Message 4 Ron


Sunday Morning, July 16, 2006

My dear Ron --

I was going to send you this email privately, but then I figured I would say what I have to say to you online, so everybody will know just how I feel about you. Especially since lately, whenever I mention your name to someone, they say that they thought you and I broke up. And I tell them that, well, we broke up a couple of times a while ago, but we have been back together seeing each other about once a week for almost a year now.

At the risk of sounding like a schoolgirl, as you have accused me of sounding like in the past, I would like to add here that in two days, July 18, 2006, it will be the One Year Anniversary of when you and I first met here on the Internet! And maybe that seems like little-kid stuff to you, but to me it means a lot... Mainly because I love you. And I think there is something to be said for two people who find enough interesting things about each other to stay in a relationship together for a whole year. In this day and age, where people come and go from our lives intermittently and with great frequency, it is an accomplishment to me to have known you and loved you for this long. So, maybe it is no big deal to you that we have been together for a year, but to me it is... And if you ever had a good excuse to buy me a nice, sweet present and card -- NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME TO DO THAT, BABY! lol You know I am just teasing you, as I love to do -- but take a hint and make me happy! hehehe

Well, I had no intention of going on like this when I started this note to you, but I guess while I have it in me and I am on the subject of YOU -- I ought to just keep going and get the writing a story about you finished and fully cooked, and just continue. So, read on, my angel...

When I first met you online, I did not think there was too much going on with you, as far as you being a hot and sexy younger guy. I am going to be brutally honest with you now. Quite frankly, I did not think there was all that much special about you. I thought you were even a little bit on the dull side! lol And I am laughing now, cuz when I look back on how I felt about you in the very beginning, I would have to say that first impressions and my feelings about them being true went flying at high speed right out the window! hehehe

I am going to be just as honest with you now when I tell you that you are by far, the most exciting and wonderful guy I have ever known in my life, family members not being included. And to put it in your own words, which you never cease to remind me of, you are, baby, just about the best I ever had. I know you think I am talking about your time spent with me in my bedroom, but I am also talking about your time spent with me on my sofa, at the front door, in the bathroom, kitchen, AND bedroom, for that matter. If I could just discount a few rotten times we spent online together, I would have to say that it is without a doubt now, that YES, YOU ARE THE BEST! lmao In many ways, too, and in way more ways than just one! I think just about everybody knows that a couple of weeks ago when you were here, you made me cum 13 times, and I am going to remind you that the last time you were here just the other day, you made me cum AGAIN 13 times! lol And when I told you, you still owe me one time to break my record, you said, Well, I think I made you cum enough already! lol So I let you know immediately, that as far as you and I are concerned, it is NEVER ENOUGH, and no matter how much I have of you, I always could use a little more! hehehe

Just to make sure you know that is true, I am telling you right now that the next time you come here, you are going to have to make me cum at least 17 times, just to make sure that you are not falling down on the job at all, and to make sure also that you know you have your work for the future cut out clear here! hehehe That way I figure I should be pretty assured for a while longer that you will be trying desperately always to please me more and more, not because it will make me happy, but because you are going to be busting your balls trying to break your OWN RECORD! lol lmao And I do mean, literally, busting them! Cause I expect to hear them slapping against my thighs with just as much, if not more frequency than ever before, for all of the reasons explained above, in the ways I can never get enough of you to keep me satisfied. You have said it yourself, I am insatiable, and when it comes to having you near me, with me, around me, on top of me, next to me, below me, and just in the general vicinity of my body and being -- such as it is -- I still feel the same as I did quite a few months ago when I told you that I want you more and more, the more I get to know you and love you. So keep all that in mind the next time you think you have had enough of me, and start to fall asleep on my couch! hahaha

Speaking of you sleeping on my sofa, I will tell you exactly how I feel about that now too, baby. Honey, anytime you want to park your sweet ass there and take a snooze is just fine and dandy by me. Because I love to watch you, no matter what you are doing. I love to watch you sleeping even. And I love to hear you breathe, and snore softly while the ballgame is on, as I reach over sneakily for the remote to change the channel on you, thinking for some stupid reason that when you wake up, you are not going to notice that I have diverted my attention from the Mets in the stretch to my Court TV! hehehe

I suppose you expected that when I was writing about you, I was going to make it one of my standard stories of lust and love for the flesh, and something really sexy, and even dirty, when you get right down to it, and a bunch of other stuff about the curve in your cock that I love so much, and the fact that your rod gets harder than any piece o' steel that I have ever felt, and how you can fit it so nicely into all of my orifices, aided, of course, by the fact that I am always so wet and slippery all over -- even if it is just from the sweat dripping off of my nipples lol, and despite the fact that I am as tight if not tighter than the tightest drum in all of those same holes! hehehe Well, baby, if that is what you wanted me to write about us, then you got it all right there in a nutshell.

But the reason I will not elaborate any further in that direction is simply because only you know me like you do, and I know you like I do, and some things are just a little bit too private and special to me to want to share with the whole wide world, as much as I would love to turn them on! Suffice it to say that you know you make me very very happy and even ecstatically so when you are with me. And baby, you turn me on like a radio that plays well into the night, morning, next day, next week, and well... that is about as far into the future as I care to go with us. Because I love you honey -- for what you are, and I love you one day at a time... and as much and as often as I would love to have you in my life in the future, we just never know what is going to happen from one day to the next, now do we??? So today is now, and that is all I want from you, and of you, and for you, and with you. OK, honey? How does that sit with you???

There is one last thing that I want to say to you, and this is the real reason I wrote this letter to you in the first place. This is what was in my mind, and this has been in my mind for quite some time now, and I would like to get it out in the open.

You know we have had some bad times in this past year, when we did not get along, and things were nasty and mean between us, and we even went for times when we did not speak or contact each other for a few weeks.

Ron, my love -- If I could take back every bad word I ever said to you... If I could take it all back, and just relinquish every bad thought, and every single negative and not-nice thing I said or did to you... Well baby, you can be damn sure I would do it totally and completely, in a heartbeat! But, alas, I cannot. All I can do to make it better is to ask you to please, baby, please, puh-lease forgive me and wipe it out of your mind forever and for all time. Cause I did not ever mean any of it -- not for one single moment! And I promise you this -- and you know how I feel about making promises. So you can be pretty sure this is one of those that I intend to keep -- From now on, and from here on in, for as long and forever as I know you, I am going to make it a point to only say nice, loving, sweet, kind things to you, and to always and forever treat you with love, respect, and even adoration. Because you are one very very special man to me. And for as long as I live, you will remain so. And don't you ever ever forget that, my baby -- Because I love you with all my heart, and I do not see it changing anytime in the near future... well, I'm not even going to go there! lol

I love you, Ron! Baby, you are the BEST!

All my love and kisses to you,


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