tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMany Secrets of Beautiful Betty Ch. 04

Many Secrets of Beautiful Betty Ch. 04


Betty was a beauty. Only, she was a woman who kept a lot of secrets.

There is nothing sexual about rape. It is a violent and deplorable act against womankind, as well as mankind. The only thing more defiling than rape is incestuous rape and beautiful Betty was raped by not only her drunken father but also by her drunken brother. A victim in her own house and of her own family, she had no chance at all of surviving their violent attack.

In her case, although she was of the age of consent, what woman would consent to being raped by her father and brother? It is one thing to have consensual, incestuous sex, but it is another to have forced sex between a blood relative. Is it any wonder why she is screwed up today and twisted in her thought process? Just because she is beautiful doesn't mean that she can't be crazy. Just because there is a beautiful vase on your table does not mean that it cannot have a few cracks in it. In the case of the vase, the cracks come with age and in the case of beautiful Betty, the cracks come with living.

Surviving the horror of her family secrets is her third secret.

Now, the resulting effect is her insanity and the reason why she is onstage stripping. Some, who have had similar backgrounds, become prostitutes, while others become strippers and still others are stripping prostitutes. Then, there are those who become so twisted that they take what happened to them to a new level. This is beautiful Betty's story, the things that she did, and the things that she had no control or memory of doing.

Those of you who have met beautiful Betty, who have seen her walking by, and who have gazed into her eyes and dreamt about spending time with her alone and naked in their beds would be surprised by her 4th secret. Surely, there are those of you who would doubt the validity of such a secret until you witness it with your own eyes. Yet, I have witnessed her 4th secret and I can assure you that it is true.

Once you know her secret, it makes sense in a way. She is a product of her environment, after all, and her childhood was far from a happy one. You see, and understandably, beautiful Betty is a lesbian, has always been lesbian, and will always be lesbian. No man, other than her father and brother, has ever inserted his penis in any of her orifices. She's not into men, no longer, that is.

This is not to say that all lesbians have screwed up childhoods and/or have mental problems and are insane. I know plenty of women who are well adjusted lesbians and who are from happy homes. I am only writing about what I know and what I know is the about the troubled background of beautiful Betty, a backgroung that has manifested itself in her twisted development and has been responsible for the path that she has taken. Of course, on the other hand, just as there are screwed up heterosexuals, there are screwed up lesbians, as well as gay men. We are a race of humans, after all, with all the foibles that come with being human.

She was a virgin before her father and brother had their way with her. They forced her to do things that she had never done before. Although, she lived a sheltered life before their violent attack, she had dated a few men, went to her prom, and even had a boyfriend of sorts who made it to third base. She allowed him to suck her tits and finger her pussy, while she stroked his cock until he exploded a warm load of cum all over her hand and his pants. She was normal, if you want to consider someone who is extraordinarily beautiful as normal. Nonetheless, she was average in every other way, until her father and brother ruined her for any other man.

It all started after she graduated high school. Her mother unexpectedly ran off with the plumber, a rotund gentleman with a wallet as equally as fat as his body. When her Mom left her Dad, Betty and her brother Billie were young. She was 11 and he was 13, an impressionable age for both. Everything was fine until, first her father and then, her brother started drinking. Their alcoholism culminated in their incestuous behavior seven years after Mom had abandoned the family.

Betty was trying to decide which college to attend and it was when she asked her Dad for advice that the violence began. Between the excessive amounts of alcohol and the thoughts of her abandoning him, as did her mother, he was overwhelmed with her leaving to go to college. It was this feeling of abandonment that made him go over the edge. Who was going to take care of him, the cooking, the cleaning, and the laundry? Her brother, on the other hand, was just a testosterone filled drunken teenager who went along with what Dad was doing to his daughter.

She was alone in her room when her Dad flung open her door in a drunken state. He lifted her off the bed and in one pull, tore away her dress. There she was in her bra and panties, a sight she had never shown to anyone before, but for a couple of boys who felt her up during a late night date. Dad kissed her and she pulled away screaming. Her brother entered her bedroom. She thought that he would help save her, but he helped himself.

He stripped Betty naked while Daddy held her by her wrists. She was too shocked to fight back and succumbed to their violent attack. While Billie held her down, Dad, removed his pants and underwear and fucked her. He shot a load of cum in her within a few minutes and staggered out of the room leaving Billie there to do whatever was his pleasure. Billie spent the night with his sister.

He fucked her. He sucked her. He had her suck his cock. It was a sexual marathon that did not stop until the early morning when he had to leave for work. Dad and Billie thought they had a good thing. They thought that they had turned Betty into their sexual slave and that she would stay and not go off to college. They thought that this new arrangement would continue once they got home, but she was gone.

By some miracle, neither Billie nor her father impregnated her. At least, she was spared that trauma. Yet, there she was alone and with little money. She saw the ad in the paper for a stripper. Stripping at the strip club was the only way she knew how to make a living. When she showed up at the strip club to apply for the job, she didn't need to have any experience the way that she looked. The strip club hired her on the spot and she started striping that night. The strip club is where she met Davis.

At first, because of how she was dressed and how she acted, she thought Davis was a guy. Only, Davis was a butch dike, an aggressive lesbian with a big chip on her shoulder. If you thought beautiful Betty had a problem with men and didn't like men because of what her father and brother did to her, then you ain't seen nothin' yet, until you met, Butch Davis.

Davis was nearly as wide as she was tall and as unattractive as Betty was beautiful. Whoever said that opposites attract must have had these two in mind. Standing at 5'4" tall and weighing in at 250 pounds, yeah, she was fat, but she was solid. Davis had grown up on the farm and was not a stranger to hard labor. She was strong, as strong as any man, as her skill in arm wrestling would attest. Her compact and dense frame gave her considerable advantage over taller men. Accustomed to toppling over farm animals, when wrestling a man, easily, she could topple over a man who stood a foot taller than she did.

No one would imagine that Betty was lesbian and that Betty was with this person. Davis had a thing for two pocket flannel shirts, denim jeans, and suspenders. She smoked big, fat cigars and drank whiskey neat. If there was an odder couple than these two, I cannot imagine it.

The first time that I met Davis, I was more concerned for my safety than I was for Betty's safety. She was good to Betty. She loved Betty. Best you not make a pass at Betty while Davis was there. I've witness her take on men twice her size and not only win but beat them down and humiliate them. She was evil, vindictive, and apparently, just as deeply troubled as, it turns out, was beautiful Betty.

Being lesbian and being with Davis was Betty's 4th secret, a strange secret that was only eclipsed by Betty's 5th and worst secret of all.

To be continued...

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