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Male Stripper Surprise


I usually write fiction but I'm going to try something a bit different this time around. This will be a retelling of actual events that happened a few years ago. It was one of the wildest nights of my life, which I often fantasize about. Some of what went on has become inspiration for my stories. I'm a little nervous telling this since it was one time in my life where I was completely uninhibited and naughty. I guess there is enough anonymity here that allows me to write about what happened so here it is. I've changed some of the names to help keep it anonymous.


I had just graduated from college and my friends were throwing me a graduation party. I was renting a small, two-bedroom house that had an open floor plan. My friends asked if they could setup the party at my house since it was the most convenient place and I agreed. There were nine of us girls and three guys there. Everything started out fairly tame -- a little bit of drinking, some music and a little bit of dancing.

Around 10 pm there was a knock on the door. I thought that it might have been one of my friends showing up late, but when I opened the door, a police officer was standing there.

"Excuse me, are you Brianna Morgan?" he asked in a firm voice.

"Yes," I replied a little hesitantly. "Is there a problem?" I nervously fingered the hem of my short miniskirt feeling awkward and on the spot. I didn't think the music was too loud but maybe that was all it was about.

"I have a warrant for your arrest."

"What for?" I was baffled. I couldn't think of anything I'd possibly done outside of a late parking ticket.

The officer gave a big grin, "For being way too sexy."

I heard laughter and giggles from my living room and then it finally dawned on me. I felt kind of stupid for not realizing sooner, but I wasn't expecting my friends to order a male stripper for me. When he came inside, someone put an energetic rock song on the stereo and he started dancing circles around me. I felt a little self-conscious. I didn't know if I should dance with him or what. I just stood there shyly and watched him with a silly grin on my face.

The "officer" took me by the hand and sat me down in a chair. He then proceeded to handcuff my wrists behind the chair. I playfully resisted at first but allowed him to restrain me to the chair. He unbuttoned his shirt and swayed his hips back and forth in front of me to the rhythm of the music. The girls in the room were whistling and giving catcalls as he twirled his shirt and threw it across the room. My friend, Amber, came up behind him and started rubbing his bare chest as he had his hands behind his head and grooved to the music. She let her hands travel down to the button of his pants. He offered no resistance as she undid the button and unzipped them.

The stripper's name was Jake and he was giving us quite a show. He slowly inched his pants down making us anticipate what was underneath. After much teasing, he finally slid his pants off revealing a tiny black thong much to the delight of all the females in the room. It left little to the imagination and there was even a strategically placed silver police design on the front that drew attention to his nice package.

This bronze Adonis had a perfect body. He was well-muscled and tan all over. The girls started breaking out the dollar bills and stuffing them in his thong as he continued to swivel his hips in front of them. I couldn't do anything but watch since I was still handcuffed to the chair. Nicole got on her knees in front of him with a dollar bill between her teeth. I don't know how she did it, but she managed to expertly stuff the dollar deep down the front of his thong with her tongue.

I was starting to feel left out until Jake, the stripper, came over to me and started giving me a lap dance as a slower song came on the stereo. His well-endowed package was just inches from my face. I don't know if it was the atmosphere of it all or the drinks, but having this gorgeous, nearly-naked hunk so close to me was making me feel deep sensations of lust.

After a few minutes of smooth erotic dancing where his body occasionally brushed up against me, he then started to unbutton my blouse. I almost protested but I was curious to see where this was going to lead. I was feeling a little apprehensive because three of my guy friends were sitting over at the bar watching intently. Jake slid the blouse down my arms and it hung by my wrists. The fact that my arms were restrained behind my back left my breasts thrusting forward in my tight bra.

My miniskirt had a zipper on the side, which Jake proceeded to unzip revealing a generous view of my leg. "Woah-woah-wait, where is this going?" I started to protest.

"It's not really fair that I'm the only one here in barely nothing," he replied with a devilish grin. "Plus, blame your friends. It was part of what they paid for."

He inched my skirt down to my hips as I gave a nervous laugh and told him I wasn't so sure about this. He almost stopped but all my friends were cheering him on. He slid my skirt down an inch more to see if I would put up a fight. When I didn't, he finished sliding the skirt down my legs while all my friends were cheering about my rather revealing predicament.

I was feeling incredibly self-conscious now, particularly since some of my guy friends were seeing me in such an exposed state. They had seen me in a bikini before, but the flimsiness of my skimpy string bikini panties and tight bra made me feel almost naked in front of them. The guys were grinning ear to ear. I particularly didn't want John to see me in this state. I knew he really liked me and I wasn't sure about my feelings towards him yet, but we were close friends. I could only imagine what was going through his mind in regards to the vulnerable position I was in.

The stripper came up behind me and reached over to place his hands on my legs. His hands slowly traveled up my thighs and then he let his fingers hook under the stringy part of my panties as he traced underneath. His hands then glided up my body and I was getting sexy little tingling sensations. My nipples had already been getting hard and now they protruded through the thin fabric of my bra, which made me feel even more exposed. It made it even worse when he slowly allowed his hands to brush by them. Of course, my friends were egging him on the whole time.

After the song finished, Amber announced that the remainder of the evening was for ladies only. Apparently there was more planned and I couldn't imagine what. The guys started to protest because the excitement was just getting started. They apparently didn't want to miss out on anything. She insisted until the guys reluctantly left, leaving a roomful of horny girls alone with one hot male stripper.

After the guys left, Jake grabbed his police baton and started tapping it in the palm of his hand, "Now what should we do with this?"

My girlfriends were voicing their delight as he took the baton and started tracing the curves of my body with it pausing long enough to circle the firmness of my nipples, which were about to burst through the fabric. He then dragged it along the crease of where my thighs were together. He applied pressure until my thighs spread an inch. He then started rubbing the baton against my most secret place. I tried not to show much of a reaction but I think I let a slight moan escape my lips.

After all the teasing, he uncuffed me and I had an insane amount of sexual tension built up. I'm guessing my friends were paying him by the hour since the evening was far from over. He did some bellybutton shots off some of the girls and they did some on him. They even did a few which were called blowjob shots where he put a shot glass in the front of his thong for the girls to drink from. There was a lot of laughter and everyone was acting crazy.

A few of the girls took turns getting lap dances. Most everyone was down to their underwear now so I didn't feel as self-conscious anymore about being in mine. Kelly couldn't keep her hands off the stripper when she was getting her lap dance. She ran her fingers down his body and then hooked them into his thong as she started to pull it down. He gently pulled her hands away before she could but she still kept trying.

After that dance, Jake handcuffed two of my other friends together and started to dance for them. At this point, the handcuffs served an actual purpose since he was having a hard time preventing the girls he danced for from trying to remove his thong.

"Okay," Nicole piped in. "Just about everyone in this room has been handcuffed except for our stripper here. How about it, Jake?"

Jake shook his head and laughed, "I don't think so."

Nicole pulled out a bill and teased, "There's an extra twenty in it for you. And maybe we'll dance for you."

Jake mulled it over. He was about to refuse and then said, "Alright, what the hell."

We led him over to the corner of the room where my exercise equipment is. We secured his arms above his head to a bar on one of the weight machines.

Jennifer approached him, "Hmm, now that you are at our mercy, what should we do with you?" She snaked a finger under his tight thong by the hip and slowly moved along the front until her fingers were doing a tickling motion underneath.

Jake had a look on his face, which made me think that he regretted agreeing to be handcuffed. "Just remember the rules," he said. Apparently we're not allowed to touch his private area.

"What rules?" Jennifer flashed a wicked grin.

Kelly brought forward a bottle of massage oil and handed it to me. "This might be fun. Since it's your party, you should have the honors, Brianna."

I gave her a devilish look and took the bottle from her squirting a liberal amount in my hands. I put my hands on his chest and he flinched a little at the coldness of the oil. I then proceeded to run my hands along the roundness of his pecs and glided down the ripples of his abs. I was even daring enough let my fingers slide down the front of his thong a little. I could feel that he was closely shaved and my fingertips brushed ever so gently against his semi-erect shaft. I could tell that there was a lot of potential there. I was on my knees lubing up his thighs and could see a slight pulsating from underneath the tight thong as it protruded outward towards me. Having complete control over his perfect body was making me get moist and wet as a hunger was starting to build in my loins.

Jake was now thoroughly oiled and his glistening, bronze body made him look even more desirable. Amber came forward tapping the police baton firmly in her hand. She had kind of a dominatrix vibe going on as she was wearing only black panties and bra but still had her high heels on. Jake actually tensed up a little as she ran the baton up and down his body and then started circling his protruding package with it.

"Have you been a bad boy?" she asked in a teasing voice as she lightly slapped his bare bottom with the baton a couple of times. Everyone was giggling and I could tell that Jake was starting to feel a bit humiliated. Amber walked behind him and started pulling up on the back of his thong. This was causing the front to press tightly and precariously against his growing erection and I could see a few hairs escaping over the top. The baton was now oily from being against his body so Amber started rubbing it up and down the cleft of his ass cheeks.

"Don't go there," Jake said.

"What if I want to," Amber whispered in his ear.

"Seriously, don't go there," Jake warned.

"Oh, don't worry, big guy, I'm only teasing," she purred while patting his bottom with her hand.

Jake breathed a sigh of relief. I wonder if he really thought he was going to get ass-raped with the baton because he started to look nervous for a second there. "Okay, you can uncuff me now," he announced.

I was feeling particularly naughty and stepped forward. I really don't know what had gotten into me because I am never like this but all my inhibitions were out the door.

"Wait, there's one more thing," I said as I traced my fingers down his body. I then cupped his package, which was now precariously contained in his tight thong, and gently rubbed my hand along the satiny material. I could feel the outline of the head of his cock underneath the fabric.

"You really shouldn't do that," he said.

"Oh, really?" I looked him in the eye and he wasn't very convincing. I would have stopped if I felt like he was really uncomfortable, but I could tell that he was getting pleasure.

I got on my knees and hooked my fingers underneath his thong. I turned to my friends with a devilish grin, "Should I?" They chanted for me to do it. He was giving a little bit of resistance and telling me not to, but I slowly pulled his thong down anyway. His manhood flopped out right in front of my face and all the girls squealed with delight. I must say that he was well hung. Everyone took turns touching and squeezing it, which only caused it to grow even more.

"Look how much power we have over it," Jennifer giggled. She had some oil on her hands from touching his body and decided it would be a good idea to stroke it. Her hand glided easily along the shaft. "Ooh, you should feel how hot it is."

"This really isn't a good idea," Jake responded a bit out of breath.

"We think it's a great idea!" Kelly replied with glee. She put a towel underneath him and then brought a bottle of champagne over. She proceeded to pour the champagne on his cock, which made it wet and dripping. She then squirted a line of whipped cream along the shaft. She turned to me and said, "He's all yours, Brianna."

I was so drunk with horniness that I even surprised myself when I got on my knees, stuck my tongue out and gently licked the whipped cream off his swollen manhood. "Mmmm, that's actually quite tasty."

"You know, this is breaking all the rules," Jake said as he was now breathing heavily.

"Oh, we don't mind," I replied as I licked the whipped cream off my lips. I then let my tongue flicker on the tip to catch a few drops of champagne.

"Ooh, this looks like fun," Nicole added as she knelt down beside me. "Mind if I join?"

"Not at all," I replied.

Nicole was on one side and I was on the other as we ran our tongues along the length of his shaft. We all giggled as he let out an involuntary moan. Nicole put the tip of his head in her mouth and gave it a nice long suck before making a nice big yummm sound. I wondered what was going through Jake's mind, but he seemed to be in a state of reluctant ecstasy. Not many guys can say that they've had two supple young women running their tongues up and down their manhood.

"Come on, Brianna, let's see how much of it you can take in," Kelly prompted.

"Oh, I don't know about that." They kept coaxing me to do it. I looked up at Jake and he had a dazed expression on his face. We were already past the point of no return so I gave in. I lightly put my lips around his tip and let my tongue swirl there a little. I really liked the feel of my tongue and lips on his swollen head. I lingered there a bit and I could feel him grow even more while he was in my mouth.

My friends started cheering me on as I took in half the length of his swollen member. Jake was making moaning sounds with each breath as I took a little bit more of him in with each motion. It wasn't long before I could feel his dick pulsating in my mouth. I tasted a little bit of sweetness and realized that he was on the verge and decided I better pull off of him.

"Oh, my, I think he's about to explode already," I said. I was a little bit breathless myself. His rod was purple and throbbing with a little bit of come oozing from the tip. Jake was groaning and begging me to finish him off.

"Ahh, you can't leave the poor guy like that," Amber teased.

"Yeah, that would be mean," I agreed, smiling like a vixen. I could tell he had a massive load built up. His balls were large and taut against the skin and his penis was still throbbing and oozing while he pleaded with me to finish. I picked it up gingerly between my thumb and two fingers. I gave it a gentle squeeze and a small amount of fluid spurted out as he moaned in agony and my friends giggled with delight. It wasn't going to take much for him to erupt at this point.

Deciding that I had done enough teasing, I wrapped my hand around his cock and stroked up and down the length. It was well lubricated and my hand glided easily along the shaft. I was only about five strokes in when he let out a massive groan and exploded. I gasped as his hot liquid splashed against my breasts and started to run into my cleavage. My friends gave a delighted cheer. I was thoroughly amazed and captivated by his eruption so I kept squeezing him. He released several more explosions that also hit my stomach and thighs, so I was pretty much soaked by the time he was finished.

The girls laughed at me when I stood up and had his juices all over me. I quickly grabbed the towel off the floor to stop his fluid from flowing to my panties and soaking them. After that, we decided to set our captive free and uncuff him. Nicole handed him the twenty she had promised.

"I think I earned it," he said, still out of breath.

"Oh, don't be silly, you obviously enjoyed every minute of it," she grinned.

Jake smiled back. "Okay, where are my clothes."

"Hmm, good question," Jennifer laughed. She had hidden his clothes while we had him handcuffed. "But I found something that you can wear for us instead." She had found a pair of my G-string panties laying on my dresser and decided it would be fun to make him wear them. She pulled them back on her finger like a rubber band and shot them over to him.

Jake shook his head. "You girls are crazy. There's no way I'm putting these on. I want even be able to fit into them."

"Then I guess you'll just have to stay naked," she replied with a naughty look. He still refused.

"Come on Jake, if you dance for us in those panties there might just be some more money in it for you," Amber teased as she dangled some bills in front of him.

He finally relented. I guess he realized that the easiest way he was going to get his clothes back was to go along with it. He went behind my couch to put them on, which was funny because he was already naked. I'm not sure why he felt the need for privacy. He had already gone soft after his massive explosion, but he still had to work at tucking his equipment into my skimpy white G-string. After much effort he finally succeeded.

He stepped out from behind the couch and everyone erupted into a fit of giggles.

"Oh, dear," I said with my jaw dropped. "I'm never going to be able to wear those again."

The panties were stretched to capacity and were just barely enough to hold him in check. There was no way those G-strings would contain an erection, but I imagined that would be a fun sight if he got one. They must have been uncomfortably tight as he kept pulling the strings and adjusting the front. They were probably crushing his balls a bit too.

Someone started the music and everyone was chanting for him to dance. He was a good sport about it and gave a good show despite what he was wearing. I had never imagined that I would ever get turned on by a guy dancing in a skimpy pair of women's panties but there was something erotic about it. I found the idea of 200 pounds of well-muscled hunk squeezed into a pair of my G-strings kind of exciting.

The lights in the room were subdued and I had a black light in the corner. Someone turned it on and it made the tiny white panties take on a light of their own as they seemed to glow against his tan body. We tipped him generously for his efforts as he had dollar bills stuffed in at all angles.

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