Manipulating Jenny Ch. 16


He's not saying a word as he pummels mercilessly into her from behind and Jenny feels it coming like a rapidly rising tide of emotions swept up in a surging euphoria -- the beautiful indescribable sensation flooding her brain as her contractions start as ripples and intensify then suddenly as she's moaning faster and louder the big wave comes and crashes into her lower abdominal regions as the pelvic muscles respond with a vice-like grip on the man's penis and he knows she's come. She lets out a loud cry and his thrusts are suddenly easier again as the contractions of her PC muscles abate gradually to free his penile strokes back into freestyle.

Her attacker doesn't stop and he thrusts hard and fast again but not for long. Jenny's feels the hot sensation of his ejaculation deep inside and his loud groans accompanying it and she knows it won't be long and he won't continue with a flaccid penis. He's still groaning but mildly now as his orgasm subsides inside her but he won't pull out until he feels he can't enjoy it any more. Alison, tied up in the dark across the other side of the room, is frantic now realising Jenny's been raped by someone different and she's next being so helpless.

"Please don't hurt me mister, please don't do it," she wails as he shouts to her to shut up snivelling. "I'm going to put the light on and see who I've been fucking here, I've got the old man's mask on so you won't know will you?" he laughs coarsely -- of course.

Jenny's head is almost touching the floor she way he's bent her over and at last she can straighten up as he lets go of her hips and he moves to find a light switch. Suddenly there is light again and the two teens blink to adjust their eyesight.

He's standing in between them naked except for the black ski mask, stroking his cock proudly as Jenny turns around. Both girls stare in amazement.

"Oh no! I don't believe it. It's you! It's you!" Jenny shouts. Alison cried out, "Daddy where did you come from?"

"I've been here all the time having my dirty way with Jenny."

"But that wasn't you in me, it was another man, he didn't even sound like you at all and he was so nasty and rough with me," she retorts in disbelief.

"Well Jenny just ask Alison if I was good at acting. I just gave you one of my best performances and changing my voice was easy but if it wasn't in the dark I couldn't have got away with it. Alison would know it's me."

"But Charlie you frightened the damn daylights out of me. I really thought I was being raped by some ratbag who came out of nowhere."

"Jenny, turn the page back a bit; it was your script to make it realistic as possible so I decided to do that as best I could. You had a pretty good orgasm so it must have been good."

"Oh God, it sure was; it was unbelievable. If that was you, I just can't believe it, I just can't."

"Let me put it this way Jenny; until today when you arrived to sunbathe and get in the pool with my daughter I was the same meek and mild retiring type of boring suburban married man but you brought out the hidden beast in me. You brought out the real masculine mindset of wanting to be in charge and to be man enough to literally be on top of my woman.

"I've always felt a bit ashamed of myself that I was too wimpy being mister nice guy to everyone. I know that women look up to a man more when he's a leader type and takes charge and doesn't dither. My trouble is I've been married for so long to an old fashioned lady who's simply a prude by modern day standards. I've lost my confidence over the years and that's what a woman needs to see in a man, that he's confident and knows where he's going, and what to do.

"Thanks to you Jenny, I've woken up to my weaknesses but don't worry, I'm not turning into a savage beast just because of how I went tonight. Now don't get me wrong, I love my plain Jane wife just the same despite what I've done today, but gee, we come from a different era than you kids today where sex is so out in the open."

"Daddy? How about releasing me from my bonds? I'm standing here still tied up in my work clothes," Alison interrupts.

"Ahh, yes of course," he says with a leer in his voice, "see what I mean Jenny; look at how you've stirred the sleeping beast in me. Here's my lovely sexy 18 year-old daughter tied to the post in her work clothes and she wants me to untie her. But I'm not going to do that.

"Alison, you didn't see me screw Jenny in the dark but you must have sure as hell heard her moaning her head off. Now I'm going to do you while you're all tied up. I'm going to finish this sexy game Jenny contrived by putting it in you while you're standing up with your hands tied above your head and your ankles tied.

"Daddy! You are getting dirty now!" she exclaims, looking across at Jenny who's egging her on. "Charlie I'm proud of you, if only I can get my step daddy to carry on like this it would be fantastic. I just love the older man and younger girl thing."

He walks over to Alison and realises her legs are tied almost close together. "Hmm, you're not going to spreads your legs for me like that so I'll have to push it in the hard way." He undoes her skirt and drags it to her ankles and actually rips her satin panties off her, throwing them, to the floor in two pieces. He looks at her magnificent mons pubis, so smooth and hairless with its high arcing shape descending down between her legs with its wide and well developed labia majora pushing tight into the central crack so only a cameltoe is visible but her clitoris and vagina lips are not. It looks good enough to eat.

Jenny watches gleefully knowing that in that position with her legs close together her vagina will be even tighter and it will make his cock have to fight the natural resistance and make it seem more like a virgin fuck. "Go for it!" she urges him. "I've never had one standing up and neither has Alison so this will be good."

He puts his black ski mask back on again and steps in front of Alison, sliding his fingers into her already moist lips. "How nice of you to let me tie you up like this so you're helpless and I can rape you, teeny bopper blonde," he drawls. "Mmm, your cunt feels nice and wet in there. How old are you baby? Still at school with those big tits? Seems schoolgirls these days are getting bigger tits earlier than ever. So how old are you baby?"

"I'm 18 so leave me alone. Don't do it."

"Oooh, the little baby blond is 18 and says don't do it," he says with a sneer. "Well it's too late for that; you should have thought about that before you got into your sexy negligee and started making love to your girlfriend that just fucked. Now it's your turn."

He's making a real fist of this one, his fingers are up to his knuckles probing around and making her twitch left and right. "Oooh, the little tied up teenager likes my fingers inside her," he teases, "or maybe she's just trying to dance on the spot, ha! Ha!" He undoes her blouse and pulls her low cut bra down below her breasts, exposing them fully, the pointy pink nipples are thick but the areolas are small in diameter. He sucks on them, one after the other while his fingers probe for her g-spot and eventually finds it hidden in the spongy erectile tissue under her urethra and just below her clitoris. As soon as he touches her there she starts pushing her hips towards him in automatic involuntary movements.

"It's good isn't it little girl, you co-ed's are so easy to get turned on you're just ripe for the plucking the day you get to senior high school." He presses his mouth against hers while he has one hand now working her clitoris head and the other hand up to his knuckles with fingers curled back reaching up to the internal side of her clitoris working around her g-spot as she moans against his mouth and twitches uncontrollably to his inside out massage of her clitoris. Alison's getting very excited and she can feel something like a volcano starting to bubble about in her loins. She never was one to stall an orgasm being very sensitive to touch from the many years he massaged her with the suntan cream.

He slides his tongue in her mouth and can feel her mounting desire for intercourse as she twists and turns her hips as his fingers work on her engorged clit. The burglar disguised as her daddy lifts his mouth from hers just momentarily but enough for her to let out a long groan of pent-up emotion and he knows he's got her at his mercy in total surrender as she orgasms with a series of fast panting noises. His cock is hard as hard can be for a man in his mid forties and he steers it against her moist inner lips and starts to push it in finding it unusually tight.

Her legs are close together at the thighs so he adjusts his angle slightly and pushes harder meeting the natural resistance of her vagina muscles gripping it as if they're hanging on for dear life. Getting it inside her while she's just going through an orgasm isn't easy as her contractions have tightened her vagina until the rocking and rolling sensations of orgasm abate and allow his cock to move with the normal resistance from her tighter up legs together. For him the feeling of how tight it is makes it twice as exciting as if she's a virgin.

He gives her short jabs until he feels her vagina expand naturally to accommodate the broad girth of his fat penis and suddenly, it seems, his penis is in more open territory further up and deeper inside her passage heading for the opening of her uterus.

Once he's got the angle right and with her legs still closed it feels ultra tight but sliding in and back perfectly as Alison purrs away while her pussy gets all the attention. The position she's in with her legs closed makes it feel like it did when he fucked her for the first time beside the swimming pool in the afternoon. Doing her anal was his maiden entry there too, and the tighter feeling right now reminds him (and her) of it.

Alison's not one to keep quiet when she's building up a head of steam and her loins are on fire with desire to be taken and fucked good and proper. He's doing it good and she's proper. Jenny can't keep her hand off her clit watching this happen. There's something super sexy about watching another couple locked in passionate embrace, thrusting wildly into each other, moaning and groaning, puffing and panting, seeing the penis rise and dive faster and faster over and over and in Alison's case to see her face strained, her eyes wide and wild looking, grimacing and grinding her hips to meet his thrusts, his tight buttocks pushing in, releasing, pushing in, releasing, pushing in, releasing in mindless monotony but at such speed he's got his daughter racing to a climax.

In Alison's mind just knowing he's inside her is in itself an enormous turn-on; it's the sort of thing a girl thinks about, wonders about and wants to try out usually years before she does it and now all of Alison's eager younger years are coming home to roost with this big rooster leaning into her cocksure and if it's seed this hen wanted he's about to give it to her. Whoever said that blondes are daffy and sassier than sensible hasn't met Alison. She's one smart cookie this 18 year-old chookie who knows how to shake her tail feathers and what it's like to get laid standing helpless with her legs and arms trussed.

The tightness of her vagina in this position and his two and a quarter inch wide diameter manhood stretching the erect walls of her labia minora out wide as he pushes it in the upwards angle makes her feel as though it's a pole not a penis. After 20 minutes and her brain assessing the psychological impact of size, sensation, sexiness and submission all coming together at the crossroads of desire and delivery in her nervous system her orgasm comes swiftly and hard, her pelvic muscles going into seizure-like contractions as she moans loudly and wantonly. She's swept up in a wave of mental and physical euphoria and he's feeling as though his cock is jammed in a workbench vice, it's being squeezed so hard by her powerful orgasmic seizure.

It's vice all right if he wants to go around screwing teenage women with a hooded mask hiding his face and no other clothes on. From his present standpoint it's a picture of vice and virtue -- opposites attracting. The innocent young maiden tied and helpless as a sex toy is the face of virtue but he's imposing his will on her in sheer vice. Jenny thinks it's just so yummy her clit needs a rest or it will be sore tomorrow.

Charlie's almost tied in a knot. The pressure on his penis is that strong from her orgasm with her vagina already in a tight position. He licks her erect nipples as she rides through the quickly cascading waves of emotional turmoil called "coming" but he eventually resumes his hard thrusting after he feels a bit of the pressure released as her magic moment gradually subsides. The dirty daddy wants to come inside her.

He needs to do that because he wanted to give her a facial but there's no way he can get her face level enough by the time he ejaculates and besides he's always wanted to come inside his daughter as its most surely the deepest, closest most personal thing he can ever give to her. Bonking his daughter is one thing, coming in her face is another but ejaculating inside to send his seed into her womb is something more wonderful. It's just as well she told him earlier in the day she's safe at this time of the month. And it's just as well his dear prudish wife picked this weekend to visit a relative. What if she walked in now?

Relatively speaking this foster father's just got closer than he's ever been with his adopted daughter. Once a man's up to his balls inside a woman, his penis deep inside the love tunnel thrusting hard and fast and long enough to find the room called the womb and he's about to ejaculate it's a ' no stopping at stations' express with the driver blowing his horn coming right on time.

"Oh my God that was beautiful, it was so good," Alison says when she gets her breathing back on track. "Daddy you were wonderful, until today I'd never believe you could be so masculine, so dominant and so good in sex."

They hug and kiss lightly. It's a lot different to what they were doing earlier. "Are you happy now Jenny?" he asks.

"Charlie I won't forget this ever. This one's going to stay in my mind for a long, long time. The way you acted it out was just incredible. You deserve an Oscar for all that."

"Could I settle for a fuck instead?" he asks.

CHAPTER 17 in 18 days' time (same age as Jenny) sees a surprise sudden and somewhat sexy reunion with Jenny's original father Ron who deserted her and her mother for another woman when she was just seven. Now he's a rich man they agree to meet in the foyer of the swanky six-star Ritz Hotel for a one-off reunion and it's his shout. He's never seen how she's turned out since giving his 'Smoochie' her first facial that long ago. Isn't he in for a surprise? Get your diary out and note the appointment.

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