tagErotic HorrorMacabre Delights Ch. 03

Macabre Delights Ch. 03


The sound of total silence met Annabelle's ears as her eyes flickered open. Above her was a marble ceiling. Underneath her was the couch she had been sitting on before the lights went out. She sat up and her head spun.

"Too much to drink." She whispered and when she opened her eyes again she looked around the room. She was all alone and the side of her neck hurt along with a horrible burning sensation in between her legs. She pulled up her dress to cover her chest. Her hair was falling out of their clips and her tiara was no where to be found.

Annabelle looked down at herself and let out a sob and covered her mouth. Her beautiful dress was torn and her legs had deep lacerations on them. She lifted the fabric up and dried blood covered the dress as well as in between her legs and even higher than that. It looked like she had her period and had and accident all over herself.

"Oh my god. Oh my god." Annabelle whispered and stood. She stumbled to the side. Blood trickled down her neck and continued to drip down her legs. She felt sick to her stomach and her head was pounding. She needed to get out of this place and find some help. She was so confused by what had happened. Was there a date rape drug in the drink she had? Did Trinity rape her?

Annabelle was not going to wait around to see. She ran out of the room and down the hallway. "Hello?" She called out. It looked liked the place was empty, which didn't make any sense to her. This whole night was something out of a Twilight Zone episode. Why didn't she just stay home in the first place?

Blood continued to drip down in a steady stream and she tried to stop it by pressing a hand against the cut on her neck and holding her dress in between her legs to stop the flow there. She trembled in either shock or fear, or possible both, because the cut on her neck was very deep as if someone had taken a chunk away or carved her with a knife. She was so afraid and wasn't sure she wanted to know what damage was done to her crotch where it stung.

The silence was deafening and Annabelle was beginning to panic. Where were all the guests? Why wasn't there any music being played? Even the sound of thunder form the storm would have been welcomed at this point. All she knew was that she needed to find a phone and call 911 and fast.

Annabelle finally found the main ballroom. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw a group of people standing in a circle. The party must have ended since the band was gone and there was only a handful of people still around.

"Thank god! I've been attacked. I need-" Annabelle let out a loud scream as a few turned to look at her. The people were still in masks but most were covered in blood on their faces and all over their clothes. Annabelle looked down and covered her mouth and backed away. In the middle of the circle were bodies piled on top of each other. Some looked like they were missing limbs and others had pieces of flesh ripped from their bodies. They weren't wearing their masks.

As Annabelle continued to back away, she bumped into something. Before she could turn around a set of hands pressed down on her shoulders and the long black pointed fingernails she had seen before scraped across her flesh, causing her to bleed even more. She struggled.

"NO! Stop!" Annabelle began to cry and those hands wrapped around her waist and pulled her in closer.

"Shh... dearest, it will be fine. Didn't you say you were hungry before? Dinner is ready."

Annabelle tried to move, but couldn't because Trinity was to strong. She was lifted high in the air around her waist and her feet left the floor. She felt a mouth suck at the wound on her neck. The slurping sound made Annabelle gag. And when Trinity's teeth bit into her skin, she let out an ear splitting scream.

Annabelle's screams echoed from room to room where no living thing had been in for over a century, except the rats and other vermin that resided there. After some time had passed, Annabelle's screams died down and only the sounds of flesh being devoured was heard by those who enjoyed their late night snack.

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