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Maui Adventure



Vacations had come far too rarely for Kris and I over the five years we had been married. Life seemed always to get in the way. We both worked full time in a demanding industry and we had a three year old to care for so finding time for each other was sometimes difficult. On top of all this, we had recently made a move to the Pacific Northwest and changed jobs so the move, new roles, and a tough economy had placed an enormous amount of stress on us. In the process we had sort of drifted apart and forgotten about all the wonderful things that had brought us together and made us fall in love. Kris and I had a very special kind of love that came from lots of life experience that told us what we did not want. We knew and appreciated what we had found in each other and we knew we had something that was very rare.

Kris' 40th birthday was coming up and I knew I needed to do something special for her. In addition to a big surprise party with friends flying in from all over the country, I decided to book a trip away for just the two of us. I wanted some time away from the stresses of jobs, kids, and life in general. Luckily, I was able to get a couple tickets to Maui and booked a great little private Bungalow in Hamoa not far from Hana on the quiet north shore of the island. Hana is known as one of the last parts of Hawaii that still has that remote Hawaiin feel and I felt it would be perfect for our relaxing time away. I secured family to watch our little one so Kris would not have any worries and waited for her birthday to give her her gift. The party was amazing and when Kris opened her gift she cried with happiness and I knew I had gotten the perfect gift. I could hardly wait as the weeks passed until it was finally time to hit the road.

Kris and I decided as we waited at the airport that we were going to make the most of these few days alone and really try to enjoy our vacation and put the "real" world behind us for a while. I knew Kris had packed some of my favorite little sets of lingerie and a short little denim mini skirt that I loved on her so I expected I was in for a very nice trip. Sex with Kris was incredible, but when she took it to the next level by dressing up for me, it absolutely blew me away! Between the beauty of Maui and my beautiful wife, I was sure to have plenty to look forward to over the next few days.

We arrived in Maui late in the evening and had a long drive in to Hana so by the time we arrived at the Bungalow we had little energy to do anything but take a quick bath on the Lanai and crawl into bed. The bungalow was wonderful, completely open with the bed as the centerpiece and an open Lanai that allowed the ocean breezes and the sounds of the lush landscape into the room. As we drifted off to sleep that first night I couldn't help but wonder what adventures lie ahead.

Chapter One – The adventure begins

We woke early in the morning to the rising sun and the sounds of the birds of Maui announcing that morning had arrived. Although we had planned to sleep in on our vacation, the mixture of sun, jungle noises, and clear air woke us up pretty quickly. We decided to go grab some breakfast at the beautiful Hotel Hana and head to the beach to start our vacation in earnest. We spent the first part of the day at Hamoa beach soaking up the sun, relaxing, and people watching. After several hours we had had enough sun that we were feeling a bit tired and went back to the bungalow for a short nap.

When we woke up I decided to test the fact that we both had said we were going to try new things and try to get Kris to our first nude beach. A little bit about Kris first. She is a bit of a free spirit so having her go nude on a beach was not a long shot by any means, I knew she had skinny dipped and we used to swim nude and tan nude in our backyard at our old home, but we hadn't ever gone to something like a nude beach and intentionally got naked around other people. As I mentioned before, Kris just turned 40 but looks 30. She is about five foot eight and a hundred and twenty five pounds and has a body that is just all woman and all natural. She is blessed with 36C breasts, a perfect round butt and one of the most beautiful pussies I have ever laid eyes on. She has full inner lips that protrude from her outer lips and it creates a really erotic vision when she is nude.

"How about we go try to find that Red Sand beach?" I asked

"The nude one?" she asked.

"Well, yeah I mean some people get nude there." I said, knowing full well that she knew my intentions. We had talked about Red sand beach before the trip and I had asked her if she would get nude if we went. She hadn't really given me a straight answer, but we had talked about nude beaches in the past. She always said she would have no issue going topless but didn't think she could remove her bottoms. She thought her pussy was for my eyes only.

"Sure" she finally said. "Lets go".

I couldn't believe my luck and how turned on I was. I watched as she crawled out of bed nude. Imagining her being like that on the beach in front of other people made my dick so hard it strained against my swimsuit bottoms as I pulled them on. Kris pulled on her cute little polka dot bikini and slipped a lose black sundress over the top of it. We both pulled on our tennis shoes as the hike to Red Sand was rumored to be pretty rough depending on the weather.

We drove about 10 minutes and parked our jeep in front of the Hana Community center and, following the directions we had read, walked down the dead end road toward the Ranch bungalows of the Hana Hotel. We weren't quite sure what way to go and the rumor was that the locals didn't really like people to find the beach so I was still not even sure we could find the way. As we reached the end of the road and started across a small lawn there was a couple coming towards us.

"Looking for the path to the beach?" they asked. We told them we were and they pointed us in the right direction for the start of the trail. I guess Maui was already bringing me good luck.

We wound our way down and around, bypassing one section of the trail that had eroded in a recent mudslide and finally turned the corner about 50 feet in the air to see the most spectacular beach we had ever seen in our lives. The beach was in a small cove, bound on three sides by high cliffs of red rock. There was a line of volcanic rock that crossed about eighty percent of the water parallel to the beach that created a sort of natural break for the waves and a section of very calm deep water to swim in just off the beach. As we walked along the trail and headed over to where it started down to the beach I scanned and noticed to my disappointment that no one was nude on the beach. There was a couple close to the end of the trail that looked like they were preparing to leave, a group of four with two men and two girls that were sitting fully clothed on the sand close to the water's edge, and another couple that had made their way to the far end of the beach around a fallen tree and were laying in the sand. No one was in the water at the moment.

We made our way out onto the beach passing the first young couple and the group of four and laid our towels down on the rocky red sand about five to six feet from the waters edge and about halfway between the end of the trail and the furthest couple on the other side of the downed tree. Kris slipped her sundress off over her head and I took off my shirt and we walked down to test the water, and our nerves, still in our bathing suits. We dipped a foot in the water and found it to be pretty chilly but certainly not unbearable. We waded in to about our upper thighs and then figured we would get out and sit on the towels for a while and observe.

Back on the beach we both sat on our towels and started looking around at the other people and the beautiful scenery. The first young couple closest to the trail head packed up their belongings and headed back up the trail and out, leaving just the foursome and the other couple on the far side of the beach. I swung my head around to look in that direction and noticed the man standing and looking out over the water. It became clear pretty quickly that he had just removed his shorts and he waded out and swam nude into the little cove. I looked over and noticed that Kris had also seen him and realized he was nude as well. All attention on the beach was now turned in his direction. It was clear the foursome to our right had come to the beach to try to catch nudists and there was something semi creepy about the way they were scanning and had their cameras at the ready. I told Kris that I was really wanting to go through with getting nude but they were kind of bugging me and were a bit creepy and she agreed. I really did not want to miss out on this opportunity but I wanted Kris to be comfortable and these people were just not conducive to that. We decided to wait a bit and see if they would leave.

I looked back over to see the lone nudist on the beach climbing up one of the volcanic rock structures just out in the water about thirty feet. His bare rear was facing the beach and you could make out his balls dangling between his legs as he navigated his way up the rock. I looked back at Kris and saw her watching him as well. I knew from our earlier conversation that she had expected the nudists at the beach to be the type of people you wouldn't want to see naked. Most nudist beach pictures were full of older, heavier people that were just having a good time and happened to be nude. The man climbing the rocks out in front of us was not at all like that and I could tell Kris was appreciative. He was tan, in great shape, and looked to be about 5'10" or 5'11".

As we watched he climbed to the top of the rock and then sat on the other side of it facing the open ocean so we could only see his upper back and shoulders. It looked like there was some sort of natural seat there that he knew about and he was enjoying the ocean breezes and the freedom of being nude. He sat like that for some time and we started talking and just looking around the beach until we heard him yelling to his girlfriend or wife on the beach. When we turned to look at what was happening I could see that he was now standing on this side of the rock in full view and was pointing to something in the water, apparently a sea turtle had decided to swim through the break in the rocks and explore the little lagoon. He stood there for some time, cupping his hand and yelling directions to try to get the girl on the beach to see the turtle. All the while he was standing fully nude no more than 25-30feet from the shore and showed no modesty whatsoever as his erection bobbed in the ocean breeze. In fact, a couple times I saw him grab at it and sort of slap it, presumably to keep himself erect. I turned my head and watched Kris and saw her looking in his direction. She caught me looking at her and turned her head but she kept going back to looking over at him standing there nude. I couldn't blame her, seeing a naked person, whether male or female, is kind of like a train wreck to me, I just can't seem to look away. The thought of my wife looking at this other man's cock was actually a bit of a turn on and I felt myself hardening in my swim trunks. I only wished that she was nude so I could see her body's reaction.

Just as I was beginning to think that this day at the nude beach was going to end up being a bust, the creepy foursome next to us starting packing up their things and heading back up the trail. As they did, another young couple came down the trail and took a spot right near the end of the trail. The girl sat down, fully clothed and her boyfriend or husband pulled his shirt off and waded into the water off to our right in his swimming trunks. I watched the creepy foursome make their way up the trail and start towards the corner that would lead them away from the beach. I was all butterflies in my stomach but told myself that as soon as they were out of view I was going to go for it and strip off my bathing suit. I didn't know when I would have another chance to come to a nude beach and I didn't want to go away with any regrets. I turned to tell Kris my plan and saw her reach behind her to grab the tie to her top and pull the string. She reached in front and lifted her bikini top up and over her head letting her beautiful full breasts free and I watched them sort of bounce and her pink nipples begin to harden. I was shocked and turned on, and nervous all at once. She stood quickly saying only "Well I am going for it" and then took a step toward the water, hooked her thumbs in the sides of her bikini bottoms, and pushed them down and off in one smooth motion. I watched her step out of her bottoms with my lower jaw on my chest. I had never expected her to go fully nude and frankly I had expected to have to coax her out of her swimsuit once we were here as I used to have to do at our pool at home. I watched her beautiful ass swaying as she walked toward the water and could just see the outline of her pussy lips between her legs.

She looked over her shoulder at me with a naughty little smile. "Are you coming?" she asked.

I managed to regain my composure and say "Absolutely" as I reached down and slipped my swim trunks off while still seated and then stood up and walked quickly to the water. As I did I scanned the beach quickly and saw the guy to our right watching Kris closely as her breasts bounced enticingly as she waded into the water. A look in the other direction confirmed that mister erection was also keenly interested and had come back around the front side of the rock and was watching her as well as his cock got visibly harder. I looked up toward the trail and saw that the foursome from the beach had caught sight of her before turning the corner and were busy snapping photos from the ledge. I laughed as the heaviest of the two men practically fell off the ledge straining to get a better look. The girl with him grabbed him by the elbow and hastily pulled him away, it was obvious he was not happy that he wasn't going to get to stay a little longer. With Kris being the only nude female on the beach and very attractive, the entire beach now seemed tuned to her nakedness. Her tan lines made her nudity even more obvious as her white breasts and pink nipples stood out sharply against the slight red of our earlier adventure to the clothed beach.

I waded into the water and swam out to where Kris was treading water. The water was cool and refreshing, it was a bit shocking when you first entered but after a moment it was actually very nice. We swam around for a couple moments and I continued to watch the reactions of the men on the beach as they tried to look at Kris without making their significant others too unhappy. We swam back to shallower water and stood on the rocky bottom for some time. I crouched down to keep my body in the water since it was cool, but I noticed that Kris stood straight so that her breasts were just above the water line. The cool water had had a wonderful effect on her and her perfect little pink nipples were hard as rocks and stuck out a good half inch from her areola. It was clear that a part of her was enjoying the attention and by keeping her breasts above the water, she was keeping everyone very interested. She was quite a beautiful sight with her dark brown hair wet and pushed back on her head and her slim shoulders and beautiful breasts visible above the water. As we talked, I noticed her stealing glances toward the nude man still standing on the rocks off to our left now no more than 15 feet from us. He was still facing the beach and his erection was almost pointing at Kris as he watched her. His cock looked to be about average size, maybe a bit bigger, and was at full mast with a beautiful naked woman now just a few feet in front of him. I wondered if from his perch he could see her ass in the water as well and figured that he probably could given the crystal clear water.

At one point we decided to swim out a bit again and I headed out straight toward the volcanic break but I noticed that Kris swam out and slightly to the left, bringing her closer to him and his dangling erection. I figured she wanted to get a better look, and maybe give him a better look at her, and I found I didn't mind at all, in fact I was quite turned on by the thought. I knew from his position he was getting a great shot of her ass as she swam toward him and then again back toward me. I found myself wondering if he could see her pussy as she swam away. Finally we had had enough swimming and decided to leave the water to get back onto the sand. I walked out of the water first and fought the instinct to cover up as I scaled the little berm heading up to our towels. It was rocky so my feet slid a bit making it a little difficult to climb. As I crested it I glanced at the girl from the young couple sitting near the end of the trail and saw her do a quick double take as she scanned my crotch, tried to turn away embarrassed, and then returned to look again only to turn away again. Like I said, it's like a train wreck, you can't not look at someone nude!

I made it to the towel and turned around and sat down to dry off a bit. As I did, I saw Kris slowly walking out of the water. She was a vision, glistening with the water running off her nude body, her nipples still painfully erect and her pussy slowly coming back into view. She trims her pussy hair into just a small tuft at the top of her clit with her lips completely smooth. It was extremely erotic. I glanced back as she exited and saw the naked man on the rock watching her ass as she walked out of the water. A glance in the other direction found the other guy staring intently at her from the side, no doubt taking in the curve of her naked breasts, her nipples, and that flash of dark pubic hair.

Suddenly modesty kicked in a bit for Kris and I heard her call out for her sundress. I picked it up off the blanket and tossed it to her as she stood sort of semi-crouched at the water's edge. I think she thought she was making herself less visible, but it was clear that her bending over was giving the naked guy on the rock quite a show. As she pulled her dress over her head and down over her body I heard him dive into the water, presumably to hide the erection my beautiful wife had just given him.

Kris made her way back up the beach and sat on the towel next to me with her knees pulled up to her chest still just wearing her sundress. I leaned over to grab swim trunks and pull them closer to me and causally glanced over to see that her pussy was fully exposed to anyone in the water. It was slightly puffy and engorged from her exploits nude in front of these strangers. She started to reach for her bikini bottoms to put them back on, but I told her she should just leave them off so they could dry out and that she could walk back out when we left with just the sundress on. It didn't take much convincing and with a shrug she put the bikini bottoms on top of her bikini top and stuck them on the towel behind her. We chatted for a few minutes about how great the water felt and how I was surprised that she had taken the first step and been the first one to get nude. She told me she knew I was thinking she wouldn't do it so she did it just to show me. As we talked, I noticed the nude man in the water slowly swimming parallel to us in the water. He was making his way from left to right so that he was eventually moving to be almost directly in front of us. As I watched his eyes I realized why. He was swimming over so he could look up my wife's sundress and stare at her naked pussy.

Now some men might think they would get jealous or angry if a man was trying to cop a very obvious look at their wife's most private area. I on the other hand have long known that the thought of someone seeing Kris naked turns me on like almost no other fantasy. I knew that I was very fortunate to have such a beautiful and sexy wife and for some reason the thought of someone else seeing her nude had always gotten me instantly hard. I didn't like the idea of friends or people we knew seeing her, because I never wanted the awkwardness afterwards, but the thought of an encounter like this with a stranger, that we would never have to interact with again in our lives, was a total turn on. I thought for a moment about telling Kris what he was doing, but I did not want her to cover up so I kept it to myself and resolved to tell her later that evening as we made love. I caught myself watching the man and I found that I was having trouble listening to Kris as she was talking to me. My mind was racing with all the erotic possibilities and all the fantasies I had had for years of her flashing the pizza guy, or the room service attendant. Here I was sitting on this beautiful beach in Maui and my fantasy was coming true. My wife had just been completely nude on a beach with strangers, and now sat completely oblivious to the fact that her beautiful pussy was completely on display for at least one, if not two men. I had noticed the younger fellow over to the right of us had continued to swim around and had headed out closer to the volcanic rock break where if he looked over, he probably could just make out her pussy as well, but the nude man was leaving nothing to chance. He was clearly getting an eyeful and enjoying it. I found my mind playing out all kinds of fantasies where she turned over and got on all fours on the beach to show off her ass and pussy, or where she spread her legs and played with her pussy and brought herself to orgasm in front of all of us. After a few moments I was shaken from my reverie as Kris changed positions and crossed her legs Indian style and the view was gone. I noticed that the nude man quickly decided he had had enough of the water and swam back to the left and climbed up onto the beach next to the blond woman he was with who sat lay on the beach in a very similar flimsy sundress to the one Kris now wore.

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