Melissa's Story Ch. 03


The ankle and wrist cuffs were soon attached to the table's special clips and I lay on my back, breasts still heaving from the crawling exercise, wondering what was going to happen to me next. Master slipped a blindfold over my eyes and my world turned black; all I could hear was the sound of Sir leaving the room. I forced myself to try and relax, knowing that I could have a long wait for Sir to return. However as the minutes ticked past the tension and excitement started to get to me, my still sore nipples were once again hard and of course my ever-wet pussy felt ready to overflow. I was therefore quite grateful when I heard the dungeon door open and Master return.

Suddenly the part of the massage table supporting my head began to lower and of course my head fell back with it until it seemed that my neck could stretch no further. Then I felt my Master's hard cock pushing at my lips that automatically opened as his penis pushed it's way into my mouth. Deeper it slowly moved until it tapped the back of my throat, I forced myself to relax and accept this surprise and very welcome invader. Slowly Master started to move his cock in and out, fucking my mouth and using his slave for his pleasure. I pictured what I must look like and once again thought what my parents would say if they could see me now. However due to the cock moving in and out of my mouth I was unable to chuckle and so I concentrated on giving pleasure to my wonderful Master. As I got my breathing in tune with his thrusts I sucked hard, wanting and needing his sperm to invade my mouth. Master's thrusts of his hard cock in my mouth became quicker and more urgent. As his cock pushed its way into my throat I readied myself to receive his seed and it was a short time later that the lovely sticky taste that I had missed for too long started to fill my mouth. Greedily I swallowed as Master continued to pump his sperm into my mouth. He kept his cock there as it slowly became limp and I kept sucking so that I would not spill one drop. I licked my lips as Master withdrew from my mouth, hoping that I had pleased him.

Not a word had been spoken since Sir's return to the dungeon and, although I had not been ordered to, I remained silent. The head of the table silently moved back up until it was level and I felt Master undo the clips holding me on the leather surface. Master's strong hands helped me up off the table and I was guided back to a standing position. I was still blindfolded but soon realised what was to happen as my wrists cuffs were clipped together, the chain attached and my arms winched about my head, jut like earlier that morning. The leg spreader was once again attached to my ankles, I felt vulnerable and helpless, but at the same time totally safe, such was the trust I now had with my extraordinary Master.

My Master moved away for a short time and then I sensed him standing once again in front of me. Suddenly the blindfold was removed and I gasped in awe as I gazed at Master. He was bare to the waist, clad only in black leather trousers complete with black leather boots. In each hand he held a cat-of-nine-tails, the leather thongs about a foot in length. Master took a step forward and kissed me full on the lips, stepped back, smiled at me then raised one of the cats and slashed it gently across my breasts. I yelled in shock as the cat in his other hand immediately hit where the first one had, forming criss-cross red marks across my breasts. Master was double whipping me, each time a cat left my skin it was replaced with the other one. He moved slowly around me, whipping me from my knees to my shoulders, back and front. "Whoosh, crack, whoosh, crack!" the sounds of the whipping reverberated around the soundproof room and each time the fronds landed I was crying out in pain. Master's whipping was very accurate and even in my excited and pressured situation I noted that the whips did not hit in the area of my kidneys.

Suddenly, as last night in the schoolroom, the pain went and was replaced by pleasure! Once again I seemed to be floating, flying near the ceiling, the feel of the whips on my body bringing me feelings of absolute rapture. Multiple orgasms started to flow again through my body and when the tips of a cat flicked my vagina I thought I was going to pass out from the ecstasy. Time meant nothing to me as Master continued to whip me and orgasms turned my body to jelly. Some time later I was aware that Master had removed the leg spreaders and the ankle and wrist cuffs. As I came out of my sub-space I realised that I was lying on the dungeon floor, furs under and over me, Master sitting in a chair watching and smiling at me. I closed my eyes and relaxed into the furs, knowing at that moment that this was my destiny, my future, I was going to become a 24/7 slave.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew was Master Matt shaking me.

"Wake up Melissa, it is time for you to return home. I want you to have a good night's sleep before returning to work tomorrow."

"Oh Sir, is it that time already?" I asked as he helped me to my feet. I looked down at the fading stripes on my body and smiled at the memory of my first double whipping.

I was about to speak when Master put a finger over my mouth.

"Shhh Melissa, no need to speak, your reaction to the whipping is all the thanks I need, now go and get dressed and collect your things."

I fell to my knees and kissed the leather of my Master's boots, then rose and scuttled off to dress.

Sir was waiting by the front door as I returned to the hall. He smiled, took me in his arms and kissed me.

"Drive carefully Melissa and let me know your decision in a week. I expect your call at 6.00pm next Sunday." Master said as he pushed me gently out the front doorway.

I turned and gazed adoringly at him, "Thank you Master Matt, I will call next Sunday."

I drove carefully home, trying to concentrate on the traffic and not let my mind wander to the events of the wonderful weekend. After parking my car I was rummaging in my bag for my front door keys and I found the envelope that I had left on my Master's hall table yesterday. It was unopened!

The End?

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