tagBDSMMelissa's Story Ch. 08

Melissa's Story Ch. 08


Melissa Part 8: The Penthouse

"Melissa speaking, may I help you?"

"Hello Mistress Melissa, this is Anne from Channel 8, how are you today?"

"I'm just fine thank you Anne, but I'm not a Mistress yet," Melissa replied, glancing at me with eyebrows raised, "How are you and how can we help you?"

"I have some information that will interest Master Matt and yourself, can you put me on a speaker by any chance?"

"I'll check, one moment please Anne," Melissa replied.

Melissa explained Anne's request and I shrugged, nodded my agreement and Melissa pressed the speaker button.

"Hello Anne, what news do you have for us?" I asked.

"Hi Master Matt, firstly the ratings for the BDSM show were very good and we have had many calls saying how much they enjoyed your demonstration with Melissa."

"That is excellent Anne and thank you for your co-operation with the editing of my part of the show," I replied as Melissa smiled at the news.

"I took a call myself from a friend in the entertainment industry who sounded pretty desperate to see you, can I give her your phone number?" Anne inquired.

"Of course Anne, give Melissa the lady's phone number and we will contact her." I replied.

"Thanks so much." Anne replied, "And if we get any more requests I'll fax the numbers to you and you can contact them. Incidentally, I will be working interstate for a few weeks but when I come home I want to come and see both of you again, I think I need some more of your special discipline."

"Certainly Anne, Melissa and I will look forward to seeing you again. We are flying out next week for a holiday on Minke Island to do some whale watching with some friends. So we will catch up with you when we return, I'll put Melissa on to get the lady's number, bye for now."

Melissa listened to Anne for a few more minutes with a few girlish giggles and then hung up the phone.

"Master it looks like Anne wants some more girl to girl action," Melissa said with another giggle.

"Whatever Melissa, I may allow you to attend to Anne by yourself if you continue your progress since your test. I'm going on the computer for a while. You ring the lady and make any arrangements you feel necessary, I trust your judgement you know."

Melissa beamed, "Yes Sir! Thank you Sir."

An hour later Melissa came into my study with a cup of hot tea and home made chocolate cake. She sat on the floor at my feet and looked excitedly up at me for permission to speak.

I grinned and said, "What's got you all excited my pet?"

"I rang the lady that Anne phoned about on her cell phone and she was very secretive. All she would tell me was that she lives in a penthouse and wants you to make a private visit to her. She saw the TV show and after speaking to Anne, she thinks you are the right person for her needs. She would not give me any details but assured me that you would be extremely well reimbursed in cash." Melissa took a deep breath and continued. "She said she would give her address to you alone and would you please call her back. Then she hung up so I phoned Anne to verify that this lady was not a time waster and Anne assured me the lady is genuine." Melissa shrugged her shoulders, "So that's it Sir, although the lady's voice did sound familiar to me."

"Familiar from where Melissa?" I asked.

"I'm not sure, but I think television." Melissa giggled. "I haven't watched much TV since I came to live as your subbie. I seem to be tied up a lot of the time with other matters."

I laughed at my subbie's joke. "I'll phone this lady now and see what she wants. Why don't you go and see if the hot tub is the right temperature, I switched it on some time ago."

"The hot tub? Oh yes Sir, wonderful idea!" Melissa jumped to her feet and did a short happy dance before rushing from the room.

I telephoned Anne's friend and, after talking for ten minutes, made arrangements to visit her Penthouse the following Tuesday, the day before the start of our holiday. Somewhat intrigued by the conversation, I joined Melissa in the hot tub where we eased away the stresses of a busy week.


On Tuesday I drove down Toorak Road in the most expensive residential area of the city. Turning into Queens Road I soon saw the large apartment block and fortunately found a spot in the small visitor's car park. I grabbed my bag from the car, entered the reception area and approached the desk.

"Hello Amanda, my name is Matthew, for the Penthouse massage." I spoke the pre-arranged words to the attractive receptionist, her name badge giving me an excuse to check out her firm breasts.

"Yes Sir, I've been expecting you," Amanda said with an automatic smile as she stood and took a key from a desk drawer. "Please follow me."

I followed Amanda's swaying arse to the elevators where her key allowed the button to be pushed for the Penthouse on the twenty-eighth floor.

Amanda held the doors open as she said with a smile, "How much do you charge for a massage Matthew?"

"Well Amanda I guess that depends on the length of the service," I replied with a grin.

"Mmmmm, maybe I'll get some details from the lady in the Penthouse and contact you sometime."

"Why don't you do that Amanda?" I said, "Though I warn you I give a very firm massage and get in quite deep."

"Oh I do hope so Matthew." Amanda smiled wickedly as she stepped back and released her hold on the doors. "Enjoy the view, Sir." she added as she turned away.

"Oh I already have Amanda." I retorted as the doors closed cutting short the laughter from the cheeky receptionist.

The elevator soon arrived at the Penthouse floor; I took a deep breath and stepped out into the marble lined foyer. I looked around and spied an intercom on the wall but before I could press the button a door opened and a husky voice said, "Please come in Matthew".

I walked into the opulent living room and was greeted by a familiar, though unusually nervous, well-known nation wide television personality. Melissa was correct, it was Dot Sutton, a veteran of many lifestyle and real estate shows. Short, immaculately groomed blond hair just above her shoulders topped an uncertain smile of brilliant white teeth. An expensive white see-through blouse covered small firm breasts supported by a lace bra. A golden mini skirt showed off her slim legs and her flawless skin was brown from perhaps a little too much time in the sun.

"Welcome to my penthouse," Dot said, "From the look on your face I can tell you know who I am."

"Well I must admit that I don't watch much television, but Melissa thought she recognized your voice on the phone." I replied. "I want to assure you again that what happens here today is strictly between you and I."

"Thank you Mathew, Anne told me a little about her time with you and assured me that I could trust you completely." Dot swallowed and continued. "I trust Anne and her judgement too, although she was very secretive of her time with you."

I smiled, dropped my bag on the floor and sat down uninvited in a nearby armchair. I changed the subject away from Anne and ordered, "Kneel on the floor at my feet Dot."

"Oh, yes Sir." Dot slipped off her shoes and quickly knelt as instructed.

"The details of your needs and fantasies you gave me on the phone are enough for me to work with. Is there anything you wish to add before we commence?"

"No Sir, I don't think so. I am nervous but I think that's only natural." Dot shivered and continued. "Amanda thinks you are a new masseur, I do have a regular massage on Tuesdays. On your instructions I told Anne you were coming and if I don't phone her at a certain time, she will call the police."

"Excellent Dot, now I know that you are not into pain but all the same we will use the red/amber safe words. Is your cell phone switched off and the answering machine switched on? We don't want the phone to interrupt our play do we?"

Dot smiled again, "Ummm Sir, I watched a dvd of the movie Secretary last night and loved the spanking scenes so if you wish to……….. well, you know. I kept watching them over and over. I understand the safe words, and yes my cell is off and the answering machine is switched on."

"Stand Dot and strip off down to bra and panties." I ordered as I reached for my bag of tricks.

"Yes Sir!" Dot sprung to her feet and stood in front off me. She licked her lips, took a deep breath and quickly unbuttoned and removed her blouse. The gold skirt soon fell down her legs and the stockings and garter belt quickly joined the other clothes.

"Lead me to your massage room."

A low moan escaped her lips as the sexy television star quickly obeyed my instruction. I stood, grabbed my bag and for the second time that day followed a shapely swaying arse. Dot opened the door to the room and stood back allowing me to enter first. The room was warm and sparsely furnished with a sturdy massage table in the center. A small fridge, some chairs, piles of towels on shelves and a large vase of expensive roses. Dot followed me into the room, pulled the curtains closed and lit some candles. I switched off the main light and turned to see Dot standing near the massage table, head bowed and hands by her side.

I moved to stand beside Dot and walked around her in small circles, inspecting as if she was on an army parade ground. Dot gasped as I stopped behind her and unclipped her bra, pushing it off her shoulders and down to the floor. She shivered as I ran my fingertips sensually up and down her spine and then moaned as my hands cupped and squeezed her buttocks. I took a blindfold from a pocket and started to wrap it over her eyes. Dot moaned and staggered sideways so I steadied her by holding her shoulders.

I removed the blindfold and asked, "You ok? We can stop at any time you call red."

"I'm sorry, I felt a bit faint just then." Dot said as she breathed quickly, her face drained of colour.

"Sit up on the table and I'll get you some water." I said as I assisted her onto the massage table.

I found a jug of ice cold water in the fridge and poured a glass. Dot sipped gratefully on the water and slowly some colour returned to her pale cheeks.

As her breathing slowed down I asked, "You sure you want to go through with this Dot? It's ok to stop if you don't feel up to it. I don't want your first experience to be a bad one."

Dot raised her eyes and looked directly at me as she passed the glass over. "I'm not pulling out now Sir. I feel better for the water, thank you. Where do you want me now?"

"On your back on the table Dot, quick now."

"Oh yes Sir!"

Dot hastened to obey and lay down on her back, her hard-nippled breasts rising and falling quickly with her breathing. I decided in a change of plans and eased her over so she lay face down on the table. I took a bottle of coconut massage oil from my bag and spread some on Dot's shoulders and back.

"Ok Dot, just take it easy, I'm going to massage you until you calm down a bit. Take some slow deep breaths and let your muscles relax."

"Oh yes Sir." Dot followed my instructions and I could feel her shoulders loosen under my hands.

For the next fifteen minutes I massaged Dot's shoulders and back, my fingers easing the tense muscles. I guessed that she had been taut and uptight since we had first spoken on the phone. Dot had been a star in the media for some years and to give up control and submit was a huge challenge for her. She moaned as I slipped my fingers under the elastic of her panties and eased them down over her cute bum. Slowly I slipped them down her legs and off over her feet. There was little resistance as I grasped her ankles and spread her legs apart, just a long, almost inaudible moan. I spread some more oil on her buttocks and legs and resumed the massage. I wanted to create the situation of Dot's regular massage and to have her relaxed and confident to my touch. Twenty minutes later and Dot was calm in the relaxed euphoria that is the result of a good massage. She purred as I took a towel and wiped the oil from the back of her body, then jumped as I firmly smacked once on each of her buttocks.

"Rollover Dot." I ordered.

"Oh yes Sir!" Dot hastened to obey and lay looking up at me. "Thank you Sir, that was lovely, I feel a lot better now."

I took four leather cuffs from my bag and strapped them on her ankles and wrists. Some cord soon had her secured to the massage table and my lovely captive moaned as I wrapped the black blindfold over her eyes. Dot's breathing was slower and steadier than previous and I was confident that the session could continue as planned. My right index finger lightly traced the shape of her cheekbones and then around and over her lips. As her mouth opened I pushed the finger between her lips and she sucked it inside as she would a small cock. Dot moaned as my finger gently fucked her mouth and she sighed as I moved it over her chin and down her smooth neck. Down the valley between her breasts my finger moved and Dot tensed as I trailed it lower towards her trimmed pubic hair. I stopped just short of her slit then moved it back up to trace a figure eight around her breasts.

Starting at the base of Dot's left breast my finger traced round and round in slowly reducing circles until it lapped around the aureole without touching the nipple.

"Keep breathing Dot." I said with a grin as I noticed that she was holding her breath.

Dot just moaned but resumed her breathing as my finger moved to the right breast and commenced the teasing circles. I reached down into my bag and took out a pair of light nipple clamps joined together with a thin metal chain. Dot shivered as she heard the metallic jingle but remained silent. I moved to the fridge and took an ice block from the small freezer. Dot's mouth looked dry so I ran the ice around her lips causing her tongue to tentatively reach out and lick the block. I let her lick the cold block before moving it suddenly to her left nipple. Dot's back arched as the teat hardened and she gave a shriek as I slipped one clamp over the cold nipple. I repeated rubbing the ice on her right nipple and attached the remaining clamp.

"Too much for you Dot?" I asked as I pulled and tightened the chain, resulting in a long low moan from my fascinating captive.

"Oh God, n'no Sir, it's incredible." Dot swallowed. "I never thought……oh hell, it's sooooooo good……….don't stop."

I grinned to myself and pulled the chain in different directions as a tremor of pleasure swept through Dot's arching body. Removing the clamps I pinched and twisted the sore nipples between my thumb and forefinger causing more moans of delight from Dot. I then moved across to the vase of roses and carefully grasped one of the stems. Standing beside Dot I started to tease by running the flowers and leaves all over her body. The strong scent of the flowers was matched by the odor of a very turned on lady. Of course the petals soon fell off the stem so I broke the leaves off leaving me with a stick of thorns.

Carefully I lightly touched the inside of a thigh and brushed the thorns over her skin. Dot flinched and gritted her teeth at the unusual sensations but remained silent. I lifted the thorns to miss her damp pussy and slid them down the opposite leg. The thorns were not breaking the skin but leaving thin white scratch marks as I moved them to her breasts. Again Dot's body arched and she moaned loudly as the thorns scraped the soft slopes of her breasts.

"Owwwwww!" Dot yelled as I pressed a large thorn into her left nipple. "Shit that hurts!"

"Such unladylike language Dot," I admonished as I dropped the stick back in the vase and reached into my bag for a flogger with silk fronds. "I will have to whip you for that outburst."

"Whip me?" Fear showed in her voice as she pulled against the ropes.

"Yes whip you like this Dot." I said as I lightly brushed the silk over her breasts.

"Oh, yeeesssssss Sir!" Dot moaned as she realized what I was going to do.

I swished the silken tips painlessly over Dot's breasts, from side to side down over her tummy and thighs. Very slowly I increased the force of my swings until each touch caused a slight tingle. Dot was moaning with pleasure and her back arched several times with the thrill of the light stings. She gave a few little yelps as I raised the flogger higher and brought it down with a bit more power. Her skin was a light pink as I took careful aim and flicked the fronds over her pussy lips.

"Ohhhhhhhhh God!" Dot yelled as a powerful climax swept through her body.

Her arms and legs jerked against their restraints and then she collapsed shaking back onto the table. I dropped the flogger into the bag, slipped the blindfold back and stroked Dot's body to help her calm down.

As she opened her eyes and focused on me I grinned and said, "Now that was a good one."

"A good one?" Dot gasped, "It was bloody wonderful, the best ever. Oh whew."

"Have you had enough Dot?" I asked as I untied the ropes from the table. "I can stop now if you wish."

"Oh hell no Matt, I mean Sir." Dot panted, her eyes twinkling. "You haven't spanked me yet, I want to feel your hand on my arse."

"When were you supposed to contact Amanda? We don't want the police called do we?"

Dot glanced at a wall clock. "Oh hell, in ten minutes, lucky you reminded me Sir. Would you pass that phone over to me please?"

I helped Dot sit up and passed the phone over to her, together with a glass of water. Dot dialed a number and assured Amanda that everything was fine and that she was enjoying her massage from a man with very talented hands.

Dot smiled at me as she passed the phone back and asked, "Please Sir, may I use the toilet before you proceed? I needed that iced water but it does go straight through."

"Of course." I replied, helping her down off the table.

On slightly wobbling legs Dot slipped out of the room and returned a couple of minutes later, grinning as she looked at the cuffs still attached to her wrists and ankles.

Dropping to her knees at my feet she bowed her head and said, "Sir I just love the feeling of being restrained, it has been a fantasy of mine for years. When I asked you on the phone for sensual domination I did not think it would be so damn good. Please continue if you will."

"Back on the table, face down." I ordered in a stern tone.

Dot glanced up at my serious expression and quickly hastened to obey my order. She settled herself down with her face in the table's head hole and once again I secured her wrists and ankles. I slipped an arm under her, raising her body off the table and pushed a pillow under her hips. Dot's lovely bum was now ready and open for the next part of her first session.

My fingertips traced up and down her back, over her arse and down the slim legs. Sensuously I teased my lovely captive, knowing that the waiting was annoying her to say the least. Dot jumped as I squirted some lubricating jell around her arse hole and tensed as she felt a gloved finger sliding down her crack.

"Noooooooo please Sir, nobody has ever…………" Dot's voice trailed off and she moaned as she felt my fingertip pushing insistently at her anus.

"Just relax your sphincter Dot," I said firmly, "I can assure you I'm not stopping."

"Unless you use the safe word," I thought silently.

Dot momentarily relaxed and she groaned loudly as my finger slipped in past the sphincter and pushed its way further. I squirted some more jell to make penetration as easy as possible and slowly started frigging my restricted beauty. Unhurried and deliberate my finger moved in and out, as Dot slowly relaxed and became accustomed to another new sensation.

"Mmmmmmm." Dot moaned quietly.

"Not as bad as you thought?" I inquired.

"Never, ever has anyone done this to me, Sir." Dot moaned. "I think it's disgusting, but I love it, ohhh god, what's happening to me?"

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