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Eric came to Tokyo a little over two years ago, having been hired to teach English for a major publishing firm. Obviously it was something of an adjustment getting used to Japanese society, but to make the transition easier was the Momiji Society Canada/Japan. It was there he first met Miyuki, then a recent high school graduate. There was something about her that immediately drew him to her. She was a little taller than the other women, very slender, but it was her expression of gentility and solemn grace that told him that this was someone special.

For herself, Miyuki wasn't used to receiving the attentions of men, often feeling like the proverbial ugly duckling, but this foreigner made her feel strong and sure in ways she'd never had before. That they'd fallen in love was clear to them both after a short period of time, and after an awkward separation with her parents, the two had moved in together in Eric's modest downtown apartment.

As reserved as she often appeared to be, one of the passions that allowed Miyuki to really express herself was in acting. Certainly not the easiest of professions to break into, but she was willing to start at the bottom, and used her interest in anime to be able to land a job at the Digital Character Expo. Lot's of people went to such an event dressed in character, but the host companies would often hire aspiring actresses or models to 'officially' represent them, having them dressed in costume to pose for photographs and meet fans. Miyuki was hired to play as Sakura from Card Captor, which Eric had to admit he'd never heard of.

"That's alright, I'll show you," Miyuki said brightly, disappearing behind the changing screen with her garment bag. "And no peeking."

Eric usually took this as a sign to very much peek, getting as much pleasure from watching a girl dress as undress, and it had become a kind of game between them. But this time he remained reclining on the bed, hands behind his head, waiting to see how she'd look for her first paid gig.

After a number of suspense filled minutes, Miyuki finally stepped from behind the folding screen.


Eric sat up, both surprised and amused. Gone were the layers of clothes he was used to seeing her in. Instead, she wore a form fitting orange leotard, rather similar to the kind of uniform a figure skater might wear, but with no sleeves, and a short frilled skirt built in.

She was also wearing snug thigh-high white leggings, matching the long white gloves and short boots. In her right hand she hefted a long rod, topped by the stylized figure of a bird's head. The strangest thing about her appearance though was the wig, giving her a head of tousled sandy blonde hair.

"That's... really different," he said carefully, not sure what to think yet.

"Oh, don't be so serious," she chided, twirling around for him. "It's just for fun. Don't you think I look cute?"

Eric shuffled closer to the end of the bed. Of course he thought she always looked cute, but this was something else. It's as if the uniform was created to embody both a kind of innocence and sexual allure all at once.

"This is from a kids show, right?"

Miyuki nodded. "But of course all sorts of people watch it. Most of the people at the convention will be adults."

"Well, I have no doubt you're going to be the centre of attention," he said honestly. Smiling, she twirled around again, the short frilled skirt rising so he could see how high cut this one-piece garment was on her hips. Maybe it reminded him more of a child's bathing suit, he decided, but on a full grown woman it took on a more erotic aspect. Unable to resist, he lent forward and placed a kiss on the bare skin of her hip.

"What on earth are you doing," she gasped in a little girl voice, "Don't you realize that little Sakura is only in the 4th grade?"

"Then she must have been held back a whole bunch of grades," Eric grinned slyly.

Miyuki stepped out of his reach, turning to check herself in the large dresser mirror. She'd never imagined herself as a blonde before, it did look a little bit funny, but the rest of the outfit definitely flattered her figure. Eric was always saying she should be proud of the way she looked, but it was hard not to feel gangly and awkward compared to a lot of the other girls. But in this outfit she didn't look like herself anymore; she looked pretty, innocent, yet strangely powerful and self assured, just like the character.

Eric came up behind her, wrapping an arm around her torso.

"So, you feel alright about going out there and meeting the fans," he asked, giving her a light peck on the cheek.


Moving his hand up to cup one of her thinly covered breasts, Eric laid a stronger kiss against the side of her neck.

"Stop!" Miyuki giggled, twisting deftly out of his embrace.

"What's the matter? Isn't Sakura even allowed a little romance?"

Miyuki tucked her hands behind her back, tilting her head to one side. "Well, there is an older boy that she likes a whole lot, but I don't think she'd allow herself to be seduced."

Eric paused for another lingering look at her, that tight uniform making a perfect profile of her body, those leggings being mighty sexy too. This was becoming a game he was rather keen on pursuing.

"Do you think, maybe, she might at least permit this boy the pleasure of a little kiss?"

Miyuki lowered her eyes but nodded yes. Tilted her head, he kissed her deep, gradually hugging her closer. She could now feel just how ardorous he'd become from the bulge pressing into her hip. She knew he was going to try and take all the liberties he could, but it was fun to see just how long she could keep him at bay.

"Don't make me hit you with my wand," she warned him, his hand starting to slide a little lower than her waist.

"Hmm, that sounds kinky," he whispered in her ear, nuzzling against her faux hair. Miyuki laughed, pushing him firmly away. Grabbing her wrist, he raised her hand to his lips. "Please, little Sakura, won't you allow me to show you the deep affection I have for you?"

Miyuki made a dubious face. "Are you sure I can trust you with such a delicate girl's heart?"

"With your heart, absolutely; as for the rest of you, I make no promises..."

Eric took her hand and brazenly brought it down to his crotch. Miyuki bit her lip, but didn't recoil.

"You're arousing my curiosity," she admitted, discreetly looking down at his lap.

"Hopefully it's not the only thing that's aroused."

She was tempted to let him find out, finding it increasingly hard to play coy. On the other hand, she so rarely said 'no' to him it was more interesting to see him suffer, keep him on a bit of a leash.

"I don't think Sakura's father would be very happy to know what his daughter's doing," she demurred, withdrawing her gloved hand.

"It'll just be our little secret," Eric implored, "you know -I'll show you mine, you show me yours..."

Miyuki, much to Eric's surprise, actually blushed at the suggestion, clasping her wand to her chest. "That's terribly wicked...but, I guess that's alright. You go first."

Eric wasted little time unbuttoning his shirt, and while Miyuki watched intently, he pulled his trousers and briefs down to around his ankles.

She grinned on the first exposure of his erection, the memory of their first time together coming back to her. She wasn't as bashful was she was playing now, but she remembered being rather unnerved at the idea of that thing going inside her. Fortunately Eric had been very patient, but it was a long while until she was comfortable enough to be able to come during intercourse.

"Wow, that's pretty neat," she enthused, gazing at his naked penis. "I'm afraid to ask if it gets any bigger."

"When it gets really excited it does."

"Oh? Show me, please."

Eric hesitated a second, having assumed that it was her turn now, and only just realizing that she'd subtly requested that he masturbate for her. Concealing his initial embarrassment, he did finally take his cock in hand. A small thrill went through Miyuki. She'd never seen a man masturbate before, and wouldn't have known how to ask him to do so before now. Besides stroking his shaft, she noticed how he'd occasionally use a finger to tease a particular spot on the underside of his glans. He did seem to get a bit bigger too the more excited he got.

"You're very good," she said, kneeling down on her heels to get a better look, "Do you practice often?"

"That's kind of a loaded question..."

The way she was kneeling in so close he could just picture himself thrusting inside her small mouth, an image that gave new impetus to his self pleasuring. The fact that the top of her now blonde head made it seem like he was with someone other than his girlfriend added a bit of additional spice as well.

"I don't want to keep going," he told her seriously, "If I go to far, I won't be able to stop. Wouldn't you say it's your turn now?"

"My turn?"

Miyuki let herself be drawn to her feet, coming to sit on the corner of the bed. Eric knelt down between her open legs, his hands running up her legging covered calves to her knees.

"You won't do anything too nasty, will you," she asked, affecting a tinge of nervousness, "after all, no one's ever touched, or even seen her 'down there' before."

Eric didn't respond. Instead his hands drifted closer over the tops of her thighs. Because the skirt was so short he had a unobstructed view, the crotch of her one-piece uniform fitting snugly over her pubis. For all the times he'd seen her naked, he couldn't recall being this excited to see her bare pussy than right now. Hooking his fingers underneath her plain white underwear, he pulled it and the crotch of her orange uniform firmly to one side.

"I see Sakura isn't a natural blonde," he remarked, petting and stroking her fine straight black pubic hair.

"You won't tell anyone, will you?"

"I might be persuaded to keep my mouth shut."

He shuffled closer, his fingers now playing along her slit, teasing the light brown lips of her labia. Miyuki lay back, letting Eric has his way, he now gently rubbing a saliva lubricated finger over the ridge of her excited clitoris. Her free hand automatically moved to clasp her right breast. Since she was small enough to make a bra unnecessary, the clingy fabric of her uniform was the only barrier to her eager touch. She quite liked playing with her own breasts, and she knew how much it turned Eric on to see her do it.

Eric parted the lips of her cunt, observing how moist she'd become. He could smell her too; a scent that might not have been terribly agreeable in normal circumstances, but at this moment worked like a kind of erotic perfume. When he first brushed his tongue against her, she let out an encouraging moan, but when he started to push a thumb up inside her she stopped him.

"Please don't do that," she implored, "after all, Sakura is a virgin; you wouldn't want to hurt her, would you?"

"You don't think it's time for Sakura to grow up a little?"

"Oh, no, she couldn't," Miyuki insisted, "If she were to allow that, then she wouldn't be a girl anymore; and you don't hear of any shows starring 'magical women' now do you?"

Eric raised an eyebrow. "So, no matter how much this boy and Sakura like each other, they can never have sex? That's pretty rough."

"Don't worry. I'm sure you can use your imagination. Why don't you keep doing what you were doing before, and I promise you won't be disappointed."

Miyuki's transformation in character was certainly more than physical. Usually passive in bed, it was startling and actually exciting to hear her dictate terms like this. He wondered how she'd act if it was a less innocent character she'd been hired to portray.

Content to put off his gratification, he kept the crotch of her uniform held to one side as he resumed pleasuring her with his mouth. Miyuki was typically slow to get going, but once she let those erotic sensations to take over, she was one of the most passionate and responsive women Eric had ever known. Her eyes shut tight, her pelvis moved against his tongue in a sensuous rhythm. The closer she got to orgasm, the louder she got too, pouting little noises and half-spoken words.

Stealing a free hand down to stroke his own cock, he orally teased Miyuki's increasingly messy cunt to the inevitable point of climax. Sucking at her clit, he felt her shiver as she came, a sight that almost made Eric come himself in sympathy.

Quickly scrambling up her body, he loomed over her, his erection jutting dangerously close over her pubis. She reached down, wrapping his stiff prick between her fingers. Eric immediately responded by jutting back and forth, effectively fucking her gloved hand. She looked at him in curious amazement, the head of his prick appearing and disappearing from the top of her hand, his face and body so taut, as if he was ready to come at any second.

"Oh, no, wait," she cried, pulling her hand free, "If I get any stains on my uniform, my employers would kill me!"

Eric gave her a pained look, silently begging her for any kind of relief.

"God, I would love to strip you naked right now," he rasped, one of his hands sliding underneath the uniform's tight collar.

"Then I wouldn't be Sakura anymore," she chided, rolling from underneath him. "Come on, I said I'd take care of you. Lie on your back."

With a groan of complaint he obeyed while she sat beside him. Any frustration on his part was quickly dissolved however when she took his shaft firmly in hand and lowered her mouth. She had such small lips, it was insanely erotic to see her go down on him. Rubbing the area of bare skin at her back, he received her oral love with ecstatic silence, his body telling the story of his rising excitement well enough. Miyuki took as much of him inside her as she comfortably could, her head gently rocking back and forth as she sucked him.

This was such a rare treat he wished it could go on forever, but with the familiar tightening of his testes, he knew it was all about to end. Clutching at the back of her blonde hair, he felt that twinge at the peak and then erupted inside her. It was only after the first two spurts that he realized that she hadn't pulled away as per usual habit. Perhaps concerned about getting any drops on her clothes, she kept her lips locked over him as his semen flooded into her mouth. Although she was too polite to say, he knew from experience that she really didn't like the taste of ejaculate at all. She had such an expression on her face as she withdrew that he couldn't help giving her a warm peck on the cheek in appreciation.

"I'll get you a glass of water," he told her. "You were wonderful."

She smiled, feeling rather content and pleased with the little game they'd played. Taking the offered drink, she removed the blonde wig, shaking out her long black hair.

"So, you're Miyuki again?"

"Yep," she said brightly, "I think Sakura's had enough naughty fun for one day. But, when you come pick me up after the convention, I think maybe Sakura might be ready to lose that virginity of hers."

"I can't wait."

But, that is a different story entirely...

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