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Massage Therapy


I had been feeling worn out and stiff. When I complained to my wife about it, she suggested I let her make an appointment with her massage therapist. I had never had a professional massage. My feeling was that a good backrub or a massage wasn't something a person needed to be trained to do. Or even could be trained to do. I had been told that I gave a dynamite massage by all the women who had shared my bed over the years. To me, you either had the gift of applying just enough pressure or you didn't. To me, it was very similar to making love as regards sensitivity of touch.

But Candy insisted, so I finally gave in. That was why I found myself that afternoon sitting on the futon in Jennifer's waiting area while she finished up with her earlier customer. I had seen Jennifer a couple of times when I'd gone to pick my wife up from her appointments. She was a short, almost petite, black woman with mocha colored skin. Her black hair was bobbed short and she liked to wear shorts and tank tops when she worked. Her breasts were small and almost pubescent under her loose top. On one occasion when she'd worked up quite a sweat during Candy's massage, her nipples made their presence known by reacting to the somewhat cooler air of the outer room. They appeared to be outsized for the size of the mounds they adorned, standing almost a half inch and about the same in diameter.

The studio was in the center of a strip mall just off the east-west highway. There was another reason I had shied away from "massage therapy". It was that these days there was too much of the New Age b.s. that surrounded so much of it. I accept the therapeutic value of massage. But the crystals, the aromatherapy, the temple bells, and all the other happy horseshit so many of them tossed in made me want to puke. Jennifer might be one of those, I wasn't sure. What I did know was that she kept an assortment of magazines that were all over the map. From far out there to Smithsonian and Time.

Jennifer ushered a rather large woman out of the back room and shepherded her out the front door. Then she turned to me. Crossing from the door, she held out her hand and smiled. "Bill, I'm so glad Candy convinced you to come. I'm sure I will be able to help you." I wondered what my wife had said to her, exactly.

"I'm sure you give a great rubdown," I replied, not knowing what else to say. Jennifer chuckled and told me that the term 'rubdown' was for locker rooms and boxers. But, she added, she wasn't so P.C. that she disagreed that a rose by any other name... etc., etc. I began to like this woman more.

In the room with the table, she told me to strip down as much as I was comfortable and she would return. She ducked out under a curtain across a door in the back. I was pretty comfortable naked, so I stripped everything off and lay on the table. I wasn't sure of the protocol, so I pulled the sheet over my lower half and relaxed on my back. After a few minutes, Jennifer called from behind the curtain asking if I was ready. I told her I was.

She came back into the room. She had some fresh towels in her arms, which she deposited on a table at the side of the room. "Any musical preferences?" she asked. I told her anything but 'that New Age crap'. She laughed and put on some soft instrumental I didn't recognize. But it didn't have any instruments in it that I couldn't name, so I was content with it. She asked me to turn over on my belly and she adjusted the doughnut-shaped face rest to my size. Starting at my neck, she worked her way down my back, then repositioned the sheet to do the backs of my legs. During all this, she asked questions. "Do you have any specific sore spots, or stiffness in a particular location?"

"Well, I've been having some sharp pains down the backs of my legs from time to time," I told her.

"Maybe we should do some serious work on your glutes," she answered. Taking the term to mean my ass, I just said she was in charge.

"I'm in your hands -- literally. Whatever you think will do the most good is okay with me." She hesitated before saying anything else. When she went back to working my lower back, she spent some time putting some pressure around my kidney area. When I tensed at one point, she asked about it. "It's just that you hit a spot there that seems sensitive." She slowed down and worked it inch by inch until she hit it again. I jerked again, but she had been more gentle that time.

"This may seem like a personal question, Bill," she began. She seemed reluctant to ask me something. "but how is your digestion?" Thinking she meant to ask if I had heartburn or stomach aches, I said it was fine. "I mean, what about your bowels? Are you pretty regular?"

The question did surprise me. I had to think about it. While I considered, she bared my ass and began to work deep into the thick muscles. Usually I was regular as clockwork. Shortly after rising, I'd be sitting in the bathroom. But as I thought about it, I realized I had been a little off schedule the last few days, and I told her so. It seemed odd, laying there naked with a pretty young woman rubbing my naked ass, telling her about my bowel movements. But her next question surprised me even more.

"Have you ever had an enema, Bill?" I laughed. The image from my childhood, of a red rubber "hot water bottle", trailing a long rubber hose, hanging from the shower curtain rod in my parents' bathroom popped into my mind. I told her I could recall at least once as a child having one. "Well, they fell out of popularity over the last forty years or so, but they seem to be coming back. Probably it was the cult of Beauty that made them seem unattractive," she added. Then she laughed. "Of course, there isn't anything romantic or attractive about getting a gallon or so of warm water pumped into your ass!"

Her laugh made me join in. She got serious again and explained the benefits of 'hydrotherapy', as she called it. "But," I said, "the bottom line is that it's still getting a bagful of water pumped up my ass. I'm not sure the situation is that serious."

"Well, what I would recommend is an enema, even if your constipation is temporary. The water type is less damaging than the commercial types. They have chemicals in them that it doesn't sound like you need. This sounds like a short-lived condition."

We talked some more, and even though I was reluctant, I said I would try it. "Do drug stores even still carry those things?" I asked her. I hadn't seen any enema kits in a long time on drugstore shelves.

"Well, I was suggesting you have one here, before you go," she said. As that sank in, I realized she meant that she would administer it. Maybe there are some kinks in me that I don't suspect are there, but the idea seemed to kind of tweak my libido. So much so, that the idea of this woman sliding a greased nozzle up my ass made my dick twitch and get semi-hard. I must have hesitated too long, because she said, "But, of course it is up to you. I don't want to force you into anything you really won't want."

"No," I said, maye too quickly this time, "I was just absorbing the idea. If...well, if you really think it would do some good, I'm game." I felt my cheeks warming up. All through this conversation, she had been squeezing and rubbing my ass and my upper thighs. That, added to the image of her spreading my cheeks and sliding an enema nozzle up me had me going.

Then she asked me to turn over to finish my massage. Uh-oh! My dick was hard! Oh, well, I thought. It can't be the first time it has happened. Fortunately, she held the sheet so I would not be totally exposed. But, naturally, when the sheet settled over my midsection, it was pretty clear I was aroused. Professional or not, I saw Jennifer's eyes flick down and away. That was the first time I realized black people could blush. Of course her complexion was so light I could see it.

She concentrated on my arms and then my feet. My erection faded as she rubbed and we talked. But I was curious. "Jennifer," I began, "has Candy ever had an enema here?"

"Well, like doctors, we're not supposed to tell, but since you are her husband, I guess that doesn't apply. Yes, she has had several. She seems to enjoy them, on fact." I thought about my wife and Jennifer sitting calmly chatting while Jennifer held the nozzle in my wife's ass. My cock was beginning to betray my thoughts again.

Fortunately, Jennifer declared the massage done about then. She told me I could just take my time and relax for a while. Then, reconfirming that I was willing to try an enema, she said it would take her a few minutes to prepare things. She once again disappeared through the curtain to the back. I lay there and mentally assessed my body. The muscular stiffness was gone and my 'other stiffness' had subsided somewhat. I felt pretty relaxed, yet excited at the prospect of what was coming next. I closed my eyes and drifted.

Jennifer's hand on my shoulder woke me. "Bill, I hate to disturb you, but we're ready to go," she said quietly. I was surprised to see that she now wore a robe instead of her shorts. She saw me notice. "I use a little different method for hydrotherapy than you might have gotten as a child," she said, a definite twinkle in her eye. My thought was one huge question mark. When I sat up, she simply tossed the sheet aside and held out her hand. I padded naked alongside her and she held up the curtain for me to pass under. I found myself in a large bathroom. Indoor/outdoor carpet covered most of the floor. There was a shower and toilet on the opposite wall. In the corner was a large hot tub, the jets already bubbling and steam rising up.

Jennifer led me to the tub and told me to get in. Then she wheeled a stand -- similar to an IV stand from a hospital -- from which hung a large rubber bag that bulged. The bag was open at the top and from the bottom hung a supple rubber tube that ended in a straight nozzle about six inches long. Positioning the stand next to where I sat in the tub, Jennifer's hand went to the sash of her robe. She pulled it open with a, "Ta-Dah!" Ans she let it drop to the floor. She was naked now, too. She had a beautiful body. Her nipples were everything I'd imagined they were. Aureolae as large as sand dollars, the nipples stood at attention. without the constriction of the tank top, they stood out at least a half inch from the surrounding flesh. The entire nipple was a beautiful dark mahogany color. When she climbed over the edge of the tub, I noticed that she had removed her pubic hair. The pink inside of her folds winked at me before she dropped into the water.

She moved over beside me and told me to turn and lean over the edge of the tiled tub so that my ass was above the water line. When I did so, she took up a bottle of some kind of scented lubricant and poured some into her hand. She applied it gently between my ass cheeks and found her way to my anus. She probed easily until my opening gave way and allowed her to slide a finger inside me. If my cock had been hard before, it was painfully so now. Candy and I had played "ass games" before, and we'd even had anal sex, so that association came into play along with the sensuous feelings. Jennifer's other hand was on my back at first. When she removed her finger and replaced it with two, the free hand slid around my waist and gripped my cock.

I was fairly certain that this must not have been a regular part of the treatment, but I wasn't about to complain. The only nagging voice in my head was the one that said, 'What about Candy?' But I pushed it aside and concentrated on what my flesh was sensing. She retained her grip on my cock while she slid her fingers out of me and reached for the nozzle. She dipped it under the water, explaining that she was warming it up first. Then she brought it to my hole and began the insertion. It slipped in easily and she worked it completely inside me, then pushed the tube itself to seat it deep.

She told me I could turn around if I wanted to, so I did. Once more leaning my back against the edge of the tub (though not sitting), I looked at Jennifer. Her eyes held a new look. Gone was the professional masseuse from the last hour. Now she was a naked woman, doing something good for me, but which also turned her on. When my hand reached out to take hold of her nipple, she smiled and pushed forward into my grasp, letting her eyes close. All the while, she held the tube firmly at my asshole. She reached up and opened the clamp that had been holding the water back from entering me. I felt myself begin to slowly fill up. The feeling was incredible! She explained that she was releasing the water slowly to prevent cramping. Still, it felt like I was filling rapidly. When I told her this, she clamped the flow and helped me to turn my body from side to side in the bubbling water. The motion made the fluid move around in my colon and ease the fullness.

We repeated this treatment and the bag eventually was empty. I had taken the entire contents of the bag. I felt full, and certainly would need to release it soon. But I was not in any difficulty. Jennifer removed the tube and wrapped it in a clean cloth. Then she put her arms around my neck. She brought her lips to mine and we shared a kiss. "You must have figured out by now, Bill, that this was all Candy's idea," she whispered over the bubbling. The suspicion had crossed my mind as soon as she opened her robe to reveal her body to me. "She asked me to give you 'the full treatment' when she made the appointment."

"I wondered," I admitted. "I just couldn't believe that this was part of the regular regimen." There was a voice then, from behind me.

"But you didn't seem to put up much of a protest, Dear," Candy said from the doorway. I looked over my shoulder to see her standing there as naked as Jennifer and I. She wasted no time in joining us in the tub. Suddenly, the enema was working! Regretfully, I glanced at the toilet in the other corner. There was no stall, just the toilet sitting there next to the shower. I looked back at the women. They were grinning. "Having some urgent feelings, my love?" Candy asked in a rather nasty voice. She just pointed at the toilet and told me to go ahead.

I had no choice. I climbed carefully from the tub and rushed across to the toilet. Sitting there, I tried to ignore my wife and the masseuse watching. But I looked over at them anyway. They were watching me, but their arms were wrapped around each other! As the first gush exploded out of my ass, the realization hit me! They were lovers! They smiled and, as if reading my thoughts, they turned their faces toward each other and kissed deeply. I emptied my bowels an explosive gush at a time. While I did, they caressed and obviously began to make love there in the water.

I thought I was finished and stood up. Then I felt another cramp, so I sat back down. As I did, I saw Jennifer raise herself up to sit on the edge of the tub. My view was from her right side. Candy moved toward her and Jennifer's legs opened to welcome her. My wife dipped her head to lick Jennifer's hairless cunt as I watched. Finally, I was pretty sure I was empty. My dick was also extremely hard! I rushed into the shower and rinsed, then soaped my ass, and rinsed again. Clean, I returned rapidly to the tub. I didn't want to be left out of this! They welcomed me and during the rest of the afternoon, along with sex, they explained that they had been spending time sexually together for about a month. I'm not sure if I'm weird, but I wasn't jealous. I was turned on the way I've never been before.

So that is the story of my first sexual enema. There have been others, for Candy and Jen, as well as for me. We all have very healthy digestive systems and we're all very much in love with one another. Jen lives with us now and she is expecting our first child. She gave up the storefront and does her massage and hydrotherapy out of our home.

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