tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMagic Fingers Ch. 04

Magic Fingers Ch. 04


Over the trip back home, I reviewed everything that the girls told me. What they felt, when and most importantly, what they were thinking at the time. I was convinced I still had volumes more to learn.


When I got back to Pine Valley, the place I will always consider home, I had 4 days off and knew that I had to get myself a permanent place to live. I was fed-up with apartments. The neighbors always complained when you got into wild sex and some one always wanted to play loud rap at one in the morning.

I had the money, so I might as well buy my first home.

My realtor was Melanie Harris. Melanie had beauty, class and intellect. Standing 5 feet 9 inches tall with a bust line that shouted, "I am woman hear me roar," excellent posture, a short blonde coiffure that didn't come cheep, plus an ass and a set of legs that were knock outs.

She had also just celebrated her 31st birthday. I know because I saw several cards on her desk.

I came to find out later, that her boobs and ass had been cosmetically enhanced.

When I walked in to Progress Realty, you would have thought I had rabies. No one wanted to come near me. Maybe it was my age or the fact that I was wearing old jeans, a faded shirt and boots in desperate need of a shine. No one paid any attention to me until I spoke to the secretary and told her I needed to buy a house. There were three realtors in the office at that time. Every one of them had their heads berried behind a computer screen, trying to become invisible.

The secretary looked me up and down, sizing me up. I could see the distaste in her eyes and I was beginning to get pissed enough to say, fuck you all and walk out.

It was at that moment, Melanie walked in. I took one look at her and my heart went thump. She was all woman, too old and too classy for me to ask out, but she was real easy on the eyes.

She walked up to me, with a dazzling smile and said, "Honey, are you being helped?"

"No." I said as sweetly as I could.

"Well what can I do for you honey."

"I'm looking to buy a house."

"Well, Darlan, what kind of home are you looking for?"

I figured, here was my chance to stick it to these smirking assholes. "Well, I'm not sure, that's why I need your help. You see, I own a trucking company and I need something large enough to where I can entertain."

That's when I heard 3 chairs push back from desks and people were saying, "I have a listing that would be great for you..." and so it went, each one trying to step over the other.

"Excuse me," I said, "I believe I was speaking to?" I looked at her.

"Melanie, Melanie Harris."

"Well, Melanie, is there a chance you can show me what you have, with out being trampled by your co-workers."

She smiled, "Do you have time to look at a couple of homes now?"

"I sure do, I have 3 and a half days before I have to be in Houston."

"Give me a minute and I'll be right with you."

The office was dead quiet as she went to a file cabinet, removed several folders, went to her desk and collected another, then turned to me and said, "Shall we be off."

In her car and on the way to see the first house, I spoke up. "I need to confess; -- I do own a trucking company, a very, very small trucking company, and I don't really entertain clients."

She looked at me and smiled. Not the reaction I had expected. "You don't recognize me, do you."

Now, a more puzzled look crossed my face. "I'm sure I'd remember you. I don't often meet beautiful women."

Now she blushed. "You used to live at the Taylor Arms, two doors down from me.

"I saw your apartment was up for rent again. Where are you living now." she asked.

I told her I didn't have a place and told her why I left.

"There seems to be a lot of that going around.

"I came home early one day and caught my now x-husband bent over with the guy from next door, sticking his dick in hubbies' ass."

I could see hostility flash in her sapphire eyes and figured, time to change the subject.

"So, what kind of home are you going to show me."

She looked at me again and smiled, "Don't worry, I'm good at what I do. I know about your company and I have a good idea of what you can afford.

"By the way, I liked the way you played those asses back at the office. They are probably bickering among themselves, as to which one of them should have gotten you."

"I hope I didn't cause any problems for you."

"No, don't worry about it, they all hate me, because I sell so many high end homes, some as far out as Palm Springs."

The very first home Melanie showed me, I fell in love with. I guess she could tell, because, when I went to tell her, this was the place, she quickly said, "Don't say a word, at least, not until I have shown you the other two I have in mind. Then I want you to take the information that I'll give you and I expect you to spend this evening comparing them. Once you have done that, we will see these three places again, and then you'll be equipped to make an intelligent decision and offer."

Melanie was right, each one had something the other didn't and I knew she had done right by me, making me take the time to choose wisely. She was good, no wonder she was the best in her office.


The next morning, she was taking me around for the last time to see the three homes. We were in the second one, the one I had already decided to buy, when she asked, "John, do you entertain many women friends?"

"No, I'm kind of on a quest right now and I don't -"

She interrupted, "A Quest you say, what kind of quest, may I ask."

Shit, I thought to myself, here is a beautiful classy woman and what am I going to tell her, Oh, I just want to finger fuck women and make them squirt. Oh yeah, that would go over big.

I cleared my voice. "Ah, well, I'm learning about how I can make women have powerful orgasms and ejaculations." I tried to say this all in a nonchalant way, as I noticed her eyes widen and I guess the shock of what I said affected her, because all she could say was "WHAT?"

I repeated in a metered voice, "I can make women have extreme orgasms and ejaculate."

I could see she now had her wits back, because she seemed to straighten while saying, "John, either you're trying to get in my panties or you have been watching entirely too much porn."

Personally, I was impressed with my calm response. "No Melanie, intercourse has nothing to do with it, and I have made numerous women have multiple ejaculations!"

I could tell Melanie was shocked and intrigued at the thought, however she responded, "Women cannot have ejaculations like men!"

" No, not like men," I responded.

I could see victory flash in her eyes until I continued, "More powerful than any man could have."

She quickly retorted, "NO, women can not have ejaculations. Period!"

"Yes they can!" I said just as forcefully.

"Prove it." she said.

"Fine, I will, all I need is a willing participant."

"Not me!" she quickly retorted.

"Look," I said, "this is pointless. Let me step back and explain."

Her arms were crossed over her chest and all she did was nod in the affirmative.

So I began explaining the process and requirements for a woman to ejaculate. By the time I was done explaining, she looked a little flushed.

"It sounds rather clinical, except for the orgasm part."

"In a way it is, because it simply involves a woman relaxing enough to have an orgasm, the insertion of two fingers and applying pressure to one certain gland inside the vaginal walls."

I could see her interest, so I decided to press her, "Are you game, Melanie, to give it a try? It won't hurt and I promise it will feel very good."

After a moment of pondering, she looked into my eyes, as if she were searching for something and then snapped, "OK, but on my terms."

"Let me hear them."

"First, I know a woman, a friend, who, if you can talk into watching this, I'll let you try and make me ejaculate. Come on, you're buying me and my friend dinner."

"If you insist, but I think you should buy me dinner, because this is the house I want."

"I know it is, silly," she responded, "I knew it before you did."

She put an ear piece in her ear and said, "Call -- Carol -- office.

"Doctor Rhodes please," long pause as we walked towards Melanie's car.

"Carol; it's Melanie, can you leave the clinic a little early today? - pause - Oh that's great. I want you to go home, get cleaned up and meet us at "Cousins". - pause - Yes, the restaurant, and us is me and John Drake. - pause - No, he is not related to Sir Francis, he owns a trucking company. - pause - OK, we'll see you at six."

We climbed into her car and she pushed a button on the dash and said, "Onstar" and there was a response, "How may I help Ms. Harris."

"I need reservations at "Cousins Restaurant" for tonight at six pm., party of three."

"Very good Ms. Harris, I'll forward a message to you with the confirmation. Thank you."

"Ok, John, I need to go home and clean up for tonight.

I'll take you back to the office, write up your offer and I need you to, quietly, get in your car and go. "

I'll meet you at the restaurant at quarter of six? "

I said," I'll be there at 5:30, sitting in the bar."

By the time I signed the offer to purchase, it was two pm. and I knew I was going to have to hustle, because I didn't have the proper cloths to ware to "Cousins", a rather upscale restaurant for the area.

My first stop was the mall for pants, shirt, shoes and a sports jacket, then back to the motel room for a shower and shave.


At 5:10 I was sitting in the parking lot of the restaurant, I always like to be early, it must be the truck driver in me.

At 5:20 Melanie showed up, must be the Realtor in her.

I got out of my car when I saw her drive in and walked up to her just as she got out. I noticed a blush come over her face as she looked up and saw me. I had to wonder if she was thinking about what the rest of the night would be like.

At 6:10 our table was ready and we were called in.

Carol showed up 5 minutes later, must be the Doctor in her I thought.

Though that wasn't my first thought.

My first thought was WOW, SHIT, IS SHE BEAUTIFUL. Carol stood a good 6' 4", knock off 2 inches for her heals and she was still over 6'2".

She had the most radiant skin of any black woman I had ever seen, and a large bust that seemed in perfect proportion to the rest of her.

She walked with the grace of a Royal and it seemed every eye in the restaurant was on her, as she sauntered over to our table. Her ass and upper leg was perfectly outlined by her snug fitting white dress. There was no way she was wearing even a thong.

Melanie reached over, touched my shoulder and said, "John, please close your mouth."

I jumped up and pulled the seat out for her. Both Carol and Melanie smiled at each other.

My mouth spoke, before my brain was in gear. "You, are beautiful!"

My brain still failed to slip into gear, "Melanie is lovely, but you, you are gorgeous." Melanie gave me a kick under the table and brought me back to earth.

"Shall we order." Carol said.

After we ate and were waiting for coffee, Carol put her hand on mine and started to talk when Melanie interrupted, "Take your hand off his, or he'll stand up with a big wet spot on his new trousers."

Carol quickly removed her hand and they both giggled.

"Stop laughing," I said to both of them. "The truth hurts and it may already be to late."

"Nice comeback," Carol said. "I'm beginning to like you."

Melanie spoke, "See I told you he has a good wit."

"Yes, I see that, but Melanie tells me you think you can make women ejaculate like a man? I know all about the peritoneal gland, but if a woman does squirt, it is just urine that is being expelled. There is no sperm like fluid that a woman can shoot out of her urethra."

I paused for a moment, making sure that the good doctor had finished. "Let me ask you. Is there a difference between urine and the fluid expelled by the peritoneal gland."

"Oh yes, the peritoneal fluid is indeed similar to the fluid that allows the mobility of sperm. And I know where you're going with this. Leakage from the peritoneal gland during intense or G-spot orgasms is not uncommon, but, - that is far from projectile spurts, the type you may have seen in porno movies."

"Ok, I am half way home," I told her.

A puzzled look crossed her face.

"First, I have made women squirt and not urine. Second, consider this. During an intense orgasm and during PC contractions, if additional pressure were exerted on the peritoneal gland, and a woman was able to overcome the natural urge to block, what she would fell to be the urge to pee. Is it not possible for her to squirt."

Carol paused for a moment, I could almost hear the wheels of her mind working, as she said, "I suppose, it could cause, -- no, even if she was able to let go, then she would pee, and that's what would come out."

"Ah, but; What if the bladder was empty, plus some researchers say a woman can't pee during an intense orgasm."

"I think, I'm beginning to see your logic, but"

"Woe!" Melanie interrupted, "Hold on, Carol, are you saying that its possible for a woman to have a male type ejaculation?"

Melanie said the word "ejaculation" loud enough for several surrounding tables to hear and the restaurant went momentarily dead quiet.

"Oops." Melanie said, now in a whisper.

"Look," Carol said, "from the way John describes it, yes, it is possible, however, I'd have to see it to believe it."

It was my turn to interrupt. "That, is precisely why we are here. Melanie said she would try it if you were there to watch."

Carol looked at Melanie. "Ok, but I want another drink."

Both Carol and I spoke at the same time, "No more drinks."

Melanie asked, "Where are we going to go, I can't go to my apartment, the walls are paper thin."

I suggested my motel room and Carol spoke up, "I'm a Doctor, the last place I'd let Melanie get naked is a motel room. We can go to my house, it's just me and the maid and she is on the other side of the house."

I spoke now, "There are two things we need; one, some good lubricant."

Carol, "I've got that covered, what else."

"A dildo," I said.

"What the hell for," Melanie whispered.

I told them, "After Melanie cums, her vagina is going to be pulsing and she will feel a lot better if she has something to squeeze against."

"Makes sense," Carol added, "and I've got several of those too, so I guess we're off. Both of you follow me."

When we got to Carols house, I call it a mini mansion. We went in and Carol said to me, "Both Melanie and I are going to change into appropriate attire, we shouldn't be long. Is there anything you need?"

"Yes. Do you have an ACE bandage?"

With a questioning look she asked "What do you need that for?"

I explained, "It gives my wrist and forearm added support."

"Ah." she nodded, "I think I can find something for you. In the mean time, have a seat and relax. Get yourself a drink if you want and the bathroom is just down the hall."

With that they both left towards the master bedroom, that I could see at the end of the long hall.

With my head resting on the back of the butter soft leather sofa and my feet up on a foot stool, I felt tired from the days activities, but excited at the thought of getting Melanie to squirt for me. I closed my eyes and felt fatigue wash over me. I was almost asleep when I heard the tap of Carols slippers on the granite floor of the hall. I opened my eyes and she was standing there in a voluminous long silk robe that hid her womanly figure.

"Melanie, is in the spare bedroom and everything is ready, however, before we go in there I expect you to look me in the eyes and tell me that this is not some ploy, so you can get to screw her."

I sat up straight, then stood up and said, "Carol, my dick will remain in my pants. I hope you understand, this is not a parlor trick for me. I learn a little more, every time I get a woman to ejaculate.

"I honestly can't explain why I want to learn, but it has become a quest for me, to learn as much as I can.

"I'm being completely candid. I have had sex, intercourse with two of the women that I got to squirt, but I promise, I was not the aggressor. Here is some more honesty. Yes. I get very turned on when I do this, and, if I feel I can't wait till I get back to my motel room I will ask to use your bathroom. I hope now, we both understand each other."

She looked at me oddly. "What is it, you think that you understand about me?"

"I know you're concerned for Melanie. For both her mental and physical health, as I believe you would about any ones health who was under your care."

Now a worried look crossed her face, "How do you know Melanie is under my care?"

"I'm not exactly sure, but I can tell Melanie called you not just because you are friends, but more importantly because she trusts you and your decisions, perhaps even more than she trusts herself.

"If I had to guess I'd say Melanie puts up a good front, but behind it, she probably has some real problems."

"Melanie was wrong about you. You have more than a quick wit, you have good instincts. So I'm going to tell you something that I trust you will not abuse.

"Melanie came home one day to find her husband -"

I interrupted, "I know, she told me that the neighbor was screwing him in the ass."

"That's all she told you?"

"Yes." I replied.

"Interesting," Carol mused. "However there was more. The neighbors wife was also there, getting screwed by Melanie's husband while he was getting it up the ass.

"When they saw her frozen in the door way, the neighbor grabbed her. The three of them stripped her, tied her to the bed and all took turns at her over one entire weekend.

"If you look closely, her wrists and ankles still show small scars from the restraints. She is afraid to have normal sex because, she is afraid she may be restrained.

"We have been here long enough, and I hope my trust in you is not abused. That being said, lets go."

When we entered the room, Melanie was laying there in a long white terry robe. There was a number of towels at both the head and foot of the bed, a purple rubber dildo and lotion were on the night stand.

Carol sat in a chair, kitty corner to the foot of the bed, with of all things, a clipboard and pen.

I stopped looking at Carol and gave Melanie my full attention now.

I leaned over and whispered, "Good lord, what is it about you. You seem to have this angelic glow. I'm getting turned on just looking at you. It's supposed to be the other way around."

Melanie smiled and visibly relaxed. I caught Carol jot a note on her board.

"Ok Melanie, your choice. Do you want me to just part the robe from the waist down or can I take it off completely?"

"It's too restricting, I need to take it off."

She got up and removed the robe, revealing very firm, large, close set breasts with very small tan nipples. She was perfect in every respect. Long slender neck, flat abdomen, with ass and legs that looked like they had been sculpted by an artist.

She immediately lay back down and spread her legs, as she focused on the ceiling.

Ok, you're under a microscope, do not rush this one, I thought.

I placed a hand on her belly and she tensed. I caressed my hand across it and quietly said, "Wow, your skin is so soft and smooth."

I brought my hand up to her arm, then caressed it up to her neck. "Is that from body lotion or are you just naturally lucky to have silky skin."

She now became animated, as she told me of the three different kinds of moisturizers that she uses.

All the while I am caressing her face, her ears, down her neck again and over her chest to her right breast. As I circled it, she took a sharp breath and did not tense as her nipple hardened.

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