tagBDSMMelissa's Story Ch. 03

Melissa's Story Ch. 03


Author's note: This story is part three of an ongoing series. For those readers who have not read Part 1 - "First Time" and Part 2 "In the Schoolroom" I suggest you read those before reading part 3.

* * * * *

I awoke the next morning before Matt and managed to quietly slip out of bed without waking him. After using the toilet I padded down the passage on bare feet to the end door. I opened it slowly to avoid any squeaks, switched on the lights and gazed in awe at the dungeon and its equipment.

I remembered the gynecologists examination chair from my first visit and moved over to it, running my fingers over the soft leather, smiling to myself at the memories it evoked. Slowly I moved around the dungeon, touching and feeling the huge array of whips, ropes, leg spreaders and canes all hung neatly around the walls. A recent arrival was a custom-made massage table that had three separate sections that looked to be pneumatically controlled. The sides of the table were equipped with assorted straps and clips. The metal cage complete with a pet's feeding bowl took my eye and I stood running my hands over the cold metal bars wondering how a person could possibly fit in there.

I decided that it was time to show some of my cooking skills to Matt and I moved to the kitchen to prepare a surprise breakfast for him. The refrigerator contained bacon and eggs and it wasn't long before their aroma, along with that of toast and freshly ground coffee filled the neat kitchen.

"Mmmmm that smells good Melissa,"

Matt's voice made me jump as he strode into the room, tying a toweling robe around him and seating himself at the table.

"I hope so Sir," I smiled at him, aware of my nudity and not in least embarrassed, "I hope you slept well Sir."

"Yes I did thank you Melissa, and yourself?"

"I must admit that what you said about needing a 24/7 slave made it difficult for me to get to sleep Sir, were you serious?" I replied, as I dished out the bacon and eggs on two plates and sat down opposite my handsome Master.

Matt half smiled to himself as I set the plates on the table. "Oh yes Melissa I am deadly serious, you have a lot to learn but I'm sure you would be an excellent pupil. Eat now and we will discuss the situation fully after breakfast."

That statement seemed to end the conversation at that point and the rest of the meal was completed in silence. I kept my eyes down most of the time trying to work out what was going on, occasionally glancing up to find Matt's eyes looking straight at me as he ate. When we had finished eating Matt left me to tidy up and wash the dishes while he showered. I wished I could have showered with him but I was left with my increasingly confused thoughts. Matt had been polite to me this morning but the lack of dialogue left me wondering, surely the breakfast I had prepared had pleased him? Unsure of what I should do next I sat down at the table and awaited his return.

"Melissa come into the lounge room," Matt's voice woke me from my reverie and I quickly obeyed his instruction.

Matt, dressed in comfortable slacks and casual shirt, was standing in front on the television, inserting a tape into the VCR.

"Come here Melissa and kneel down in front of the television."

Matt's voice was firm and I quickly obeyed his instructions.

"Hands on your head, keep your back straight and watch the screen," Matt ordered.

"Yes Sir."

I watched the screen flicker to life and my heart sank as I saw the picture on the screen. It was myself in the dungeon earlier this morning and the camera followed me around the room as I made my tour of inspection.

"Did I give you permission to go into the dungeon Melissa?" Matt demanded.

"N'no Sir, you were asleep and I didn't want to wake you, I just…."

"Melissa the only thing you do in this home without my permission is breath, absolutely nothing else, do you understand me?"

"Y'yes Sir I'm sorry," I stuttered in reply, thinking to myself that I should have known better after all the reading I had done over the previous few weeks.

"Sorry is not a word that is used to me Melissa, you will learn and learn the hard way that obedience is absolute. Follow me, on your hands and knees."

I could tell from his tone of voice that Sir was completely serious and I hastily crawled after him in the direction of the dungeon. I knew that if I used the safe word I could stop this immediately but I did not want to stop, deep down inside I was absolutely thrilled at being used in this fashion.

As I crawled into the dungeon Matt was standing beside the steel cage, holding up the front flap.

"Seeing as you were so interested in this earlier you can see what its like from the inside Melissa. Crawl backwards into it, hurry up now!"

I hastened to obey Matt's instruction and carefully crawled backwards into the cage, It was only just over the width of my hips and the lack of depth made stretching out impossible. I was still on my hands and knees as Sir placed the dish of water in front of my face and then the steel bars of the door clanged shut and were secured with a padlock. My Master then strode from the room and the dungeon door slammed shut behind him.

My initial reaction was one of panic, what the hell had I got myself into? What if there was a fire? What if Matt fell and knocked himself out? What if he had a heart attack? I could die in here from starvation, locked in this cage, all alone!! Then reason took over and I took some deep breaths to calm myself. I could not raise my head enough to see the cameras but I reasoned that Matt would be watching me all the time. He had shown on my first visit and also last night that he was not the sort of person to take unnecessary risks, the use of the safe word and safety was paramount. This thought had the required effect and I settled as comfortably as possible into my little cage. This sort of punishment had not done anything for me when I was looking at photos on the internet but right now I found myself getting wet and excited. This showed me that I must keep an open mind and let my Master lead me on my exciting journey.

How long I stayed there in my cramped cage I did not know. I could feel my muscles getting tighter as time went by and I was hoping I would not cramp. The bacon had made me thirsty and after a while I had to partake of some water from the dog's bowl. This too was arousing as my tongue lapped at the water, what an exciting time of discovery this was for me. I tried to move a little to ease my tight muscles but too little avail and I started to wish that Sir would come and rescue me. There was no sound from the rest of the house, I found out later that the den and schoolroom were both sound proof, and my mind drifted to the other items in the room and how some of them could be used. I was soon to find out as suddenly the door opened as my Master returned.

"Getting a little cramped Melissa?"

"Yes Sir, I must admit that my muscles are a bit tight," I replied, keeping my eyes lowered.

"Just on an hour is enough for you first time in the cage, next time I will double that, and the next time double again, so be careful Melissa," my Master said. "Were you worried about being stuck in there if something happened to me?"

"Yes Sir, that thought did pass through my mind."

"Well push firmly on the front of the cage Melissa and see what happens."

I pushed as instructed and the front of the cage and the entrance flap fell down onto the floor with the padlock still in place. I stayed still, waiting to be instructed to exit.

"It is a safe hatch Melissa, I designed it so that you can get out at any time. It looks like it has been padlocked when actually it is just clipped. But use it unnecessarily and you will feel my wrath, understand? Alright, come out of the cage now and stand."

"Yes Sir, I understand, thank you Sir," I said as I wriggled from the cage and struggled to my feet, my stiff muscles making standing straight difficult.

"Right go and have a hot shower and do some stretching exercises, report back here in twenty minutes," Sir instructed.

"Yes Master, thank you Master, I promise I will not explore by myself again." I said as I moved off to the shower. The hot water and some stretching soon eased the stiffness in my muscles and I reflected to myself what a thoughtful Master I had found, very firm but kind and considerate too.

I hurried back to the dungeon within the allotted time, wondering what was to happen next. Master Matt was sitting on the massage table and he motioned to me to come and kneel in front of him. With lowered eyes I did as instructed, a shiver of excitement running through my body as I knelt.

"Your training is to continue Melissa, you will not speak unless spoken to, raise your arms above your head."

I took a deep breath and obeyed, shivering again as I felt leather cuffs being attached to each of my wrists and a clip soon joined them together. Master hauled me to my feet and guided me into the center of the dungeon; my hands still above my head. I heard the metal clank of chains being attached to the cuffs and then a winch pulled my arms straight above me. Never before in my life had I felt so vulnerable, and never before so stimulated and aroused. Master moved to a wall and took down a leg spreader that he soon attached to my now wide spread legs

Master walked slowly around inspecting me, feeling and slapping my tight arse cheeks bringing back memories of yesterday's orgasms. He stopped directly in front of me and seemingly from nowhere produced an ice cube. My body jerked as he teased the left nipple with the frozen water. The nipple hardened immediately and seemed to grow larger as my Master continued to rub the ice. My breasts were heaving as he transferred his attention to the right nipple that reacted the same way. Suddenly Master held up a set of nipple clamps for me to see, a chain joined them and I braced myself for the expected pain.

"Ohhhh God!" I exclaimed as the first clamp was attached to the hard nipple and a jolt of pain shot through me.

Master placed a hand over my mouth as he attached the next clamp so my exclamation of pain was muffled.

"Remember, no talking!" he reminded me in a firm voice, "Or two hours in the cage."

The pain from the nipple clamps was intense and I had to bite my lip not to cry out or use the safe word. My breasts were heaving and tears were forming in my eyes, but I managed to hold on and I slowly became accustomed to the throbbing sensations. Master went behind me for a short time and returned with a tray of various items. Firstly he took a plastic beaker which had a chain and small hook attached. The hook was placed over the chain joining the nipple clamps and so the beaker hung down in front of my pussy, adding slightly more weight to my blazing nipples. Next he took a length of thin, clear plastic tubing and pushed one end into my mouth and the other end into the plastic beaker. Then he took a one-pint jug of iced water and proceeded to slowly pour the water into the beaker. This of course added more weight to my nipples and I screamed silently as the pain increased once again.

"If you want to lessen the pain, you had better start sucking the water Melissa."

It took me less than a second to start sucking the iced water up through the tube and into my mouth. As I sucked and swallowed the amount of water in the beaker decreased, as did the pain of my nipples. Of course this did not last long as Master once again poured more water into the beaker and I was forced to suck hurriedly on the tube. Judging by the grin on his face Master was enjoying his game and he continued to pour until the jug was empty. Finally I sucked the last of the water from the beaker, praying to myself that Sir would not refill the jug. Fortunately he removed the hook from the nipple chain and then I felt the blessed relief of the clamps being taken from my red, aching teats.

Although my nipples still hurt like hell I was suddenly aware of a completely different sensation - my bladder was full and I desperately needed to pee. I looked Master with pleading eyes, silently begging to be allowed to speak.

"Need to go to the toilet Melissa?" Sir inquired with a smile; "You may speak now."

Damn him! This had been his plan all along I realised, but I forced myself to remain polite and replied, "Oh please Sir, yes I need to go badly."

Master's reply was to kneel and remove the leg spreaders and then go and release the tension from the winch. Slowly my aching arms were lowered and he detached the chain and also the leather wrists cuffs. My legs were suddenly very wobbly and Master supported me as we made our way to the bathroom. I made to sit immediately on the toilet but was stopped by Master.

"No, not there Melissa, sit down in the bath with your head down the plug end."

"Sir? I'm sorry? Lay down in the bath? But I need to use the toilet!"

"I do not like to repeat myself Melissa, you want to go straight back to the cage, without pissing?"

My reply was to step into the bath and to sit as instructed. My mind was whirring as Master passed me another glass of water. I sighed, took the water and somehow managed to swallow all of it; my bladder seemed like it would burst!

"Lay down Melissa and spread your legs apart!"

I couldn't believe what I was doing but I was under this man's spell and I so wanted to please him. Slowly I lay down with my head on the plug, my legs spread as wide as the bath would allow. I realised now what Master has in mind for me. I had read of golden showers but had never considered being pissed on, and here I was creating my own urine bath.

"Very good Melissa, you may urinate now!"

The pressure on my bladder was so strong it was not long before I relaxed and the flow if urine burst from me, almost hitting the end of the bath and then trickling lower, along my legs, past my arse, around my back and shoulders and finally, into my hair. As I let go of the longest piss in my life my mind was a mixture of emotions. The thrill of obedience was mixed with some humiliation of lying in a shallow bath of my own pee. But the very act of doing something that only weeks ago I would have considered "abnormal" was so exciting, and when I looked up to see Master's reaction I was almost overjoyed to see him unzipping his fly.

"Melissa, rub your piss over you with one hand and masturbate yourself with the other!"

I hastened to obey, splashing some pee over my breasts and tummy while my other hand found my clit and started the familiar movements. I could not take my eyes off Master's cock and it was not long before a spray of his warm urine hit my breasts. He moved his cock from side to side so that my body was sprayed from my breasts to my thighs. Oh, it felt so good! I was amazed at my reaction to my first golden shower. I rubbed the yellow liquid over myself while my fingers played with my pussy and it was not long before an orgasm shook through my body. Master shook off the last drops and then put his penis back in his pants.

"Roll over three times Melissa!"

I hastened to obey, rolling my now piss soaked body over and over, my hair now thoroughly soaked. I grinned widely as I thought to myself "if my parents could see me now" and I could not hold back a couple of girlish giggles.

"Good, now stand Melissa, use the shower to wash and shampoo yourself, and make sure the bath is spotless too. Take your time, there is a hairdryer in the cupboard. When you are finished join me in the lounge room."

Master did not wait for my reply; he just turned on his heels and left me alone. Slowly I stood, adjusted the shower screen and proceeded to follow his orders. After releasing the plug I hosed the bath down and then thoroughly cleaned myself. After drying my hair and making sure the bathroom was spotless I moved out to the lounge.

Master was sitting in a large chair and I automatically sat on the floor at his feet. He reached out and stroked my freshly clean hair for a few minutes and finally spoke.

"Tell me Melissa, what made you giggle in the bathroom?"

"Oh Sir, I was just thinking about what my parents would say if they could see me at that moment."

Master laughed out loud, "Yes Melissa, that would be a sight for them to see that's for sure. I want you to know that I am very proud and pleased with you, your willingness to obey is very encouraging to me as your Master and trainer. Tell me honestly how you feel right now."

I thought for a few moments, collecting my thoughts. "Well Sir, I admit that many emotions have been flowing through my mind since I arrived here yesterday. I have been scared, angry, confused and so nervous. But mainly I have been thrilled beyond belief; I have reached ecstasy and happiness that I have never experienced before. When you said that you are proud of me I was overjoyed, obeying and pleasing you is my aim while I am here. The pain I felt in the schoolroom last night was awful, but when I started to fly that was the best high I have ever experienced. I know that I can trust you 100%, I was very hesitant about the golden shower but found it very thrilling. Sir, I am not sure as yet about being a 24/7 slave, but I hope I can please you some more today."

"Very good Melissa, thank you for your trust. I do have plans for this afternoon, but right now I think we both need some nourishment. Go and make some sandwiches and coffee for lunch."

"Yes Sir!" I scurried off to the kitchen to prepare lunch. As I made the sandwiches I marveled to myself how content and happy I was feeling and with no trepidation of what may happen in the afternoon. I wondered if maybe this was the life I desired so much, free of the stresses of everyday work.

As we ate lunch Master gave me some idea of what would be required if I were to decide to become his 24/7 submissive. I listened intently from my place on the floor at his feet; his ideas and plans for the future filling my head and making my excitement level rise higher. Master insisted that he did not want a decision that weekend, I was to go away that evening and think about it for at least a week, then ring him with my decision.

After lunch was finished and the dishes cleared away I followed Master back to the dungeon and followed his instruction to lie on my back on the special massage table. Leather cuffs were once again fastened to my wrists and also this time to my ankles. I winced as once again clamps were attached to my nipples and yelped in pain when clamps were also attached to my labia. Some thin lengths of elastic were then attached to the four clamps and I was ordered down onto the floor on my hands and knees. Master knelt down beside me and stretched out the lengths of elastic. The clamp on my right nipple was joined by a length of elastic to the cuff on my left wrist. Likewise the clamp on my left nipple was joined to my right wrist. Although the pain was intense from the clamps I was beginning to realize what my Master was doing. Carefully he attached the clamp on my right labia to the cuff on my left ankle and of course the same thing happened to my left labia that was connected with elastic to my right ankle. He then attached a leather collar around my neck to which he clipped a dog walking lead.

"Right Melissa, crawl around the room!" Sir Matt ordered as he slowly led me by the dog's lead.

I cannot begin to describe the sensations as I began to crawl around the floor. The pressure on the clamps increased and then eased as my arms and legs moved alternately forward. The pain from the clamps soon disappeared completely and I was nearly overcome by the rapture and euphoria of the absolute pleasure I was experiencing. It wasn't long before I started to orgasm and to keep crawling while this was happening was quite difficult. However if I stopped Master gave me a couple of clips on my arse with a crop and that soon got me moving once again. So I forced myself to keep crawling with multiple orgasms rippling through my now sweating body. As we neared the massage table Master pulled me gently to a halt and I stayed on my hands and knees, my body shaking with pleasure. Master quickly removed the elastic and the clips from my pussy and nipples, and then assisted me onto the massage table.

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