tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMelanie Gets Screwed

Melanie Gets Screwed


Round I

I slipped through the side gate of the house and began to walk around to the backyard. It was a typical suburban house, with a pool in the backyard and a redwood fence around the yard to provide privacy. Melanie lay face down on a chaise lounge sunning herself, her CD player beside her and the headphones blaring into her ears. She'd untied the straps of her bikini top and appeared to have drifted off to sleep. I stopped to survey her beautifully tan body as it glistened with tanning oil.

Moving quickly, I straddled her body and sat down hard across her shoulder blades. My weight forced the air out of her lungs and my legs pinned her arms down to her sides. From the pocket of my shirt I pulled a ball gag and taking a handful of her soft, curly hair, I pulled her head up and forced the rubber ball into her mouth. I pulled the elastic strap down over the back of her head as the ball wedged firmly between her teeth. Next I pulled out a blindfold and covered her eyes. Her hands thrashed about but to no avail as she tried to scream for help through her gag. I felt her body jump as I brought my hands down to her soft shoulders and then sliding my body back along hers, I pressed her arms close to her body. When my thighs slid over the firm swells of her sculptured ass, I stopped as my balls settled into the soft niche between her thighs and pressed firmly against the crack of her magnificent, young ass. I looked down at her young body, scanning her slender waist and the contours of her firm, young ass. I caught hold of her wrists and crossing them over the small of her back, tied them together. Now I just sat for a moment gazing down at my young captive as she tried to move her hands away from the huge bulge in the front of my shorts. I'd been planning this day for some time.

I stood up and grabbing the young beauty by her arms, lifted her to her feet and shoved her in the direction of the house. Her bikini bra lay open on the chaise and I picked it up as she stumbled, bare breasted through the patio doors.

Melanie was a young cock-teaser who was in my community college class. She had given me such grief over the school year that I decided now that vacation was here to get even. She was a petite girl, only 5 feet tall, with beautiful legs that usually disappeared into tight gym shorts. She usually sat in class with her feet up, giving me a teasing view of her firm thighs and her panties as they peeked out through the leg holes of her shorts. On occasion, I could even see some wisps of her soft pubic down peeking out of her panties. From watching her around school, I was pretty sure she was a virgin and a pretty inexperienced one at that.

In the family room there was a sofa and three canvas chairs; the kind where the seat is suspended over the four points of a large metal frame. They were very wide chairs and when you sat down, you sank all the way into them. I shoved the half naked beauty onto the sofa and she lay quietly, her naked breasts on display for my viewing pleasure. Stepping up to one of the canvas chairs, I cut the canvas all the way to the edge, so that the material looked like an inverted "U". The side straps were a few inches wide and the chair back ran down to about where the small of your back would be when sitting down.

I approached Melanie and pulling her up to a standing position, I bent her body forward and let her body fall over my shoulder. Standing up, I carried her over to the chair. Her arms were pinned behind her by the cloth that bound her slender wrists. As her body began to slip on my shoulder, I wrapped my arm around her naked thighs and let my fingers tease the backs of her legs. I could feel her squirming as I teased the satiny skin of her upper thighs. She was squealing behind her gag as I relished her helplessness.

When I got to the canvas chair, or what was left of it, I set her down in front of it. Then holding her arms, I pulled them over the stretched chair back and she fell into the chair. Her arms caught on the back of the chair and her back slid down across the canvas until her sweet, young ass came to rest just below the bottom of the cut canvas. Her legs lay draped over the canvas strip that ran between the two front corners of the chair, her feet dangling in the air. Stepping inside the chair frame, I reached down to her legs and wrapping my arm under her knees, I lifted her legs and pulled her body forward. As her back pulled away from the canvas, I slid a small pillow I'd found under the small of her back and then lowered her legs back down to the canvas cross piece on the front of the chair.

Looking at my bound captive, I could see that her shoulders were pulled back over the canvas chairback, her naked breasts were thrust upwards, her sculptured ass hung down below the canvas chairback and her legs were elevated slightly as they lay over the canvas strip on the front of the chair. Stepping over her thighs, I stood in front of the terrified, young beauty. She could feel the closeness of my body to hers as my crotch was scant inches from her beautiful face.

Curling my fingers through her silky hair, I pulled her head forward and rubbed her face across the front of my shorts. Melanie tried to pull her face away as she felt the firm bulge of my cock press against her soft cheeks. I held her head firmly and she tried to plead with me, though her words were only muffled noise through the gag.

Easing my grip on her head, I sat down across her naked thighs as my finger slid softly across her cheek and then down her slender neck to the tops of her naked breasts. She tried to squirm away as my finger teased her creamy white tits. She had only let two people ever touch her breasts and both of those experiences were brief and through her bra. My fingers closed around her pert nipples and I pinched them gently. Twisting her tender nipples, I watched as the young beauty began to tremble and squirm. I pulled on her tender nubs and teased her as I felt them harden between my fingers. I was enjoying this immensely. For several minutes I continued to tweak and pull on her tender nipples as I felt her young body tremble beneath me.

Standing up, I unzipped my shorts and Melanie heard the unmistakable sound of the zipper as it opened. She froze. I let my ramrod hit her soft cheek as she fought to pull away. I rubbed the tip of my shaft over her smooth cheeks, her nose and then her soft lips. I could see drops of precum as they oozed from the tip of my cock and smeared over her soft lips.

Holding her head with one hand, I reached down and pulled the gag from her mouth with the other. Melanie fought to keep my manhood out of her mouth but as I held her firmly, she realized that I was not going to be denied. I pressed the tip of my shaft to her lips and then, pulling her head forward, the tip pressed between her soft lips and she yielded as my cock slid into her warm mouth. Melanie had never touched a cock, let alone had one in her mouth and she was terrified.

Melanie did not know what to do now that my cock filled her mouth. Then again I wasn't surprised since I guessed that mine was the first she'd ever encountered, let alone had in her mouth. I slowly slid her face up and down my ramrod and whispered, "Suck." Melanie began to suck on my cock as her face slid back and forth on my ramrod. I felt her tongue and eased my grip slightly. She seemed to be struggling less and even trying to satisfy me, out of sheer fright if nothing else. I continued to pump into her face as I felt my load begin to rise.

Melanie gasped for air between each thrust and her tongue caressed the underside of my cock as it entered and left her mouth. As I was about to cum, I pulled back a bit and holding her head firmly, flooded her mouth with gobs of hot, sticky cum. Melanie could taste the saltiness of my seed as it poured over her tongue and filled her mouth. I wanted her to swallow it and so I gently pinched her cute, little nose and she swallowed hard and then gasped for air. I pressed her face back onto my shaft until I felt her tonsils tickle my cockhead as her labored breathing tickled my moist cock. I held her there as my cock softened in her mouth. I then released her head and replaced her gag.

Round II

Stepping out of the chair frame, I stood directly in front of Melanie. Reaching down, I grabbed her by her ankles and before she knew what was happening, I lifted her legs and pulling them apart, threw her legs over the two canvas straps on either side of the chair frame. Melanie's legs were spread wide apart as her knees were draped over the twin straps. She fought to close her legs but could not get the leverage she needed to lift her legs up over the front corners of the chair. I looked down at her as her sleek thighs were split wide apart, with her knees raised and her ass thrust forward by the pillow that rested below the small of her back.

Stepping back into the chair frame, I stood between Melanie's open thighs. I sat down on the canvas strip where her legs had rested previously and gazed out at her spread thighs. The tiny bottoms of her bikini stretched tightly across her pussy and I could see the soft, brown hair of her pubic thatch as it peeked out of her tiny bathing suit. I was enjoying this.

Moving forward, I knelt between her open thighs and brought my face close to her naked breasts. I blew a cool stream of air across her soft, pink nipples and watched as they began to harden slightly. Leaning forward, I sucked her hardening nipple into my mouth and she gasped as she felt my wet lips close around her taut nipple. I nibbled and bit at her tender nub as my fingers teased her other nipple. I switched to her other tit as the young beauty squirmed to get away from me. I laughed as I licked and teased her tender nubbins and bit at her tits.

Sliding my hands down her sides, I traced my fingers gently over the tops of her raised thighs and out to her knees. As I teased her open thighs, I slid my fingers under the string ties of her bikini bottoms and then pulled up on them. Melanie squirmed about as the last shred of her modesty and defense was about to disappear. But I was prepared to wait just a little bit longer. In any event, it was more fun to keep her on the edge for a little while longer.

Changing positions, I slid my legs out under her widely spread thighs and lay down on the soft carpet, taking a couple of pillows and propping them under my head. Staring up at her open loins, the almost naked beauty could feel my warm breath on the silky smooth skin of her open thighs. My hands came up to her open thighs and I began to tease her young body. I could feel her young body tremble as she was both afraid and aroused. I leaned forward a bit and placed a warm, wet kiss on her smooth, satiny thigh. Melanie bolted upright. She thrashed about trying to get away from my mouth. I began to nibble on the soft flesh of her inner thigh as I teased my way closer and closer to her virgin pussy. She was pleading with me through her gag but I couldn't understand a single word.

I switched legs and began to lick and tease her other thigh. The skin on her inner thigh was soft and silky but her leg was firm and the muscles were stretched and twisted in such a way as to make her look extremely sexy. As I drew closer to her pussy, I began to switch back and forth between her thighs, teasing her open body as I began to smell the powerful scent of her arousal. I could see the twin flat spots made by the tendons of her spread thighs as they peeked out of her barely covered pussy. I teased them with the tip of my tongue and watched as the young beauty's body appeared to change from fighting to arousal. The scents of her sweet pussy were becoming overwhelming.

Wrapping my arms under her legs, I pulled her sweet pussy to my lips. The sheer nylon of her bikini did little to protect her as I rubbed my face firmly against her virgin flesh. Melanie shook. Reaching up to between her open thighs, I slid my fingers into the top of her bikini and then into the clack of her sweet, young ass. A little downward pressure and she could feel the strings over her hips loosen and then the bikini fell away. Her young pussy was covered with wisps of fine, light down, trimmed carefully to fit inside a very small bikini. Her pussy lips were puffy and the scent intoxicating.

I pointed my tongue and used it to part her swollen labia. Melanie's entire body quaked as she felt my tongue touch her virgin pussy. She had never been touched there by anyone and rarely even by herself. I sucked her soft love petals into my mouth and began to eat out this beautiful, young teenager. I pressed my tongue in as far as it would go and held tightly as her body thrashed about. I felt her maidenhead with the tip of my tongue and Melanie froze.

Looking up, I could see her clit emerge from its hood above her spread pussy lips. I raised my mouth and began to nibble on her most sensitive love button. Her body shuddered and I could hear her moan as I went to work on her tender clit. Trapping the little nub between my teeth, I gently held it as the tip of my tongue teased it. Melanie's body went rigid and she flooded her virgin pussy with sweet cum. I lowered my mouth to lick her sweet nectar as it oozed out of her loins. Cum is always sweet but virgin cum is the sweetest by far.

Having licked and sucked as much of her sweet cum as I could reach, I returned to her erect clit and brought her to another powerful climax. Then I slid down and licked the sweet juices from her tight pussy. I then did this several more times. Melanie was exhausted from the series of powerful orgasms that wracked her young body.

My tongue probed her oozing pussy and then slid down between her open thighs to her spread ass. Melanie squirmed as my tongue brushed across her tight sphincter. I teased her a bit longer as she fought to keep her puckered asshole away from my probing tongue. I decided to save her magnificent ass for later.

Returning to her gaping pussy, I continued to lick her oozing pussyflesh for what seemed like hours. Cum oozed out of her lovehole and my cheeks were covered with her sweet nectar. She no longer fought but seemed to just hang in her bonds, moaning and trying to bring her pussy closer to my probing tongue.

My cock was ramrod stiff and wanted to be satisfied. I slid out from under Melanie's gaping pussy and turned to kneel between her spread thighs. I reached out and caressed her naked breasts as she felt the tip of my cock press against her body, just above her pussy. Reaching down, I pressed the tip of my cock under her spread thighs. The angle was wrong for me to enter her but I let the upper side of my cock rub across her engorged pussy lips as my hands pinched and pulled on her aching nipples. Melanie's body was trembling as she felt my cock rub across the entrance to her virgin pussy.

Sitting back, my hips lowered and my ramrod pointed straight up. Easing forward, under her open thighs until the tip grazed across her swollen labia. Melanie began to shake. I decided to have some fun with her. Holding my cock, I traced the tip over her open thighs and through the soft curls of her pubic thatch. When the velvety tip touched her clit, her body exploded with a powerful orgasm. I pressed my cock between her open thighs and again rubbed her pussy lips across the top of my ramrod. I could feel the wet flow of her oozing pussy as it began to coat my cock. I continued to pinch and pull on Melanie's aching nipples and her creamy, white breasts were turning a dark shade of pink.

I wedged the tip of my cock between her love petals and then inched upwards as I felt her tight pussy stretch open to accommodate the thickness of my ramrod. The terrified beauty froze as she felt my cock slide slowly into her virgin pussy. I rose slowly into her tightness until the tip of my cock touched her virgin barrier. As I flexed my cock inside her young body, Melanie went crazy. She thrashed about in a futile effort to get off of my cock and save her virginity. All her thrashing did was to excite me even further.

I waited until the young beauty had exhausted her strength and then prodded her cherry once again with the tip of my ramrod. I looked down as my shaft was pressed between her virgin love petals and I knew that I could take her at will. Reaching over for my mask, I put it on and then pulled the blindfold from around her eyes. She squinted as she tried to adjust to the light and then taking her by the head, I bent her neck forward and she looked down between her open thighs as my cock pressed into her young body. She made no effort to look up at me as her eyes were riveted to the sight of my cock in her virgin pussy. I continued to prod her taut cherry with my cock.

Holding her head bent over, I quickly rose up on my knees and the young girl screamed into her gag as my cock ripped through her virginity and filled her pussy to the limit. The force of my thrust raised her body out of the chair slightly and then her full weight slid down the length of my shaft as her beautiful, young body was impaled on my cock. I remained motionless in her ravaged pussy and then flexed my cock deep in her loins. I could hear her gasp as she felt the sensation deep in her pussy. I slid the blindfold back down over her eyes and removed my mask, knowing that the sight of my shaft ravaging her virgin pussy was burned into her memory.

Letting go of her head, I began to tease her aching nipples as I began to ram my cock up into my captive virgin. Melanie's head began to flail about wildly as her screams turned to moans and then grew louder and louder with each penetration of her ravaged pussy. She was unbelievably tight. As I thrust up into her young body, I could feel her inner muscles tighten around my invading shaft. Her young breast bounced gently as I fucked her.

We could both hear the slapping of my body as it hit her open thighs. I thrust a finger into her tight asshole and she flooded my shaft with hot cum. As I probed her tight sphincter with my finger, her inner muscles clamped down around my invading cock. Every time I tried to force my finger into her ass, she would clamp her muscles down to keep me out but the same muscles massaged my cock and gave me even greater pleasure. I got us into a rhythm as my cock penetrated her pussy and I jammed my finger into her virgin asshole at just the moment I wanted to feel her powerful inner muscles clamp down around my invading shaft. I was really hammering into her tight pussy and her pussy juices were flowing profusely.

As I continued to thrust up into her warm, wet pussy, I could feel my own load beginning to boil. As the tightness of her pussy became too much for me, I thrust a second finger into her tight asshole and she exploded in a powerful orgasm and her muscles clamped down tightly around my rising shaft and my balls erupted as my cock sent gobs of hot cum spewing into her virgin lovehole. Melanie sagged down into the chair as her young body hung limply. She was wiped out from her first sexual experience.

Reaching out to her legs, I lifted them over the straps and then wrapped her thighs around my waist. I cupped my young captive by her beautiful ass and then sliding my hands up around her back, stood up, letting her entire weight slide down onto my impaling shaft.

Walking over to the sofa, with the young beauty hanging on my cock, I sat down on the edge of the cushion and then adjusted Melanie's legs before sliding back. I lifted my feet up onto the coffee table and then pressed Melanie's body back until she leaned against my raised thighs. Her legs straddled mine as my cock remained buried in her tender love hole. My hands came up to her aching nipples and I pinched and twisted her tender nubs as she squealed in pain. Her face contorted in pain as I abused her taut nipples. As I tortured her nipples, I considered how I would enjoy her next.

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