tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMaria Admirer: Maria Works the Club

Maria Admirer: Maria Works the Club

byA Cracker Slut©

This story is chapter two of a story I wrote for Plaidman and he submitted under his own name with me mentioned.

Maria sat in her car taking stock of her day and wondering about her appointment at the club. It was 5 O'clock and she knew she had to make a decision soon. Her stomach was filled with butterflies and had been all day, she felt so alive, so naughty.

The way the club owner had treated her yesterday had thrilled her beyond believe, she was ashamed to realise that she didn't even know his name. Sucking him off in an alley was one thing, it was a totally different matter however to work as a hostess in his sleazy bar.

She had no idea what went on inside such clubs, but she was sure that it was disgusting. This was the crux of Maria's problem she knew she wanted to take her submission further, god it was all she could think about at the moment.

This bar would provide her the anonymity she needed to explore her feelings fully, no one she knew would ever come here. She could work at the bar and pretend she was just another girl trying to make a buck rather than the respectable suburban wife and mother she really was.

She fingered her slut pendant aware that she was trying to talk herself into going through with it. She knew deep down that she would do it, just the thought of that man's cock sent shivers through her cunt.

Stop messing about Maria and get over there for god's sake. Maria's mind was made up she, nosed the car out of the car park and headed across town towards the bar. She wondered about what she was going to wear, surely her business suit would not be acceptable. She would have to worry about that later as she pulled up into the car park that only 24 hours earlier had seen her on her hands and knees sucking that big black cock like a common slut.

She parked up and walked tentatively over to the back door of the club, she knocked and waited, remembering to take her pendant of, she didn't want anyone knowing she was already a slut for someone else.

The intercom spluttered into life.

"Who's there?"

"Its Maria I have an interview for the bar job"

Maria heard a chuckling noise and the buzzer went indicating the door was open. She pushed the door open immediately reeling from the stench of stale beer and cigarettes. The door opened onto a stairway, which she climbed.

"Get in here sweet buns"

The man's voice came from a small dirty office on the landing, Maria entered.

The man who had fucked her the night before was seated behind a desk strewn with paper, empty coffee cups and overflowing ashtrays. Maria's nose wrinkled, the whole building reeked and she was having trouble breathing. There was another man in the office, also black, not as tall as the man who had fucked her but massively built.

"We didn't get a chance for proper introductions last night sweet buns. My names Bart and this is my club, this here is Zack he works the bar"

"Zack this is the white housewife slut I told you about"

Bart's words stung Maria, she felt out of place, as though she had made a huge mistake, her heart was beating fit to burst but she had made her choices and couldn't see a way out at present. Zack was looking her up and down, Maria tried to pull her skirt a little lower, conscious of his eyes on her thighs.

"Now sweet buns before we both interview you we need to see what you look like in the bar uniform."

Bart thrust a small dress into her hands, it was a red Budweiser dress like the promotional girls wore at the car racing. Maria gulped, it looked tiny in her hands. She looked around for somewhere to change.

"You can get changed in here sweet buns"

Maria flinched, she knew that Bart had seen all she had to offer, but she didn't like the thought of Zack getting an eye full as well. Her choices were limited however so she started undoing the buttons on her crisp white blouse exposing her bulging half cup bra.

She moved to the zipper on her skirt, and slowly started peeling it down her thighs half way down she remembered she had no panties on, there seemed little point these days. She hung her head in shame and continued unzipping the navy skirt eventually dropping it to the floor around her ankles.

She stood there in her black stockings and heels, no panties and a black half cup bra. She instinctively covered her hands over her cunt, much to the amusement of the two men.

"Move the hands white slut"

Maria complied, she stood looking at the floor her nipples were throbbing, the leering glances of the two men were having their effect, she could feel her stomach knotting in anticipation of what might occur.

Zack stood and circled Maria taking it all in, he reached out and pinched one of her nipples through her bra, Maria jumped as the tingling pain shot through her sensitive breast. He was behind her now and ran his hand up the inside of her thigh causing her to shiver.

"Open your legs slut" Zack spoke for the first time, his deep voice booming in Maria's ear. His hand reached higher, brushing her cunt lips, Maria shuddered, her pleasure evident.

"She's soaking man, she loves the attention" Bart nodded in agreement.

"Sucks cock like a pro as well"

"I was thinking of using her for the private parties only, she's to good to waste on the riff raff"

"Hmmm, do you think we should try her out at tonight's function"

"Definitely, those guys will love a hot horny white housewife at their beck and call"

"Put the dress on sweet buns"

Maria reached over and picked the tiny dress of the desk, she bent and put both feet through the neck of the dress, straightening she pulled it up her thighs.

"Lose the bra first sweet buns"

Maria stopped pulling the dress up and turned her attention to her bulging bra, she unclipped it allowing her breasts to spill out. She then pulled the dress up the rest of the way, struggling to stretch it over her stiff nipples. Maria stood up straight and smoothed the dress over her thighs, or what little of her thighs it covered.

"Not bad sweet buns, now get over here and show us how much you want the job"

Maria didn't need asking twice she had been eyeing the bulges in both men's trousers, and there was no denying the heat rising from her cunt. Obediently she moved round the desk and felt Bart's cock through his jeans, it was rock hard as she lovingly stroked it. Maria looked at Bart, seeking his approval.

"You know what to do baby"

Maria unzipped the mans pants and slipped her hand into the confines of his trousers feeling out for her prize. It felt huge in her hand as she struggled to release it from its confines. She eventually managed to free it and sank to her knees on the dirty office floor to kiss the purple head, a moan rising in her throat. She ran her hand up the black cock, feeling the throbbing veins of the rock hard shaft, she wanted it between her legs but first she knew Bart would want her to suck it hard for him.

His cock filled her pretty mouth, as she slobbered and dribbled in an effort to take it all down her throat, her breath whistling through her nose as she struggled to take it all in. Maria could feel Zak behind her lifting the hem of her dress up, feeling her wet lips with his thick fingers, she groaned.

The thought of these two black men using her as a fuck-toy turned Maria on like she couldn't believe. Her body tingled with pent up sexual desire, she knew she would cum soon and had a feeling it would be the first of many such explosions as the night unfolded ahead of her.

Zak had replaced his fingers with the tip of his hard cock, Maria could feel it spreading her lips as he pushed it slowly into her wet slit. She groaned into Bart's cock as Zak stretched her to the limit, she could feel him tickling her ass hole with his finger and was disgusted as herself as the arousal spread through her.

She had never let Al touch her there, but she realised that there was nothing she would not allow these men to do to her, she seriously doubted they would take any notice even if she did object.

Zak thrust into her, battering the walls of her cunt, pushing her mouth farther down Bart's shaft with each thrust. Maria was reaching critical point her mind was consumed by the cocks she was accommodating, she wanted their come in her and realised that she would soon have her desire met. Bart's cock was swelling still further in her mouth and he was groaning as he held his hand in her hair forcing her mouth farther down his shaft.

The jet of come hit the back of her throat, Maria instinctively jerked her head back, the cock falling from her mouth. Bart gripped it and aimed it straight at Maria's face just as another powerful jet of come exploded from his shaft, catching Maria square in the eye and running down to the corner of her mouth. She greedily licked the goo, sticking her tongue out as far as she could in order not to miss any.

Zak was also on the verge of coming as he pounded into Maria from behind, enjoying the fact that this pretty little white wife was loving being impaled on his shaft. He grunted, indicating that he had shot his load, Maria needed no such notification as she felt his come jetting into her cunt. He pulled out slapping her ass as he did so.

"Clean it off slut"

Maria crawled round to Zak, still on her hands and knees and licked the mans come of his shaft, acutely aware that her own juices were mingled in as well. She looked up at him with wide eyes as she accommodated his cock, licking and sucking until every drop of juice was gone.

"Told you she was a good little fuck toy didn't I"

Zak nodded his agreement.

"She definitely gets the job"

"Good slut, now you are working for us I better tell you about your package" Bart laughed at the comparison with a proper city job just like Maria was used to.

"Basic salary is 2 bucks an hour, you get to keep any tips you make. The more of a slut you are the more tips you'll get so that should suit you. We supply the uniform and you get to be fucked by us every party you work. How does that sound?"

Maria didn't know what to say, she was still reeling from the fucking she had received. She knew there was no point turning the job down, she loved her newly liberated sluthood and the thought of these two fucking her excited her beyond belief. She was slightly worried by the thought of working in the bar though. As if reading her mind Bart piped up.

"We don't want to waste you on the riff raff sweet buns, so you'll only work for our special private parties. The sort who will appreciate a white housewife slut like you"

Maria couldn't think straight, the money wasn't the issue here, satisfaction of her newly discovered slutty needs was her primary concern. She hesitated before stuttering her answer to her new employer.

"I..Ill do it"

"Knew you would sweet buns, you just can't say no can you?"

"You know I cant Bart"

"Enough of that familiarity, I wont stand that from my employees, from now on you will call me Sir, is that understood"

"Yes Sir"

"That's better slut, now our guests have arrived so you better remember what a slut you are because you've got to keep six men happy tonight, think you can handle it?"

Maria looked shocked, six men, she would pass out there was no way she could cope with that, Bart sensed her misgivings.

"Poor slut not so sure now are you, have a drink to steady your nerves", he poured three fingers of Bourbon into a dirty mug and passed it to Maria. Maria grabbed the drink and sank it in one go, she didn't normally like liquor but under the circumstances she felt she deserved it.

Her heart was thumping in her chest as she thought of what lay ahead of her, she knew there was no going back now, this would change her for ever, she would become the total slut. The thought shocked and thrilled her at the same time, she knew how excited she was, heat was pouring from her cunt, her thighs were moist, her nipples throbbed, she needed fucking. The warmth from her cunt mingled with the heat in her stomach from the Bourbon, she felt faint.

"I'm ready"

"Good slut, come with me and remember the more of a cock hungry, white wife, fuck toy you are the bigger the tips"

And with that Bart smacked her on the arse and led her up the corridor to a room marked "Private Parties". The room was nicer than Maria expected with a large table in the middle of the floor, set for six work spaces like a conference, at one end was a bar around which stood six men, all black all drinking beer and joking amongst themselves.

As Maria entered the room all eyes turned to look her up and down, the room hushed, she heard the door shut behind her and knew she was on her own.

"Now what have we here boys, a pretty little white wifey, suburbia is that way honey, you've taken a wrong turn".

The man who spoke was obviously the leader, larger than the rest of the men, he walked over to Maria, standing behind her. Maria was acutely aware of the mans presence, she couldn't look up, staring at the carpet to hide her embarrassment and excitement at the situation she found herself in.

Suddenly the man yanked her dress up exposing her cunt and ass to the whole room, she choked down a sob, she knew she had to please these men or Bart would expose her or worse.

"Hmmm, maybe she ain't so innocent after all boys, what you doing here girl, looking for a bit of rough?"

"I..I.. I am supposed to be looking after you all, serving drinks that sort of thing"

"You'll do more than that honey and you know it, now pull the skirt down we'll save that for later. First we all want to see you down a beer"

Maria already felt slightly light-headed, another drink would not help her cause at all. A bottle of beer arrived for her, Maria groaned inwardly it was a bud, how appropriate.

"Down in one there's a good wifey"

Maria hadn't downed a beer since her college days, she raised it to her lips and tipped it up, she tried not to choke on it as the cool beer slipped down her throat, cooling her insides. She started gagging, the beer spilling over her mouth and down the dress making it cling to her body even more provocatively.

She eventually finished the beer, aware of how much she had spilled down her front.

"Not bad wifey, pace yourself that's not the only thing that's going to go down your throat tonight"

"Why don't you show us all what a good little cocksucker you are and give the bottle a throat job, if you're any good ill give you ten bucks"

Maria blanched, the thought of performing for these men excited her beyond belief, the fact that they were going to pay her as well only added to the feeling she was no better than a whore. She gripped the base of the bottle, her eyes looking up coyly at the men as they circled to get a better view of the action. She sucked the neck of the bottle in, making a show of hollowing her cheeks, as though she was sucking for all she was worth.

The men were all pawing her now, lifting her dress, feeling her breasts, flicking her nipples, she shuddered at the attention, she was so thrilled she felt she may pass out, her knees weakened. Still she continued blowing the bottle, sawing it in and out of her hungry mouth always looking up innocently into the eyes of whatever man was in front of her.

She was on the verge of climax, her body screaming for release, the men sensed she was close, her body betraying her totally. She grunted loudly as her orgasm screamed through her, she felt every nerve ending in her body explode, electricity connecting her cunt, nipples and brain together at the same time.

She shuddered as she withdrew the bottle coated with her saliva, her cheeks, chin and neck were also covered in her spittle as it had run out of her cock hungry mouth. One of the men slipped a ten-buck note into the top of her dress, pinching her breast painfully as he did it.

"Good wifey we're all very impressed, now while we have our meeting we want you to put on a little show for us OK"

"O..OK what do you want me to do?"

Maria knew she would comply with there wishes, her little display had made her hungry for more attention, she needed cock and cum and would do whatever she needed to to get it.

"OK wifey, while we have our meeting you are in the middle of the table fucking yourself with this dildo, then we play a party game and the winner gets to do whatever he likes with you. How does that sound?"

"O..Okay Ill do it"

The man handed Maria a large black dildo, she clambered into the middle of the table as the men took there respective places, the meeting started. All the men appeared to be taking no notice of Maria, all she could think about was how cheap she felt, she knew she would fuck herself with the dildo, it looked so gorgeous she couldn't wait to get it inside her cunt. She was unsure of how to get started, everyone was ignoring her getting on with their meeting.

She rubbed the dildo up and down her cunt lips, her juices were flowing so freely that it was coated in them in seconds, she lay on her back, the dress hitched around her waist, there seemed little point in wearing it anymore.

She pushed the dildo into her entrance, it forced her lips apart, she groaned aloud hoping that her display would warrant some interest from the men, no one looked up. Maria felt a little hurt, what was she doing, they were ignoring her, the heat in her cunt kept her going though as she reached her spare hand down to play with her painfully erect clit. She stroked it with the tip of her finger, that simple action nearly sending her over the edge again.

The dildo was flashing in and out of her hungry cunt now, her other hand a blur as she strummed her clit mercifully. Her mind was filled with images of cocks, fucking her, coming on her and she was loving it drinking the cum until it ran out of her mouth streaming down her chin covering her breasts, getting in her hair and eyes, smothering her.

Another orgasm racked through her, she nearly screamed out at the release, her eyes opened suddenly seeing her surroundings as if for the first time. The men were still ignoring her getting on with their meeting as if nothing was happening.

Maria took stock of her situation. She was virtually naked lying on a table in a seedy bar fucking herself with a dildo for six men she didn't even know, how low had she sunk, the conflict between her sensible side and her new found slutty side was almost to much to bear. Tears started running down her face, she knew she was a true slut, but her mind couldn't reconcile with her body's new found needs.

"Wifey dont cry we've finished now you can have some more attention, that's what you want isn't it"

"Yes please" Maria was desperate to please these men now, she had accepted what she was here for, the thought of receiving more tips was turning her on, she wanted to please and saw come as her reward for being a good slut.

"Now wifey were going to play a game, we are all going to get our cocks out while sitting down at our seats, you are going to crawl around under the table giving blowjobs out to whoever takes your fancy. If anyone guesses who you are blowing the person receiving is out of the game, guess incorrectly and the guesser is out of the game. OK slut you know what you have to do get on the floor and suck cock".

"Oh I almost forgot, lose the dress wifey we've all seen your dirty little cunt now so no need to be shy".

Maria shrugged the dress over her breasts, her nipples standing to attention, with a wiggle of her hips the dress was a puddle on the floor. She got down on her knees, revelling in the feeling of submission and crawled under the table ducking under the table-cloth. The view that presented itself took her breath away, she could see six large cocks bobbing under the table top, vying for her attention, she felt like a kid in a candy shop, not knowing where to start first.

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