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Maggie's Touch


It was several weeks into the semester and Maggie was awoken by strange rustling and a quiet murmur. Opening her eyes Maggie peered across the few feet of the tiny, darkened dorm room to Rachel's bed. She could see what had taken her from her sleep. There Rachel had an athletic looking brunette buried deep between her thighs.

Rachel ground her full sized hips into the stranger's face. Rachel's light skin was flushed, almost pink and glistened with sweat. She wasn't heavy but kept herself a comfortable shape, giving her what could only be described as a voluptuous body. Ragged, shallow breath came from her mouth as she mumbled incoherently. Her highlighted, wavy hair was tossed about as she dragged one hand through it. The other almost forcing the brunette into her. Rachel's eyes were closed as she bit her lower lip.

The brunette's long hair cascaded over her face, hiding it and continued onto her shoulders revealing a long, curved, naked back; the exposed skin was tanned. Maggie couldn't help but notice the lack of tan lines. As the brunette worked herself harder and harder into Rachel, the brunette swayed her ass in the air as if dancing. Her left hand vigorously circling her own button while the other worked one of Rachel's large brown nipples to a hardened summit upon her C-cup breasts. Once up to a point the brunette would drag her long nails down Rachel's breast and across her stomach. Causing Rachel to inhale sharply and arch her body into the air.

Maggie just laid there. Only moving her eyes across the bodies of the two women as they moved into each other. She didn't know what to do. She had never been offended by the act of two women connecting like this. But until this point it had only been something that acquaintances had done behind closed doors or seen in a magazine she stumbled across at her ex-boyfriend's. Now it was real and it was within arms reach. Maggie looked on Rachel with her breasts raising and falling. She was fixated on the brunette as she rocked her head between Rachel's legs. Sometimes fast and then slow.

It could have been a minute or it could have been hours but Maggie watched on. Until she noticed a warmth coming from below her own waist. Without disturbing the covers she moved a hand down between her legs where she could feel the warm moisture that had soak the cotton paneling of her panties. Shocked, Maggie was lost in her thoughts more that the activities in front of her. She had boyfriends in high school and even one the first year of college and Maggie had always felt a strong connection with her physical sexuality. But that had been with a man.

Embarrassed, Maggie could feel her skin go red even in the darkness of the room. Quickly she rolled onto her other side, putting her back to the scene. The movement stopped the couple's interaction.

"I think your roomy is waking up." The brunette whispered in a panic. Her head up and turned.

Rachel opened her eyes. Looking at Maggie's back "She jus' moved in her sleep. Keep going," annoyed at the break. Rachel grabbed the back of the brunette's head and pushed it back into her yearning flesh.

Laying there in the dark Maggie could hear the shallow, staggered breathing of the couple. Quiet wimpering and soft licking beneath that. After what seems like an eternity of squeaking bed springs and lustful moans, the room's small window air conditioner kicked on. It's buzz drowning out the sound of flesh on flesh and began cooling the room which had now filled with body heat and the thick smell of sweat and cunt. As she lay there about to fall into sleep Maggie realized the scene in the tiny room shouldn't have come as such a shock.

Several weeks earlier Maggie had moved into the dorm and was ready to start her second year of college. She met Rachel when Rachel moved in later in the afternoon. Late into the night the pair sat on their floor laughing and sharing who they were with one another into the late hours. Eventually Maggie asked Rachel if she had a boy toy. At this Rachel made a face as if she was thinking and stood up. She walked to the door and closed it gently.

Turning from the door Maggie could see that Rachel was still pondering what to say. She stood there. Her highlight curled hair pulled back, Rachel stood about 5'10 and her pajama pants hung off her full hips. Even now as she seemed nervous she exuded a calm, superiority. "There's something you should probably know, Maggie. It's just that, well, I'm bisexual. And it's been a long time since I've been with man and really I don't know when I will again." Maggie sat there a bit shocked mouth open.

Quickly "I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable and I won't pull any advances on you. But you should know incase you ever see me with Beth or anyone else." Rachel let out a short sigh. "If I make you uncomfortable, I can move to another room first thing in the morning." She stood there head down and wringing her hands.

"No! No, don't be silly. You've been honest with me an' I can't hold something like that against you. Thank you for telling me." Maggie was up now and was holding Rachel's hands in her own. Maggie just just an inch or two shorter than Rachel. "Please don't worry. It's fine." Maggie took Rachel into a hug. Holding her she could feel Rachel sniff back tears a few times.

"Thank you. I couldn't have asked for anyone nicer."

And until that evening the issue hadn't really come back up and Maggie had felt completely indifferent to the idea of female coupling. But the next morning she woke up.

Waking up the next morning something was nagging at Maggie's mind, but what is it. Looking up and toward the door she saw a short, athletic brunette backing out of the door. The brunette did a small wave goodbye in the direction of Rachel's bed. Just as she was closing the door she saw Maggie was awake and the brunette gave her a quick wink as the door closed. Maggie rolled over and saw Rachel looking back. Laying on her side, Rachel was covered in just a thin sheet. Obviously naked underneath, the outline of her nipples showed through the cloth. "Umm, so that's Beth. My girlfriend. Or at least the one I find myself with most often when I need that touch." Rachel wore a satisfied smile. "We didn't disturb you, did we?" Maggie wasn't sure if Rachel was making a joke or was she just in a good mood. After all the sun was shining through the windows and of course Rachel had just said goodbye to the type of well put together woman that most men could only hope to talk to.

'No." Rachel probable knew she was lying. "I'm going to get a shower. Be back in a few minutes."

"Okay," Rachel said. "When you're done let's get breakfast. I'm starving." Rachel flopped onto her back, hands behind her head. With her eyes closed and a quiet smile like she was hiding a funny little secret she just laid there.

Out of bed, Maggie gathered her towel and shower basket. She was about to walk down to the shower room when she stopped and turned to her roommate. "Rachel, I did wake up last night. And I watched for a minute. But it was just a minute and I wasn't trying to spy," Maggie quickly spoke.

Sitting up, "Calm down. You didn't do anything wrong. Besides we should have been more considerate. Don't worry."

"Well, it's just that I think you should know. And I don't know what this means. But I think I liked it. I think I want to try that too. I want you to help me feel that."

Rachel narrowed her eyes at Maggie. "You don't know what you're saying. This isn't just a thing you can dabble in and then walk away untouched. People could find out and they will see you differently, you'll see yourself differently. So no Maggie I'm not going to fuck you, because you aren't ready. Even if you were, we live together and that could get messy. So go take your shower and then let's get breakfast." She smiled, "Okay?"

In the shower stall Maggie pulled the vinyl curtain shut and undressed. As she washed, her mind just tried to comprehend what she had seen and more importantly said. Those words had come out without even realizing until it was too late.

Washing herself under the warm water Maggie tried to figure out what to do about everything she had said and what to do about her feelings. Pointing her face into the hot spray from the shower head, water coursed over her as she began to scrub with a luffa. The hot steam filling the room cleansed the body and the mind. Under the humidity no justification was needed. Maggie wanted to taste something new and this was no forbidden fruit to be held only by the few.

Maggie was seeking to find herself in this as well. She wanted to filled the void of her longings with a new color. Scrubbing across her breasts she only briefly noticed how sensitive her nipples felt, electric through her back.

She sought a consensual lover but her hear and body demanded to feel that touch. A feminine caress between her thighs to stir a fire that may or may not be there. How warm had that shower room become in the past several minutes. If not for the water sweat would have been running down Maggie's face.

Suddenly awareness struck. The heat wasn't from the shower water. It can from the fact her heart was racing. What was she doing? Wabbling, her knees nearly couldn't hold her steady. Leaning forward an arm braced against the cold tile wall as the water spattered against her neck and back. But her other hand, the one holding the luffa, seemed occupied. If she had the mind to stop it from it's activity. The hand was grinding into her mound and her hips were riding up onto the luffa. A lapping motion was being generated from her lower half.

The luffa twisted into her trimmed batch of dark curly hair. Watching what her own actions, Maggie forgot completely any weight that was on her mind. Now her mind was only on even breathing, the warmth from her legs and to remain standing.

Then came a sharp, shallow inhale and what followed may have taken seconds or hours. Time wasn't important. Maggie bit her lower lip. What had been lapping had turned into a violent crash of waves. Her eyes now closed as they couldn't focus anyway. Her grip flexed in the luffa as her hand circled hard.

That was it. She had found that spot.

Her right leg seemed to be tapping at a tempo near countless. More of her body leaned up against the tile. Her face, tits, and stomach plastered to the cold tiles. The water snaking down her hair and then back. Every trickle feeling like a line being painted down her body. Her hips were now bucking as her pubic mound beat on her wrist as the luffa dug into her slit; pushing closer to the burning pure light that seemed to be coming from there.

Her back arched. The water filled her face. Her hand hit a rhythm licking across her site. Her toes curled up. From her mouth came two quick guttural moans. An energy passed through her and a blinding light shown on her face. Her body trembled as her gave a last desperate pump with her whole body. As she started to come back she let out only a soft whimper.

Placing a hand on each side of the shower head the water ran down her.

The door to the room quietly slid shut. Rachel, laying on her bed, didn't look up from her book. "I'm starving. Put on some fresh clothes and let's go eat up!" She stood, placing a marker in the pages as she finished reading. Not hearing the dresser or closet Rachel looked up.

Maggie just looked back with large doe eyes wrapped in her large terry cloth bathrobe. She set down the clothes and basket from her hands.

"Hey. They aren't serving breakfast all da..." She trailed off.

Maggie undid the knot at the from of the robe and let it slide to the floor. Standing naked in front of Rachel, Maggie whispered "I need you, now."

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