tagText With AudioMarried Women and My Desires

Married Women and My Desires


This is dedicated to the older married women out there who are not sure if they still have "it" and wonder if men still find them attractive. This is also for the women who have male friends or acquaintances and have ever wondered if those men ever think about them or fantasize about them. I also dedicated this to a special lady out there "Roamme" who has offered a number of kind words and thought about some of my other writings.

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I see you setting there across the table beside your husband and I am setting here next to my wife. Here we are at another boring social gathering. The same type of gathering we have been together at so many times before.

We meet years ago; I had a strong attraction for you from the moment we meet. We were both married then and we still are. Because of that I always bite my tongue and keep the secret of my longing for you to myself. Over the years the yearning for you has not gone away but rather it has grown stronger into an overwhelming desire that cannot be ignored.

As I glance across the table at you I see that smug look on your face the polite smile you give to everyone else. I also see the look in your eyes that no one else sees or knows about. I know that look is for me. You're not sure if I will notice or that if I get the message but trust me I get the message. I feel your thoughts and your passion.

I feel the sexual energy inside you directed at me screaming to be released. I see things in you that no one else sees. I understand that part of you that you have tried to hide from your husband, your family and even from yourself. I know what you really want and what you really need even though you try to deny it and pretend that it doesn't exist.

I have tried to be a good husband and father but the need to be with you owns my body and my soul. You have that power over me even though you don't know it. This desire scares the hell out me and fills me with guilt and yet it still drives me to want you.

Sometimes I feel you with my mind. I hear footsteps and I know that it is you without even looking. I sense your presence sometime before you even enter a room as though you were giving off a radio signal or an energy that only I can pick up. I have never felt that type of connection with my wife or with anyone else.

Yes we both have grown children but that does not mean that we do not have sexual needs and desire that drive us. I do not want to destroy your marriage or mine but I also do not want go through life always wondering what it might have been like even just one time for a few hours. There is something special here that cannot be ignored.

I love watching your body when no else is looking. Yes you're not young and skinny anymore and then again neither am I and so what. I prefer older women my own age and I prefer voluptuous women that have some meat on them, is that so hard to believe?

When I see you in a low cut blouse I cannot help undressing you in my mind. I love looking at your cleavage and at your breast. Yes, yes I know your eyes are up here and they are beautiful eyes but your tits mesmerize me and steal my concentration away for hours.

You also have a great ass when I see you in a tight skirt or bikini bottoms I want to feel you up so bad and run my hands all over your body.

I want to use your body I want to use you for sex and I want you to want me and use me the same way. I do so because I need to have you, to experience your body and offer my sex and my power as man to you. Every time I see you I burn with a desire to take you and to plant my seed inside you, to mark you as mine.

I want to know what a female orgasm feels like for you. I want to know what it feels like in your body and in your mind at that wonderful moment so that I can do everything in my power to give you that feeling.

I want you to know what a male orgasm feels like too. I want you to know how your body affects me and brings an incredible sense of joy and fulfillment to me as man.

I know you have never given yourself completely and totally to any man not even to your husband. You have never surrendered your body to your husband the way you want to surrender it to me. I want to accept that gift and appreciate it in a way that no other man has ever done before and ever will.

Every day I stalk you in my mind and in my dreams like a wild animal stalking its prey. I constantly have these vivid fantasies about the two of us together. Those fantasies usually go something like this.

I take both your breasts in my hands. I squeeze them and play with them, feeling their fullness and their weight. I'm holding your body tight against mine; you can feel my hard cock pressed against you.

I kiss your neck, my mouth open against your skin, breathing in your scent. My hands continue to explore you, squeezing you, pinching and twisting your nipples until they are stiff and erect.

You whimper a little as I bite your neck. God, I love your taste! I feel you trembling as I squeeze you and play with you.

I pause for a moment. You try to turn toward me, to see me, but I don't let you. I grab your wrists, tying your hands behind your back. And then I pull your body against mine once again.

You are helpless as I caress you. You feel my hot breath on you as I whisper in your ear... "You've got such nice tits... such big, hard nipples for me to play with, don't you baby?"

I pinch your nipples to emphasize my words, before sliding my hands down your body, over your soft skin.

You feel my rigid cock pressed between the cheeks of your ass, a trickle of my precum running wetly down, lubricating us as I rub against you. My hands continue to explore you. You feel my hand slide between your legs, touching you, caressing you. You feel my fingers brushing lightly over your swollen lips, teasing you.

I can feel your heat now, your wetness. I slip my finger between those sweet lips and slide it up and down, spreading your juices. I rub my cock against your ass, humping you as my finger slides into your pussy. I can't believe how wet you are. I spread your juices, using two fingers now, sliding them in and out, and running my slick fingers over your hard clit.

Slowly I guide you to the bed, leaning you over, pushing you down. I make you spread your legs, your ass in the air, your upper body on the bed, hands still tied behind you. I reach under you and touch you. You feel my fingers spreading your lips, holding you open. You feel the head of my cock press against you, and then push into you. You gasp as I pull back and then thrust forward again.

My cock pushes deeper and deeper into you, filling you. You're so wet, so hot... I start to fuck you, my cock sliding in and out with long strokes, sliding almost out of you, and then thrusting back in, deep inside you.

My hand is still beneath you, playing with your dripping pussy, your juices drenching my fingers. I rub your clit as I fuck you, responding to your gasps and moans. You push your hips back against me, matching the rhythm of my urgent fucking, taking my cock deep into you as my fingers bring you closer and closer to orgasm.

I thrust into you faster and faster, my hand rubbing you. You know I can't stop now - you know I'm going to cum in you. I feel your body start to stiffen and tremble and I know that you are going to cum too.

Oh fuck! Oh god, yes baby! Cum with me!

I drive my cock into you, burying it deep inside as my cum erupts into you. Spurt after spurt of my hot jism squirts into you as your muscles contract around my shaft, our juices running together down your thighs in a wet trickle.

I lean forward on top of you, my heart pounding. The scent of our sex fills the room.

I pause for a moment then I stand up, my cock slips wetly from you. You look so sexy, your ass in the air, your pussy drenched with our juices.

I lean over and whisper softly in your ear, "I love, I love you totally now and forever." Usually at that moment something happens that drags me away from the beauty of that fantasy world and back to the reality of our situation and our complicated lives.

In a large group of people like this when you are looking at me I often wonder what you are thinking.

I wonder if you are having the same thoughts and fantasies about me. I wonder if you are pondering what my thoughts are and if I am thinking about you. Well now you know.

I do hunger for you and someday I will give into that lust into that hunger. Someday I will take you the way you need to be taken. That is our destiny that cannot be denied.

If you won't cheat with me in the real world then cheat with me in your mind and in your fantasies. Let me be your fantasy lover, let me be your dirty little secret.

When you are alone where no else can see, offer yourself to me, give your body to me the way I know you want to, the way you need to.

I will feel your thought and your energy and I will be there gladly ready to accept your gift waiting and ready to offer myself to you. I will be there in the deep hidden parts of your mind that no else knows about. When you need me come join me there. I will be there eagerly waiting for you.

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