Matty Meets Kimmy Ch. 05


I watched Matt walk off towards my room and grabbed the car keys. I was only gone a half hour. I picked up some subs for Matt and I to have for dinner. I left the sandwiches on the kitchen counter and quietly made my way into the bedroom. Matt was under the covers, sound asleep. I stealthily crawled into bed, lying at Matt's side. I watched his peaceful face and couldn't help but smile. I wondered if the subtle smile on his face meant that he was dreaming, I wondered if he was dreaming about me. I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off into sleep.

When I woke up I was alone in bed. I checked the clock; I was out for about an hour. I could hear Matt in the shower. I remained in bed stretching my arms and legs. Matt emerged a couple minutes later, dressed in just his blue boxer briefs. I looked up at him and smiled, his chest was dotted with water droplets, and his damp hair went in all directions after just having been towel dried.

"Why didn't you wake me, I'd have loved to join you for a shower," I whispered, still stretching my arms.

Matt knelt down beside me and ran his hand through my hair,

"I wanted to, but you looked so adorable while you slept, I couldn't bring myself to wake you."

I smiled at Matt lovingly.

"So do you wanna go get dinner?" he asked.

"I already got us dinner, it's out in the kitchen," I replied.

Matt and I made our way to the kitchen and ate, then settled on the couch. The television was on but neither of us was paying much attention. Instead, I was snuggled up in Matt's arms. I was looking up at him; we both remained silent and just stared into each other's eyes. As was our custom, we eventually began making out. I giggled like a child when I felt Matt picking me up. He carried me into the bedroom and laid me down on the bed. Matt crawled on me and we continued our heavy petting. Taking a break from our kissing to catch a breath I looked at Matt in just his boxers,

"I think I might be a little overdressed," I commented.

Matt was all too happy to help me out of my green t-shirt and grey cotton shorts, leaving me in just my white cotton panties.

"That's much better," I moaned as I pulled Matt back down to me.

Matt began kissing his way down my body, slowly along my neck then chest. When he was over my stomach, and moving lower, I held his head up and stopped him,

"Nuh uh. . .tonight is all you baby," I informed. I made Matt stand up and remove his boxers, watching gleefully as his manhood bounced free. After he removed my panties, I picked up the white plastic aneros from off the side table, it was slender and cylindrical and very smooth. There was an angled head then narrow neck which widened into a 'body' section then narrowed again, tapering down to two curved arms at the base, preventing any chance of going in all the way.

"Are you ready baby?" I asked.

Matt nodded and handed me the bottle of lube,

"Be gentle with me," he joked.

Matt got on the bed and lay down on his stomach. I poured a generous amount of the clear liquid on the toy, and stroked it up and down; making sure the entire thing was properly lubed. I eagerly made my way over to Matt. He was holding his butt cheeks apart just slightly. I placed the toy between his cheeks and rubbed it about, spreading the lube around his opening.

"Ready?" I asked again.

"Go for it babe," he instructed.

Pressing the head against Matt's opening, I watched as his skin stretched, allowing the toy to slide in. Matt groaned as the head slipped in,

"Is it in?" he asked urgently.

I giggled,

"Just the head baby, just keep relaxing and breathing, you're doing great," I informed him.

I heard Matt trying to control his breathing and I applied a little more pressure. The body of the toy began to slide in. When it reached the tapered section, I watched Matt's anus contract and suck the toy all the way in. Matt let out another groan as the white plastic filled him, the arms pressing against his perineum and between his butt cheeks.

"Okay baby, it's in," I whispered.

Matt continued to lie there, getting his body accustomed to the new feeling. I watched in delight as Matt's anus relaxed and contracted, which pulled the toy in him everytime in a thrusting fashion.

After a minute or two, Matt got up. He was kneeling down on the bed and looked at me,

"How does it feel?" I asked curiously.

A small smiled escaped him,

"Kinda amazing actually, every I suck it into me, I think it nudges against my prostate, it feels really good," he explained.

"Oh my god baby! Look at your cock," I alerted as we both stared down at Matt's erection.

His penis was rock hard and throbbing, a long strand of clear precum dangling from its tip, almost all the way down to the bed.

I excitedly reached down with a cupped hand and collected his nectar then eagerly licked my palm.

"You think you're ready?" I anxiously asked.

"What do you think?" Matt retorted, directing my attention to his rock hard erection.

I crawled infront of Matt and got on all fours. I felt Matt's hands on my ass as he positioned himself. Matt pressed his cock against my pussy, and rubbed himself up and down my lips. After a few seconds, I felt him pushing into me. As Matt entered my pussy, his hands gripped my hips tightly.

"Mhmm baby, I don't think you've ever felt harder," I moaned as Matt filled me.

Matt began to thrust into me, pumping passionately into my cunt.

We were both groaning aloud as Matt's thighs slapped against my ass. I threw my head back in delight when I felt Matt pressing his index finger into my asshole. Matt worked his finger in and out of me as I began slamming my body back against his throbbing cock, meeting his every thrust.

"Ohhh fuck Matt!!! Harder baby! Fuck me harder!" I cried. Matt headed my pleas and pushed hard into me and I felt a second finger begin to enter my ass.

"Ohh god baby yesss!!" I moaned.

I was so close to my orgasm. I lowered my face down to the bed, sticking my ass up in the air as Matt continued to plow into me. My hands were now free and they found their way to my breasts. I pinched my nipples hard and awaited the surging climax of my orgasm.

"Ohhh fuckk Matt!!! Mhmmm mhmmm,"

Matt thrusted harder and faster which drove me over the edge. My body tensed up and my pussy contracted around Matt's cock. My satisfied cries filled the tiny room and my pussy flowed with my cream.

"Ohh god baby, are you almost there?" I moaned, tired and satisfied.

"Almost, baby, almost," Matt grunted.

"I want to see you cum," I cooed.

I felt Matt pull out of my gaping cunt and I immediately flipped over onto my back. I hungrily reached out and grabbed Matt's cock and began stroking him furiously. It only took seconds for huge ropes of cum to shoot out of Matt's twitching cock.

"Ahhhhh fuck!!!!! " Matt groaned as he bucked his hips.

I stared happily back and forth between Matt's face and his glorious exploding cock. I continued stroking Matt's penis as more and more of his seed just kept coming. It was the most I'd ever seen him produce, every drop of it landing on my breasts. Matt finally began to calm, and even with a limp penis his body continued to twitch and droplets of cum continued to dribble out.

Even the look on Matt's face as he stared down at me told me he was surprised by the amounts of cum that coated me.

"Ohh my good baby, that was nothing like I've ever felt before," he panted before lying at my side.

"I could tell babe, and this certainly isn't like anything we've experienced before," I replied as I played with the puddles of cum on my chest.

"Looks like we'll be taking that shower after all," Matt stated.

We laid there for a few minutes before making our way to the bathroom. Matt got some tissues and wiped my chest the best he could.

"Turn around," I instructed.

Matt listened and I lowered my hands, curling my fingers around the arms of the aneros.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Yeah," Matt replied.

I slowly pulled on the toy; it slid from Matt's butt with ease. I tossed the still lubed up plastic cylinder in the sink while Matt turned on the shower.

"I just need to pee real quick," I informed Matt.

"No one's stopping you babe," Matt quipped.

"You want me to go with you just standing there?" I asked embarrassingly.

"It's not like you're going number two, you're just peeing, think of it as taking our relationship to another level," Matt replied with a chuckle.

"Well I've never seen you go while I was in here with you," I protested.

"So you want me to pee first and then you will?" he asked.

I nodded in response.

"You're such a baby," Matt chuckled as he walked over and lifted the toilet seat. I walked up behind him and stood on my tiptoes. Matt and I both stared down at his penis. He looked over his shoulder and smiled at me before I saw his golden stream of urine hitting the water in the toilet. When he was done, Matt looked at me,

"Do you wanna shake it for me?"

I giggled as I wrapped my hands around Matt's waist and took his limp penis between my fingers. I shook his soft noodle a couple times, watching as a couple drops of pee fell into the bowl.

"Okay, your turn," Matt stated as he stepped out of the way.

I had no choice but to hesitantly lower the toilet seat and sit down. Matt mischievously knelt down infront of me and stared directly into my eyes, knowing how embarrassing this was for me.

"I don't hear anything?" Matt teased.

I stuck out my tongue at Matt, jokingly mocking him. A few seconds later we both smiled at each other as we heard the steady trickle of my pee hitting the water in the toilet bowl. I wiped myself and flushed then Matt helped me to my feet and into the shower.

"That wasn't so bad was it?" he asked as we soaked our bodies beneath the warm water.

"I guess not," I replied, "What about you, was the aneros as scary as you thought it would be?" I asked.

Matt looked up at the ceiling, letting the water flow over his face. He looked back down at me,

"I don't think I was ever scared of the actual thing, you know the physical stuff. What worried me was what you would think of me after doing something like that, I had this insecure feeling that you'd think I was less of a man or something."

"Baby, why didn't you tell me you were feeling like this?" I asked with a concerned tone.

"I dunno, maybe it's just stupid."

"Well what is stupid is thinking I would ever think of you as anything but one hundred percent my man, all man."

I wrapped my hands around Matt and he did the same to me,

"Baby, when I'm in your arms. . .I feel like the safest person in the world. And every time you kiss me, or hold my hand, or make love to me, or do something like tonight for me even though you were a bit hesitant, I know you are the only man for me," I continued to explain.

Matt kissed me on the forehead,

"Thanks baby, you're the best," he replied.

Matt and I finished up with our shower then got dressed. Matt slipped on some boxers and I just put on a t-shirt. We crawled into bed and huddled under the covers,

"So do you think we'll be adding the aneros to our future?" I asked.

"Definitely, it's not an everyday occasion kinda thing, but I could definitely see us using it once in a while," Matt replied.

"Glad you liked it."

"Well I'm glad you suggested it babe," Matt stated.

He reached over and gave me a peck on the lips,

"I love you baby," I cooed.

"I love you too Kimmy."


The next morning I rolled out of bed around nine. I slipped on a pair of Matt's boxers, used the bathroom, then went to the kitchen. I returned a couple minutes later, a cup of coffee in each of my hands. I set down one cup next to Matt, on the bedside table.

"Babe, you have your study group in an hour," I whispered.

Taking a sip of my coffee, I watched as Matt slowly opened his eyes. He sat up with me, resting his back against the wooden head board. He smiled at me as he picked up his cup and took a sip,

"So what are you doing today?" he asked.

"Ohh I'll probably wait till Summer gets home, then maybe hit the gym before lunch then I have class this afternoon."

"Want me to get us lunch after my study group? I have a few hours before my class in the evening."

"Okay, sounds great," I replied.

"I better hop in the shower and head out," Matt stated after taking another sip.

I waited until Matt left then decided to tidy up the apartment a little. I was out in the kitchen when I heard the door opening. Adam and Summer came strolling in,

"Hey guys," I greeted.

"Hi Kim," they replied in unison.

Summer schlepped her bag over to her bedroom then returned at kissed Adam on the cheek,

"I'll see you this evening babe, thanks again," she stated.

"Don't mention is sweetie, see yah later Kim!"

"See yah Adam!" I replied.

Summer walked over and we exchanged a quick hug then sat at the table,

"He has class," Summer explained.

"So, how was it?" I asked.

"Really great, we had an amazing weekend, was really nice being back home."

"That's nice, so when is your class?"

"In an hour actually, I better go get ready, see you this evening? We can go out for dinner; I'll tell you all about my weekend."

"Okay sweetie, sounds like fun," I replied.

After Summer left for class, I got changed into my exercise clothes and headed out to the gym.


Standing over the sink in the kitchen, I chugged my bottle of water. My workout had me feeling exhilarated. Hearing a key in the front door, and turned my head to see Matt enter.

"Hey baby," I greeted.

"Hi sweetie, I got us chipotle," he replied.

Matt set the brown bag down on the table as he made his way over to me. He embraced me from behind and held me.

"How was your workout?" he whispered.

"Amazing," I replied.

"What's amazing is how you look in those black spandex shorts and orange sports bra," Matt replied.

I giggled as he kissed my neck.

"Baby, I'm all sweaty," I squealed as he tickled my neck with his tongue.

"Mhmm, and you taste that much better," he whispered, "Is Summer home?" he asked.

I raised my head to the ceiling and closed my eyes, letting Matt work his tongue to the back of my neck as he continued kissing me.

"Nope, she had class," I cooed.

"Mhmmm, how convenient," Matt replied.

I felt Matt's hand on my stomach, moving down between my legs. I could almost feel my knees go weak when he cupped my vagina over my tight spandex shorts.

"Mhmmm baby, you're so warm," he whispered.

I wiggled my butt against Matt's body; I could already feel his prominent bulge pressing hard against my ass.

"Come on," I urgently stated, leading Matt into my room.

I spun round and kissed Matt hard, his tongue was so warm and his mouth so inviting. I felt him pawing at my sports bra; we broke our kiss so he could lift it off me. Matt immediately lowered his face to my breasts, sucking on my pert mounds. There was nothing for me to do but affectionately comb my fingers through his hair and enjoy his touch.

After a couple minutes, Matt laid me down on the bed, with my legs hanging over the edge. He kissed his way down my stomach. My tummy trembled as I giggled, Matt's tickling tongue swirling around my belly button having the desired effect. He moved lower and was now kissing my lower abdomen, over my spandex. Matt kissed the plump lips of my vagina which pressed against the tight fabric. I watched as he pressed his nose against my lips and took a shallow breath,

"You're amazing," he sighed as he hooked his fingers into my spandex, pulling it along with my thong down to my knees. I smiled as I felt a cool rush of air against my now bare skin.

"Baby, you sure you don't want me to take a quick shower first?" I asked, feeling a bit insecure.

Matt's response was quite reassuring,

"Are you kidding baby? You taste amazing," he replied before lowering his face to my pussy.

Matt tenderly kissed the lips of my vagina, planting light pecks up and down the length of my slit. My eyes tightened when I felt Matt warm tongue slide into my vagina. I could already feel my juices trickle onto Matt's tongue as my heart began beating faster and faster. All I heard was the slurping sounds of Matt's tongue lapping away at my vagina. After a few seconds, Matt pulled his tongue from me and moved up, latching on to my throbbing clit. I opened my legs wider as Matt gently nibbled on me. Matt raised his hand and slid a finger into me. I gasped in delight as he began pumping his finger inside me, quickly adding a second. Matt's tongue was swirling around my pulsing clit, lashing it back and forth. I was moaning and panting now, my mind overcome with pleasure. Matt pulled his mouth from my clit, replacing it with his thumb, rubbing tortuously delightful circles around it. With two fingers delving into me with considered pace, and his thumb circling my clit, Matt raised his face up to mine. He kissed me hard, and I ran my tongue all over him, tasting my wonderful juices on him. Matt's fingers curled inside me, moving speedily as I squirmed myself against him.

"Ahhhhh fuck MATTY!!!" I cried as a wave of ecstasy rushed over me.

I had to pull my mouth from Matt's as I clenched my jaw, my body shivering with my orgasm. I lay there breathing heavily, letting my mind calm back down as Matt continued to slowly caress me. I finally turned my face to him and smiled. He pulled his fingers from me and brought them up to his mouth. I watched as he sucked his glistening fingers. Matt let me lick his thumb clean, I savored my sweet nectar. As Matt pulled his finger from my mouth, he reached over to the sidetable drawer and retrieved the lube,

"Are you up for it?" he softly asked.

I nodded affirmatively.

Matt stood up and reached out an open hand,

"Come with me, I want to see your face."

Without query, I reached up and Matt helped me to my feet. I let my shorts and underwear fall to my ankles and stepped out of them. Matt led me to the bathroom and positioned me to stand over the sink, infront of the mirror. I looked over my shoulder and watched Matt pour some lube into his hand. I giggled when I felt his hand press between my butt cheeks. He rubbed his fingers around my tight entrance, teasingly slipping a finger in just to pull it back out. I looked forward into the mirror and stared back at myself and Matt. I heard him unbuckling his jeans. He took a few seconds to lube up his cock and then I felt him, pressing between my butt cheeks. Matt was looking down, and I was looking at him in the mirror. I felt the head of Matt's cock press against my asshole. He pushed gently and his head slid in. I grasped onto the sides of the white ceramic sink as Matt made his way into me. When he was about halfway in, I felt Matt place his hands on my hips and he looked up into the mirror at me. We smiled at eachother and he leaned in and kissed my shoulder. Matt's eyes focused on mine as I held my breath and he pushed in all the way. I relaxed my breathing and reveled in the wonderful feeling of being filled by Matt.

"You feel amazing baby," Matt whispered before kissing me on the neck.

"So do you Matty," I moaned.

Matt brushed the hair from my back and kissed my neck. I turned my head as best I could and found Matt's lips with my own. We kissed for a few tender seconds then I looked back into the mirror.

"Is anything hurting?" Matt lovingly asked.

"No babe, everything feels wonderful, just go slow at first," I replied.

Matt's grip on my hips tightened and he began sliding in and out. I groaned in delight as I felt Matt's rigid cock stretching my asshole. After a few seconds I was pressing my ass back against Matt to meet his thrusts. I stared into his eyes and brought a hand up to my breasts. Matt's strokes were tender and gentle, when I felt I was ready, I gave him the okay,

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