tagMatureMammary Mansion Ch. 04

Mammary Mansion Ch. 04


Part 4

“Come on sleepy head, get up.”

A petulant voice roused me from my deep sleep. Jeez, she still wants more, I thought, until I recognised Monique, Margaret’s sister, Monica’s mother. While they both looked alike, Monique was plumper with a slightly different shade of ash blonde hair.

“You’ve been sleeping for hours. Mother has asked me to show around the estate, so come on, rise and shine.” She thrust a pair of shorts and a t-shirt at me and strode to the door. “Come on,” she urged.

I tugged on the gear, found some beach shoes and followed her. Having seen some of the place, I was intrigued to see more. Room after room of luxurious splendour while I counted some twenty females of all ages working to look after them. I didn’t see another male.

“Why are there no men about the place?” I asked.

“Several years ago, we had some problems with a couple of the male staff who overstepped the mark somewhat. Since then, we have done nicely without them. Most of the women you see work in our business and are here either to escape domestic abuse, have babies or recover from having them. In return for shelter and their regular pay, they look after us.”

We had strolled out on to a back patio, filled with chairs and tables under awnings and umbrellas. By this time, Monique had my arm tucked under hers, the large under side of her breast pressed against my hand. Her big soft hips bumped against me as we strolled slowly on. The vista opened out to a beautifully designed pool surrounded by lush flowering foliage.

“The stables and garage are over there. You are welcome to ride or use one of the cars at any time. I want to show you the pool house.” She led me to a cabana that opened large doors out on to the pool side. Inside were couches, a couple of divans, showers and toilets.

“Do you want a swim? There are shorts and towels in that closet.”

“No thanks, I don’t think I’ve got enough energy to do laps.”

Monique regarded me then giggled. “Perhaps you can do laps of another kind?” She pulled me back towards one of the divans. She started to undo the buttons on the front of her dress revealing a creamy cleavage encased in a dark blue lacy bra. When she reached her waist, she shrugged out of it an it cascaded over her lush hips to the floor. Her matching panties had a damp spot in the front. She reached out and pulled my T shirt up and over my head, eyes widening as my muscular, tanned torso was revealed. “Gorgeous,” she breathed, her impressive chest rising and falling.

Monique dropped the shirt on the floor then hooked her thumbs in the sides of her panties and slid them down her meaty thighs, her cleavage lengthening as her tits threatened to burst from their confinement. Despite itself, my cock started to thicken at the voluptuous sight in front of me.

She sat down and laid back, spreading her legs. “Please lick me Michael. I haven’t had that done to me in years.”

I knelt down and peered closely at the pussy in front of me. Centred on a prominent mound and covered with wispy pubes was a beautifully symmetrical pair of cunt lips. As I drew near, it started to gape just a little. I ran my hands up her smooth inner thighs and lightly traced a finger from the bottom of her slit to the top. She sighed and leaned on her elbows to watch. Like the parting of the seas, her outer lips peeled back, becoming engorged with hot blood. I ran my finger up the slit again and it parted some more, revealing a glistening pink set of inner lips, the upper end hooded over a small bulge. It was one of the most beautiful cunts I had ever seen.

I levered her legs up so that her feet were on the divan, then lowered my mouth to her moist pussy. Slowly, I licked upward, pausing just below the hood to return to the bottom and repeat the action, just inserting a little tongue and making like it was a yummy ice cream. Over and over until the hood suddenly retracted and a pearl-like nubbin burst forth. Gentleness went and was replaced with brute force as I speared my long meaty tongue into her hot, wet depths, rasping it in and out, then up to swirl around her clit, before sucking strongly on her clit. At the same time, I had forced a finger deep into her cunt and was massaging her G spot.

Monique came like a banshee, a long wail followed by panting half gasps as I sawed my finger back and forth and sucked and swirled my hot rasping tongue on her pulsing clit. Sticky, slimy cunt cream bathed my thrusting finger.

I looked up over the mound of her tummy to see her magnificent tits, still encased in the sexy blue bra, heaving like mini mountains. I reached up and undid the front closing clasp and pushed the bra to the side. Huge firm tits fell sideways but not far. Her creamy mounds were topped with tawny nipples the size a large grape and they were seriously erect. My cock by this stage was leaking pre-cum down the legs of my shorts. I knelt up, shucked the shorts and climbed up between her legs, then straddled her stomach. Gathering up her breasts, I slid my red hot sausage into the creviced cleavage and out the other side. Moistend by my pre-cum and her sweat, it slid easily, erotically. I was fully charged and ready to go. Monique leaned her head up and sucked the big knob as it charged through her mounded breast flesh. She looked up at me.

“Now! Fuck me now, Michael - please, please.”

“OK. Christ that was nice. I’ll want to do that again.”

I gave her tits a couple of thrusts with my cock then slid it down her body, leaving a snail trail of slime, placed it at her heaving portal and thrust it in, deep and hard. She went off again, flinging her arms around my neck and holding on for dear life. She was tight and hot, her pussy walls snugly holding my prick as I let it soak for a moment. She gradually loosened the grip on my neck and I began to fuck my cock in and out, in and out, varying the depth and the angle. It was glorious. Her plump cushiony body was the epitome of lust and moving on it, her legs around my waist, her plump breasts with their erect nipples moving and scraping against my chest, I was consumed with head spinning sensation. Faster and faster, in and out, until I could hold no longer and ejaculated fiercely into her hot welcoming depths.

The spurting of my hot spunk brought on another massive orgasm and I held on has she wailed and her body shuddered with ecstasy. At last she subsided as my deflated hero wilted from her body. I kissed her gently. She sighed and murmured her appreciation. “So good, Michael, so good.”

I fell off her and laid beside her gathering her in my arms and promptly slept.

“Well, well, mon. You have been a busy boy!”

I opened my eyes. Towering above me was Molly holding a tray containing food and a bottle of wine. Monique heard her and woke.

“Molly, how delightful. How did you know we were here?” she asked not bothering to cover up.

“Girl, I could hear you enjoying yourself from the kitchen. I haven’t heard that wail since your husband passed on.” She eyed me speculatively. “I wonder if he’s got any spunk left in him? Should have. Gave him enough cajun magic to keep and elephant hard for a week.” Molly put the tray down and swiftly pulled her shirt up and over her head, exposing her huge dark melons. She lowered her skirt and kicked it off revealing her pouting mons, the dark pussy lips engorged and glistening. She towered over us is in her black nubian glory, hands on her magnificent hips, her mountainous black tipped breasts rising and falling, her big black nipples elongating. She knelt between my legs and swiftly plunged my semi hard on into her hot pink mouth. In a split second it was stiffly rigid. She then swung her legs over me and plugged me into her rapacious cunt, sliding down until her black curly pubes meshed with mine.

“Arrghhh. You da mon. Fuck me boy, fuck me.”

I thrust up and watched has her glorious breasts swung and lifted. I reached up and palmed her dusky magnificence, pinching her erect nipples as she rode me like a savage. I could feel the satiny walls of her cunt gripping my cunt, urging it to spit its load.

Monique threw her arm around my shoulder and kissed me plunging her tongue into my mouth.

“Sit on his face, girl. He good wit da tongue,” urged Molly.

Monique scrambled up and swung her fleshy thighs over my head leaning forward enough so that I could still enjoy the luscious breasts of the lusty woman riding me. I snaked my tongue into her dank depths, then swept it up to lick at her momentarily hidden clit, hearing her gasp and moan.

I gave a sudden lurch up and heard Molly moan. My cock was bathed in her cunt juice as she orgasmed.

“Don’t come yet, mon, I want more.” She continued to ride me and only my earlier exertions prevented me from spilling another load in her hot humid box.

“Molly, you’re a greedy bitch,” moaned Monique as she came and flooded my mouth with her tart cunt cream. Minutes later she came again, her big creamy breasts shaking and shuddering above me.

Overcome with myriad sensations; of those beautiful breasts swaying and bouncing, Monique’s luscious cunt dancing on my tongue, Molly’s juggernauts filling one of my hands while I mauled the white one above with the other. I was in erotic heaven. Suddenly, Molly’s possessive pussy began squeezing my dick and without warning, it spurted another deposit of hot spunk right up her depths while she moaned through another orgasm. Another flush of woman juice laced my taste buds.

I laid there, absolutely fucked. They slowly got off me and Molly pulled me upright.

“You need to eat, young mon, or you waste away,” she said laughingly in her caribbean sing song accent. I was ravenous. For food. I needed to keep my strength up.

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