tagMatureMrs. Smith Ch. 02

Mrs. Smith Ch. 02


Chapter 02 -- Meeting Mrs. Smith

She was enormous indeed!!...

What Steve had said was basically correct but he had failed to mention the general softness of her body, the nicely shaped, almost hour glass figure as seen from the front and the back (guessing 63 -58-70); the lovely curb of her giant ass as seen from the side protruding a foot away from the middle of her hips; the nice round and overhanging belly valiantly supporting her giant breasts; the smoothness of her skin; her nice scent, combination of her own natural odor and the classy perfume, Channel #19.

She had brown hear cut mid-length, usually pulled back in a nice bun. She seemed to have great taste for clothes; which would make her look good, albeit still very large. She usually wore fairly dark colors green, purple, blue, which helped mask a little bit her belly rolls and other cushions.

I was there on time at noon after this healthy walk in the cold early November morning; very excited and anxious, on the way and before ringing the bell. She came promptly.

- Good afternoon, I suppose you are Mitch

- Yes indeed, and you must be Mrs. Smith?

She smiled, a lovely smile, even for those not obsessed with the flesh.

- Please do come in and take off your coat.

I entered. She closed the door. She was more like 5.9 maybe even 5.10. Even though she was smaller than me at 6.2, she seemed like she was a giantess, her aura taking off the full space. I could sense her sheer volume from where I was, two feet from her; and could get a glimpse of her lovely scent. I hung my coat and she asked me to follow her in the hallway.

I was happy to follow her during the quick walk in the dimly lit hallway; as it gave me a first look at this magnificent rear. The hallway was ending in a big kitchen on the right side, and a living room on the left, separated by a half wall. We entered the kitchen.

- Please make yourself comfortable, we will have lunch in 10 minutes. If you want to go to the bath room, it is right there.

She was indicating the last door we had just passed on the right before reaching the kitchen.

I did a quick hand wash and came back to the kitchen. She already had the table set up, and was finishing preparing the lunch, while mostly facing the wall. When I asked her whether I could do anything, she just asked me to sit down and relax. I sat on a stool on the other side of the counter from her. This gave me more opportunity to look at this lovely rear with its big buttocks waddling as she moved around and shifted her weight... I was already starting to get a hard on!... Watch out, that could get me in trouble if she asked me to fetch something.

We sat down for lunch and we talked.

She had been a widow for five years, was living alone in this house which was too big for her, but which allowed her to welcome her children and grand children that she loved dearly. The full family, two married couples, plus one single daughter, and five grand-children were actually coming for Thanksgiving three weeks later.

I thanked her profusely for having me over and she told me that she liked to have company, especially of polite and gentle young men.

- Thank you

I blushed a little bit. Was I really polite and gentle?... maybe, but wouldn't my secret agenda disqualify me?..

The lunch was excellent indeed and at the end of the meal, I asked to be excused to go to the bathroom.

The bathroom, like what I had seen of the house yet, was very clean and tidy. I inspected the cabinets, the usual lotions, perfume (Channel #19 indeed), creams, etc... There was also a big wicker basket, probably full of dirty laundry, close to the usual washer and dryer. I couldn't resist opening it and picking. There on top was a bra! Wow... what a bra! I put my hands over the cup, I was barely covering the tip, imagine cupping the real thing! I brought the inside of the bra to my nose, lovely, slightly milky smell. Then I saw an underwear. As I was about to grab it, I heard.

- Mitch are you all right?

- Oh I'm sorry, yes I'm all right. I'll be right out.

There were ladies magazine around, that was going to be my cover.

- Sorry it's... a little bit embarrassing. I was looking at the magazines and didn't realize that time was passing by.

She gave me an indulgent smile. I could already sense that she was really a nice and loving person; and this regardless of my physical attraction to her!

- Don't worry, I can understand that; it happens to me sometimes.

I imagined her sitting on the throne with her huge naked butt overflowing on all sides.

- Can I help you with the dishes?

- Actually I'm almost done but you could sweep the floor while I finish filling up the dish washer.

I was happy to oblige.

This gave me a unique opportunity to get more of Mrs Smith's rear end as she was bending over putting the dishes in. I swept the floor and then knelt down to finish sweeping the dust into a dust pan , four feet away from her ass as she was bending down. Steve hadn't checked or failed to mention... The view of Mrs Smith's rear end from this view point was magnificent. It seemed like her ass was growing and filling up the room... huge sphere of flesh showing as a rectangle from this view point, with the width of the rectangle measuring a quarter of her height. Thanks to her moving up and down while taking care of the dishes I could see all the flesh moving around, looking especially at the junction of her ass with her legs, bringing to me all promises of delight.

At this point, I wanted to stay but I also wanted to go back to my room quickly, gather those mental images and masturbate Mrs. Smith away. I ended up jerking off three times this night, changing today's scenario into something a lot more lurid, like embracing her from behind while she was preparing dinner, pushing my self hard against her and slightly bending over in order to be able to fully grab her big breasts.

- Do you want some tea Mitch?

- I'd love to but I guess I need to go back to my room and work.

- Well I'd love to keep you but you know better. By the way, please come back on Sundays whenever you want with or without Steve.

- And Mrs Smith, please let me know if there is anything I can do for you, like fixing little things.

- Oh thank you, that's very kind of you to offer. I don't need anything now; but I will take a rain check.

We parted, I was looking forward to the famous hug. She did give me one after I got my coat on; a quick one but I still felt her soft and heavy arm on my shoulder, got a full chance of breathing her smell when she approached her face from mine, and got a small pressure from her big left boob on my belly.

Then started a wonderful period during which I would go to Mrs Smith every Sunday and gather my erotic ammunition for the rest of the week. My parents were very happy that I was becoming so serious, and actually my grades improved as I was working during the weekend while I was not in Mrs. Smith's home.

Steve didn't mind at all that I came along. He had started a relationship, which was the reason why he didn't go to Mrs. Smith's during this blessed Sunday. And after our first visit together, he stopped going to Mrs Smith's altogether; I didn't mind having her entirely to myself.

During my first visit alone, I went back to the bathroom and managed to grab an underwear. I smelled at the crotch, what a lovely scent. Her pussy had a really nice smell salty as expected, not too acrid with some sweetness in it, and very arousing. I finally let it go, put it back in the basket and left the bathroom.

- Was it good?

said Mrs. Smith with her signature smile. She caught me by surprise but then I remembered my excuse from two weeks ago.

- Yes it was very good!

told with a matching smile. It felt like we were really getting along great.

- Mrs Smith, I have a favor to ask you. Please don't hesitate to refuse.

- Go ahead, tell me.

- Would you mind if I brought my home work next time. I feel very at ease with you in your house, and it would be a lot more agreeable, and probably more productive if I did home work here on Sunday afternoons instead of in my campus room.

- Oh I'm touched. thank you for telling me that you like being here. Please do bring your home work.

- I will but please promise me that you will tell me if I'm in the way, or overstate my welcome.

- Yes I promise

I left her then, this time with a more serious hug resulting from the "touchy-feely" comment from me. I could remember what Steve had said. It could easily be suffocating, but of course heavenly. I could sense the full mass of her body pushing on my belly and crotch, and I enjoyed her lingering two full seconds in this embrace. Luckily my hard on from the bathroom had receded and even if it was starting right back on, I don't think she felt anything.

The following Sunday I kept digging in the laundry basket, smelling all her clothes, and realized that her underwear were all the same, soft black fabric! What if?...

What if I took one underwear with me, and brought it back the following Sunday after washing it? I would then have more support for my erotic dreams. Not only the smell but also the size of her underwear helping me remember the size of her wonderful mid section. It was too big to put it in my pocket without it being noticed; so I took off my pants and put the panties on top of my underwear; actually better idea, I took off my own underwear and put hers directly close to my skin.

I spent the rest of the afternoon at Mrs Smith's with her underwear, feeling the softness of the fabric and imagining touching Mrs. Smith crotch, all this with serious half comes. When I came home later on and took it off, both our smells were mixed; this was incredibly arousing.

My home work was done on the dining room table at the opposite end of the living room, close to a door bringing back to the entry hallway. I would sat facing the full length of the room. Mrs. Smith would often sit and lie in a reclining chair close by with a book. I could discreetly admire her figure lying down, this wonderful fleshy lady; and would be making new discoveries of flesh details whenever she was moving, like how her hips were overflowing.

Sometimes she would doze there and I could look without restraints. Her chest would raise up and down as she breathed regularly. I could then imagine the extent of those breasts, how big and full they were. I could also see more of her white legs and knees, even some thigh sometimes as her dress would go up with her sleeping movements. She would also touch herself once in a while, her boobs, her crotch; forgetting that I was around in this half asleep state.

- Mitch are you doing anything for Thanksgiving?...

asked Mrs. Smith one day.

...I could not really tell my parents that I was going to stay there to work on this special family day.

- I'm going home.

- Makes sense... Yet I would have loved to introduce you to my children. They will be here from Wednesday to Wednesday. Any chance that you could come on Sunday for lunch or for dinner?

- I'm very tempted. Let me give you a firm answer tonight or tomorrow.

I made my plans for the return from home and I called Mrs. Smith.

- Mrs Smith I could come on Sunday night if you still want me. My plane arrives at 2:15pm and by the time I take the bus to the campus, I could be at your place by 5:00pm.

- Why don't I come and get you at the airport?

The airport was about half an hour away.

- No it's too much.

- Please it will be my pleasure. I don't get to go out that much and going to the airport will give me a welcome respite from those noisy kids.

- OK I accept but you really are too nice with me!

- My pleasure Mitch...

There she was in the airport hallway, waiting for me. She gave me this really nice big and frank hug, so agreeable and soft. And we went to her car in the parking lot. She had on a full length dark blue coat and she looked even bigger, filling up the full front side in her luxurious sedan. Just watching her was making me wish we were together in my room, with me pressing full force against her.

As she started driving the car, I told her how grateful I was for her being so nice with me, and gave her a kiss on the cheek with my arms around her shoulders. I could feel her tremble with this kiss!?... Was she enjoying it more than what I thought?... And for myself it was hard not to keep my mouth on her soft plump cheek. Nothing but fat to keep a nice skin; no need for any kind of surgery! I kept my arm on her shoulders for a while and she didn't seem to mind at all; I eventually removed it while stroking her neck and right shoulder.

We drove back home, we exchanged news, we laughed, the trip went extremely fast and I even forgot about my lust for a while.

Once in her house went the round of introductions. Her children and children in laws were in their early thirties and very friendly. I was welcome with

- So you are the famous Mitch!

At some point her two children told me how much they appreciated my coming there on Sundays.

- You really are helping her Mitch, you're like a third child.

... well if they only knew what the "third child" wanted to do and was actually virtually doing with their mother!

- It's nice of you to say that. You must know though that it is your mother who is wonderful with me, not the other way around...

More brownie points but I was not seeking any, just stating the truth.

We sat around the round table in the kitchen, we were a little bit tight; and I was delighted to see that Mrs Smith has taken me on her left side. During the full meal, our hips and thighs were touching. She would constantly touch my arm with her hand, and pass her naked fat arm over mine; she even rested her hand on my arm and thigh at some point. And I was able to feel her left breast several times with my elbow. What a dream, and how difficult it was to keep my cool!

Her grand children, 8, 5 and 3 were nice kids. I just was very jealous of them sitting on their grandmother's lap and resting their head on her bosom.

This was a really a nice dinner, I had a great time. I ended the night with a giant thank you hug after I staid and helped with the cleaning. We were then both alone downstairs and Mrs Smith kissed me on the lips while pressing her body against mine for five full seconds. It felt so good that I didn't even think of the hard on raising its head against her fat belly.

-Thank you Mitch, you really mean a lot to me.

It was heaven and getting better every time! And also paradoxically it was the beginning of the downfall...

To be continued in a "Literotica" near you...

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