tagIncest/TabooMaking Mom Happy Ch. 10

Making Mom Happy Ch. 10


Thanks for the feedback so far. A bit of time has gone by since the last chapter, but I have fresh ideas, so some way yet to go with this one...


Over the next few days we fucked all over the flat. Mom would come to me first thing in the morning, get into bed and either suck me off, swallowing all my cum, or we fucked, or a combination of both! She seemed insatiable, and I was always horny and ready to satisfy her, subject to the usual physical limits!

I could normally cum 3-4 times a day as long as I was given a chance to recuperate in between each session. Dad would join in when he could, if he was home, but normally he couldn't manage to cum more than once or twice, which he normally saved up for the evening after work.

So, depending on what I was doing for the day, mom and I would fuck in the morning, lunchtime, late afternoon, and once when dad came home after work and we were all relaxed after dinner in the evening. If I went out with friends during the day, my balls would be full and aching - I'd have saved up all my spunk till the evening, so mom and I would do it at least twice, maybe three times over the course of a few hours. Dad loved to watch us. He said it turned him on.

The great thing was the sexual freedom, and being able to touch, kiss and feel mom's boobs, pussy and ass whenever I wanted, as long as no visitors were around. She loved it too. And I could do freely it in front of dad. They both encouraged me.

I'd go up to her sometimes when she was cooking in the kitchen and just slip my hands over her tits, snuggling into her from behind, grinding my groin into her ass. Or if we were sitting in the living room and I felt the urge, I'd kneel down in front of her, ask her to open her legs and I'd lick and play with her pussy while she watched TV. It was just being able to have sex whenever and wherever we were at home that was the great thing.

One of my favourite things was fucking mom in the evening in the living room. Dad would be there, reading his paper as usual and the TV would be on. Before we started our sexual activities, we used to just sit and watch TV, but now when mom or I were in the mood sitting on the sofa, we'd just casually start kissing each other on the lips and feeling each other up. We'd strip, still in front of dad and then do our stuff, just like it was any normal thing a family would do in the evening in the living room!

Sometimes mom would straddle me whilst I was on the couch, grinding up and down on my hard cock, whilst her large boobs were in my face. I'd suck each one in turn, taking as much as I could of each tit into my mouth, licking around the areola and nipple, whilst cupping her ample fleshy ass with my hands as she rode me until I came.

Or we would fuck doggy style in front of the TV. We'd bought a large white luxurious rug, which had been placed on the floor in the middle of the room. So whilst dad sat in his favourite armchair, mom would kneel on all fours on the rug, with some cushions under her to make herself comfy, and then I would go into her from behind. I loved doing that and, so did she, as my dick went into her hard and really deep. Dad seemed to love watching us too in that position. Sometimes he would read his paper, as if something completely ordinary was taking place a few feet away from him, and look up and watch us from time to time like he was watching TV, but instead watch his son and wife fuck like rabbits in front of him. Sometimes if he got hard and turned on enough, he would slip off his clothes and join us, fucking mom's mouth with his prick, whilst I was fucking her from behind, in her pussy or ass, or with us both reversing positions. Mom really loved to be fucked at both ends at the same time, with us both cumming in any of her three fuckable holes.

Another thing we all liked was cumming in her mouth whilst she laid down flat and naked on the rug. This would normally happen after dad and I had been fucking her, one at each end, often swapping, and then she would lie down on her back on the rug and we'd wank ourselves into her mouth which she would keep wide open, with her tongue hanging out, inviting us to cum on it. It was quite an amazing sight, as dad and I would try to time our spurts to be at the same time, or near enough, and we'd spray our creamy white spunk into mom's open mouth and over her face. She's swallow as much as she could and the rub the rest into her face and boobs like it was some kind of moisturising cream.

One evening, about two weeks after we'd started having sex together we were all sitting around the living room as 'normal'. Dad looked up from his paper and said, "Rasheed, you must feel completely at ease sexually with your mom and I. Do as you like, within reason, as long as your mom is kept happy. Your involvement in our sexual activities has brought a new spurt of life to us, and brings your mom and I great pleasure. And if you have any special requests, ideas or fantasies do share them with us."

"Yes," added mom "You've put a real glow on my face and I feel so healthy and sexually fulfilled. You've added so much pleasure to our lives. We must of course continue to keep this all a secret between us and not let anyone else know."

"Sure mom," I replied. "I haven't told anyone, and I'm having a lot of fun too. Your so hot and sexy!"

Mom smiled at me. "Thank you dear. I'm so glad you still find me 'so hot', as you say!" and she giggled. "How about if we experiment a little. Do you have any ideas?"

"Well," I said, hesitatingly, "I do have something I was going to ask you about, but wasn't so sure."

"Go on," piped up dad, "Don't be shy now Rasheed, what did I tell you before?"

"Yes," added mom, "Go on, there must be no secrets between us when it comes to our sexual desires."

"Ok, mom, dad," I said, looking at them both in turn. "I've got one or two magazines in which the women are dressed in quite sexy looking underwear, and, well, I was wondering..." I paused, looking at mom.

"Go on," she said encouragingly.

"Well," I continued, "I was wondering if I could show you and maybe you could wear some things like that."

"I never realised you had such magazines," said mom, sounding a little shocked, but only pretending. "Show them to us."

I got up and went to my room and fished out the few magazines I had from one of my secret hiding places.

Returning to the living room, I found mom and dad, both with eager smiles on their faces.

"Right, let's have a look at these," said dad. I sat in the middle of the couch and dad came over so that mom was on one side of me, and dad on the other.

As I'd mentioned some time back, getting very explicit stuff in Mumbai was not easy, so the magazines I had were mostly softcore, showing women wearing sexy lingerie and swimwear and posing in various positions.

I picked out one of my favourites, which was slightly different from the rest, being a bit hotter. It was called 'Forty Plus' and had come from the UK. One of my friends, who had gone to see relatives in England, had bought it back from there and given it to me when he got bored of it. It was full of sexy, white older women.

"Here's one of my favourites, Mom," I said. I opened it up to a page where there was a buxom mature woman, with large boobs and a wide shapely butt, not quite as old as mom, but still mature looking, and wearing a bright red basque, red stockings and suspenders and red high heeled shoes. She wasn't wearing any panties, so you could see her pussy. The basque had no bra cups, so her boobs hung down freely over the material of the basque that was over her mid-riff, and were very similar in size and shape to mom's.

There were photos of the lady posing in different positions. One with her standing up but at a slight angle, sexily putting one hand on her hips, her large boobs hanging sexily on her chest, another with her back turned to us, and bending forward slightly, showing off her wide ample butt in all it's glory. Then, another on all fours, with the camera behind her, so you could see the lips of her pussy hanging down, which was one of my favourites.

Mom and dad looked through the photos as I flipped over the pages.

"Very sexy," said dad, after taking them all in. "I'm impressed by your choice."

"Mmmm...yes," said mom. "They does look rather good." I looked at her face and she was a little red in the cheeks.

"Are you blushing mom?" I said.

"No, Rasheed" replied mom, "I'm actually quite turned on by looking at these, and I think I'm going to become really very sexy looking for you both, now having seen them. Manish, do you think you can get hold of underwear like this," she said, looking up at dad.

"I have some contacts," replied dad. "I should think so. Why don't you select a few things and let me know, and then I'll see if I can get hold of them."

I flipped over some of the other pages and showed them other things I liked, like black fishnet stockings, ladies wearing boob tassels, thongs, crotch-less panties and see through underwear and negligees.

I got quite horny looking at the photos and my dick was semi hard in my pants, especially with mom next to me seeing, what in the past, had been my secret sexual fantasies.

I could see that mom was going red in the face again as she looked at some of the other photos and finally she spoke up.

"Let's put a list together later. For now I'm so hot, I need to fuck and feel a cock inside me, my pussy is so wet at the thought of wearing some of these things for you."

"I'm hard too," said dad. "Rasheed, that is one very sexy magazine you have. I wish you'd shown it to us before!"

"Enough taking" said mom firmly. "Pull down your pants both of you, I need cock!"

Dad and I got up and unbuckled our trousers, let them drop to the floor and stepped out of them and stood in front of mom, who was still sitting on the sofa at eye level to our crotches. Our dicks stood out proudly below us inches from mom's face as we stood next to each other in front of her.

First, she took the tip of my prick into hear mouth and sucked on it, taking it deeper into her mouth as she sucked up and down the shaft. Then she moved over to dad's, doing the same to him, still stroking my shaft with one hand as she sucked him. Then, she did one of her favourite things – she grabbed both our dicks, one in each hand, and pushed both cock-heads into her mouth, squashing our pricks together. She was so fucking hot!

"Yea, mom, suck us good." I said, looking down at her, salivating and slurping over our pricks. "You love that don't you, sucking two hard cocks at once."

Mom gurgled a response from somewhere in her throat, as her mouth was too full.

Then, after satisfying herself for a few minutes playing with our cocks with her mouth, she got up, and in what seemed like a flash, took off her blouse freeing her boobs (no bra), and yanked down her skirt and panties.

"I'm going to kneel on the sofa cushions. One of you fuck me from behind and the other go to the other side of the sofa so I can suck you," she commanded.

"Can I do mom from behind first, dad?" I said, "And then we can swap."

"No problem son" replied dad, and went to the side of the sofa, which just happened to be at the right height to allow mom take a cock into her mouth, if someone stood there as she supported herself on her elbows or hands.

First, I grabbed mom's ass cheeks and spread them to expose fully her cunt lips and open up her pussy. Then I licked around it, teasing her, and finally darted my tongue inside it into the pink, wet flesh there. She wriggled her ass back into my face as I did so, enjoying the sensation. I continued licking at her pussy, as deep as I could go with her fleshy butt cheeks wrapped around my cheeks. God, how I loved this!

Meanwhile, dad was getting the oral treatment, with his hard shaft buried almost to the hilt in mom's welcoming mouth. She was one hot cocksucker! Dad gently grabbed mom's hair as she sucked him, so that he could get some leverage and almost face fuck her as she sucked on him.

I then turned my attention to mom's asshole, again spreading her butt cheeks as far as could, so that the brown puckered hole opened as far as I could get it and then stuck my tongue into it, so as to wet and moisten it. Then I licked around the star like rings around the hole, tickling her sensitive flesh there, and again darted my tongue into her ass, as if I was fucking it with my tongue.

Finally, with my dick aching for relief, I straightened up and knelt behind mom on the sofa cushions and aimed the head of my cock at the gap between her cunt lips, and thrust it hard and deep on the first shove.

"Ahhhh...," mom gasped. "Yes baby, stick it in to mommy."

I continued my thrusts, backwards and then forwards, feeling the walls of her pussy clamp onto me. "Fuck, yes" mom I cried out, loving the feeling.

After a moment, dad said, "Come on, let's swap."

I pulled out of her and changed places with dad, letting mom taste her own pussy juice that was on my prick as she sucked me.

Dad was into her from behind and started slapping into her ass cheeks as he fucked her hard.

Soon, he shouted to mom that he was cumming, and then spurted deep inside her with a loud groan.

I hadn't cum yet, and felt I could last a fair bit longer.

"I wanna fuck you again mom" I said. "In your ass."

Mom let me go out of her mouth and said, "Be my guest, you horny ass-fucker," as dad relaxed on his favourite armchair and looked on.

I went round behind mom as she still knelt on all fours on the couch. I could see some of dad's spunk oozing out of her pussy. "Looks like I've got some lubrication for your asshole," I said, and plunged my cock into her cum soaked pussy so that dad's spunk covered the outside of my knob head and prick.

I fucked her with a few strokes, enjoying the feeling of her pussy walls, and then with the tip of my prick well lubricated with both mom and dad's spendings, easily managed to insert my cock head into mom's asshole. As soon as I was in properly, I started thrusting, at first slowly and then building up the pace.

Mom was in ecstasy below me. She loved her ass being fucked, she was so sexually sensitive there, and as I plunged in and out of her asshole she placed one hand under her into her pussy and started playing with her clit.

Dad, seeing this, got up and said, "Let me do that for you, darling," and he knelt down next to the couch and reached under her, placing two fingers into her wet still spunk filled snatch and started rubbing it, we me still fucking mom's asshole from behind. Mom now had both her hands free, and pressed down on the sofa cushions to support herself as I thrust into her ass hard from behind.

"Fucking awesome, dad," I shouted, seeing what he was doing.

Mom started groaning loudly. With dad's help, she was cumming to an intense orgasm.

As she increased her moans and groans, I felt myself cumming. I grabbed her hips firmly and shouted, "Ahh...Ahhh...Ahhhhhhh...."

As my cum sprayed into her ass, dad carried on fingering her, and mom was writhing on his fingers and hand under her, as he kept fingering her from underneath until she came, gushing onto his hand and forearm.

As I uncoupled myself from mom's rear end, I flopped in a heap on the floor next to dad. Dad had removed his cum soaked hand from under mom and she now lay on her front on the sofa, almost delirious with pleasure.

"Fuck me," I said both in pleasure at the sex we'd just had, and half in astonishment at how sexually hot we were together.

I wondered how hot things would really become, once mom had some of the sexy lingerie we were looking at earlier.

To be continued...

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