrs. Robinson sucked my cock to get me ready, then, she spread her legs and guided me into her. I began to fuck her with a slow steady rhythm. I'd fucked her before and knew she liked it rough so I whispered in her ear, asking if this was okay. She said yes. She had talked to Princess and was aware that there might be a problem with Lynn. She knew I would be watching carefully.

Marc was slow and careful with Lynn, but she was very eager. The first thing she did was grab his cock and start licking it. She fondled it lovingly like it was a treasure. When she grasped it with two hands it was so thick that her thumbs did not meet her fingers and there was a lot of cock left over above her hands. It had to be ten inches. Her eyes were glazed over and I could see she was very much aroused. She was feeling the grass – but it was more than that – it was that huge cock, which had been her fantasy since she was a horny high school girl playing with her pussy in bed. This was her fetish cock that had been a dream and now it was real again and in her hands like Bill's once was.

She stroked and kissed it and lovingly caressed his balls. Marc had big, heavy balls and when Lynn lifted them in both her hands as though testing their weight I remembered her doing exactly the same thing with Bill's balls the first time I watched him fuck her. Marc reached out, putting his hand on the back of her head and pulled her down to suck his cock. She was impatient to gobble it but it was so big that only that huge purple head would fit in her mouth. I remembered her sucking Bill's cock on the edge of this very hot tub and Bill looking over at me, smirking.

Marc rolled her over on her back and she was quick to spread her legs for him. She spread 'em wide, knees high in the air and her feet in the air. I thought how those feet would be bouncing up and down rhythmically in a few moments as she humped that big dick. He was very gentle as he entered her but she impatiently grabbed his hips and pulled him in deep. She's feeling something she hasn't felt since Bill – a long thick cock hitting the top of her pussy, pushing hard on her cervix.

Marc started fucking her gently but she started humping him vigorously and cried out, "Harder! Fuck me harder!"

He sensed how horny she was and began pounding her pussy harder - his big testicles were slapping her ass, with every thrust. Her back was arched - her head thrown back - her face, a mask of pleasure and lust - her eyes were clinched tight. She was pumping her ass, just like she had done with Bill. This is the way I remember them together on this same mat by this same hot tub.

And then she started to grunt, just like with Bill, grunting like an animal, each time that massive organ plunged deep inside her. Those animal-sounds grew louder and matched his rhythm, as he fucked her -- hard -- brutally hard the way she had begged him to. In a few moments they were both covered with sweat - it dripped off of them as their bodies, pounded, wetly, together, in rhythm with her animal grunts. I watched them fuck steadily like that for only a couple of minutes. Then, she started to groan.

"Oh-my-God!" She screamed, "I'm gonna come. Oh-my-God! Harder! Fuck-me-harder! Fuck-me! Fuck-me!"

Her ass was pumping up at him, fast and hard, and he was pounding down on her, even harder. She took a deep breath and held it, and at last, those foreign, animal sounds stopped, and her whole body started to tremble. It seemed like her orgasm lasted forever, her back arched, her head tilted back, her eyes clenched tight, holding her breath, her arms clutching Marc, her whole body trembling, as the contractions of her pussy squeezed that big thick cock and her hips pumped out of control.

My God I thought. That was fast! I had never seen her come so fast! She had to be horny as hell. Marc just kept pumping her and her feet kept bouncing up and down in the air. Her back was arched up so that her jiggling tits almost reached his chest. Her eyes were still clinched tight. Her mouth was open. She was gasping for air. She was fuckin him harder than he was fuckin her and it looked like she was moving her ass to get his cock as deep as possible – she was hungry for it.

Then she dropped her feet to the mat to get better leverage and lifted her hips higher to take him as deep as she could. Lynn seemed not to rest at all after her first orgasm. She kept pumping her ass passionately. It seemed only a couple of minutes before she began that animal grunting and had a second orgasm – as violent as the first. She kept screaming and begging him to fuck her harder and when her body finally stopped trembling from her orgasm, she immediately began pumping her hips hard again, with her feet on the floor for leverage to get her ass higher.

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