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Male Slave


One day a sexy brunette with beautiful eye beautiful tits and a nice figure was watching from her car looking at the fitness center waiting till she finds a perfect male that walks out. She had handcuffs ready and a gagging mask prepared for the kidnapping. Then she saw and tall tan muscular guy walking into the fitness center. She decided not to wait instead she walked inside following where he was going. She saw him enter the solo steam room where he was only in a towel.

She walked around looking for a towel but couldn't find one so she striped and walked into the solo steam room. He saw here sexy body that was all perfect her breast were nice and medium. He stared in awe while she rubbed his body and started kissing his chest. When he decided to push her towards his cock she grabbed his throat and said "Don't you dare touch me unless I say so"

She put the gagging mask on him and handcuffed him while he struggled. She put on her clothes and dressed him up. Then she said "Come with me and you will not get hurt. act as normal and follow me. He did as she told and followed her out to the car. She pushed him into the back seat and got into the car and drove off. "Where are you taking me?" The male slaved asked not knowing he was now hers. "You are now my slave you will stay with me and fallow my every command if you do otherwise you shall be severely punished. I am you mistress you will treat me as such understood."

"Yes, mistress." He had no idea how bad this slave job can be until he reach the house. I was a nice place it had a pool and a fairly big house. She parked her car and pulled him out of the car. she walked him into the house and handed him and pair of tight stretchy shorts and said, "Put this on that is the only thing you are allowed to ware unless I say otherwise."

She took him to her room. "This is my room you sleep right there." She pointed to some chains hanging from the ceiling. "After you change report outside by the pool I will be waiting." He changed into the uncomfortable pair of shorts and walked outside. There he saw her in a two piece swimsuit lying on the pool chair. He walked out and stood there.

"Now slave I wanted you to lye underneath this chair and stick your head from underneath through the hole." He did waiting for what to do next.

"Now I am going to sit on you face and you have to eat my pussy till I cum three times. After the third time you will eat my breast and eat my ass." He obeyed he started eating her juicy pussy licking and biting hard. Then the mistress lowered the chair with the handle on the side to push his face in deeper he started to bit and her clit till she lower the chair all the way making it harder for him to breathe and he still managed to get air and he pushed his face in deeper to taste her core and forced herself on his face harder at that second when they push at the same time he tasted the tip of her pussy never thought possible to reach there he started licking like crazy. She started to moan and her pussy pounding.

"I'M cummmmmmmmmming arggghhhhhhhh arggggggggggggh!" He was eating all the cum before it got all over him it was a taste he could quite describe except irresistible he wanted more. he started eating the walls of her pussy biting harder and her clit licking faster pumping harder into her pussy. She screamed and started fainting but forced herself to be awake for the second cumming.

"I'M cummming arrrrrrrgggggh arrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh arrrrrrrrghhhhhhh! it was even more harder the second time for her body to put up with the load of cum but there was still one more to go and she would not stay awake for this. He grabbed her butt pulling her down further till he tasted her core again licking it fast because it is every women's tickle spot and she squirmed and scream when her third and most powerful load came she started sweating while he was eating her up she passed out and fell to the floor. He got out of his spot with his face all red and went up to her waking her up.

He splashed some cold pool water on her and woke her up. She started opening her eyes. Then he smiled and she turned over revealing her ass to him he started licking her ass good tasting her hole was interesting to him and he liked it. She stopped him and said "My breasts need you." He undid her top piece of her swimsuit and started licking here tits till they stuck out. She was moaning from the tingle that she felt from his tongue.

He started munching on her breast like a sandwich. Enjoying this the mistress realized how good he was and said that if he was even better the next day she will give him a surprise but that is another day.

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