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Make a Wish


As thunderous applause filled the arena, Jace slipped out of the crowd to the backstage area. She flashed the plastic badge around her neck to Arena security. He always made sure that every show she could make it so Jace had uninterrupted access to him. She walked into the dressing room area greeted by his manager and personal assistant.

"He's gonna be surprised to see you, Jace," his manager said. "He has no idea we sent for you and that you're coming to Europe with him for a week while he records."

"Are you sure I'm not gonna be a distraction to him, I mean he has work to do and when I'm around..."

"We know that...but the kid's been down lately, he really misses you and he'll be more than grateful to spend time with his fiancée' I'm sure. Well, he's meeting some contest winners and then he's all yours."

Jace waited patiently in the background, watching her fiancé' use his charm and sexy smile to make a teenage girl cry and her friend scream as they walked away with their autographed photos and posters in hand. Mark hadn't seen her in three months and she couldn't take watching him stand there bare-chested any longer.

His manager nudged her to walk over while his back was turned as he was talking to his personal assistant.

Guess who? She whispered placing her hands over his eyes. Noticing her perfume he quickly turned around.

"Baby! Oh my soul! What are you doing here?! You said you couldn't...and they said I gotta..."

"I had to see you it's been too long. Surprised?"

With those words, Mark picked Jace up and spun her around. She let out a burst of laughter right before he brought her down and kissed her softly on the lips. Already her body was warm from being close to him.

"I take that as a yes," she smiled.

"Jace, if you knew all the nights I didn't go to the all the after-parties and out with the fellas and ignored all the groupies that threw themselves at me ...just so I could call you and say I love you..."

"Shh...say no more. I know all of this. I especially know you love me. She felt what she missed for twelve weeks. He pulled her over to a dimly lit corner and hugged her tightly.

"I missed you." Jace whispered while he kissed her neck and his hands traveled along her waist and backside.

He pushed his body close to her and his hardness pushed between her thighs. Even fully clothed, feeling him gave her chills. "I missed you too, can't you tell?" He kissed her deeply and slowly. Jace exhaled at the sensation kissing him sent through her, it always did. His hands wasted no time going after what he wanted. Jace gasped as his fingers opened her and he teased her clit. She arched her body against his hand and moaned. He let out a low laugh as she whispered, "Yes...I can tell."

"Mark...baby...not here...what if somebody..."

He licked his fingers pleasingly and bit his bottom lip," Come on."

Mark led her down a hall with doors on her left and right. He passed her a smile as he opened a door and ushered her into the darkness. As soon as the door closed Jace was up against it. He wasted no time removing the slip dress she was wearing and taking one of her already hard nipples between his teeth. Every breath left Jace's body when he swiftly entered her with two of his fingers, stroking her slowly and sending her almost over the edge.

"I don't want you to come not yet...not like this..."

He led her to the chair on the other side of the room and sat her down. While he slowly undressed in front of her she became wetter her breathing harder, she couldn't wait for him to be inside her. Grabbing him by the waist, Jace removed his boxers and took his erect penis into her hand. She looked up at him as she gently stroked his manhood, knowing he hadn't been touched this way since the last time they saw each other. She took him into her mouth and sucked him slow and hard. Taking the length of him in with every move. Mark threw his head back as he moaned his hands entangled in her hair as he moved his hips to join her movements. "Ah, baby....oh, Jace..." he called softly. Before he reached his climax he stopped her. As good as her mouth felt to him, it was not the way he wanted it to end. Leaning down he looked her in the eyes, his breathing was heavy as he put her legs on his shoulders and began to lick her thighs. Mark held Jace's hips while he tasted her slowly and gently as if to savor her every drop. Jace's body shook as he quickened his tongue's movements. He didn't stop until her hips once again relaxed against his hands.

Taking Jace by the hands, Mark stood her up and turned her around. Placing one hand on her back he bent her over and in one move placed himself inside her warm wet center. One thing he loved about Jace is that her body fit perfectly around him and he enjoyed ever second of it. A moan left his lips as he moved in and out of her "Baby you feel good...too damn good," he said in a low growl and clawed at her back.

"No baby, not like this," Jace said lowly. Her voice almost gone from holding in the screams she longed to let out. "Sit down..." As soon as Mark's back rested against the chair, she straddled his waist and slowly let herself down onto him. They both moaned once he was completely inside her. Jace began to move up and down slowly, his hands trailing her spine. "How do you like it?" she asked. "I...love...it," his answer came in broken words. The sensation was becoming too much for him to handle. He pushed up into her, making her back arch and a low squeal leave her lips. Her body tensed, making her every muscle tighten against him. "Jace...Jace...damn woman why were you made for me?" he whispered with her every move. Their bodies rocked hard and fast together, they were nearing climax and they didn't care if anybody heard them anymore. Jace screamed as she came, his strokes unrelenting as he pushed inside her Jace's body shook as he finally succumbed to the pleasures himself, he moaned and gently bit her shoulder. Catching his breath, he kissed her deeply. A smile formed slowly on her face as Jace looked into his eyes.

"I love you," he said resting his head on her shoulder.

"I love you too...by the way, Happy Birthday."

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