Katarina was her full name, and she was the love of my life.

You're probably confused, so let me take it back a little. I met her when I was in high school. I was too shy to ask her out then, but I knew that I was in love with her. Whenever I heard her laugh, her beautiful, melodious laugh I could not help but smile. When every my eyes made contact with her glistening and kind hazel eyes, I could not help but to stare.

We were friends, we talked a lot, but I hid my feelings too well and she could not decipher my true feelings about her.

Then came college. Both of us were great students, and got accepted into Northwestern. It was here I managed to confess my love with her.

"Oh Jason, why didn't you tell me sooner?" She asked me.

"I just... I was scared, I guess," I replied.

She wrapped her arms around me, and rested her head against my chest. I hugged her back, a hand on her back and a hand on the back of her head.

We moved in together after college, and this is where the story begins.

"I'm home!" I heard a voice come from our front door. We had just began to live together, a year after we became a couple. I saw Kat, and much like the first time I saw her I still felt a rush when I saw her face, her wavy brown hair flowing more beautifully than the rivers of the Amazon, her mesmerizing eyes drawing me in as I focused on the beautiful and intricate designs they had.

"How was work?" I asked before pressing my lips against hers quickly.

"It was boring, like always," came her normal reply. "And how was your work?"

"Oh it was quite the adventure. First, I had the luxury, nay, the honor of entering the building. Then, and this is where it gets exciting, I got to sit at a desk for an astounding 3 hours."

"That's insane!"

"It only gets better from there. I, and don't get too excited here. I ate a sandwich."

"No! Not a sandwich. Oh man, you're so lucky. I only had a bagel."

"And after that sandwich, I got to sit for another 4 and a half hours at a desk!"

"That's just too much for me to handle." Kat laughed, and I smiled as her angelic vocal chords produced the most delightful sound I had ever heard.

"I have a surprise for you. It has been one year since we have begun dating, so I have decided to take you out to dinner," I grabbed Kat's hands.

"Oh boy! Where too? I hope it's as elegant as McDonald's. No, even better, Burger King?" She looked at me with fake excitement.

"Actually, slightly better than that. Dairy Queen."

"Well that's just the most romantic thing you could do!" Kat exclaimed. "But seriously, where are we going?"

"It's this new Italian restaurant, I may or may not have forgotten the name but I'll just say you'll find out the name when we get there," I smiled at her.

"That is magnificent."

After arriving at the restaurant, which was named Filipelli's Italian Restaurant, I led Kat into the restaurant.

"Hello, and welcome to Filipelli's. Do you have a reservation?" We were asked as we came into the building.

"Yes, I put it under the name Jason."

"Ah, yes. Follow me please," Kat and I followed the man to our seats. "I hope you guys enjoy your evening here."

"Thank you," I said and Kat and I sat down.

"So what are you ordering?" Kat asked me after a few minutes of shuffling through the menu.

"I'm definitely thinking the ham and cheese sandwich. And you?" I asked Kat.

"A bagel with cream cheese. I may make it fancy and add in orange juice."

"Woah now, let's not get too crazy here. I'm no Bill Gates."

"Yeah I'm sorry, I'll leave it at a fine wine."

"Thank you." I flipped through the pages. "I'll order the Chef's Spaghetti. They say it has a 99/100 satisfaction rating and I am planning on making that number a 98/100."

"And I will take the... Chef's Spaghetti as well. Let's make that number a 97/100." Kat smiled at me.

"What a great idea miss." I waved to a waiter and after twenty minutes, we got our meal.

"So Kat. As you know, I have loved you for a very long time and I know this is rushed but I just can't hold myself back." I looked over to Kat.

"What are you going to ask me?" She looked at me skeptically.

I got out of my chair and down on one knee. "Katarina Bailey Mattson, will you do me the honor of helping me tie my shoe?"

"Oh my god yes!" She shouted.

"Oh, and also, will you marry me?" I asked as I pulled out a small box, and opened it to reveal a ring with a shining, clear diamond. "They say 3 days salary."

"Yes, Jason, Yes!" Kat exclaimed. The restaurant burst into applause.

The rest of the meal ended in an exchange of many smiles and some tears of happiness from Kat.

We got back home and Kat quickly pulled me into the bedroom. "Wait here." She said as she went into our closet and closed the door.

When she came back out she was wearing nothing but an untied tie front crop top that barely covered her nipples, and a short and skimpy blue skirt. "I am going to make you the happiest man on earth today."

"Oh I believe you," I said as she crawled on top of me and began unbuttoning my jeans. She slid my jeans down and my underwear while I took off my shirt.

My erect cock sprang free Kat looked at it and smiled. She began to lick the head of my cock with the tip of her tongue, playing with the hole. She then began to trace her tongue around the end of the swollen head, and I moaned as she rested her mouth on my cock.

Her head went back and forth and I felt my cock reach the back of her throat before she let some of my dick out of her mouth to breath.

I moaned as Kat's tongue slid across my cock, and I could tell she was savoring the taste of it. Although she was somewhat shy, I knew Kat had many dirty fantasies.

Kat let the cock completely out of her mouth before she crawled back up so her face was directly above her face. I looked from her eyes to her beautifully large tits hanging in front of me. With nothing underneath her skirt, Kat maneuvered my cock into her pussy, and we both moaned as I entered her.

Kat's body straightened and I placed both my hands on her tits as she began to ride my cock with a greater speed.

I could feel my cock reaching her cervix and Kat's body tensed as her moans began to increase in volume. I couldn't help myself and I switched positions so Kat was laying on the bed with her tits up, and I lowered my cock back into her shaved pussy.

I started to slam my cock as hard as I could into her. It reached her cervix but I continued to slam. Kat's pussy juice began to drip onto the sheets and I could tell she was reaching her orgasm.

I increased my pace, my cock sliding in and out of her as I felt her soft insides welcome me.

"Oh fuck yes!" Kat moaned as her pussy began to drip more. She was squeezing her tits as I continued to fuck her.

"I'm gonna cum!" She said. Her pussy juice began flow out, but I kept on sliding in and out of her. Her hands were holding onto the bed and my motion began to shake her tits.

I was reaching climax soon, and I knew how much Kat loved the taste of cum.

I pull out of her pussy and Kat realizes that I'm going to jizz soon, and greedily begins to suck on my cock, ready to taste the cum that would cum out.

My cock began to release my semen, and it flowed into Kat's mouth and over her face. She swallowed as she swallowed more flowed out, landing everywhere on her face. When my orgasm ended, I laid back on the bed and Kat layed next to me, sliding as much excess cum as she could from her face into her mouth.

She wrapped her arms around me, and pressed her tits against the side of my body. I put one arm around her and smiled before we both fell asleep.

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